The best catalytic furnaces in the UK 2023

Tasting a dish fresh out of the oven, this is a moment rich in sensations leading to the most pleasant pleasures. But the good mood fades when it's time to clean. That's why you should opt for a catalytic oven, a function that ensures the self-cleaning of the appliance. If you're interested in the idea, read our guide to catalytic ovens to learn more.


Best value for money


The best catalytic oven in 2021

With this HBA553BR0 model, Bosch once again lives up to its status as a leading brand in the household appliance sector.

279 £ on Cdiscount

It's hard to look for a catalytic oven without stopping for a few seconds at a Bosch product. With the catalytic oven model HBA553BR0, the German brand offers a powerful, efficient and easy to clean model. This 3D forced-air model offers a total electrical power of 3.4 kW.

With this unit, you will have a total volume of 71 L, which is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a large family. Finally, with its ecoclean catalytic self-cleaning system, you'll quickly realize that having a clean oven has never been easier.


Best value for money


The best entry-level catalytic oven

Make perfect cooking effortless with this built-in oven from the Hotpoint group. This catalytic appliance offers 9 cooking modes allowing you to cook different dishes simultaneously.

235 £ on Darty

The Hotpoint FA2 844 C IX HA is a multifunction built-in oven with a stainless steel finish. It will fit perfectly in a modern kitchen. This appliance offers 71 l of capacity and is equipped with a rotating heat cooking mode and natural convection. In addition to these two functions, there are 7 other modes that can be adapted to your culinary preparations.

This model is equipped with an electronic programmer that ensures reliable and precise management of cooking time. Thanks to the electronic temperature management system, cooking will be perfect, even for large pieces. Finally, you will benefit from the catalytic cleaning device that destroys the grease deposited on the walls of the cavity as you cook.

Catalytic oven WHIRLPOOL AKZ96490IX 3

Best value for money

Catalytic oven WHIRLPOOL AKZ96490IX

The best high-end catalytic oven

Practical, safe and easy to maintain, this Whirlpool model has all the features of an ideal built-in oven. It also has a very large capacity and has 6 automatic 6th Sense functions.

503 £ on Darty

With a total capacity of 73 litres, this stainless steel built-in oven makes it possible to cook all your favourite dishes with panache. In addition to its 5 cooking modes, which include rotating heat, natural convection, pulsed heat, grill and turbo grill, it also has 5 special functions, including quick preheat, keep warm, dough rise and pulsed eco-heat. In short, this appliance has everything you need to enjoy delicious dishes fresh from the oven.

You will also benefit from the 6th sense technology which consists in selecting the type of performance to be achieved and the trick is done. Equipped with a quadruple-glazed cold door, this oven also has features such as a child safety lock, temperature control light or anti-tilt rack. Finally, thanks to the catalytic cleaning system, no more tedious post-cooking maintenance. Indeed, catalysis will considerably reduce the time spent on removing encrusted stains without being too voracious in terms of energy consumption.


A great choice


A great alternative

With the Whirlpool AKP471NB/01 oven, you can cook quickly and evenly without having to worry about cleaning thanks to the catalytic function.

263 £ on Darty
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The best catalytic oven in 2021

The best entry-level catalytic oven

The best high-end catalytic oven

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Comparison table of the best catalytic furnaces

Catalytic oven WHIRLPOOL AKZ96490IX 7
Catalytic oven WHIRLPOOL AKZ96490IX
With this HBA553BR0 model, Bosch once again lives up to its status as a leading brand in the household appliance sector.
Make perfect cooking effortless with this built-in oven from the Hotpoint group. This catalytic appliance offers 9 cooking modes allowing you to cook different dishes simultaneously.
Practical, safe and easy to maintain, this Whirlpool model has all the features of an ideal built-in oven. It also has a very large capacity and has 6 automatic 6th Sense functions.
With the Whirlpool AKP471NB/01 oven, you can cook quickly and evenly without having to worry about cleaning thanks to the catalytic function.
Useful volume
71 L
71 L
73 L
65 L
3.4 kW
2.9 kW
3.65 kW
2.5 kW
Heat type
Pulsed air 3D+
Rotating heat, natural convection
Rotating heat, natural convection, pulsed heat
Swirl heat and natural convection
Energy class

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Buying guide - catalytic converter

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How to choose your catalytic converter

The catalytic oven is designed for easy cleaning after each cooking. However, this parameter is not enough to evaluate the real quality of the device. To choose, you should also take into consideration the following features:

#1 - The useful volume

The useful volume of a catalytic oven is a parameter of capital importance. It determines the capacity of the food you will be able to put in the oven during cooking. You must choose according to your needs and the number of people to feed. Generally speaking, an oven offering 70 L of capacity is largely sufficient for a large family, but if you find better, don't hesitate, you should always think big.

#2 - The size

You will have the choice between two formats of catalytic ovens. The built-in catalytic ovens which also include the built-in and freestanding ovens. The built-in models are more practical and allow you to have a modern design kitchen. However, you must have the space to integrate them. If this is not the case, a free-standing oven will do.

#3 - The power

The power of a catalytic oven is one of the determining characteristics on this type of appliance. With an oven with a power of this 3 kW, there is room to make perfectly successful dishes without getting too tired, and this, in time. Here again, think big and opt for the most powerful oven in anticipation of those times when you'll be inviting friends and family over and will have to prepare a large quantity of dishes.

#4 - The cooking modes

Each catalytic oven offers basic cooking modes such as rotating heat, natural convection and pulsed heat. In addition to these modes, there are special functions including quick preheat, keep warm, pasta rise or pulsed eco. These functions will make your job much easier during cooking as well. Don't hesitate to take a closer look at them before making your choice.

#5 - The energy class

Nowadays, it has become important to consider the energy class of an appliance, whatever it is. You have to be even more careful with ovens, as this will determine their energy consumption. If you have a choice, choose a model with at least an A rating. An appliance of class A+ or higher will be perfect.

Catalytic oven: the right compromise?

The catalytic oven is an appliance that allows you to considerably reduce cleaning chores. However, its detractors point to the fact that the self-cleaning is not totally efficient and they are right. Indeed, the catalytic cleaning only concerns the internal walls of the appliance and you have to use a wet sponge to clean the other parts. This system is only 100% effective on the latest generation of high-end models.

However, catalysis reduces the amount of chores and avoids exploding the energy budget, which is the difference with the pyrolysis oven. If you calculate the amount of energy spent on cleaning and the savings on the electricity bill and the price of the appliance, you will quickly realize that the catalytic oven is well worth the money spent compared to the pyrolysis oven.

The different types of catalytic furnaces

Built-in catalytic oven

Built-in catalytic ovens are the most popular models today. This category includes built-in ovens, which are the most sought-after types of appliances. Most of the major appliance brands such as Whirlpool, Bosch or Electrolux market this type of appliance which is known for its ease of cleaning.

There are built-in or built-in catalytic ovens with a large capacity, various power ratings and special functions depending on the product range. The disadvantage of the built-in catalytic oven is the need to install a niche to accommodate it. If you don't have the space to put this niche, this type of appliance would not be very suitable.

Free-standing catalytic oven

Free-standing catalytic ovens are also in high demand, although they enjoy a lower popularity rating than the built-in models. This type of appliance is appreciated for the freedom it offers in terms of installation, but also because it can fit in a small space.

Indeed, there is no need to dedicate a specific place in the kitchen, it can be placed anywhere except near a refrigerator. This freedom of installation is the main advantage of this appliance, but it can also be a drawback, because you have to look for this location and change it according to your needs. Thus, this type of oven can be cumbersome if you have a cramped kitchen.

Catalytic or pyrolysis oven?

Catalytic oven

The catalytic oven is an appliance with a self-cleaning system that takes place while the food is cooking. This model is equipped with porous enamel walls that absorb grease. This means that you don't have to wait until the end of the cooking process to do the self-cleaning. Catalysis reduces the time spent on maintenance, but it should be noted that it only acts on the internal walls of the appliance. Thus, you have to clean the door and the grill manually, unless you opt for certain high-end models.

Pyrolysis oven

Pyrolysis is a more efficient system, because it allows to clean all parts of the oven. It burns fats and sugars at a temperature of 500 °. If the pyrolysis ovens are more efficient in terms of self-cleaning, they are very energy consuming, because it takes 1 to 2 hours for a complete cleaning. To reduce the consumption of electricity, it is necessary to opt for top-of-the-range appliances, therefore, very little affordable.


The catalytic oven offers a good compromise in terms of cleaning by reducing the time and energy spent on it. If you want to reduce the chore of cleaning without blowing up your energy bill, choose this type of oven. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of this chore completely, the pyrolysis oven is more suitable.

Why buy a catalytic oven?

To reduce cleaning chores

The main advantage of a pyrolysis oven is the presence of porous emails that absorb grease during cooking. These absorbed substances will not stick to the walls in such a way as to complicate the task of cleaning the appliance. In addition, high-end catalytic ovens are very efficient and, unlike lower-end models, can clean most of the appliance.

To save energy

Catalysis and pyrolysis are the most efficient cleaning systems today. The first is more economical, because the oven must be heated to 200 ° for the function to start, while with pyrolysis, a temperature of 500 ° is required. The energy savings are the main advantage of catalytic ovens compared to pyrolysis ovens.

To have an affordable self-cleaning system

In addition to being more ecological, the catalytic oven is also more economical compared to pyrolysis models. Indeed, if the entry-level models have about the same price, it is not the case with the top-of-the-range ovens which can cost 2 times more. Thus, catalytic models offer the best quality/price ratio in the self-cleaning oven sector.

To benefit from odorless cooking

The porous emails present on the walls of catalytic ovens absorb grease during cooking. These devices also play another role which is to filter certain odors. So, if you want to avoid being exposed to cooking odors and better enjoy your food once it is done, the catalytic oven is the right device for you.

To enjoy the benefits of a modern oven

Catalytic ovens are part of a new generation of appliances that, in addition to making cleaning easier, offer many other features that are sure to optimize your experience in the kitchen. With multiple cooking modes, high-performance safety features and innovative designs, this appliance has everything you need to enjoy the true pleasures of owning an oven.

The best brands of catalytic furnaces

In our opinion, the best brands of catalytic furnaces in 2022 are :


The German brand Bosch is a global giant in household appliances and tools. This company markets a variety of products for all uses and all wallets. Among their flagship products are refrigerators, washing machines, and of course, high-performance catalytic ovens.

Home appliance giant Whirpool is also one of the go-to brands for catalytic ovens. Facing a strong entry of Chinese appliances in the US market, it stands up to them perfectly with products offering an excellent quality/price ratio such as refrigerators, stoves and all types of ovens.

If you are looking for a high-performance catalytic oven, try looking in the Electrolux product catalog. This Scandinavian appliance giant has produced high-performance equipment that goes very quickly in stores as well as on e-tailers.

The Italian-born brand Indesit also has its say in the catalytic oven sector. The products of this company are resisting the arrival of giants such as Bosch and Whirlpool and this has been going on for many years.

If you are looking for a high-performance and affordable catalytic oven, opt for the products designed by Hotpoint. Indeed, this American brand which is a subsidiary of Whirlpool is among the references in terms of catalytic ovens, pyrolysis ovens and many others.

What is the price for a catalytic converter

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

250 £ to 350 £
350 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Sponge after catalysis

First generation catalytic ovens do not allow you to clean the entire appliance, only the walls equipped with the porous emails. Also, you need to take a few swipes with a sponge on the glass door, drip pan and rack to keep the oven clean after each use.

Avoid abrasive and scouring products

Abrasive and scouring products may damage the glass door as well as the porous walls of the oven. So, if you find that some residue has embedded itself, even after catalysis, take a wet sponge or a smooth cloth and gently remove that. This will extend the life and optimal operation of your appliance.

Provide spare walls

The porous email walls have a shorter life than other oven components. You may need to change them to continue enjoying your appliance. So, go ahead and get replacement walls so you won't be without your oven when you need it most.

Follow the instructions

Before you start using the oven and especially its catalytic function, read the instructions carefully. Every appliance is different, so in order to preserve its integrity, remember to follow the instructions in these manuals scrupulously.

Protect yourself during cleaning

When you proceed to manually clean the oven elements, it is wiser to put on protective equipment. Protect your eyes, hands, but most importantly, wear a mask to avoid inhaling any chemicals used during the cleaning operation.


What is catalysis?

Catalysis is defined as a chemical process that burns grease at low temperatures. On a catalytic oven, this process is ensured by walls equipped with porous emails that absorb and then eliminate the grease projections during cooking. The remaining residues are eliminated after cooking.

How long does a catalysis process take?

The catalysis is done automatically during the entire cooking process. However, for best results, the catalysis function should be started immediately after preparing the dishes. Generally speaking, 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient. If you find that greasy residue remains after these 15 minutes, extend the operation.

Do I have to clean up after each firing?

The catalytic oven performs its self-cleaning during the entire cooking time. However, residue may still be present after the dishes are ready. Also, it is advisable to clean the oven after each cooking so that it is immediately ready to use for the next times. This will be healthier and you will avoid odor mixtures.

How can I reduce energy costs by using my catalytic oven?

The catalytic oven is the most energy efficient self-cleaning appliance. You can optimize this by cleaning immediately after cooking while the oven is still hot. This is because catalysis takes place at a temperature of 220° and it would be wasteful to heat up the oven just to start a cleaning process.


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