The best cheap champagnes in the UK 2023

Champagne is considered the epitome of luxury and pleasure. But for many neophytes, it is difficult to choose the best cheap champagne among the many brands available. So, how do you choose the right cheap champagne for yourself? Read our buying guide to learn more.

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut 1

Best cheap champagne

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut

Editor's Choice

Round in the mouth and intense in the nose, this Imperial Brut champagne is ideal to be tasted for all occasions. It will make you discover an attack at the same time melted and tasty.

16,46 £ on E.Leclerc

Let yourself be tempted by this Imperial Brut champagne from Moët & Chandon with its delicate notes in the mouth. On the nose, it reveals floral notes with white flesh with the presence of peach, apple, citrus and pear. In mouth, this champagne makes you discover a lively attack, but balanced. You can enjoy it as an aperitif or as a dessert thanks to its delicate finish.

This champagne also reveals a silky structure. Its golden yellow color with green reflections hides a fine effervescence. In the mouth, this champagne combines subtlety and generosity. It also reveals a savory note for a perfect balance. It is ideal to be tasted during family celebrations or friendly meetings to spend unforgettable convivial moments.

Canard-Duchêne Brut 2

Best cheap champagne Brut

Canard-Duchêne Brut

The best cheap champagne Brut

Indulge yourself by tasting this Brut champagne signed Canard-Duchêne. It reveals tasty notes of fruits which are ideal as aperitif. You can also enjoy it with foie gras or desserts.

9,56 £ on E.Leclerc

Canard-Duchêne is a great name in the field of champagnes and sparkling wines of all types and offers you this quality brut champagne at a small price. It is composed of 35% pinot meunier and 45% pinot noir. As a result, this eau-de-vie has a taste of fruits mixed with brioche flavors which means that it is mature. It also reveals an intense, fresh and balanced palate.

This cheap liqueur hides an unsuspected aromatic richness. On the nose, it opens with aromas of fresh fruits which remain a known characteristic of Pinots. Its straw yellow color reveals a fine and slightly pearly foam. This champagne is perfect to be enjoyed with desserts or as an aperitif. You can also enjoy it with foie gras.

Veuve Clicquot Brut rosé 3

Best cheap champagne Rosé

Veuve Clicquot Brut rosé

The best cheap champagne Rosé

Veuve Clicquot offers you this champagne with a subtle and round taste. On the nose, this liqueur has strawberry aromas and in the mouth, it reveals a rich and delicate taste. It is ideal for convivial moments.

35,12 £ on E.Leclerc

Are you looking to enjoy the best cheap champagne without breaking the bank? In that case, try this Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé champagne. Its sublime copper orange color seduces. On the nose, this champagne is marked by aromas of ripe wild strawberries and strawberries. You will thus have the impression of having a premium brandy.

When tasted, this brut rosé champagne reveals corpulent, vinous and structured notes while remaining fresh. It will be ideal to be accompanied by dishes such as poultry. It should be noted that this brut without year is elaborated from pinot noir (approximately 55%), pinot meunier and chardonnay. It has been aged for at least 3 years, revealing fruity and fine tastes. It is a perfect harmony of intense and round flavors.

Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-sec 4

Best cheap champagne Demi-sec

Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-sec

The best cheap champagne Demi-sec

Delicate, round and balanced are the words that best describe this semi-dry champagne. It will make you discover a rich and warm flavor in mouth. Taste it with desserts and enjoy an exceptional liqueur at a low price.

25,56 £ on E.Leclerc

Smooth and tasty, this Laurent Perrier Harmony demi-sec eau-de-vie is perfect for a variety of occasions. It reveals rich, warm and round notes in the mouth. On the nose, this champagne reveals fruity notes of hazelnuts and almonds and toasted aromas. This is made possible with several years of aging. In addition, you will notice hints of honey and pine.

To the eye this champagne retains an elegant and brilliant golden yellow color. It also has a soft effervescence. This liqueur is ideal to be enjoyed in desserts because of its "semi-dry" sweetness. It has a delicate, balanced and round finish.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap champagne

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The best cheap champagne Brut

The best cheap champagne Rosé

The best cheap champagne Demi-sec

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Comparison table of the best cheap champagnes

Top of the top Best Brut Best Rosé Best Demi-sec
Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut 5
Canard-Duchêne Brut 6
Veuve Clicquot Brut rosé 7
Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-sec 8
Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut
Canard-Duchêne Brut
Veuve Clicquot Brut rosé
Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-sec
Round in the mouth and intense in the nose, this Imperial Brut champagne is ideal to be tasted for all occasions. It will make you discover an attack at the same time melted and tasty.
Indulge yourself by tasting this Brut champagne signed Canard-Duchêne. It reveals tasty notes of fruits which are ideal as aperitif. You can also enjoy it with foie gras or desserts.
Veuve Clicquot offers you this champagne with a subtle and round taste. On the nose, this liqueur has strawberry aromas and in the mouth, it reveals a rich and delicate taste. It is ideal for convivial moments.
Delicate, round and balanced are the words that best describe this semi-dry champagne. It will make you discover a rich and warm flavor in mouth. Taste it with desserts and enjoy an exceptional liqueur at a low price.
Moët & Chandon
Laurent Perrier
Type of champagne
Brut Classique
Brut Classique
Brut Classique
Golden yellow
Jaune paille
Orange cuivré
Light green

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Buying guide - cheap champagne

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How to choose your cheap champagne

Champagne is a type of sparkling wine that is highly appreciated for its exquisite taste. For this reason, it is enjoyed on special occasions and parties. But do you know how to choose the best cheap champagne? Here are some criteria to consider.

#1 - The grape variety

The grape variety is simply the type of plant of a vine while the grape is the fruit. There are three main groups of grape varieties used in the production of champagne:
Pinot meunier: This is a black grape variety that is rounder and softer. This one remains appreciated because it gives a certain suppleness and unctuousness.
Pinot noir: It is also a black grape variety, but it gives a white juice. The product obtained from it is quite powerful when tasted.
Chardonnay: White in color, this variety brings floral and subtle notes to champagne. It makes a sweeter and tastier liquor.

#2 - The color

Generally speaking, the color of the robe represents the character of a champagne. The lighter the hue, the lighter your sparkling wine will taste. A brandy with a gray or amber hue will be considered "powerful". You can find straw yellow, green, or slightly blackened liqueurs.

#3 - The sweetness

It is important to know that champagnes differ by their dosage or their sugar content. There are those who like the sweeter sparkling wines while others are more inclined towards the "brut" products, each one has its preferences. In any case, if you like sweet flavors, opt for semi-dry or dry champagnes. They are especially suitable for desserts. For people who particularly appreciate salty tastes, extra-brut champagnes will suit them.

#4 - The menu

To choose the best cheap champagne, you should also take into account the type of menu. Indeed, each sparkling wine has a characteristic taste that goes with such or such meal. Specifically, liqueurs that have matured for a long time (more than 5 years) are particularly suitable for truffles and caviar. As for the powerful champagnes, they are the ideal accompaniment to meats (game).

#5 - The origin

On each bottle of champagne, you will notice that there are different letters allowing you to know the origin. The main acronyms can be summarized as follows:

RM or Récoltant Manipulant: this means that it is the winemaker himself who sells his products;
MA or Marque d'Acheteur: it is a large-scale distribution brand that sells the wine.

We can also quote other acronyms such as CM (Cooperative of Handling), NM (Negociant Handling) or RC (Récoltant Coopérateur).

For what occasions to drink champagne?

It is certainly not every day that we drink champagne. However, this drink remains an essential on certain occasions, but which ones?

For reunions

Any liquor seems to taste better when drunk with company. When meeting friends, the opportunity to indulge in a few glasses of sparkling wine arises. It's like an impromptu party.

For celebrations

Everyone can let off steam during special occasions like birthdays, promotions at work or even after graduations. And drinking champagne is a great way to celebrate something important.

For Christmas and New Year's Eve

Champagne remains one of the favorite drinks for the holiday season. After all, who doesn't like to sip this tasty nectar when the clock strikes midnight on December 31? And don't forget to offer some around you to share the joy and the good mood all wishes a wonderful year!

Wedding and engagement

The union of two people remains one of the most important events in life. This is why champagne is drunk on these occasions, whether it is a wedding or an engagement. Guests, family and friends can enjoy tasty sparkling wines.

The different types of cheap champagnes

With all the different names of champagne, it can be difficult to identify the one that would delight our taste buds. Choosing between rosé champagne, Blanc des blancs or Blanc des noirs becomes difficult for sparkling wine lovers. So, how to find the best cheap champagne?

Rosé Champagne

Rosé is a champagne that was invented by the famous house of Ruinart around the XVIIIᵉ century. This kind of brandy has a subtle flavor that distinguishes it from other champagnes. Its fairly light color makes it ideal for romantic meals and to sparkle a beautiful candlelit dinner. Nevertheless, some rosés can have intense notes of aromas because of the maceration of the skin of the vintages.

White Champagne

It is a champagne that has been elaborated from single grape variety, especially Chardonnay which is nothing but a variety of white grape producing white juice.Once the process of vinification is finished, we obtain a fine and quality liquor. In general, the price of this type of champagne is higher than the classic ones.

Black Champagne

Contrary to the Blanc des blancs champagne, the Blanc des noirs is obtained from black grapes. The vineyards mixed Pinot meunier and Pinot noir in the production. As a result, the resulting eau-de-vie has a more pronounced taste. It is ideal with game because of its strong taste and very present aromatic notes.

Champagne brut or champagne demi-sec ?

Champagne Brut

Champagne remains a great classic and is very appreciated by amateurs and followers. It has a lower sugar content than the others. Moreover, the appellation "brut" means that the authorized sugar level must not exceed 15 g/ l.
It can be enjoyed with seafood and fish. You can also enjoy it with white meats or poultry. Thanks to its low sugar content, some people also prefer to drink it as an aperitif. So if you are looking for a cheap champagne suitable for all occasions and events, this is what you need.

Champagne Demi-sec

Champagne Demi-sec is one of the sweetest with a sugar content estimated at about 32 to 50 g/ l. This high content gives this liqueur a sweet taste, which makes it ideal for desserts. Its taste will also make you discover floral notes very appreciated by sommeliers.
Most champagne lovers enjoy demi-sec because it brings a certain depth and richness to pastries. It is also ideal with any type of yellow fruit or brioche. You can therefore enjoy it during celebrations such as Christmas or New Year's Eve. This high relief and refined champagne is suitable for all festivities.


Champagne brut remains one of the great classics in the field of sparkling wines. Those who want to treat themselves with a good bottle can choose the brut champagne, because it is suitable for all occasions. For the semi-dry champagne, it is more suitable for the most important celebrations. So, if you want to enjoy an exceptional liquor for the holidays

5 reasons to buy a cheap champagne

Because it is suitable for all occasions

The brut champagne is the most known and is consumed for any type of event. It differs by its lively, mineral and slightly sweet aspect. You can drink it to refresh yourself and enjoy its singular taste, as it is suitable for all occasions, whether with friends or family.

Because it is the ideal aperitif

The low sugar content of brut champagne makes it an excellent aperitif for celebrations. In fact, sommeliers recommend drinking it before a meal. But if you wish, you can also enjoy it with seafood, fish or white meat. It offers a marriage of optimal notes.

To please yourself and others

You can taste the brut champagne to refresh you at the end of the day. Also called liqueur d'expédition, it reveals a subtle and round flavor that champagne lovers appreciate so much. Don't forget to invite your friends and family around the table for convivial moments.

For its exquisite traditional taste

Brut champagne retains all of its authenticity and personality because only a small amount of sugar has been added. All the complexity and integrity are preserved so that you can have an exceptional liqueur. Its character and its traditional aspect do not change. All the more so as it is enjoyed with a smile!

Because it is good for your health

Champagne brut contains antioxidants that protect the heart. It reduces your bad cholesterol level and prevents the formation of blood clots in the body. This means you are less likely to have heart disease or stroke. Studies conducted in 2013 by the University of Reading even revealed that drinking champagne would improve memory. To be consumed in moderation of course.

The best brands of cheap champagnes

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap champagnes in 2022 are :

Moët & Chandon
Pol Carson
Veuve Cliquot

Ruinart is reputed to be the first champagne house that ever existed. It would have been born in 1729, at a time when this sweet nectar was still unknown to the men. Elegance, delicacy and know-how are the watchwords of Ruinart. In fact, the champagnes produced from these vintages are still appreciated by liqueur lovers and enthusiasts all over the world.

Founded in the 1743s, Moët & Chandon has helped make champagne popular around the world. Indeed, it has distributed a whole range of unique sparkling wines. The champagnes from this house are among the most prized in Europe. Moët & Chandon benefits from a unique know-how in winemaking and production of quality spirits.

The Pol Carson estate offers more than a dozen champagnes on the sparkling wine market. Its products are distinguished above all by their finesse and traditional flavor, thanks in particular to an ancestral winemaking process. This house is also known for its liqueurs with fruity aromas like apple, lemon or apricot. They can be enjoyed as an aperitif.

It was in 1772 that Philippe Clicquot-Muiron founded the house of Veuve Clicquot. At that time, it remained the only estate with the right to produce Rosé champagne. Today, it is part of the LVMH group and distributes approximately 750,000 bottles per year worldwide. Veuve-Clicquot remains one of the leaders in the sparkling wine market.

Located in the center of the Reims mountain, Canard-Duchêne is an estate that has existed since 1868. It produces champagnes for all tastes (vintage, brut...). The Tsar Nicolas of Russia was one of the first people to make this house famous since he loved to taste Canard-Duchêne champagnes.

What is the price for a cheap champagne

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 45 £
more than 45 £
Price range diagram


Keep your champagne at the right temperature

To keep all the authenticity of your champagne, put it in a place of constant temperature. This will also keep its flavor and floral or aromatic notes. Preferably, you need an environment between 8-10°C so that the liquor does not deteriorate.

Opt for chamapagnes from harvesting producers

There are multiple brands of champagne on the market, which can make it difficult to choose. If you want to buy a good quality sparkling wine without paying a daughter's amount, focus on champagnes from harvesting producers.These products may have less volume, but are still excellent.

Prioritize quality

A good champagne should have some balance between sweetness and acidity. At a glance, the bubble should be "fine" because it is a sign of quality and finesse. In the mouth, an excellent brandy can be felt by its freshness and delicacy.

Don't neglect the age of the champagne

Keep in mind that the more time a champagne has had to mature in the cellar, the more it will be considered as "mature". A 15 months old beverage will have a light floral flavor while a 5 years old one will be more "powerful" with a taste of toasted aromas.

Don't forget to treat yourself!

Champagne is considered by many as the quintessence of luxury and exception. That's why, enjoy it with good company like your loved ones or friends. After all, it will be an opportunity to spend quality time.


How is champagne made?

Champagne is a kind of sparkling wine and is made with grape varieties such as pinot meunier or pinot noir. It goes through several stages: blending, bottling, fermentation, riddling and disgorging. Finally, it will be distributed in the various points of sale or by the production house itself.

How many glasses are in a bottle of champagne?

It depends on the size of the bottle (of Chadornnay, pinot meunier or pinot noir). For a standard champagne, i.e. about 75 cl, you will be able to serve about 6 flutes (or glasses) of 12.5 cl each. From this information, it will be easy to determine how many bottles of champagne to buy for a particular occasion. For 24 people, you will need 4 bottles.

How long can champagne be kept?

If the bottle is not yet opened, you should know that champagne can be kept for years in the right conditions. However, it must be stored in a fairly dark place where the temperature does not vary to keep all the character of the liquor. If you have already removed the cork, you can reserve it for a few weeks.

Where is Fine Champagne made?

A fine champagne is obtained after the blending of several brandies coming from the Grande Champagne and the Petite Champagne. It is relative to the Cognac category, which means that it comes from the Cognac region. It should be noted, however, that fine champagne remains a denomination and not a cru. Moreover, all the Cognac houses produce it.


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Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut 9
Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut
Canard-Duchêne Brut 10
Canard-Duchêne Brut
Veuve Clicquot Brut rosé 11
Veuve Clicquot Brut rosé
Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-sec 12
Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi-sec


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