The best chandeliers in the UK 2023

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a house or apartment without decorative lighting. However, not so long ago, having a chandelier in your living room could still be considered a real luxury. Now, the chandelier has become a common accessory that can be found in different models. If you also want to get your own chandelier to light up your home, read our guide.

Lindby Fibi 9624944 1

Best value for money

Lindby Fibi 9624944

The best chandelier in 2021

With a somewhat rustic design, it looks like it is made of wood. Think again, it's lighter than you might think. Simple yet elegant, your guests will be amazed.

352 £ on Luminaire

The Lidby fibi 9624944 chandelier will not go unnoticed in your living room or dining room. It is quite imposing with a height of 40 cm, a diameter of 80 cm and a suspension cable of 150 cm. To illuminate your room, it comes with 6 bulbs (not included) of 40 W each. You need E14 bulbs to start it.
This decorative element is powered by a voltage of 230 V. Visually, it looks like wood, but in truth, it is good quality plastic. A material that is easily cleaned, however, beware! The bulbs are made of glass. This is ideal if you like the traditional style. It is perfect for lighting a table in traditional and warm establishments.

Malbo 4549001 2

Best value for money

Malbo 4549001

The best entry-level chandelier

Simple but elegant, the Malbo 4549001 chandelier fits perfectly with your interior style. Whether in the dining room or in the living room, it will delight your guests.

120 £ on Luminaire

The Malbo 4549001 chandelier has the perfect size to add elegance to your home. With a diameter of 65 cm, and a hanging height of 160 cm, it can even be placed in the living room of an apartment. To give splendor to the room, don't forget to bring 5 bulbs of 60 W of E27 base.
This chandelier attracts attention thanks to its white color with beautiful golden pattern linked with an increased color. It adapts to all the budgets. Level of maintenance, it is a little complicated. Its metal and fabric design attracts a lot of dust. In addition to its very light color, you must take the time to clean it every day so that it does not accumulate huge dirt.

Delia 7254024 3

Best value for money

Delia 7254024

The best high-end chandelier

Made in Austria, this chandelier has been meticulously crafted leaving no detail to chance. Optimal and comfortable lighting, stylish appearance and perfect finish, the Delia 7254024 has everything to please.

854 £ on Luminaire

It seems unlikely not to notice this impressive chandelier with a Viennese café style. It grants an incomparable lighting that has no impact on the comfort of living. The lampshades are curved for a perfectly aesthetic finish. The white shades attenuate the light to promote comfort.
Quality, elegance and longevity are the key words for this chandelier. The designers of this masterpiece have put all their talents into the design. Indeed, apart from the technical details of the chandelier, the exterior of the whole is very admirable. It is a purely Austrian manufacture.

Ferro Luce 3532062 4


Ferro Luce 3532062

A great chandelier

Ferro Luce 3532062 is an unusual 6-light model that will not leave you indifferent. With its flower bouquet shape, the pastel red roses and foliage give a unique look to this light fixture.

552 £ on Luminaire

The ANCONA chandelier is a 6-light fixture. It is made of cream lacquered metal with a golden touch. It recalls a large bouquet of flowers. Indeed, the suspension displays many pastel red roses and decorative foliage. Some call it "the chandelier whose roses never fade". With this chandelier in your living room or hallway, you are sure to arouse curiosity and create a surprise every time.
Tuscan company, the manufacturer of this light, operates in Italy. Normally, Ferro Luce leans more or less towards rather classic styles. However, this chandelier proves that the brand can innovate and combine tradition and modernity with a very aesthetic finish. In short, the Italian brand uses traditional means and materials to better bring out contemporary creativity.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best chandelier

Any specific needs?

The best chandelier in 2021

The best entry-level chandelier

The best high-end chandelier

A great chandelier

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Comparison table of the best chandeliers

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High end Not to be missed
Lindby Fibi 9624944 5
Malbo 4549001 6
Delia 7254024 7
Ferro Luce 3532062 8
Lindby Fibi 9624944
Malbo 4549001
Delia 7254024
Ferro Luce 3532062
With a somewhat rustic design, it looks like it is made of wood. Think again, it's lighter than you might think. Simple yet elegant, your guests will be amazed.
Simple but elegant, the Malbo 4549001 chandelier fits perfectly with your interior style. Whether in the dining room or in the living room, it will delight your guests.
Made in Austria, this chandelier has been meticulously crafted leaving no detail to chance. Optimal and comfortable lighting, stylish appearance and perfect finish, the Delia 7254024 has everything to please.
Ferro Luce 3532062 is an unusual 6-light model that will not leave you indifferent. With its flower bouquet shape, the pastel red roses and foliage give a unique look to this light fixture.
Number of bulbs
Polyester, steel
Metal, fabric
Brass, glass
Wattage per bulb
40 W
60 W
60 W
40 W
Protection rating
IP20 class I
IP20 class I
IP21 class I
IP20 class I
Bulb included

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Buying guide - chandelier

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How to choose your chandelier

To make sure you choose the right chandelier, consider the room you want to light, the power of the light, the space and ceiling height, not to mention your style and material.

#1 - The room to be lit

To make the right choice of lighting, it is important to take into account the room in which you will be likely to put it. Indeed, a dining room is not lit in the same way as a bedroom or a living room. The size and nature of each room can vary the model of chandelier you choose.
For a living room, for example, you need a light that illuminates the entire room without dazzling you. The living room should be a bright place in every corner to brighten up the day. For the bedroom, the chandelier should be as unobtrusive as possible. A bedroom should be a place of relaxation.

#2 - The power of the lighting

Whatever the volume of a room, the chandelier should be able to light up the entire room. Whether it's the kitchen or the living room, nothing should be left to chance when it comes to lighting.
Thus, the larger the room, the more powerful the lighting must be. To make a long story short, either go for a small chandelier, but with optimal lighting, or choose a large chandelier with medium-powered lighting. Also, consider varying the brightness based on the opacity of the shade or the number of bulbs.

#3 - The space and ceiling height

Choose your chandelier based on the height and space under the ceiling. Indeed, nothing is more disturbing for someone who is very into interior design than a chandelier that is too big in a small room or a chandelier that is too small in a large room.
To get the perfect diameter for your chandelier, you need to know a few standards to follow. First, you should know that you must leave at least 2.15 m between the end of your chandelier and the floor. You should also know that, if your hanging lamp is over a table, the diameter of your lamp will need to be at least 30 cm less than the width of your table.

#4 - Your style

After you've dwelt on the criteria that concern your interior, it's time to consider style. You are spoilt for choice in this regard. You can stick to classic styles as much as you can venture towards designs that date back to yesterday.
Industrial lamps, Scandinavian lamps, or classic lamps, the choice is yours. The real difference between the styles lies of course in the external appearance of the product, but also in the spirit you want to put into it. An industrial style, for example, is inspired by the codes of old factories and offers a little raw and authentic touch.

#5 - The material

This time again, you should focus on the look of the chandelier. Indeed, the material is one of the criteria that make the difference between a well-studied chandelier and a randomly chosen chandelier. The material should change depending on the room.
Crystal or Murano glass is an ideal material for the living room. If it is a bedroom, you may well choose a lighter material, such as Plexiglas or hard plastic. However, the material should also be in harmony with the interior decor so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the room and the furniture.

How to clean a chandelier?

Like any decorative object placed in the house, the chandelier can acquire a good amount of dust over time. Having many fragile parts, it is difficult to disassemble and reassemble the chandelier for cleaning. So how to proceed?

Cut the electricity

As always, it is necessary to turn off the power before you start cleaning. You're thinking, why not just turn off the power? Turning off the machine does not block the power from flowing even if it does not reach the bulb. Either unplug the power plug directly or turn off the power first.

Choose a more stable stand

Don't risk your leg or your life with a wobbly little stool, consider a stable step stool instead. You won't fall off, and it can be rotated. It is essential not to rotate the chandelier. Indeed, the chandelier and the disco ball are two different things.

For the crystal or glass chandelier

Very fragile, this type of chandelier can break easily following a sudden gesture. Equip yourself with a soft cloth and methylated spirits or household alcohol. Pour a few drops on the cloth and gently rub the chandelier.

If you are afraid that the glass tassels will fall off and scatter, open a small umbrella and hang it on the chandelier from its sleeve.

For the copper chandelier

Do the same process as the glass one but using a soft cloth and a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice.

The different types of chandeliers

You may encounter traditional, crystal, or contemporary chandeliers.

Traditional chandelier

Traditional chandeliers have classic silhouettes that nowadays seem too strong and very unusual. However, these suspensions are made of the same materials that are manufactured today, such as metal, glass or crystal.
The chandelier has a festive and luxurious air compared to other types. It has the virtue of turning any room into a comfort zone where everyone feels comfortable. This type of lighting fixtures is most suitable for living rooms, halls, bedrooms and offices. The difficulty could lie in cleaning, with a large number of ornate elements.

Crystal chandelier

This is the most common and popular type of chandelier. Indeed, it is a very common type of decoration. It is also the least expensive type of chandelier of all. It is therefore a more or less affordable option. The crystal chandelier stands out with its rows of transparent pendants.
However, it seems confusing to put a crystal chandelier with flashy ornaments in a bedroom or bathroom. For it to be recognized at its true value, the crystal chandelier should be placed in a spacious room, such as the living room or hall.

Contemporary chandelier

The contemporary chandelier is a fantastic light fixture, to the personal taste of the owner. It is a decorative accessory that largely represents the mood and style of the house. It can range from a simple hanging lamp with simple ornaments to an extremely extravagant accessory.
It can also range from a medusa, swirl, or splash of light design to a hanging family tree. When it comes to contemporary chandeliers, imagination is the only limit. It is a complex and totally unique fixture that is unique to the owner.

The chandelier or the ceiling lamp?

The chandelier

The chandelier is a lighting hanging from the ceiling through a cable. Elegant and imposing, this type of decoration can not go unnoticed. If the ceiling is already equipped with a hook, no need to make a hole to hang it.
The chandelier is particularly suitable for large areas such as the living room. The method of installation is much more complicated. It is necessary to pay attention to each component of the chandelier.

The ceiling light

The ceiling light is a lighting that is fixed directly to the ceiling. It creates a very wide angle of diffusion and according to its size. Since it is fixed directly to the ceiling, it saves a lot of space in the room.
If you choose a ceiling light that is small enough in relation to the room, it will go unnoticed. However, it is part of the decorative element. It is not suitable for all ceilings since it is essential to make a hole in it to fix the base.


The chandelier is suitable for a large room. It emits a feeling of luxury and coziness.
The ceiling light can be placed in any room to give a modern and contemporary style.

Why buy a chandelier?


The chandelier is often found hanging from the ceiling of the living room. Why not in the kitchen or in the shower? Because the purpose of the chandelier is to give elegance to a room. It is part of the decoration.


We always tend to think that the chandelier is just a luxury product. However, it has a specific role. Apart from being a decorative object, it illuminates the room. But lamps and bulbs have the same role! Well, almost. Compared to the light bulbs, the chandelier offers much more light. In addition, you can adjust the distance between the ceiling and the chandelier.

Improves the room

The living room welcomes all visitors: family, colleagues, friends ... The chandelier then creates a friendly and soothing atmosphere.

Have more space

To save space, instead of placing in every corner of the lamps with feet, you can acquire a single chandelier. This way, you can take advantage of the space.

Enlarge the space

Light is everything! Yes, the light gives the optics wide or narrow enough of a room. Like color, brightness enlarges the space seen at first glance. With the right amount of light, the living room will feel airy and friendly, not too empty.

The best brands of chandeliers

In our opinion, the best brands of chandeliers in 2022 are :

‎Berliner Messinglampen
Lindby Fibi
Ferro Luce

It is a German brand famous for its design of floor lamps. It is the designer of Delia chandelier, it designs chandeliers suitable for all budgets.

This brand provides its customers with quite rustic floor lamps. It prefers traditional style designs.

Euluna is a quality brand that puts forward its know-how at a price suitable for all. It is one of the best in terms of quality/price.

Ferro luce is an Italian brand specialized in the manufacture of lighting. Very elegant and stylish, its products are translated by a traditional Italian design.

It is a French furniture and decoration brand. Alinéa is especially appreciated for its products at low prices.

What is the price for a chandelier

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 600 £
600 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Cleaning a bronze chandelier

You need to soak each item in a container filled with water mixed with white vinegar, then let it sit for 12 hours. Afterwards, you can rinse the accessory with warm water and gently rub it with a cloth to dry and shine.

Cleaning a stainless steel chandelier

One of the best ways to clean stainless steel is to use clay stone. It's environmentally friendly, natural and very effective. Just apply the clay stone on a wet sponge and clean the dirty surface before rinsing it well.

Cleaning a plastic chandelier

First you need to rub the shine with a cloth soaked in window cleaner, then dry and polish the shine with another dry cloth. It's done in just a few minutes, depending, of course, on the size of the chandelier.

Cleaning crystal chandeliers

First, lightly wet a very soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. After that, simply rub the chandelier gently with this cloth. Note that if the chandelier is a model with several ornaments, the cleaning may take a few hours.

Cleaning a pewter chandelier

First, remove the dust before soaking the parts in a bucket filled with warm water mixed with soap. All that remains is to rinse well to remove the dirt with and traces of soap.Finally, it should be dried in the open air or with a soft cloth.


How to install a chandelier?

First of all, you need a stepladder, a current tester, a wire stripper and an electrician's screwdriver. The rest of the installation involves connecting the connectors and reassembling the cable cover pavilion and attaching the chandelier to the hanging peg.

How to fix a chandelier to the ceiling?

Attaching a chandelier to the ceiling means there is a peg on the ceiling. Be careful because not all pegs are similar. Nowadays, chandeliers have a peg specific to each model. So, you would surely have to install one. Fixing it is just a matter of screwing each part of the chandelier properly.

How to recognize an antique chandelier?

To recognize an old chandelier and differentiate it from a recent model, just look at the center stem. A newer chandelier will have a hollow stem while an older model will have a solid stem. The amazing thing is that age has no market value when it comes to chandeliers.

How to clean a brass chandelier?

To shine a brass chandelier, you need to prepare a mixture of hot water (1 liter), 2 to 3 tablespoons of black soap and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Then, all that remains is to soak a sponge in it and use it to scrub the dirty surfaces, then rinse with water.


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Lindby Fibi 9624944 9
Lindby Fibi 9624944
Malbo 4549001 10
Malbo 4549001
Delia 7254024 11
Delia 7254024
Ferro Luce 3532062 12
Ferro Luce 3532062


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