60 small and cheap Christmas gifts for less than £5

Giving gifts worth less than 5 euros is the best way to please your friends and family without breaking the bank. There is no shortage of gifts at this price, both original and fun, which will surely please everyone. Moreover, these inexpensive gifts can be given on any occasion (Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, birthday, housewarming...).

Let's leave aside the classic gift ideas such as funny condoms, personalized calendars, anti-stress toys... and let's make room for surprises as useful as pleasant. In our selection, everyone, big or small, has the right to a little present.

The choice of your cheap gift must depend on the taste of the person as well as his desires. You will certainly find some in all the fields, going from the computer to the childcare. But in order to reduce your search time, we have selected for you the best cheap gifts under 5 euros of the moment.

Molylove 456-6431 1

Molylove 456-6431

3,99 £ on Amazon

Made of soft silicone, the Molylove 456-6431 Wireless Charging Case Set for AirPods effectively resists scratches and bumps. They wash effortlessly thanks to the micro-matte technology used in the design of the outer surface.

Vinyl Coasters 2

Vinyl Coasters

3,50 £ on Amazon

The Spinning Hat SH01328, sold in packs of 6, is made of food grade silicone. It has the ability to withstand intense temperatures up to 250°C. Thanks to their quality construction, these vinyl coasters are easy to clean.

Telescopic backscratcher 3

Telescopic backscratcher

2,99 £ on Amazon

Are you looking for a cheap gift for less than 5 euros? This telescopic backscratcher could certainly satisfy you. With a very nice style, this model reaches effortlessly the hard to reach areas of your body such as your back.

Balance and Adventure GTsds11 4

Balance and Adventure GTsds11

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Thanks to the Equilibre et Aventure GTsds11, you will have at your disposal 2 parking discs specially dedicated to blue zones. Please note that this device is mandatory for all vehicles from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Healthy clubs Panda 5

Healthy clubs Panda

2,78 £ on Amazon

The Healthy Clubs Panda Mini Stapler measures 6 x 2.5 cm. Its lightness and compactness make it easy to use in different situations (at school or at the office). It can be a nice inexpensive gift for a colleague, friend or child.

LY SHOW Tiger Eye 6

LY SHOW Tiger Eye

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Each bead in the LY SHOW Tiger Eye measures 10 mm. This bracelet has several natural protective stones such as tiger eye, obsidian and hematite. It is perfect for those who are often subject to stress, lack of self-confidence ...

Le Grenier d'Abondance - 300 aromatic seeds 7

Le Grenier d'Abondance - 300 aromatic seeds

2,23 £ on Amazon

When you buy it, you get almost 300 seeds of various aromatic and condiment plants such as basil. No need to be a real gardener to use it. It is to be specified that Le Grenier d'Abondance - 300 aromatic seeds is delivered with some advice of sowing.

Twilight lamp - Otio 8

Twilight lamp - Otio

4,84 £ on Amazon

With the Otio 641101, you no longer have to worry about changing the bulb. This twilight light works automatically. It turns off during the day and turns on automatically at night. Just plug it into a power outlet.

Playmobil Motocross Driver 9357 9

Playmobil Motocross Driver 9357

2,79 £ on Amazon

Ideal for children from 4 years old, the Playmobil Motocross Driver 9357 includes a small figure and a motorcycle. The inexpensive toy consists of 13 colorful plastic pieces. Very solid, it can complete an existing collection.

Intex - Swimming armbands 10

Intex - Swimming armbands

3,96 £ on Amazon

If you want to take your child to the beach or pool, give them these great Intex 56652EU armbands. They're perfect for the 3 to 6 year old, especially those who love the animated movie Cars.

Henbrandt N51 033 11

Henbrandt N51 033

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Henbrandt's N51 033 temporary tattoos have a specific theme. Each theme offers up to 12 different designs, which allows them to conform to all tastes. Easy to apply, the individual tattoo measures approximately 4 x 4 cm.

Set of 8 Harry Potter pencils - Unique party 12

Set of 8 Harry Potter pencils - Unique party

4,49 £ on Amazon

Having a Harry Potter themed birthday party? This set of Unique Party 59069 pencils will be the perfect gift. They can be combined with other supplies such as a binder, pencil case or even a nice drawing book.

Trixes Musical Triangle 13

Trixes Musical Triangle

5,59 £ on Amazon

If your child is particularly fond of playing music, why not opt for the Trixes Musical Triangle? It is perfect for all novices. Its suspended plastic handle guarantees a better balance to the instrument.

Sami and Julie - 100 jokes, charades and riddles 14

Sami and Julie - 100 jokes, charades and riddles

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And if your child is passionate about reading, introduce him or her to the book Sami and Julie - 100 jokes, charades and riddles. Riddles, rebus and charades are all there. He can even develop his understanding of the French language and impress his friends with funny jokes.

Litthing - Bra 15

Litthing - Bra

5,59 £ on Amazon

The Litthing bra is made of eco-friendly and breathable material. It is as comfortable as it is stylish. It absorbs perspiration efficiently. It is lacey and provides optimal support for the chest, even though it is frameless.

Wound - Cotton socks 16

Wound - Cotton socks

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The Blesser cotton socks are emblazoned with the words "If you see this, bring me a beer". They keep your feet wonderfully warm during the cold winter months. The fabric used in its design is relatively absorbent. The fabric is relatively absorbent and can wick away sweat while remaining soft against the skin.

BringBring Tops - Tube Scarf 17

BringBring Tops - Tube Scarf

3,34 £ on Amazon

The BringBring Tops tube scarf comes in 12 different colors to better suit every mood. A quality fashion accessory that measures approximately 50 x 20 cm, this scarf has a furry interior to keep its owner warm.

Overmal Strapless Dress 18

Overmal Strapless Dress

3,99 £ on Amazon

The Overmal strapless dress can be worn on its own or as a backdrop for a dress. Made of cotton fabric and despite the fact that its straps are not adjustable, it serves its purpose very well. Note that this dress is very comfortable to wear.

Rimmel Exaggerate 261 Black 19

Rimmel Exaggerate 261 Black

3,92 £ on Amazon

Equipped with a retractable lead, Rimmel Exaggerate 261 Black pencil glides on without any difficulty. The lines will be more precise while being intense. You will benefit from its long-lasting formula and its waterproof quality. The other end of the pencil is equipped with a mousse to blend the colors.

Rimmel 315 Queen of Tarts 20

Rimmel 315 Queen of Tarts

3,99 £ on Amazon

Use for a glossy finish, Rimmel 315 Queen of Tarts nail polish is both smudge and tarnish resistant. The maxi brush ensures ultra-precise application in one stroke. It lasts up to 10 days and dries very quickly.

Puressentiel EOBBD 21

Puressentiel EOBBD

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Puressentiel EOBBD is an essential oil of eucalyptus radiata which can be both refreshing and purifying. It allows you to fight correctly against the various winter discomforts while making you benefit from its energizing effect.

Jeanne Arthes - La Ronde des Fleurs Tropical Vanilla 22

Jeanne Arthes - La Ronde des Fleurs Tropical Vanilla

3,92 £ on Amazon

The eau de parfum Jeanne Arthes PF01821G has been specifically produced in Grasse. Its tropical vanilla scent invites you to escape. Offered in its 30 mL bottle, it holds perfectly and smells pleasantly. The sweet fragrance will only caress your nostrils.

Lalang 1227MA 23

Lalang 1227MA

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The Lalang 1227MA beard brush uses quality boar bristles to care for the facial hair of any stylish man. Whether you are combing, detangling or applying beard balm or oil, this brush is the perfect tool.

Le Petit Marseillais Shea Butter Argan 24

Le Petit Marseillais Shea Butter Argan

1,34 £ on Amazon

Le Petit Marseillais Shea Argan is composed of 3 essential elements: shea butter, argan oil and sweet almond. This lip balm stands out from the competition thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing effects, its softening properties and its ability to soften.

L'Oréal Paris Pure Liss 25

L'Oréal Paris Pure Liss

3,99 £ on Amazon

The ideal shampoo to overcome unmanageable hair, L'Oréal Paris Pure Liss will make you benefit from its smoothing effects. It smells deliciously of gardenia and is rich in sunflower oil. After use, your hair will be silky smooth and supple.

Biolane - Wet look styling gel 26

Biolane - Wet look styling gel

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With Biolane wet look styling gel, it is now possible to adopt a more modern hair style. It is especially designed for children and babies. This long-lasting product is made of natural ingredients such as sugar and barley water.

Biolane - Sweet almond oil 27

Biolane - Sweet almond oil

2,48 £ on Amazon

In order to prevent baby's skin from drying out, the use of a product such as Biolane Sweet Almond Oil is essential. Not only does it soften the child's skin, it also ensures its hydration while nourishing it. Presented in spray form, this 100% natural product is made in the UK.

Novago key ring with real rabbit hair pompon 28

Novago key ring with real rabbit hair pompon

2,36 £ on Amazon

This pretty pompon keychain made of real rabbit hair is soft and very pleasant to the touch. It will be very useful to customize a handbag or a backpack. Occasionally, the recipient of this gift will be able to use it as a stress ball, as this thick ball of fur quickly springs back into shape after being kneaded in the hands.

Yankee Candle Christmas candle 29

Yankee Candle Christmas candle

2,12 £ on Amazon

Are you looking for an original gift to give to a loved one for Christmas? This candle with a nice cookie smell is ideal for this occasion. Not only is it inexpensive, but it lasts a very long time. This candle offers up to 15 hours of burning time and is compatible with candle holders and cups.

Trentaine Permit Card 30

Trentaine Permit Card

4,54 £ on Amazon

A 30's license is a very original gift idea to give to a friend who will be turning 30 in the next few months. Whether or not he is apprehensive about turning 30, this card will make him cry with laughter. Don't forget to personalize this reproduction of old driver's licenses with a funny picture of the recipient.

YNuth Unicorn Sleep Mask 31

YNuth Unicorn Sleep Mask

2,78 £ on Amazon

Made of cotton and plush, this sleep mask is soft, light and comfortable to wear. Its elastic band is not adjustable, but it does not oppress the head. It can be offered to an adult or a child who can use it to complete his unicorn costume.

Tesa Adjustable Adhesive Screws for Wallpaper and Plaster 32

Tesa Adjustable Adhesive Screws for Wallpaper and Plaster

3,99 £ on Amazon

Since these screws are adhesive, there is no need to drill the walls to install them. And they can be reused several times on plaster or wallpaper. These accessories are the ideal present for people who are constantly in need of storage in their homes. Note that each screw supports a load of 1 kg.

Le Chat - Hydroalcoholic Hand Gel 33

Le Chat - Hydroalcoholic Hand Gel

1,20 £ on Amazon

Helping them stay healthy is the best gift you can give to a loved one. Indeed, this disinfectant gel will remind its recipient of the importance of respecting barrier gestures. Efficient and easy to use, a small amount of this antibacterial gel eliminates 99.9% of circulating bacteria.

50 Mini custom adhesive labels 34

50 Mini custom adhesive labels

3,99 £ on Amazon

Customizable with first names or a sweet word, these stickers will allow your children to give style to their school supplies. Stick to smooth, clean and dry surfaces, these stickers are resistant to moisture, washing, high heat and extreme cold. They can also be used to mark everyday items, including toys.

Hubei Silicone Oven Mittens 35

Hubei Silicone Oven Mittens

3,19 £ on Amazon

These silicone mitts will allow you to quickly remove a tray from the oven without burning yourself. Warning! These gauntlets will not replace large padded mittens, so caution is still advised. In any case, these silicone mittens remain an original gift idea that is sure to captivate its recipient.

Small butter cookie cutter - Customizable with text 36

Small butter cookie cutter - Customizable with text

4,40 £ on Amazon

Made of biodegradable plastic, this customizable cookie cutter will allow its recipient to bake small cookies marked with their name. You can also offer it to yourself and use it to send a message to someone you care about. The manufacturer is able to realize all the ideas of personalization.

Baker Ross Set of 6 Colorful Gliders to assemble 37

Baker Ross Set of 6 Colorful Gliders to assemble

3,06 £ on Amazon

Cardboard gliders to assemble and color, this is a gift idea that will surely please little boys. Don't worry, these paper planes are very easy to make. They will allow your children to develop a passion for creative activities, but especially for aeronautics.

Rubie's - Official Ladybug Miraculous Accessory Kit 38

Rubie's - Official Ladybug Miraculous Accessory Kit

3,19 £ on Amazon

Is your daughter a fan of the Miraculous fantasy world? Let her look a little more like her favorite heroine with this accessory set made of fancy earrings and a plastic yo-yo. A must-have for all mini-Miraculous girls who want to complete their Ladybug costume.

Glade anti-smoking candle 39

Glade anti-smoking candle

2,63 £ on Amazon

The burning of this candle gives off a pleasant scent of white flowers and fruit that is balanced by the scent of essential oils of plant origin. As effective as patches, this anti-smoking candle will be of great help to the friend who is trying to quit smoking. Weighing 129 g, this candle lasts up to 30 hours.

Metal pen holder with pocket clip 40

Metal pen holder with pocket clip

3,96 £ on Amazon

These metal pen holders may be simple in design, but they're also stylish and practical. With these accessories, your acquaintances will no longer need to reach for their pens. Note that the expandable springs can hold pens of different sizes.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Remover Cream 41

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Remover Cream

3,06 £ on Amazon

Quality cosmetics don't have to be overpriced, as proven by this exfoliating gel from Neutrogena. Developed with dermatologists, this facial cleanses pores and removes excess oil, blackheads and impurities. In addition to purifying the epidermis, this exfoliant prevents the reappearance of pigmentary defects.

Sticker No Advertising Save the Planet 42

Sticker No Advertising Save the Planet

2 £ on Amazon

To be stuck on a mailbox or directly on the front door, this sticker delivers a clear message to the people who pollute the planet with advertising brochures. You can give it to yourself or send it to a loved one who is always complaining about receiving printed material that is of no use to them.

Christmas candy bag 43

Christmas candy bag

4 £ on Mylittleday

Filled with flavored jelly beans in the shape of Christmas trees and snowballs, this bag of sweets will delight young and old alike. You can put this bag of sweets in your Christmas stockings, inside your advent calendar or use it as a decoration for the tree.

1 sheet of tattoos animals of the forest 44

1 sheet of tattoos animals of the forest

3,60 £ on Mylittleday

This sheet of fake tattoos representing forest animals will make a great activity for a birthday party, but also a nice gift to slip discreetly into a surprise bag. Don't worry, this sheet of 8 fake tattoos is safe. It has been dermatologically tested and is delivered in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box.

Disinfecting gel - Friends 45

Disinfecting gel - Friends

2,86 £ on Lavantgardiste

The person who receives this disinfectant gel as a gift will never forget to take it with them on their outings. Its clever design and compact size mean that it will easily fit into even the smallest of bags. In addition, this vial has a very practical adjustable silicone handle.

Puto Gel" hydroalcoholic gel bottle key ring 46

Puto Gel" hydroalcoholic gel bottle key ring

1,58 £ on Lavantgardiste

With this gel bottle holder made of silicone and plastic, there is no way to forget your hydroalcoholic lotion at home. The recipient of this gift will always have it with him. If the contents run out, just refill the bottle and you're done.

Pen with the text Fuck Off 47

Pen with the text Fuck Off

3,16 £ on Lavantgardiste

Although this plastic pen with the text Fuck Off is a somewhat unusual gift idea, it will please the person to whom you intend to give it. Every time they pull out this pen, they'll think of you. Think of it as a great way to maintain a recent or old friendship.

Mini iPhone 2-in-1 adapter 48

Mini iPhone 2-in-1 adapter

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Thanks to this 2-in-1 adapter, an iPhone user will now be able to recharge its battery while listening to music or taking a call. For precision, this accessory is compatible with the iPhone 7 and higher. A perfect gift for those who can't live without their smartphone.

Anti-hangover patch 49

Anti-hangover patch

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Developed by a doctor, this box containing anti-hangover patches will allow you to recover quickly after the drunken evening of the day before. For a better efficiency, the patch must be applied 45 min before the first drink and must be kept until the next day. 100% effectiveness guaranteed.

Animal cable protector 50

Animal cable protector

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Designed with plastic combined with silicone, the animal-shaped cable protector will save you from buying a new smartphone charger every 6 months. Chameleon, penguin, lion, panda and clown fish, there is something for everyone. These cute little animals are compatible with Lightning cables and similar cables.

Pepper to grow 51

Pepper to grow

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

A terracotta pot, a bag of cayenne pepper seeds and two coconut soil pellets are included in this clever kit, which allows the recipient to grow peppers at home. Once mature, the chillies can be harvested and used to spice up gourmet recipes.

Lazy tooth brush holder 52

Lazy tooth brush holder

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

This cute toothbrush holder attaches to a wall or mirror with a suction cup. Don't worry, this vinyl toothbrush holder contains no BPA or any other toxic product. It's a great gift for a child, but older kids will fall in love with it too, that's for sure.

Gift Decoration Kit - LOVE - DIY 53

Gift Decoration Kit - LOVE - DIY

3,92 £ on Cadeaux

With this DIY gift decorating kit, you'll have something to personalize the small or large packages you're about to give to your loved ones. Containing strings, ribbons, wooden tweezers and heart-shaped tags, this combo of decorative accessories can be used by all hobby lovers, regardless of age.

Customizable Soaps 54

Customizable Soaps

2,32 £ on Cadeaux

First names, messages, thanks, these soaps can be personalized in many ways. This very original and especially fragrant gift will not fail to please your loved ones. It is important to the manufacturer to remember that these soaps are handmade. They contain only natural and organic materials.

Mini Puzzle 55

Mini Puzzle

4 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

The mini puzzle is the ideal present for the player who is always looking for a puzzle to solve. But to unravel this arcane presented in a matchbox, he will have to use observation, common sense, but especially patience. This puzzle exists in 15 different models and benefits from a random delivery mode.

Mini kit Enrico organic bean seeds 56

Mini kit Enrico organic bean seeds

3,12 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Easy to grow and maintain, organic bush beans are perfect for introducing children to the art of vegetable gardening. These legumes will whet their curiosity. They will enjoy watching them bloom and develop. Ideally, these organic bush beans are sown in the spring and harvested in the summer or early fall.

Owl pocket heater 57

Owl pocket heater

2,20 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Thanks to its compact size, this pocket warmer will follow you everywhere you go. To heat it, you just have to plunge it for about ten minutes in boiling water. The heat will be diffused for about thirty minutes after you press on the metal tablet located inside.

Magnetic erasable board 58

Magnetic erasable board

3,34 £ on Lavantgardiste

No more post-its that are easily lost! This weekly chart to be fixed on a metal surface will allow its owner to better organize his week. In addition to being decorative, this board will help people who work at home to improve their productivity.

Feline stress ball 59

Feline stress ball

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

Existing in a cat version and another in tiger, this anti-stress ball is very effective to evacuate anxiety. Note that this accessory of well-being benefits from a quality design. The ball does not deform very much and returns immediately to its original shape after kneading.

Mini finger twister 60

Mini finger twister

3,96 £ on Lavantgardiste

This finger twister is no different from its big brother, except for its smaller size. The difficulties between the two are not comparable, but the mini twister is still very entertaining. It is ideal for people who like this game, but cannot enjoy it because of the small size of their studio.


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