The best hen houses in the UK 2023

Are you tired of eating industrial eggs or would you like to start raising chickens? So much the better, it will also allow you to recycle your waste. Indeed, a hen eats up to 150 kg of organic waste per year. Of course, a hen house will be essential for a good productivity of your chickens. There are all kinds on the market, of several shapes, each with its own advantages. To find the perfect hen house, we suggest you read this buying guide.

FeelGoodUK CH10 L 1

Best value for money

FeelGoodUK CH10 L

The best chicken coop in 2021

The FellGoodUK CH10 L is made of treated wood, which makes it weatherproof. It has a theoretical capacity of 5 hens, although 3 hens seem to be more appropriate.

200 £ on Amazon

The FeelGoodUK CH10 L is made of weather resistant wood. Ideally, you should place the coop on 6 outdoor slabs for easy cleaning. The manufacturer announces a capacity of 5 hens, although this might not be enough. On the other hand, 2 or 3 hens will be at ease. This hen house has a removable steel tray to remove droppings. The large entrance door makes it easy to come and go.

Note that the FeelGoodUK CH10 L is made of 10 cm thick pine boards, which ensures sturdiness and good thermal insulation. Very complete, it provides 2 nesting boxes, an enclosure, 2 perches, a droppings drawer without forgetting the user manual and the assembly kit. Assembly and cleaning are easy thanks to the accessories provided. To optimize lighting and ventilation, an additional window has been added to the front of the main shelter.

Alice's Garden Galinette 2

Best value for money

Alice's Garden Galinette

The best entry-level chicken coop

This Alice's Garden hen house is not very big, so it is easy to move. It can barely accommodate 2 hens. However, it has everything you need for their comfort and you can add an extension.

119 £ on Manomano

The Alice's Garden Galinette hen house is one of the most sold in the UK. Theoretically, its capacity is for 3 hens. But it is so small that 3 big hens would feel cramped if they stayed there permanently. For us, it would be better to limit its capacity to 2 hens. For the accessories, this hen cage with enclosure is rather well equipped: nesting box and integrated playpen, droppings drawer, nesting box with 2 compartments and opening roof, covered aviary, entrance ramp for easy access, sliding ventilation hatch.... An opening with latch completes the set.

Made of fir, this beautiful henhouse has a roof in bitumen felt. This roof protects the hens from rain and humidity. The fence is made of galvanized steel, as is the dropping tray. The panels are 8 mm thick, which gives a total weight of about 25 kg. Logically, and despite its small size, it deserves a place in our ranking.

WilTec XXL 3

Best premium value for money

WilTec XXL

The best high-end chicken coop

This WilTec chicken house is very easy to access, especially because of its large door. In addition, it is well designed and will offer optimal comfort to 4 hens. As for accessories, your hens will be spoiled!

248 £ on Cdiscount

The WilTec XXL hen house is ultra complete and provides perfect ventilation. It is made of treated fir wood and is weatherproof. It has a capacity of about 3 hens. You can put up to 4 hens in it if you have a garden big enough to take them outside during the day.

We appreciate the fact that the manufacturer has thought of the small practical details: waterproof roof, nest boxes, droppings drawer... As rodents are the enemies of your hens, this henhouse has been precisely thought to offer a maximum protection against these predators with its autonomous design. As usual with this brand, assembly is easy. But don't forget to stain the wood. You can even apply linseed oil and vegetable tar.

FeelGoodUK Windsor CH10 4

A great choice

FeelGoodUK Windsor CH10

Good compromise

If you want to keep chickens without spoiling your garden, consider the FeelGoodUK Windsor chicken coop. Made by real craftsmen, this model has a capacity of 2 normal chickens or 3 dwarf chickens.

160 £ on Amazon

The FeelGoodUK Windsor CH10 hen house was designed by artisans for those who want to start raising chickens. Let's face it, each of these gallinaceans can rid you of 150kg of organic waste per year in addition to providing eggs! This particular model has a nesting box with external access, with 2 nesting sections. The whole thing is made of durable wood with insulated plastic panels for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Note the secure wire mesh, which locks to help keep the birds safe from predators. And if you're planning extensions, know that these craftsmen can make them to order. For manufacturing, they favored wood for the frame and 2 insulated plastic panels as well as wire mesh and MDF panels for the rest. The wood is quite thin and fragile, but the whole thing remains for the price quite interesting.

Pets Imperial Highgrove 5

Alternative cheap option

Pets Imperial Highgrove

Very good

Suitable for urban use, this plastic chicken coop is very pleasant to look at, thanks to its colors and design. It includes a wire mesh, a sliding tray, adjustable feet...

136 £ on Cdiscount

The Pets Imperial Highgrove design protects your chickens from predators and moisture. It features a wire mesh enclosure, an access ramp and a lockable entrance door. Equipped with a sliding tray, this hen house is easy to clean. As for its feet, they are fully adjustable, which allows you to raise your hen house a little bit so that it is totally protected from humidity.

We love the modern and elegant design of this house. Blue and white, it will look great in your garden! If you live in the city, the Pets Imperial Highgrove is the chicken coop we highly recommend! Even if this shelter is built with plastic, it is covered with wood for a great longevity. It is then a henhouse that is both aesthetic and solid.

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The best chicken coop in 2021

The best entry-level chicken coop

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Comparison table of the best hen houses

FeelGoodUK CH10 L 6
Alice's Garden Galinette 7
WilTec XXL 8
FeelGoodUK Windsor CH10 9
Pets Imperial Highgrove 10
FeelGoodUK CH10 L
Alice's Garden Galinette
WilTec XXL
FeelGoodUK Windsor CH10
Pets Imperial Highgrove
The FellGoodUK CH10 L is made of treated wood, which makes it weatherproof. It has a theoretical capacity of 5 hens, although 3 hens seem to be more appropriate.
This Alice's Garden hen house is not very big, so it is easy to move. It can barely accommodate 2 hens. However, it has everything you need for their comfort and you can add an extension.
This WilTec chicken house is very easy to access, especially because of its large door. In addition, it is well designed and will offer optimal comfort to 4 hens. As for accessories, your hens will be spoiled!
If you want to keep chickens without spoiling your garden, consider the FeelGoodUK Windsor chicken coop. Made by real craftsmen, this model has a capacity of 2 normal chickens or 3 dwarf chickens.
Suitable for urban use, this plastic chicken coop is very pleasant to look at, thanks to its colors and design. It includes a wire mesh, a sliding tray, adjustable feet...
2 to 5 hens
2 pools
4 pools
2 to 3 hens
2 to 3 hens
Wood and plastic
Lockable entrance door
Poop and perch
2 and 2
2 and 2
3 and 4
2 and 2
2 and 2

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Buying guide - chicken coop

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How to choose your chicken coop

We consider the following criteria to be the most important to consider when choosing a chicken coop.

#1 - The number of pools

Before choosing a chicken coop, you need to determine how many chickens you plan to keep. Based on your decision, you will look for the right coop. A tip: reduce the theoretical capacity by 50% and you will get the optimal capacity. Chickens need to be comfortable to lay eggs.

You should also know that kit chicken houses are fairly standardized by the manufacturers: models with 2 hens, 4 hens, 6 to 8 hens, 8 to 12 hens... The bigger the coop, the more hens it can accommodate. Also think about the space for housing or the size of your garden or farm.

#2 - The material

Wooden chicken coops are the most elegant. Manufacturers mostly use cedar or rot-proof hardwoods. Other woods such as fir, spruce or pine must be treated with woodstain or even mite repellent. Be aware that pressure-treated wood does not rot. Choose chicken houses that use this type of material.

There are also fiberglass and plastic coops that are both economical and easy to maintain. These materials are also known for their lightness. However, depending on their composition, they can poison the chickens. You can also turn to a metal hen house. In all cases, remember to tar the roof.

#3 - Practicality

Kit chicken coops obey 2 rules: lightness and ease of assembly. Unless you suffer a deformation due to transport or have a design defect, your henhouse should not present a major problem during its assembly. In addition, the reasonable weight allows you to take the coop with you when you move.

#4 - Protection from the weather

The coop should offer high protection against the weather. Consider the climate in your area. If the weather there is often rainy, opt for a chicken coop on stilts. Be sure to place the coop in a well-drained area and not in a place where water tends to collect. The asphalt roof will be essential if the weather in your area is temperamental.

#5 - Ventilation

Good ventilation is essential and not just in hot weather. Humidity in the coop and droppings will lead to low temperatures and even frostbite when it is cold. Therefore, the sunroof is necessary to ventilate the coop without generating drafts. Also consider slatted doors on the roof, screen doors and pens. In winter, the chickens may need a heat lamp. In short! Make sure you choose a coop that is tall enough and spacious enough.

How to maintain a henhouse?

Nothing will prevent or limit droppings. So make sure the coop is easy to access for cleaning. Some models have removable droppings drawers. With these accessories, you can reuse the waste for composting. Change the sand, shavings, straw or hay in the litter regularly.

Many kit chicken houses are made of wood. They should be treated regularly and repeatedly. To do this, use products that are non-toxic for the chickens and not harmful to the environment. This way, your eggs will not be contaminated. To slow down the effect of time and soil moisture on wooden structures, consider raising the coop.

Many creatures will try to eat eggs and chickens. Dogs, wolves, raccoons, weasels, foxes, snakes, birds of prey... The coop should be reinforced to protect the chickens from predators. Also install strong, small-mesh wire mesh on the doors and windows of the aviary.

Finally, make sure there is no space for rodents and other pests to get into. Rats, moles and voles have also been known to burrow under the coop and create a pathway. To remedy this, make sure your floor is hard or put the coop on stilts.

The different types of hen houses

Here are the different types of chicken coops that are available on the market.

Self-contained chicken house

This is the most common type. Since this shelter comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, it means that it is suitable for any yard and landscape. Usually, this type of coop is built on a frame, which adds protection from predators, rodents and weather. However, some models are built directly on the ground.

Free-standing coops are ideal for fixed and durable installations. They can be made of various materials (wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass), which are generally well insulated and sturdy. You can mount them on stilts to allow air to circulate underneath and keep the chickens from getting wet. In short! This type of aviary is very spacious, so it's ideal for 6 to 8 hens.

Chicken house on stilts

All breeds of hens like to be perched. Away from the ground, they feel safe and can more easily thrive. High-lying coops offer relatively quick laying with good fresh eggs. This is one of the biggest advantages of a footless coop, but it is not the only one. A breeder with a sloping garden should always opt for this type of shelter. The supports can then be adjusted so that the coop does not tilt.

Finally, a stilt house gives you an open space where your birds can romp in the rain or sun. Raised aviaries offer them a shaded area just below. This type of cage is ideal for breeders who want to avoid having to bend over and for those with limited mobility.

Is there a limit?

The French legislation prevents any private individual with a henhouse from raising more than 50 hens. If you exceed this limit, your henhouse will be considered as a farm, with all the formalities and taxes that this implies! In addition, think about the impact of noise and bad smells on the neighborhood.

Ready-to-use or homemade chicken coop

Ready to use chicken house

There are many advantages to choosing a ready-to-use chicken coop. This kit shelter is quick and easy to assemble. It is available in several sizes depending on the number of hens and offers everything you need: nest boxes, laying nests, feeders. In terms of aesthetics, the complete aviary has everything to please. Depending on the model, it may even be suitable for urban use. Nevertheless, the price of a ready-to-use henhouse is sometimes high.

Homemade chicken house

A homemade chicken coop or a coop that you make yourself can be a more economical solution. Before you build it, you can determine not only the shape and size of the house according to the number of chickens in your flock, but also the colour, number and type of openings. To put it simply, you can build a bicycle shelter or a small hut. However, the result is not always as aesthetic as a ready-made henhouse. Also, you need a minimum of creativity and experience in DIY.


To make your life easier and to ensure that you have a solid henhouse, whose structure is perfectly resistant to bad weather, choose without hesitation a ready-to-use henhouse or a henhouse in kit!

Choose a kit hen house

If you don't want to build your own hen house because you live in the city, lack space, desire or time, buy a kit hen house. You will only have to assemble it, apply wood stain and eventually paint it.

Why buy a poulaillet?

To educate children and make them happy

It's a fact: children love chickens. Raising chickens will help parents to educate them. This way, they will be careful about where their food comes from and will not mistreat the animals. In addition, they will volunteer to feed and care for the chickens!

To eat well and cheaper

Unlike industrial hen houses with thousands of hens, kit hen houses produce more nutritious eggs. You won't have to worry about the presence of toxic products in the eggs of your chickens because they are perfectly organic. Your vegetable garden will also benefit from the manure.

in the UK, a family of 4 people eats 1,000 eggs per year. On average, this represents 250 eggs per person per year. Pies, cakes and other omelettes cannot be made without eggs. Think about the cost and what you would save by raising chickens. A laying hen can lay 1 egg per day for 5-7 years.

If you raise chickens, you know what you are feeding them. And what you will eat next, whether it is the eggs or the chickens. So you don't have to worry about where your eggs are coming from and what the risks are.

To help you recycle

Chickens are omnivorous. She eats seeds, herbs, worms, insects, household waste, leftovers, fruits and vegetables... 2 hens can ingest 150 kg of organic waste per year. Compare this figure to the fact that a French person produces 354 kg of household waste per year and you'll see how much help a hen can give you!

For the more eco-friendly, consuming eggs from an organic and amateur farm will reduce your carbon footprint to a strict minimum. In addition, you will be able to eat one of your chickens if you feel like it. And if you have a vegetable garden, the chickens will fertilize it with their droppings while chasing away slugs and other snails.

To protect your chickens

Raising chickens in the open air is good. But you need to shelter them in case of snow, strong winds or rain. Studies have shown that laying hens under extreme conditions are under high stress and lay few eggs. Some do not lay at all. On the other hand, hens spend most of their time in a coop. They drink, eat, lay, brood, sleep and stay safe from predators.

The best brands of hen houses

In our opinion, the best brands of hen houses in 2022 are :

Pets Imperial
Alice's Garden

FeelGoodUK allows its customers to find the right product at the best price. The company offers pledges, barns, chicken coops, bike shelters, etc. At no time the quality of these equipment has been neglected, from manufacturing to packaging.

Pets Imperial offers a wide range of innovative high quality chicken coops, insulated panel dog kennels, aviaries at reasonable prices. This brand is the specialist in wooden shelter. You can fully rely on its expertise!

A furniture and decoration specialist, Senluowx not only offers modern furniture like leather bed and aluminum side stool-table, but also outdoor equipment. This is one of the best chicken coop brands.

We're dealing with a specialist in wheeled and stilted chicken coops. The models are well thought out and often offer interesting amenities. The brand is mostly positioned on the mid-range, so don't expect imposing hen houses. But in general, they are good products.

Alice's Garden is specialized in garden furniture and outdoor equipment. It sells almost exclusively online. Founded in 2009, this brand is used to working without intermediaries to cut costs and guarantee the quality of its products to customers. The prices are often accessible to the greatest number of people.

What is the price for a chicken coop

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Never isolate your new hen

When you introduce a new hen in your henhouse, don't think of isolating her during her first days. Indeed, it is necessary for her to be confronted with the other hens to undergo her welcoming ritual (not very nice by the way). Your new hen will just have to put up with it temporarily, and you'll see that the next day, she'll be perfectly integrated into the group.

Place a dummy egg in your chicken coop

By placing a dummy egg in your hen's nest, you'll make her understand that this is the ideal place to lay her eggs. This way, she won't hide them elsewhere. This dummy egg is also a good option if you want to raise chicks, as it will help your hen incubate.

Find distractions for your chickens

Chickens are curious by nature, and they'll really appreciate it if you find them a little distraction. For example, take an old children's xylophone and hang it in your coop. This will keep your hens busy from time to time, and will make for the most unique music show.

Make them a seed dispenser

Take an empty wine bottle, and secure it upside down on a wooden board. Then place a shallow metal box under the opening of the bottle. All you have to do is fill the bottle with seeds or shells, which will fall into the tin as it empties.

Cool your chickens on hot days

Like you, your chickens have suffered during the hot weather. To keep them cool, place a bowl of water filled with ice cubes in your coop. Your chickens will enjoy a cool bath with great pleasure.


What do chickens eat?

Chickens will eat a little bit of everything: leftovers from your meals, grains, pebbles, complete mixes, proteins, seeds, herbs and even your household garbage. Don't forget to give them water. For chicks, the food will depend mainly on the breed.

How many chickens can a coop hold?

In general, the hen houses in kit form accommodate less than 10 hens (2, 4, 6, 8). The XXL models have an announced capacity of 15 to 20 hens. In all cases, the capacities announced by the manufacturers imply that the hens go out during the day. If you intend to keep them in the henhouse, reduce these figures by half. And never keep more than 50 hens, otherwise you will have to declare your hen house as a farm.

What is the life expectancy of a chicken?

Studies have shown that a hen can live 10 to 12 years. But several factors limit their life expectancy. These include disease, predators, nutritional deficiencies and... your desire to eat them! If your hen lives 4 to 6 years, you have done your job perfectly.

How much does a laying hen cost?

Regardless of the breed of hen, a laying hen does not cost more than 50 euros. That's why chicken farming is still very interesting, with little, you can have fresh eggs without going far from home.


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FeelGoodUK CH10 L
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