The best children's beds in the UK 2023

It's time to leave the crib, but you still haven't found a good crib for your little one? Don't panic, not only have we tested the best cribs of the moment, but we also offer a detailed guide to help you choose one.

BOPITA Combined mid-height bed MIX 1

Best value for money

BOPITA Combined mid-height bed MIX

The best crib of the year

Here is a piece of furniture that will tastefully equip your child's room: in addition to its half-high bed, it also includes a desk and several storage spaces.

240 £ on But

Bopita's neutral, sober, yet bright design will convince you to choose this crib. The particleboard structure has been painted white to blend in easily with the decor and to create a grand effect in small bedrooms. Don't worry about the frame getting dirty quickly, as the melamine coating can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

A fixed ladder with flat steps will allow access to the mid-high crib with a sleeping surface of 90 x 200 cm. Underneath, you have a retractable desk supported by wheels, niches and two drawers. Interchangeable handles in pink or blue are attached to the pull-out elements for easy handling.

ACMA II Children's bed drawer 2

Best value for money

ACMA II Children's bed drawer

The best entry-level crib

Are you looking for a cheap crib with a mattress? This model equipped with a high density foam mattress will certainly please you. Supporting up to 100 Kg, the bed has rounded edges for more safety.

152 £ on Amazon

If this cheap crib is among the best sellers at Amazon, it's because the combination of price, design, comfort and safety has convinced parents. With a sleeping surface of 80 x 160 cm, it comes with a high-density foam mattress to offer a firm support to your child.

Placed at about 30 cm from the ground, the bed is secured by horizontal barriers on both sides, with an empty space at the foot of the frame to allow the child to climb in and out with ease. The edges of the bed are rounded to reduce the risk of accidents. And the icing on the cake: a large storage drawer is located under the bed, it can be used as a trundle bed if you put a mattress.

PEGANE Half-height bed with slide and bed cover 3

Best value for money

PEGANE Half-height bed with slide and bed cover

The best high-end crib

Your child loves animals? He/She will inevitably fall for this bed decorated on the theme of the circus. A half-height bed that also offers a very pleasant play area!

460 £ on But

Made of solid pine, this top-of-the-line crib is sure to fill hearts! In addition to the usual ladder that all half-height cribs are equipped with, this model goes one step further with a slide that will bring even more fun. Sleepovers and weekends spent at home will be marked by the crystalline laughter of children!

The half-height bed is secured by a frame that rises on 3 sides; the front is open on both ends to accommodate the ladder and slide, but the space in between is completed by a horizontal barrier. The play area under the 90x190 bed is surrounded by a canvas as a covering, with a circus theme. All you have to do is choose the mattress!

BABY PRICE Smile lit combiné évolutif 4

A great choice

BABY PRICE Smile lit combiné évolutif

The best convertible crib

This evolving bed from the Smile collection allows you to go from a 60x120 bed to a 90x190 model. There is enough to accompany the development of your child.

282 £ on But
Buying guide • November 2023

Best children's bed

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The best crib of the year

The best entry-level crib

The best high-end crib

The best convertible crib

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Comparison table of the best children's beds

BOPITA Combined mid-height bed MIX 5
ACMA II Children's bed drawer 6
PEGANE Half-height bed with slide and bed cover 7
BABY PRICE Smile lit combiné évolutif 8
BOPITA Combined mid-height bed MIX
ACMA II Children's bed drawer
PEGANE Half-height bed with slide and bed cover
BABY PRICE Smile lit combiné évolutif
Here is a piece of furniture that will tastefully equip your child's room: in addition to its half-high bed, it also includes a desk and several storage spaces.
Are you looking for a cheap crib with a mattress? This model equipped with a high density foam mattress will certainly please you. Supporting up to 100 Kg, the bed has rounded edges for more safety.
Your child loves animals? He/She will inevitably fall for this bed decorated on the theme of the circus. A half-height bed that also offers a very pleasant play area!
This evolving bed from the Smile collection allows you to go from a 60x120 bed to a 90x190 model. There is enough to accompany the development of your child.
Wooden board
Solid pine
Oak flint
107 x 205 x 120 cm
85 x 164 x 67 cm
254 x 206 x 114 cm
(cradle configuration) 71 x 179 x 106 cm
Frame around bed
Horizontal barrier and rounded edges
Frame and horizontal barrier
Commode with cabinet, niches and shelves
Desk, niches and drawers
High density foam mattress, large drawer under the bed (can become a trundle bed)
Toboggan and trim
0 months
Minimum age
6 years
3 years
6 years

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Buying guide - children's bed

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How to choose your children's bed

Because we only want the best for our children, the choice of their beds must be done in a meticulous way so that this one can offer them the comfort and the security that they deserve.

#1 - The material

Let's take a look at the materials that are generally used to design children's beds. The preferred choice of parents and manufacturers remains wood. It is a durable, reliable and environmentally friendly material. It does not pose any health risks and parents are reassured.

As part of a process of recycling wood scraps, particleboard or MDF wood are also in vogue. They are light, robust when they are thick, and above all, they are more malleable to follow the design inspirations of manufacturers. Finally, there is metal, which is not often chosen by parents and manufacturers, but which lends its foolproof sturdiness to beds for teenagers.

#2 - The dimensions

Barely larger than a crib, a child's bed has a minimum size of 70 x 140 cm. However, there are many spacious models that sport the same dimensions as a classic single bed: 90 x 190 cm or 90 x 200 cm. Thanks to the ingenuity of manufacturers, it is possible to find evolving children's beds with an extendable base. Economic choice, this type of bed will allow you not to change the bed until your child leaves home.

#3 - The design

It is impossible not to talk about design when choosing a children's bed, because to make little monsters want to go to bed, it must be pleasant and fun at the same time. The shape, the colors, the little details that catch the eye; all means are good to give an original and fun look to the bed. Dear parents, know that this can save you long hours of crisis ... at least, in some cases!

#4 - The comfort

As for the adult bed, the comfort of the child bed is guaranteed by the combination of box spring and mattress. Because your little one is still in the development phase, he needs a uniform and firm support, but not hard, while benefiting from a soft touch cover to avoid hitting his skin.

This is why fixed slatted bases are recommended, as they guarantee this homogeneity and relative firmness. Consider combining them with a latex mattress, ideal for children who sweat a lot during sleep, or polyurethane foam with a minimum density of 30 kg/m3.

#5 - The safety

As important as comfort, safety is among the most determining criteria when choosing a crib. For the very first bed of loulou after its cradle, it will be necessary to invest in a model which is equipped with protective barriers on all the sides, except on a small part allowing access to the bed.

As for its height, here's the principle: the lower the bed, the better! You can even turn to Montessori beds that are placed only a few centimeters off the ground. In fact, this is recommended for the first years after the crib. Note that some cribs are perched high to save space: be aware that they are not suitable for little ones under the age of 6.

#6 - The options

Some cribs come with a few advantages that make them more attractive to both children and parents. For example, there are the beds that are equipped with original details such as colorful canvases, or even slides for half-height beds. On the other hand, there are those that are equipped with storage accessories, such as drawers, fabric pockets or others. Of course, parents love these little extras that will optimize storage in the little room!

Which bedding for your child?

When you leave the crib, you will put aside the sleeping bag and wrap yourself in real bed linens. However, given the sensitivity of little ones, you'll need to choose materials carefully.

  • Between the ages of 3 and 6, children stir a lot in their sleep, so they will sweat a lot too. At this stage, a fitted sheet and comforter cover are more than enough. Put a real comforter cover over the comforter cover in winter, and your child will sleep like a baby! Cotton is the ideal material because it is breathable. In winter, switch to flannels that enjoy the same virtues, but offering more warmth.
  • After 6 years, baby sleeps better than before and he can snuggle in a complete set. Tuck him well into a flat sheet to preserve body heat and to create a cocooning atmosphere. Cotton, flannel, linen; these materials remain current.

If you want to please your child, make him or her happy by choosing bed linens featuring their favorite characters.

The different types of children's beds

How do you know what type of crib you should choose for your little one? To help you, let's take a look at the different models.

Playful children's bed

To make your child want to go to bed without making it difficult for you, there is nothing like playful models. There are many possibilities: cribs in the shape of cars or carriages, models that take the form of a cabin or a teepee, structures that are decorated with the effigy of stars of animated films, etc.

Even if these playful children's beds focus on design, beautiful colors and original shapes, they are no less comfortable. It's all in the choice of the bed base and the corresponding mattress. Generally, playful beds should be put aside from the pre-teen years, that is to say around 10 to 12 years.

Space-saving children's bed

This type of bed allows to use the bedroom in a more astute way. Generally, the beds are placed high up to free up the space underneath. Important note: they are only recommended for children over 6 years of age and require optimal protection.

Space-saving children's beds can be bunk beds, recommended for children who have to share the same bedroom; mezzanine beds where the space under the bed is used as a desk or play area; half-height beds where a real structure is installed under the bed: shelves, niches, drawers and wardrobe.

Evolving children's bed

Because a bed is not a toy, but a piece of furniture in its own right, there is nothing wrong with wanting it to be used for many years. That's exactly why the evolving children's beds are designed: they have a structure and an extendable base to follow the child's development.

Behind this somewhat "technical" and "economical" side of this type of crib, it can be as playful and fun as the others. It's comfortable if it has the right box spring and mattress, it's safe if it has protective barriers; its long-term durability is just a bonus that will delight parents.

Children's bed or Montessori mat?

The cot and the Montessori mat have a common denominator: the fact that they are intended for little ones. But there are big differences between them, what are they?

The child bed

When it's time to leave the crib, your baby needs to move into a real bed and sleep like a big girl or boy. There will be more room than in the crib, baby will be able to move around a lot more and the safety bars will not be too high. Nevertheless, the crib always includes anti-fall barriers to avoid any accident.

Cribs are generally playful, but some models have a more sober and neutral look that will last for years. They can be equipped with a few storage accessories or even intuitive lamps: details that have the gift of convincing parents more.

The Montessori carpet

Inscribed in the Montessori pedagogy, the carpet that bears the same name is designed to teach your child autonomy at bedtime, from a very young age. As soon as your child acquires mobility, whether by moving on his little buttocks or crawling on all fours, the Montessori mat can be used.

Not only can your child sleep on it, but he or she can also play and eat on it. It complements the crib or bed if he already has one. Placed on the floor, the Montessori mat is safe for your child, as long as it is securely attached to the floor. In addition, it is generously padded to ensure the comfort of its little occupant.


The Montessori bed and the Montessori mat have two different but complementary concepts. While the bed is intended for permanent use, the mat is more suitable for occasional use, or at least for days only. You can have a crib or a bed for children, while complementing it with a Montessori mat.

5 reasons to buy a good crib

To ease the transition from the crib

After the cozy and comfortable crib where baby spent his first 2 years, sometimes even right next to mom and dad's bed, the bed can be an unknown, making the transition difficult. That's why it should be done gently: use the same accessories as in the crib at the beginning: same pillow, same bumper pad, same fitted sheet, etc.

To help the child be independent

Moving into a big bed is a very symbolic step in a child's life. He will learn to acquire more autonomy, to progressively detach himself from the status of baby to become a child. Of course, we always recommend a smooth transition so that this newly acquired independence is not accompanied by a feeling of rejection or abandonment.

To help the child's development

A good crib affects your child's development in many ways. On the one hand, a bed base and mattress adapted to his morphology will be beneficial for the development of his bone and muscle system. Then, a good bed will help him sleep well, and you know that he needs at least 9 hours of sleep to grow well.

To awaken the child's senses

Some cribs are designed to stimulate baby's senses and creativity. The colors, shapes, built-in toys and other details will stimulate the visual, tactile and, in some cases, auditory senses. Even the storage accessories used to put the toys will help develop his motor skills.

To protect him in his sleep

With a good crib, you won't have to worry about your little one's safety, as long as it's equipped with safety barriers and fall protection. Let's be honest, fears won't magically disappear, at least during the child's first few nights in the bed. But with time, you get used to it and you have fewer nightmares!

The best brands of children's beds

In our opinion, the best brands of children's beds in 2022 are :


Since 1948, this French brand has been designing beautiful furniture to equip children's rooms. Today, it is considered the European leader in children's furniture and has beautiful beds for the little ones.

Specializing in furniture and interior design, the Pegane brand offers children's beds that are as playful as they are sturdy and safe. It is a serious brand that you can trust.

Bopita is a famous Dutch brand that was created in 1988. It focuses on the manufacture of children's furniture; moreover, it wants to become a reference in terms of design children's beds.

Although this brand is still little known to the public, it intends to make a name for itself in the world of little ones. Many particularly interesting children's beds now bear the name of this brand.

It is a brand whose notoriety is no longer to be proven: Interbeds is well known for its bright, original and colorful children's beds that please the little ones. It remains a reliable brand that we can always count on.

What is the price for a children's bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


How to make a child sleep in his bed?

Child psychologists recommend setting up a bedtime ritual to get a child to sleep in his new bed. A little story to read, a little guessing game or manual activities, the choice is yours. The important thing is to have a fun time ending with kisses and hugs to make sure the child enjoys the moment of going to bed.

When to put a child in a big bed?

The transition to the big bed or more precisely, the crib can be done as early as 2 years old. Some parents wait until their children are 3 years old to get them out of the crib; it's up to you to choose the right time based on your little one's personality and development.

How to secure a child bed?

The best way to secure a crib is to install protective barriers around the bed. Fortunately, most cribs are already equipped with them. Note, however, that the rails must be at least 20 cm higher than the mattress.

How to decorate a child bed?

There are many ways to decorate a crib: you can paint the structure with your child's favorite color, hang decorative objects that remind him or her of his or her favorite animated movie or character, choose themed bedding: princesses, spaceships, cars, etc.

How to make a child bed evolving?

Evolving cribs are already designed as they are by the manufacturers. Nevertheless, you should know that 90x190-200 cm beds have been thought to serve many years. Just rework the frame if it is too childish for a pre-teen.


What type of beds for a child?

As long as comfort and safety are combined, you can choose the type of cribs you want. There are some that bet everything on the playful side; there are others that save space in the bedroom; and of course, there are the children's beds that seduce parents with their functional aspects.

What mattress for a child bed?

In the explanation of the criteria for choosing a children's bed, we indicated the need to turn to 2 types of mattresses: the latex mattress, highly recommended until 6 years old thanks to its breathable aspect; or the polyurethane foam mattress with a minimum density of 30 kg/m3. Make sure that the mattress of the crib is not too thick, as this alters the air circulation.

What size bed for what age?

If your choice is not for an evolving crib, be aware that the width will always be between 70 and 90 cm. For children aged 2 to 4 years, this width of 70 cm will create a cocooning atmosphere as in the crib. Moreover, facilitating this transition is among the reasons to buy a good crib.

What size bed for a 3 year old?

The bed for a 3 year old will ideally display dimensions of 70 x 140 cm. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you from choosing a larger bed of 90 x 190-200 cm, provided of course that the child manages to get used to this extra space, and that you make sure that his little bed is cocooning, warm and secure.

What bed for a 10 year old?

Any bed displaying dimensions of 90 x 190-200 cm is suitable for a child of 10 years. Because a child's motor skills are already well-developed at this age, you can even go for high beds. As the time of pre-adolescence approaches, it will no longer be necessary to invest in a model with a playful design, try the more sober models in our comparison.


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BOPITA Combined mid-height bed MIX 9
BOPITA Combined mid-height bed MIX
ACMA II Children's bed drawer 10
ACMA II Children's bed drawer
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PEGANE Half-height bed with slide and bed cover
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BABY PRICE Smile lit combiné évolutif


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