The best cat trees in the UK 2023

The cat tree serves as both a play area and a relaxation space for the feline. It's also a place where he loves to do his claws. Whether it's simple, tower or multi-level, choosing the right cat tree can be complicated. Even more so with the many models available! For you, we've put together this guide to the best cat trees for this year.

Dibea KB00207 1

Best value for money

Dibea KB00207

The best cat tree in 2021

With its three platforms, shelter, sisal wrapped trunks and toys, the Dibea KB00207 offers everything necessary for the physical and mental well-being of the feline. It is an excellent product for its price.

28,76 £ on Amazon

The Dibea KB00207 cat tree is 112 cm high and has three platforms. Despite this size, it remains very stable even when your hairball climbs on the upper platform. The panoramic trays allow him to have a view of the surroundings. And you can easily find the ideal place for this model in the living room or any other room where your cat likes to lounge.

The comfortable kennel allows the cat to rest out of sight, especially after his play sessions. The Dibea KB00207 includes two play balls and a rope. And for clawing, the trunks are wrapped in durable sisal. Beyond its equipment and its comfort, this cat tree also distinguishes itself by its very good quality finish.

Trixie Mica 2

Best value for money

Trixie Mica

The best entry-level cat tree

Although it measures only 46 cm, this cat tree Trixie Mica offers all the comfort and well-being necessary for your pet. It also has a very good finish and fits easily into your home.

25,60 £ on Amazon

The Trixie Mica cat tree is a discreet, simple and small model, with a height of only 46 cm. It consists of a base and an upper resting tray covered with light gray plush for maximum comfort. A post wrapped with jute connects the whole and serves as a scratching post.

The upper platform with panoramic view has a diameter of 34 cm, offering enough space for a small or medium cat to rest. For your little feline to exercise around its den, a play ball is suspended from a wire. With its simple design and discreet colors, this small cat tree will easily fit into any room, placed near a sofa for example.

Feandrea PCT99G 3

Best premium value for young cats

Feandrea PCT99G

The best high-end cat tree

The Feandrea PCT99G large cat tree has multiple seats and offers maximum comfort. Despite its height of 164 cm, it remains very stable even when your cats are playing hide and seek.

67,19 £ on Amazon

Designed for multiple cats, the Feandrea PCT99G has everything you need for the pleasure and well-being of your fur balls. Beyond the wooden base, it has two lower platforms with a hammock in the middle, a kennel above, and an upper platform with a bowl. The whole is overhung by a padded observation platform, without forgetting the upper platform.

The whole thing is finished with a very soft plush covering. For your cats to play, this cat tree is also equipped with a pompom and a rope. The trunks of the tree are covered with sisal rope for clawing kittens. However, one of the strong points of this product is its great stability. You won't see it topple over even if your cats move around a lot on it. Even better, an anti-tilt kit is offered.

Trixie Jorge 4

Trixie Jorge

A great tower cat tree

Featuring two tiers, two niches and a den, the Trixie Jorge Tower Cat Tree offers cozy comfort for your little feline. Thanks to its original design, it blends in with the decor.

84,80 £ on Amazon

The Trixie Jorge Cat Tree 44957 is a tower cat tree with rounded corners. It features three resting areas arranged on three levels. The two niches and the top platform have a comfortable reversible cushion.

The entire outer surface of the Trixie Jorge cat tree is covered with sisal to satisfy your cat's natural instincts for scratching. This means you won't need a scratching post because this cat tree also offers that function. In addition to its sturdiness, it is also characterized by its great stability. Certified "frustration-free" for a young cat, this model will be a big hit in a living room.

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The best cat tree in 2021

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Comparison table of the best cat trees

Dibea KB00207 5
Trixie Mica 6
Feandrea PCT99G 7
Trixie Jorge 8
Dibea KB00207
Trixie Mica
Feandrea PCT99G
Trixie Jorge
With its three platforms, shelter, sisal wrapped trunks and toys, the Dibea KB00207 offers everything necessary for the physical and mental well-being of the feline. It is an excellent product for its price.
Although it measures only 46 cm, this cat tree Trixie Mica offers all the comfort and well-being necessary for your pet. It also has a very good finish and fits easily into your home.
The Feandrea PCT99G large cat tree has multiple seats and offers maximum comfort. Despite its height of 164 cm, it remains very stable even when your cats are playing hide and seek.
Featuring two tiers, two niches and a den, the Trixie Jorge Tower Cat Tree offers cozy comfort for your little feline. Thanks to its original design, it blends in with the decor.
112 cm
46 cm
164 cm
78 cm
Number of platforms
Number of niches
Grab pole

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How to choose your cat tree

A cat tree should serve as a resting, playing and observation area for your cat. But above all, it must offer him a great comfort. Here are the main criteria for choosing a cat tree.

#1 - Resting and viewing areas

Cats like to rest, sleep, but also observe their environment from a place they like. For this reason, the cat tree should have one or more platforms, niches and observation trays. These are most often placed at the top of the tree. Larger cat trees or multi-story trees may have two or three platforms, but also a hammock and a basket. In any case, opt for a model equipped with at least one platform that can also take on the appearance of a border bed.

#2 - Scratch trunks

For a cat, clawing is instinctive. Also, a cat tree should have at least one scratching post or trunk. To resist the onslaught of claws while respecting the well-being of your pet, cat tree posts are covered with a natural and strong material, mainly sisal.

#3 - Shape

Cat trees come in many models with a particular shape. Some are tiered, others adopt a modern design that resembles a shelf. Still others come in a barrel shape. There are also models designed to be installed in a corner. Your choice depends on your cat's needs and also your budget, as more complex models are more expensive.

#4 - Size


are cat trees that can be taller than an adult person. Before making your choice, take the time to measure the ceiling height of your home. In any case, know that a cat likes to perch in height, the higher his tree will be the more he will appreciate.

#5 - Equipment

Think about adding extras when choosing a cat tree. Is your cat playful? Opt for a model with one or two pom-poms, a play rope, and possibly other items that might amuse him. Extras also include bowls, which are handy for keeping your cat comfortable.

How to clean your cat tree?

Regular maintenance of your cat tree is essential for your cat's health and well-being. First, you'll need to dust it as often as possible, using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool for removing dust mites and other debris. In addition, the small vacuum brushes can remove the hair that gets too much on the accessories of the cat tree.

Another option for this is to use a clothes brush. You can also choose a steam cleaner to take care of your cat tree, especially if it has a wooden or cardboard structure. Thanks to the steam, it is a good tool to disinfect it without damaging its structure. In addition, it kills all bacteria. It ensures drying in record time for a fresh cat tree.

Baking soda can also eliminate bacteria. In addition to that, it eliminates bad odors on the whole structure. It is therefore advisable to sprinkle it on your cat tree. For a plastic cat tree, it is recommended to clean it with a sponge soaked in soapy water, preferably a black soap, to get rid of parasites and bacteria.

To remove the unpleasant smell of urine on the cat tree accessories, use a Marseille soap in shavings. In addition, you can then disinfect with spirit vinegar. It should be noted that you should never wash your cat tree with water. This could damage the material. For example, it could cause rust with the metal. As for the wood, it may rot too quickly.

The different types of cat trees

Not all cat trees are alike. Nevertheless, three main types can be distinguished.

The simple cat tree

Simple cat trees are relatively small in size and usually have only a platform, usually with ledges. As with the larger models, their post or trunk is wrapped with sisal to serve as a scratching post. The height of the simple cat trees is around 50 cm, particularly suitable for kittens or cats that can not or do not like to climb too high


Their major disadvantage is the lack of extras such as a kennel or toys. On the other hand, they are more attractively priced compared to a large cat tree, and they benefit from the same quality finish, such as plush upholstery.

The tiered cat tree


the name suggests, the tiered cat tree, or large cat tree, has multiple platforms. Some may have three, or even four, spread out high or horizontally

. They also have one or two niches as well as an observation deck. Their first advantage lies in the fact that they can accommodate several cats, each of which will be able to occupy their preferred area.

The multi-story cat trees are designed to be a real leisure and well-being center for your little felines. However, they are bulky. Before choosing, consider the best location and the surface area of the room, so you don't end up with a model that is too imposing.

The tower cat tree


type of cat tree is easily recognizable with its typical barrel shape, but it can also be found in the form of a tower. It has no scratching posts or resting platform. Instead, it has niches built into the body of the cat tree, with only the openings visible.

However, tower cat trees can be equipped with an upper tray with a border as an extension of their bodies. To compensate for the absence of a scratching post, it is the body of the cat tree that receives a sisal covering over its entire surface. As for comfort, the niches are equipped with a cushion, removable on some models. The only regret with this type of cat tree is that it does not include a toy.

Multi-level cat tree or tower?

Cat tree with tiers

The multi-level cat tree, as we have seen above, is appreciated by cats because they like to be in height, especially for the need to feel safe, and also to observe. Beyond the price and knowing your cat's habits, this choice may be more advantageous if your feline likes to play and exercise. He will have to do jumps and other acrobatics to explore his new world, which contributes to his well-being.

Cat Tree Tower

The tower cat tree does not require much physical effort for the cat to enter one of the niches. And it will be happy to know that the wall on which it clings to enter its niche can serve as a scratching post at the same time. Another potential advantage of the tower cat tree is that it is cozier in winter. Indeed, each niche is better insulated thanks to the presence of an observation tray, or a niche on the upper level.


If your cat likes to move around, jump around, and look up, the tiered cat tree is the ideal choice. However, you should plan for a potentially larger budget. If your kitty likes to sleep, snuggle up in a basket or box, then opt for the tower cat tree. In winter, your cat will be warmer, especially since it is not located too high.

Why buy a cat tree?

A cat has very specific living habits that must be respected to ensure its daily well-being. For the apartment cat who cannot go outside and climb a tree, the purchase of a cat tree is particularly essential. Indeed, this real place of life allows him to jump, climb, and also plant his claws, which avoids you to find yourself with an object that you love, marked by traces of claws on it.

It is also an appropriate environment in which he will be able to flourish, which is a particularly crucial point for his health. A cat tree is a territory for your kitty that he will make his own, even with several people.

By providing a dedicated play and rest area for your cat, you benefit from several advantages:

  • Your cat will no longer sleep in your closet.
  • Your cat won't come and sleep in your closet, nor will it attack your wooden furniture to let off steam.
  • You'll enjoy watching your cat play with his tassel or rope.
  • You won't have to worry about your cat's well-being when you're away, because he'll have a place where he can relax.

Beware of falls!

Cats like to look out the window. It is therefore a good place to install your cat tree. However, you should make sure that the window cannot be opened accidentally to prevent your pet from falling out. This is especially true if your apartment is several floors above the street.

The best brands of cat trees

In our opinion, the best brands of cat trees in 2022 are :


Trixie is a German company founded in 1974 in Flensburg and specialized in pet accessories. Trixie brand products, tested and approved by specialists, are of very high quality.

Dibea is a Chinese company initially specialized in electrical equipment for the home. The brand has expanded its range to pet items. Dibea cat trees are among the most popular on the market.

Created in Germany in 2011, Feandrea is a brand offering accessories for cats and dogs. Its products, which are among the best on the market, are now exported to several European countries, but also to Asia, North America and South America.

Pawhut is a brand of the American group Aosom based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Dedicated to the well-being of dogs and cats, Pawhut offers products that are as easy to assemble as they are durable and comfortable.

Kerbl is a French brand offering accessories and products for leisure and professional breeding. Among its range of products, Kerbl cat trees are known for their superior quality.

What is the price for a cat tree

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Play around the cat tree.

Is your cat not interested in his new cat tree? Playing with him while he's on or near the tree can pique his interest and help him adopt the tree.

Play with your cat every day.


different types of games that allow your cat to stalk, chase, pounce and p


When you've exhausted your cat, put away toys that could hurt her (such as toys with strings attached) out of reach. But don't forget to incorporate the tree into your play.

It's a matter of habit.

Kittens that are kept indoors are usually happy to stay there as they grow up. By the same token, kittens who have been used to playing in a cat tree since they were little will play there all the more easily when they grow up.

Let him enjoy the sun.


your cat tree near a sunny window. Natural light and a view of the outdoors will brighten your cat's mood.

Use cat shampoo.


you need to clean a carpeted or faux-furred cat tree, we recommend using a cat shampoo. Harsh cleaning solutions can be toxic, so use a product specifically designed for your kitty.


What is the best cat tree?

The best cat tree depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to clean a cat tree?


a vacuum cleaner or clothes brush to remove hair and dust. You can also steam clean to remove bacteria while deep cleaning the tree. In any case, washing with water is out of the question.

What is the stability of a cat tree?


taller it is, the more likely a cat tree is to topple over despite its great stability. Most of the models of the major brands come with an anti-tilt kit. Don't forget to attach the cat tree to it to prevent it from falling over.

What materials are used to make a cat tree?


base and trays of cat trees are mostly made of wood slats or plywood, covered with a fake plush or fabric of the same nature. Modern cat trees can be made of solid wood.

Are there cat trees for big cats?


, you can find giant cat tree models at online merchants that are specially designed for large cat breeds. Their prices are usually more expensive.


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Dibea KB00207
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Trixie Mica
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