The best CD players for children in the UK 2023

You want to give your child a CD player, but you don't know which model would be best? Read our guide to find out more, where we explain what criteria to take into account when choosing a CD player for children: essential features, design and ergonomics suitable for children, you will find all the useful information.

AUNA MG3-Roadie 2.0 WH 1

Editor's Choice

AUNA MG3-Roadie 2.0 WH

The best CD player for kids

Auna RoadieSing Radio CD is a boombox stereo system with a USB CD player, MP3 player and FM radio via Bluetooth 3.0. It is equipped with LED lighting, and can operate on batteries as well as on the mains via the Sing-along function.

39,99 £ on Amazon
Smarting 2

Best value for money


The best CD player for kids cheap

Portable CD player dedicated to children, this multifunctional device is both practical and functional. It benefits from all the current reading functionalities in addition to the quality.

31,99 £ on Amazon

A complete listening equipment for children, the portable CD player is suitable for both indoor and outdoor (car) use. A durable device equipped with an anti-shock system, it offers a clear audio function, with noise reduction allowing optimization of high-resolution stereo sound. In this case, its electrical anti-jump technology guarantees a 45-second jump protection for CDs, so as to create a stable listening condition.

With an elegant design, and small size, it embeds an LCD screen giving the child a good auditory and manual experience. Indeed, it is equipped with all the functions of a normal player, among others, forward, backward, play, pause, key lock, 5 play modes, and an equalizer with 5 sound effects. It is compatible with many CD formats and an AUX connection for other hearing aids, thanks to a 3.5 mm audio input.

Busch 2739 3

Best top of the line

Busch 2739

The best CD player for kids high end

A CD player dedicated to children aged 4 and up, Busch 2739 comes in toy shapes and gives great sound.

73,58 £ on Amazon

Powered by 4 x 1.5V batteries, Busch 2739 can be customized with 30 removable stickers to change the look. Besides, it also has a sticker with a motif for the CD. Portable equipment, it is equipped with microphone with mitsingen. It offers different possibilities of CD reading, but also allows to listen to the radio already integrated.

Designed in accordance with the safety requirements for children in the electronic toy sector, Busch 2739 works with a CD pocket with a solid flap. Its radio stations are automatic and the sound quality is optimal thanks to its integrated antenna. It can be connected to the mains using an adapter plug, and a plug is included in its accessories for connecting a microphone.

EKIDS Pat' Patrouille 4


EKIDS Pat' Patrouille


EKIDS Pat' Patrouille CD Boombox is a complete and functional equipment for children that allows them to enjoy a new musical experience by listening and singing

60,43 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best CD player for children

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The best CD player for kids

The best CD player for kids cheap

The best CD player for kids high end


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Comparison table of the best CD players for children

AUNA MG3-Roadie 2.0 WH 5
Smarting 6
Busch 2739 7
EKIDS Pat' Patrouille 8
AUNA MG3-Roadie 2.0 WH
Busch 2739
EKIDS Pat' Patrouille
Auna RoadieSing Radio CD is a boombox stereo system with a USB CD player, MP3 player and FM radio via Bluetooth 3.0. It is equipped with LED lighting, and can operate on batteries as well as on the mains via the Sing-along function.
Portable CD player dedicated to children, this multifunctional device is both practical and functional. It benefits from all the current reading functionalities in addition to the quality.
A CD player dedicated to children aged 4 and up, Busch 2739 comes in toy shapes and gives great sound.
EKIDS Pat' Patrouille CD Boombox is a complete and functional equipment for children that allows them to enjoy a new musical experience by listening and singing
battery or mains power supply
Multifunctional and easy to use
Great sound
with real microphone
dimensions of the article (L x W x H) : 13 x 26 x 28 cm
Clear, shock-resistant audio function
With detailed instructions
Auxiliary input for smartphone/tablet compatibility
CD player, FM radio, wireless via bluetooth, LED effect
Elegant, portable classic design
Runs on 4 batteries
Functional with audio CD, R-R/W
compatible with mobile equipment (smartphone, tablet, laptop)
High quality audio output
With 30 stickers for custom CD door presentation
5 Watts
with radio
Cd player for car and home
Sleep mode operation for energy savings. and Anti Skip
with FM/AM Radio

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Buying guide - CD player for children

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How to choose your CD player for children

Just like adults, a child also has his or her own preferences for items that are meant for them. So, while taking this into account, discover the criteria on how to choose a CD player for children.

#1 - The design

The design is an important criterion to ensure that the player meets the child's taste. Manufacturers are currently favoring original decorations associated with typical children's themes, such as cartoon heroes. The design of a children's CD player takes different forms, with appropriate patterns, very attractive, to allow a better choice to parents who want to satisfy the preferences of their children.

#2 - The strength

The children's CD player must be sturdy to withstand the aggressions to which it can be subjected. Indeed, the device could be abused given the clumsy movements of a child, hence the importance of a robust equipment.

It is preferable to choose a water-resistant model, and why not a shock-resistant model, to reduce the effects of possible accidents. For this reason, there are models with large, wide grills to protect the speakers. Otherwise, some models are equipped with shock absorbers and solid shells allowing the child to keep his device with him for all his activities.

#3 - The ease of use

Ease of use is important for a child CD player. Therefore, the buttons must be clearly visible on the front of the set and especially easy to handle.

In the same way, functionality must be taken into account, including the ability to read different CD formats, or MP3. In addition to that, the headphone jack should be checked to allow the child to listen to music without disturbing others.

#4 - The autonomy

If your child aspires especially to take it everywhere with friends, prefer a device with a long autonomy so that he can enjoy it to the maximum. It would be a shame to have to look for an electrical outlet when the party is in full swing.

#5 - The features

For a small child, so that the device is immediately operational, it is useful to choose a programmable CD player with pre-recorded songs. The presence of a microphone for karaoke will delight your child. Older children will of course require features such as Bluetooth or Wifi.

What is the proper shape of a CD player for children?


Purchasing a CD player for children always presents a small problem for parents. This is a result of combining functionality, robustness and design at the same time. Regarding the latter, what is the most suitable shape of a CD player for children?


First of all, the choice of shape should fit the size and age of the child. The children's CD player comes in many shapes, but the important thing is to choose a compact shape, which will be easier to carry. Whenever possible, you should choose a model that does not take up too much space, depending on the age of the child. This means at the same time as the shape that the size should also be adapted to that of the child.


Speaking of form, it must imply portability. Effectively, it should coat a handle that allows you to move it easily from one place to another. In addition to that, it is preferable to opt for a CD player for children equipped with a good protection, that is to say a solid shell and as far as possible, unbreakable.

A rounded shape

As much as possible, the best shape for a children's CD player is round. Regardless of the design, the overall look would be better without visible corners for the safety of the child, and for the durability of the device. In this context, it can take various shapes, including cartoon animals. In the same way, it can take the form of a flower, a balloon, and be dressed in a bright color to please the child.

The different types of CD players for children

In the technology sector, evolution is continuous, hence the presence of different types of CD players for children.

USB CD player, radio cassette player

Cassettes represent a real collection and a priceless treasure in the culture sector. New technology has left them behind, but there is an option to use them even now. This is the USB CD player for children, incorporating a radio and a cassette player. This device will allow a child to enjoy listening to music via an analog sound source. In addition to that, it will offer parents the opportunity to awaken memories of the past by recalling the days of the walkman and stereo headphones.

USB CD player with USB port and card reader

Dematerialization has become a common practice, hence the advantage of opting for a USB CD player with USB port and card reader. With these options, connecting a USB flash drive and inserting a memory card into the Slot allows you to enjoy the media player, even if you no longer have a CD handy. By opting for a player with an LCD screen, it is also possible to select your music from the playlist.

USB wireless CD player

The Wireless USB CD player for kids is an option that allows connection with other devices via Bluetooth. It offers parents the opportunity to control the child's playlist as the music playback is done directly from the smartphone, without any wired link between the devices.

USB CD player for kids with jack

It is the most common child equipment, highly appreciated for its simplicity. The USB CD player for children with a jack plug works as soon as the device is connected with a headphone plug inserted in the auxiliary input of the player.

CD player for children or classic CD player

CD player for children

Although it has nothing to envy of a traditional CD player, the CD player for children remains a toy. A toy manufactured in compliance with European standards and whose design has been specially thought to please children. It is an excellent way to develop the child's autonomy and creativity.

As children's CD players are designed for a certain age group, the functionality of each model is often limited. For example, it is difficult to find on the same model a built-in microphone and a USB port. We also deplore the lack of autonomy of the player on some models.

Classic CD player

Would you rather give your child a classic CD player? It's a great idea, because your child will be learning on a full-size device, and will be proud to use a device for grown-ups. It's a financial win-win, especially since it has all the features you can imagine and has a long battery life.

Unfortunately, a CD player for adults is not necessarily as robust as you would like. It would quickly break in the hands of a child. Indeed, the ergonomics of a classic CD player is not suitable for small hands. Moreover, this kind of device does not have a volume limiter.


In conclusion, it is best to give a CD player for children to introduce them to the use of a device. Once they have fully explored its features and mastered them, you can then consider giving them a CD player for adults.


Stay in control of use

Even as your child learns to be independent with his or her CD player, keep control of the use, especially when headphones are involved. It's up to you to limit listening time. Also, make sure the device has enough battery life so your little one won't keep asking for a recharge.

Long battery life

Some CD players for kids have a programmable song playback feature. You can then create a playlist that he can listen to over and over again without having to search for his favorite songs.

Let your child explore

Of course, you'll have to teach him how to handle his new device. However, the design of a CD player for children is intuitive, you can perfectly let him discover and test all the features in this device. If he has trouble finding what he's looking for, that's where you come in. This is a way to develop his autonomy.

Lightweight device

It goes without saying that your child will not be satisfied with using his CD player only at home, he will want to take it everywhere. Also, one of the criteria of choice will be sturdiness. Your child may not be careful when handling it and may drop it. Also, choose a lightweight CD player that the child will be able to carry easily.

Advance the CD player

You will of course buy a CD player that your child will be able to use immediately, with the basic functions. Nevertheless, so that he can enjoy it for as long as possible, you can choose models with features that might interest him in the future, just to mention connectivity or recording. This will arouse his curiosity, as well as his creativity.


What is the age range for children's CD players?

Children start to observe their parents' or siblings' activities from the age of 3 or 4. It is indeed from this age onwards that he will want to do like the grown-ups. And it is also at this age that he will start to appreciate listening to songs.

With a children's CD player, children will probably want to use headphones to listen to the music. What are the main criteria for choosing a CD player for children? What is the main difference between a CD player for children and one for adults?

On this side, nothing to fear, because the risk is minimized. CD players for children must meet strict European standards. Before making your choice, make sure that these standards are respected, especially the sound standards.

It will depend on his age. When he is very young, we will offer him a basic CD player, with functionalities to listen to music. When they are older, they will love to use it with a microphone for karaoke. Some children will want to learn about languages and will exploit the multi-language features.

Children'sCD player is more solid and resists better to little hands that may not be careful. It's also important to note that the volume is set in such a way that it won't harm their ears.


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