The best cheap chicken coops in the UK 2023

Have you always wanted to start a livestock business? This dream is achievable, even if you don't have the means to invest in a large farm at first. Indeed, it is possible to start with a small henhouse to install in the garden. But to succeed in this direction, discover the essential to know to be able to choose a henhouse, which moreover is not expensive.

CKC1005SBN ME6501127 1

Solid Wood Chicken House

CKC1005SBN ME6501127

The best cheap wooden chicken coop

Chickens deserve a well-equipped coop, and the CKC1005SBN brand has thought of that. As such, here is a hen house suitable for 3 hens, made of wood with two floors, equipped with a weatherproof ramp and a nesting box.

119 £ on Manomano
Pro.tec Cage for Animals 2

Exterior Galvanized Steel Chicken House

Pro.tec Cage for Animals

The best cheap steel chicken coop

This offer is for those who want to start a small breeding, even in the city. The cage of the brand Pro.tec, with a galvanized steel frame, equipped with outdoor enclosure, is an opportunity to realize your project.

223 £ on Amazon

This cage with the Pro.tec brand is an open-air structure, suitable as an enclosure in a garden, and used for raising small animals, including guinea pigs, ferrets, chickens or ducks. Equipped with a silver galvanized steel tube frame and a polyethylene sun canopy, this cage has PVC-coated wire mesh side walls. The structure offers optimal protection for the animals against the sun, bad weather and predators.

This cage is suitable for keeping animals in the garden, but can also be used as an aviary. The sturdy, waterproof sun canopy provides comfort for the animals against the vagaries of the weather. The dark green color of the canopy allows it to blend in easily with the garden, and the lockable lock ensures security at all times. The dense hexagonal mesh provides optimal ventilation and protects the animals from external aggression, especially from predators such as birds of prey, martens and foxes.

Aufun Chicken coop enclosure 3

Shaded PVC Roof Chicken House

Aufun Chicken coop enclosure

The best cheap steel chicken coop with PVC roof

To realize your breeding project, the Aufun brand offers a solid and robust structure, while being elegant. Welcome your animals in appropriate shelters with this closed henhouse.

228 £ on Amazon

For this Aufun brand chicken coop, the frame is made of galvanized steel, resistant to rust and corrosion. The roof is made of polyvinyl chloride to protect the animals from the sun's UV rays. Moreover, the waterproof and resistant canopies will protect them from external aggressions. This structure is equipped with a single door with lock, and is suitable for a cat as well as a chicken, duck, rabbit, parrot, dog or other small animals.

This equipment has been designed for easy assembly, thanks to its clip connection. Besides that, it has a safe and comfortable enclosure area with enough space for animals to play without any risk. Otherwise, the silver coating of the solar net provides comfortable shade in the middle of summer, while being waterproof. As for the PVC-coated hexagonal wire mesh with a 25mm diameter hole, it can be used as a chicken net.

VidaXL Large Chicken Cage 4

Aluminum MDF Chicken House

VidaXL Large Chicken Cage

The best cheap aluminum chicken coop

A practical and spacious chicken coop that offers animals an effective protective barrier, the MDF aluminum chicken coop designed by VidaXL brand is suitable for raising chickens.

328 £ on Amazon

The VidaXL chicken coop is made with an aluminum frame, as well as wire mesh and MDF engineered wood. Featuring a sleeping area and a nesting box, it is also equipped with a removable ramp allowing animals easy access to the upper floor. This coop is also equipped with a sliding tray for easy cleaning.

The sturdy aluminum structure makes this VidaXL chicken coop robust, elegant and high quality. Moreover, it is a frame that allows predators to stay away from the animals. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this henhouse has roofs that can be opened by unscrewing, to offer light and ventilation to the animals. The nesting box is installed at the back of the structure for more discretion, but once the door is open, you have easy access for collection. Otherwise, a spacious run determines the living space of the hens.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap chicken house

Any specific needs?

The best cheap wooden chicken coop

The best cheap steel chicken coop

The best cheap steel chicken coop with PVC roof

The best cheap aluminum chicken coop

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Comparison table of the best cheap chicken coops

In Wood In Steel With PVC roof In Aluminium
CKC1005SBN ME6501127 5
Pro.tec Cage for Animals 6
Aufun Chicken coop enclosure 7
VidaXL Large Chicken Cage 8
CKC1005SBN ME6501127
Pro.tec Cage for Animals
Aufun Chicken coop enclosure
VidaXL Large Chicken Cage
Chickens deserve a well-equipped coop, and the CKC1005SBN brand has thought of that. As such, here is a hen house suitable for 3 hens, made of wood with two floors, equipped with a weatherproof ramp and a nesting box.
This offer is for those who want to start a small breeding, even in the city. The cage of the brand Pro.tec, with a galvanized steel frame, equipped with outdoor enclosure, is an opportunity to realize your project.
To realize your breeding project, the Aufun brand offers a solid and robust structure, while being elegant. Welcome your animals in appropriate shelters with this closed henhouse.
A practical and spacious chicken coop that offers animals an effective protective barrier, the MDF aluminum chicken coop designed by VidaXL brand is suitable for raising chickens.
With Ramps
With Weighing Platforms
in wood
Galvanized Steel
Galvanized steel, PVC , Polyvinyl chloride
aluminum frame + wire mesh + MDF
25.5 kilograms
37.5 kilograms
37.8 Kilograms
Target Species
HamsterFurret, Guinea Pig, Parrot, Rat, Chicken, Mouse, Canary, Budgie, Duck, Gerbil, Calopsitte, Hamster
Furret, Chicken, Parrot, Canary, Cat, Parakeet, Duck, Dog, Rabbit, Poodle
151 x 69.5 x 92.5cm
300 x 200 x 200 cm
300 x 400 x 200 cm
74 x 258 x 117 cm

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Buying guide - cheap chicken house

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How to choose your cheap chicken house

Having a chicken coop is one thing, but buying a cheap chicken coop is another. In this case, the most important thing to do is to define the most relevant criteria.

#1 - The material

The choice of material is a crucial criterion to consider for a chicken coop. This factor is important to determine the strength, as well as the durability of the coop. Whenever possible, it is best to choose fir, pine or black locust wood for your cheap chicken coop, ensuring the correct thickness of wood.

Otherwise, plastic can be a possible solution.

#2 - The dimensions

The dimensions or the surface are very important in the choice of a henhouse. Indeed, they determine the number of hens or poultry that can be accommodated. Therefore, an adequate size corresponding to the number of hens desired is recommended, to ensure the comfort of its breeding.

When buying a coop, consider the number of chickens you plan to keep and choose one with the right surface area. If it is too small, it will hinder your breeding.

#3 - The accessories of the chicken house

For comfortable hen housing, in addition to adequate dimensions allowing free movement, there are also other factors to consider. This includes spacious lying areas, a spacious nest box, as well as a spacious nesting box. The same is true for the perch, feeder, waterer, as well as the litter box.

#4 - The design

The design represents an important criterion, pertaining to aesthetics and presentation, even for a cheap chicken coop. It must be consistent with the decor of the garden, the number of hens to accommodate, as well as the layout of internal spaces, while being resistant.

How do you set up a chicken coop?


The design of a chicken coop must take into account several factors to ensure the comfort and well-being of the chickens on a daily basis.

The type of chicken coop

First of all, wanting to raise chickens requires at least 2m² of floor space for 3 to 4 chickens. You can choose between a cheap wooden, pallet, or metal hen house, but you can also opt for a plastic kit or a hard structure. In all cases, the opening of the henhouse must be protected from prevailing winds, hence a preferred orientation to the south.

The wooden chicken coop

A wooden chicken coop represents the least investment in purchase, while being aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. When fitting out a structure of this type, you need to provide regular treatment against pests, as well as the weather. To do this, it is important to ensure that the hen house is elevated to avoid humidity which is harmful to the hens. In the same way, the roof must be as solid as waterproof, hence the importance of avoiding sheet metal as much as possible.

A plastic model

Plastic structures can be the object of your choice. They are as easy to clean as they are sturdy, whether they are made of straws or chips. Cleaning is easy, hence the ease of keeping the coop clean just by making sure to check the place regularly.

The layout of a chicken coop

When outfitting, it is also imperative to ensure protection from predators by installing a safety hook on the closing hatch. Wire mesh should cover the ventilation holes. A wooden floor should be covered with lino sheets to optimize cleaning. Otherwise, the coop should be well positioned to take advantage of shaded areas in summer.

A perch is useful to allow the hens to rest safely, as are nesting boxes to be installed away from prying eyes. Finally, if possible, putting sand in the coop allows the animals to shake off the sand, and shavings, flax or hemp straw will keep dust mites away.

The different types of cheap chicken coops

The pallet henhouse

A poultry farmer who wants to start slowly but surely can begin by raising 2 or 3 laying hens. In this case, the pallet coop option represents an opportunity to invest in a cheap coop.

This is due to the fact that the pallets can be recovered in a DIY store, in a local shop or in a building site. Especially since these parts are often free in these places. Therefore, the chicken coop that will be made with the pallets will cost less.

It is important to choose pallets having benefited from a thermal process, not chemical for the manufacture of its cheap henhouse. Then, it will be necessary to think of well rounding the angles of the basic materials to avoid being wounded.

This option is especially suitable for those who do not want, or can not afford to invest in their first breeding.

The kit henhouse

At present, the chicken coop kit is very popular with beginners or urban breeders. It is a kit (made of wood or plastic) including several parts allowing to build the cheap chicken house in an intuitive way.

The advantage of choosing this solution lies in the possibility to build your own henhouse in a very short time, instead of spending a whole weekend building it. This is also an alternative for people who do not like to do-it-yourself, or who lack time to do so. A kit chicken house is easier to move or to transport, especially in case of moving.

The kit henhouse requires a good sense, especially in the assembly, hence the importance of choosing a set from a manufacturer offering a tuto or offering the possibility of assembly. But this small inconvenience becomes an advantage, especially during the annual disinfection of these removable parts that can be treated separately.

The wooden henhouse

Wood is the most suitable material for the manufacture of a cheap chicken coop. This material is very easy to work with, while protecting the hens from intrusions (fox, weasel, rat, weasel...), as well as from bad weather and climatic aggressions.

Moreover, wood allows you to have a trendy look, especially if the henhouse has a raw color worked with varnish. In addition, the wooden henhouse is more ecological while being durable, especially if it is properly maintained.

When choosing a wooden chicken coop, it is imperative to opt for a wood treated with a natural product, healthier for the barnyard animals. The material must not be treated with chemicals.

The wooden hen house is more resistant, and especially protects the hens thanks to its insulating virtues, against wind, heat, humidity and cold.

Cheap chicken house or solid chicken house

Cheap chicken house

A cheap chicken coop allows you to start raising chickens without investing much money. It allows you to have fresh eggs available in the morning, and if needed to eat chicken of traceable and safe origin. With this option, you have a wide choice of the number of eggs you want to start your adventure.

You will need to invest in equipment to give the chickens the comfort they need to produce properly. You will have to organize yourself so that you are not frequently absent since the animals must eat at regular times.

A cheap hen house represents a small surface, and you will have to invest more to enlarge your breeding.

Solid poultry house

A solid chicken house offers more comfort, especially in terms of thermal insulation, during bad weather and strong winds. A slate or tile roof on the structure reinforces the insulation, otherwise glass wool should be added.

This type of henhouse cannot be moved, and without good ventilation, it would be damp, especially if the thickness of the floor is less than 50 cm. In the same way, it is necessary to think about the right height and opening to allow an easy cleaning. It will be necessary to provide a fenced outdoor area to allow the poultry to get some fresh air, stretch their legs and peck in the grass or in the ground.

It is also necessary to ask for a work permit from the town hall, depending on the size of the henhouse.


A cheap plastic or wooden chicken coop is suitable for those who want to start an adventure in the breeding sector. On the other hand, a solid chicken coop is for those who wish to invest in a farm later on.

It is a great way to learn the steps needed to succeed in the industry.

Why buy a cheap chicken coop?

A cheap chicken coop for fresh and healthy products every day

Investing in a cheap hen house represents an opportunity to enjoy good fresh eggs for breakfast. At the same time, it is no longer a question of buying industrial eggs for the preparation of pastries and homemade dishes, while being able to eat healthy and tasty hard-boiled eggs at will.

The safety of the hens in a cheap hen house

A hen house provides a secure shelter for chickens to protect them from predators, while offering them optimal comfort for eating, sleeping and laying eggs. This equipment proves to be a place allowing them to be productive, while being healthy throughout the year.

A more hygienic shelter for the animals

The mobile henhouse represents a definite asset for the hygiene of the animals, and therefore for their well-being as well. This is because by choosing this option, you avoid the proliferation of parasites, which can be vectors of disease, because it is possible to change the location regularly every week. In this regard, in case of hard floor, regular cleaning, as well as disinfection, is recommended to avoid the attack of bacteria.

An easy to clean equipment

The mobile hen house with enclosure is easy to clean as it can be turned over during cleaning to be cleaned with a Karcher. Better still, by opting for a bottomless model, you can get rid of all the droppings on the floor, which will eliminate them via worms, insects and other natural auxiliaries. In the same way, the weather contributes to the cleaning of the henhouse naturally.

Chickens away from rodents

By choosing a cheap chicken coop, you can avoid rodents and rats. This is because they do not have time to get used to the location, as you have already moved the equipment that is their food source.

The best brands of cheap chicken coops

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap chicken coops in 2022 are :

FeelGood UK
Poils & Plumes

The cheap chicken coop is available at FeelGood UK. You can find shelters to house a single hen, 3 or 4, and even more, in this brand. Made of wood, and with a green roof material, this type of structure is simple but convenient, and suitable for a beginner in poultry farming. Very comfortable, the type of henhouse of this brand is very popular insofar as it is equipped with sliding drawer for droppings in galvanized steel optimizing the cleaning. It is also equipped with a perch, a resting area, as well as nesting areas leading to a nesting box.

Galinette is the brand that combines comfort and aesthetics when making a cheap chicken coop. The structure of this brand's chicken coops is made of wood, while the roof is made of bitumen felt to constitute an optimal thermal insulation. Intended for the shelter of 3 hens, its structures are equipped with an openable nesting box on top, and a nesting box on the floor. An entrance ramp, as well as a covered aviary, an interior perch and a sliding ventilation hatch to complete this comfortable shelter.

Vounot is another reputable brand of wooden chicken house, with a crafted design that is comfortable for the animals. A waterproof roof, lockable doors, a removable poop drawer, and a large size for animal comfort round out the qualities of the brand's structures.

Poils & Feathers is an equally popular brand for its sturdy and affordable chicken shelters. The cheap chicken coop from this brand is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. It accommodates 2 hens, with limited access for cleaning and collecting laid eggs. It's especially suitable for little ones who want to have a small flock from a young age.

TecTake brand manufactures shelters for chickens and rabbits. The roofs are water resistant, and the animals are totally protected. Especially since an exterior lock serves as an additional safety feature preventing the animals from getting out. It is as stable as it is accessible with several access doors. Only, the assembly is rather difficult, and could require the intervention of a specialized technician.

What is the price for a cheap chicken house

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Make sure you have the right to install a chicken coop in your garden

First of all, especially for residents of urban areas, it is imperative to find out from the town hall, or consult the rules of the condominium, whether keeping chickens in the garden is allowed. Otherwise, the installation of the henhouse could be the source of a dispute with the neighborhood.

Prefer the right breed and adopt the right number of chickens

It is also important that the number of hens be adapted to the surface area you have, both for the henhouse and in the garden. For a domestic breeding, the ideal is to take 3 to 4 hens and not exceed 50, which is a number suitable for professional breeders.

Provide enough space in the garden

Hens, just like human beings have a minimal need in terms of living space. Thus, for the good development and well-being of hens, it is necessary to take into account the breed, as well as the size. On this space depends their blooming, and at the same time their productivity.

Opt for a chicken-friendly coop

As far as possible, it is necessary to privilege a hen house adapted to the hens, as well as to the garden. This can be as well a transportable henhouse, made of wood or wire mesh, to optimize transportation and even moving. Otherwise, a hard henhouse, with a wooden frame, bricks or breeze blocks as a complementary structure, with a laying area and a perch can also be the solution.

Provide a nice walking area

For the well-being and better development of its hens, it is advisable to offer a walking space to these animals. This can be an extension of the henhouse, a cage for relaxation, a net or why not the garden, as long as it is marked out and fenced. This is the guarantee of a healthy breeding with a quality meat.


How to get rid of rats in a henhouse?

Installing rat traps in the path of rodents is one way to eradicate them, taking care to put them in places not accessible to chickens. Alternatively, the buried bottle trap is another solution. To do this, cut off most of a plastic bottle, bury it without the edges sticking out, fill it with water, and the rodents that fall in will drown. Finally, the cat is another alternative to keep rats away.

When to put a chick in a henhouse?

The ideal age to get a chick into a coop where there are large chickens is 7 to 10 weeks. At this age, the chick is already quite vigorous and strong. As soon as the chicks are integrated into the coop, it is important to make sure that the dominant hens accept the chicks without being too aggressive. If not, they should be removed and the experiment repeated a few days later. Acceptance takes place gradually in a group. In the same way, at the introduction of chicks, it is also preferable to install other feeders to avoid conflicts of food.

How to get chickens used to a new henhouse?

Habituating hens to a new henhouse is quite easy insofar as, as a general rule, it is enough to lock them up. To do this, simply put them in the coop with their cardboard box open at the top, with water and pellets nearby. This way, the hens will come out of the box on their own once they feel safe and secure enough.

How many chickens per m2 in a henhouse?

The ideal number of hens in a square meter area is 2 for the sleeping area, so each hen has 0.5m². In the walking area, they will need at least 1m² per hen. This surface is given as an indication, but it is important to know that the more space they have, the more they flourish. Especially since a small space encourages anti-social behavior and causes more stress.


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CKC1005SBN ME6501127
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