21 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

in the UK, proceeding to the exterior decoration seduces more and more. Whether it is for the railing, the doors, the terrace, the windows, the garden... a plethora of Christmas decoration items is available to bring a festive atmosphere to your exterior. You will certainly find something to delight you among our selection of the best Christmas decoration ideas for the outside.

Gartenpirat - Light curtain 1

Gartenpirat - Light curtain

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Measuring 12m in length, this garland light from Gartenpirat is composed of 480 LEDs offering a warm white light. It is suitable for outdoor use due to its IP44 adapter and GS safety certification.

Lights4fun - Reindeer and Christmas lights 2

Lights4fun - Reindeer and Christmas lights

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More than just a decoration, this set of 2 reindeer and a lighted sleigh from Lights4fun will add value to your garden at Christmas. It is fully waterproof and thanks to its quality design, it will resist perfectly to winter conditions. Its 240 icy white LEDs are evenly arranged on a transparent cable.

Gartenpirat - Climbing Santa 3

Gartenpirat - Climbing Santa

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Placed on a 400 cm luminous tube ladder, this 120 cm climbing Santa Claus will make an impact on your facade. Complete your outdoor illuminations with this decorative element which is low energy consuming. Completely waterproof, the Santa Claus can be detached/fixed and moved according to your desires.

Festive Lights - 4 Christmas candy lights 4

Festive Lights - 4 Christmas candy lights

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To complete the festive atmosphere of Christmas, there is nothing like a set of 4 luminous candy canes. Their traditional color will allow you to decorate your balcony, your garden or your terrace. Equipped with a French plug, each candy cane, composed of 10 white LEDs, is 80 cm high.

Sayala - Christmas Banner 5

Sayala - Christmas Banner

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These banners are a great way to decorate your porch, door or wall. Each piece, featuring a word including "Merry" and "Christmas", is made of polyester fabric, a material that air-dries easily.

CCLIFE - Set of 3 Christmas gift boxes 6

CCLIFE - Set of 3 Christmas gift boxes

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What is a Christmas without gifts? It goes without saying that it's definitely not a holiday. And to remedy that, here's a set of 3 light-up gift packages that are sure to light up your garden. They measure respectively 15 x 15 x 19 cm, 20 x 20 x 23 cm and 25 x 25 x 26 cm.

Casaria - Lighting garland 7

Casaria - Lighting garland

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Marrying to perfection the modern and the classic, this light garland will offer you the best Christmas atmosphere. Thanks to its great versatility, it can easily be installed outside, such as at the edge of windows and around doors, along the balustrade...

FairyTrees FT04-120 - Artificial Christmas Tree 8

FairyTrees FT04-120 - Artificial Christmas Tree

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Featuring white flocking, the FairyTrees FT04-120 also has long, relatively dense needles. This European-made artificial Christmas tree can decorate the interior as well as the exterior of your home and promises a very natural look. It is available in different sizes from 120 to 250 cm.

IREGRO - Christmas light projector 9

IREGRO - Christmas light projector

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Offered at a low price, this Christmas projector offers a fairly large coverage area. Indeed, the distance of projection oscillates between 10 to 15 m while the covered area varies between 100 to 200 m². A single light can therefore be enough for your home.

Mixsuperstore - Chiffon table runner 10

Mixsuperstore - Chiffon table runner

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Besides decorating the garden itself, you also need to think about your festive table. And for that, you'll need this table runner made of high quality polyester fabric. Measuring 74 x 120 cm, it has the softest touch.

Topways Dinner Party Cutlery - Christmas Cutlery Holders 11

Topways Dinner Party Cutlery - Christmas Cutlery Holders

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It's not just fireplaces that will need little socks. Designed with non-woven material, each blanket holder measures 8 x 14 cm. They are mainly intended to awaken your Christmas spirit with their dominant color of red.

HENMI - Lighting garland 12

HENMI - Lighting garland

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A light garland in the form of maple leaves, this model is exactly what you are looking for to illuminate your garden. Offering 2 modes, including flashing and continuous mode, it operates on 3 AA batteries with a 48-hour autonomy.

Lights4fun - Set of 3 Christmas Light Figurines 13

Lights4fun - Set of 3 Christmas Light Figurines

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This set includes a beautiful Santa Claus, a penguin and a snowman to brighten up your garden during the holidays. Each figure measures precisely 34 x 20.5 x 16 cm and comes with a low voltage plug and a 5 m cable.

Gartenpirat - Inflatable Santa 14

Gartenpirat - Inflatable Santa

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Using very little electricity, this outdoor decoration can inflate automatically thanks to its integrated compression system. With a height of 180 cm, it deflates as soon as it is no longer powered. In order to prevent it from moving at the slightest gust of wind, the inflatable Santa Claus is delivered with 3 reinforcement ropes and 6 stakes.

TRIXES - Christmas pine cones 15

TRIXES - Christmas pine cones

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Often accompanying the image of the Christmas tree, pine cones, although intended to be hung, can adorn holiday tables, Christmas trees or used to make a wreath or garland.

Gartenpirat - Snowman 16

Gartenpirat - Snowman

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For outdoor use, this luminous snowman will seduce your neighborhood and your guests. It has 60 LEDs offering a warm white light. Its height of 75 cm and its light weight allows for easy transportation.

Jungen - Set of 10 chair covers 17

Jungen - Set of 10 chair covers

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Comfortable, these Christmas chair covers promise a warm and friendly atmosphere. Measuring 60 x 49 cm and offered in the form of a Christmas hat, this set of 10 chair covers fits most backrests. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

MyCarbon - LED garland 18

MyCarbon - LED garland

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Unlike other string lights, MyCarbon LED string lights have a relatively long life of 20,000 hours. Each small bulb has a power of 0.1W, which makes it very energy efficient.

RAZ Imports Lighted - Snowball Lantern 19

RAZ Imports Lighted - Snowball Lantern

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Made of plexi, this Christmas lantern works with 3 C batteries. It is very resistant and even unbreakable that you will be able to reuse it without problem for years. This decorative element works like a classic snow globe, but without the constant shaking.

Dszapaci Rudolph bed - Christmas elf 20

Dszapaci Rudolph bed - Christmas elf

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Dressed as Santa Claus, the decorative elf will bring charm to your garden decor. Ready to face the cold of winter, Rudolf holds in his hand a small lantern that can light the way for your visitors. The figurine measures 48 cm.

VEWEET SANTACLAUS Series - Porcelain Tableware 21

VEWEET SANTACLAUS Series - Porcelain Tableware

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Ideal for perfecting your Christmas table setting, this porcelain dinner service for 12 consists of dinner plates, dessert plates and soup plates. Made with solid ceramic, each item can withstand extreme heat. The plate set is machine and microwave safe.


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