The best cat repellents in the UK 2023

Everyone agrees that cats are cute. But when a tomcat gets too invasive or goes anywhere, it's time to crack down! Instead of abusing the animal, use a repellent. There are lots of them and all kinds on the market, to help you make your choice, read our guide to the best cat repellents for this year.

JJ Solution cat repellent 1

Best value for money

JJ Solution cat repellent

The best cat repellent in 2021

Here is the JJ Solution, an ultrasonic cat repellent with solar or electric recharge. It is weather resistant and safe for animals. This device has a detection radius of 10 m.

23,19 £ on Amazon

It is a cat repellent that diffuses ultrasound accompanied by a powerful flash to deter felines from squatting in the garden or home. The built-in detector allows the device to detect intrusive cats up to 10 m away. It is this detection that directly triggers the repulsion to keep intruders away without impacting on the physical integrity of the animal. The JJ Solution will only take away the animal's desire to return to your home!

The PIR infrared motion sensor detects cats within a 120° angle and the ultrasonic repulsion is effective within a 10 m radius. The coating of the device ensures a storm-proof seal. To charge it, just put it in the sun, more ecological and simple, or plug it into an outlet via a power cable, faster and more efficient.

Feuille Rouge 500 mL 2

Best value for money

Feuille Rouge 500 mL

The best entry-level cat repellent

With a capacity of 500 mL, the cat repellent Red Leaves is a complex of essential oils hydrosolubilized. It helps to keep cats away from places where they are undesirable. Be careful if you are allergic!

12,40 £ on Amazon
Gardigo 60083 3

Best premium value for money

Gardigo 60083

The best high-end cat repellent

This repellent sends out jets of water to repel cat pests and keeps them well away from your garden at a 170° angle. It can cover an area of 60 square meters and uses the existing watering system.

35,19 £ on Manomano
GarMills Spine Deterrent Mats 4

Ultrasonic repellent

GarMills Spine Deterrent Mats

A great ultrasonic cat repellent

GarMills deterrent mats have fine, pointed spines to deter cats from moving into well-defined areas. They are easy to install and can be folded or cut to cover multiple areas.

18,56 £ on Amazon

GarMills offers this set of spine deterrent mats to discourage local cats from frequenting certain areas of your garden or home. These 6 mats are 48 cm long and 14 cm wide and are covered with thorns that are impossible for cats and other four-legged animals to cross. The best would be to place the mats around the place you want to protect from felines, both inside and outside.

The grids of each mat are made entirely of high-density polypropylene to ensure weather resistance and prickly spines. They are easy to install as you simply pave the ground or place them where you want them. Each deterrent mat also has curved hooks, which are breakable and attachable to the ground. This ensures that the device stays in place and will protect areas where cats are not allowed.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cat repellent

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The best cat repellent in 2021

The best entry-level cat repellent

The best high-end cat repellent

A great ultrasonic cat repellent

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Comparison table of the best cat repellents

JJ Solution cat repellent 5
Feuille Rouge 500 mL 6
Gardigo 60083 7
GarMills Spine Deterrent Mats 8
JJ Solution cat repellent
Feuille Rouge 500 mL
Gardigo 60083
GarMills Spine Deterrent Mats
Here is the JJ Solution, an ultrasonic cat repellent with solar or electric recharge. It is weather resistant and safe for animals. This device has a detection radius of 10 m.
With a capacity of 500 mL, the cat repellent Red Leaves is a complex of essential oils hydrosolubilized. It helps to keep cats away from places where they are undesirable. Be careful if you are allergic!
This repellent sends out jets of water to repel cat pests and keeps them well away from your garden at a 170° angle. It can cover an area of 60 square meters and uses the existing watering system.
GarMills deterrent mats have fine, pointed spines to deter cats from moving into well-defined areas. They are easy to install and can be folded or cut to cover multiple areas.
Type of repellent
Ultrasonic Repeller
Liquid repellent with essential oils
Water jet repellent
Spine deterrent mat
Solar and USB
AA batteries
Hazardous to animals and humans ?
Possible, especially if sensitive to product
Use indoors?

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How to choose your cat repellent

To find the best cat repellent, here are the criteria to consider when choosing.

#1 - If you want to prevent cats from climbing your fence

Cats are world-class jumpers and climbers and can jump over fences and walls with ease. There are physical barriers in the form of flexible garden fences and wall strips that you can buy at garden centers, home improvement stores and online garden retailers. Opt for a strong, flexible rubber material that is easy to install and can be cut to fit the size and shape of your garden.

The strips won't hurt intruding animals, but simply discourage them from climbing. Also, choose discreet colors that blend in perfectly with your garden. Attaching string lines along the top of fences is a less expensive, though less effective, deterrent. While this won't stop a cat from jumping over, it will give him a hard time walking along the top.

#2 - If you want to keep cats away from your garden

Freshly dug soil in a vegetable garden can be an irresistible lure for kitties. This can not only damage your vegetables, cuttings and seeds, but also carries health risks. Netting or fencing a garden is not always possible or totally effective, even if cats don't like obstacles. Opt for ultrasonic repellents.

However, if you are concerned about the effect of ultrasound, you can choose automated deterrence to repel cats. Within a one-meter radius, the device sprays a gentle stream of water when triggered. This scares the cats away and eventually prevents them from approaching the protected area completely.

#3 - If you want to use a repellent in your home

If you want to keep the cat away from any part of your home, opt for scent barriers as these repellents may not be very effective outside your home due to the wind. However, the effectiveness of cat repellents can depend on many factors, such as the weather (the scent of the repellent may fade during wet or windy weather).

Also, some cats will be more sensitive to odors than others for unexplained reasons. To this end, try your powder or spray on your cat first before using it permanently as a repellent.

Good to know

When your cat is acting up or relieving herself in an inappropriate place in your home, don't hit her. You may hurt him and he may be afraid to approach you afterwards. To discourage his annoying actions, clap your hands or make noise.

#4 - Health effects

Choose your cat repellent based on your sensitivity to the device (spray, powder or ultrasound). The repellent should affect the cat, not your health, as some chemicals can generate allergies in you. Also, some people may experience headaches, nausea or dizziness from prolonged and intense exposure to ultrasound. The safest cat repellent is water spray, but this system can only be used outdoors.

How to educate a cat ?

  • He can't stop scratching the furniture

The need to scratch is a natural and instinctive gesture for cats. To this end, place a scratching post, a mat or an old carpet in a visible corner of your home so that your cat can satisfy its scratching urges. Get into the habit of directing him to this dedicated area so he gets used to doing his "manicure" on that side of the room. You can also regularly trim his claw tips once every two to three weeks.

  • He won't stop meowing

A cat that keeps meowing can quickly become annoying over time, especially if it does so at night. Be aware that if your cat is suddenly behaving in this way, it may be due to illness, stress, or physical or mental suffering. So consider taking your cat to the vet to see what's wrong with him. If there's nothing to report, it's likely that your furry friend is just trying to get attention. The less attention you give him during his meowing, the less he'll start meowing. Don't respond and he'll see that it has no effect. Be patient!

  • He has a nasty habit of biting or scratching

This behavior is often due to a lack of socialization from a young age. In order to bond with your little friend, buy him toys and take the time to play with him from time to time. You'll see that everything will quickly return to normal after that.

  • He has the annoying habit of doing his business outside his litter box

If your pet suddenly starts relieving himself outside the litter box, make sure it's clean and that he doesn't have a urinary problem. Take him to the vet right away, as this can be fatal for cats. If your little friend is fine, consider moving his litter box to another part of your home or use bleach to clean it, as cats are attracted to this product.

Be careful!

Cats are carriers of a parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii also known as toxoplasmosis. A parasite that can cause serious health problems (vomiting, flu-like symptoms and muscle pain) that can last several months in humans. This parasite is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children.

The different types of cat repellents

There are several types of repellents available to keep cats as well as other unwanted animals off your property.

The sound barrier

Cats have a much greater hearing range than humans. There are electronic cat deterrents that operate at a high frequency that is inaudible to humans but unbearable to cats. Installation of this sound barrier is simple. You install the device facing your garden or yard. A motion sensor detects the presence of the intruder and the sound barrier automatically emits a high frequency sound that scares the cat. The great thing about this type of device is that it can run on solar power or a rechargeable battery.

The physical barrier

Cats hate wire mesh or spiky materials. Hence, the importance of installing physical barriers such as wire mesh on top of your soil or mulch on the planting bed before planting to keep them away. Using wire cutters, you can cut holes in the mesh that are large enough to accommodate your plants.

For mulch, you can use sharp-edged pine cones, holly cuttings, eggshells or stone mulch. Cats prefer to dig and poop in loose soil and will be put off by these rough materials. For other areas, you can use a plastic walkway mat with the bumpy side up to discourage cats from perching or lounging on it.

The smell barrier

Cats are very sensitive to odors. For your information, a cat has 200 million scent receptors. If your yard or garden has odors that repel cats, you may be able to keep them away. This is how cat odor barriers work.

Some powders and sprays have the scent of predators that cats fear, namely coyotes, foxes and bobcats. These types of cat repellents come in a granular form that is simply sprinkled around the problem area. Note that the product is organic and non-toxic and will not harm your plants.

The water spray deterrent


operation of this type of physical barrier is simple. Basically, water is pretty much the kryptonite of cats. If one ventures where it shouldn't, the device automatically sprays water to discourage any attempts! You can also purchase a water device, such as a scarecrow sprinkler, that detects the presence of an intruder and sends a stream of water directly in their direction.

Ultrasonic or spray repellents?

Ultrasonic repellents

Ultrasonic repellents are easy to install and require little maintenance. They are safe for cats (or any other animal for that matter). However, they do have a few drawbacks. Because the area of action of the devices is relatively limited, many boxes may have to be installed to cover a large enough area. Apart from that, for some unknown reason, some cats are insensitive to the effects of the high-frequency sounds emitted by the device, while some humans may perceive them.

Spray repellents

Cat repellents that rely on smell to scare cats away are very random. Cats' sense of smell fades with age and like us, they have different tastes. What is repulsive to some may not be to others. In addition, since these repellents need to be replaced constantly, they are not a cost-effective solution in the long run. Not to mention that they smell. This is not very practical for use near your deck or inside your home. If you only have a small area to protect, this could be a cheap and easy solution to your problems.


The choice between ultrasonic and spray repellents will ultimately be entirely up to you. If you are planning to repel cats from your garden, ultrasonic repellents are best, but you need to calculate the range of the device beforehand. On the other hand, if you plan to use the repellent on a very small area inside your home, it is better to opt for a spray model that is not likely to dissipate because of the wind, despite its odor that is sometimes uncomfortable for some people.

Why buy a cat repellent?

To keep stray cats away

Stray cats or your neighbours' cats may venture onto your property. If you have a pet, it will not hesitate to fight with these strangers to protect its territory. In order to protect your pet, you can help it preserve its area.

To protect your plantations

Gardens, vegetable gardens and plantations are favourite playgrounds for felines. However, cats can carry parasites that are transmitted through their droppings. You can use a cat repellent on your plants to keep your pet away from them.

To protect your furniture

By pure instinct and to mark a precise territory, cats climb everywhere and love to scratch furniture. To avoid damage to your home, you can opt for a mechanical repellent equipped with a motion detector. The product itself and the surprise effect will encourage your cat to play elsewhere. Sometimes they may not even want to enter the house to avoid contact with the repellent.

To avoid urine marking

Urinary marking is a normal behaviour linked to your cat's instinct. Your cat may urinate on your sofa, bed or curtain. This is his way of marking his territory and orienting himself inside the house. To remedy this, you should immediately wash the fabric to remove the odour. Then spray with a cat repellent to prevent repeated marking.

To prevent access to a part of your home

You can mark off an area of your home, such as your bedroom or an entire floor, and ban your pet from entering. To do this, simply use mechanical repellents at the entrance to the area in question. This way, your cat will understand that it cannot cross this imaginary line under any circumstances.

The best brands of cat repellents

In our opinion, the best brands of cat repellents in 2022 are :

Feuille rouge
Nature's mace
Scram for Cats

This French brand is a brand that designs products based on catnip, a species of catnip. This brand is reputed to be of high quality and safe for both animals and plants. Feuille Rouge is world renowned and very much in demand for the care it provides to animals.

Nature's Mace is a pioneering manufacturer of all-natural, safe and environmentally friendly pet repellents. Their products include the best cat repellent Cat Mace. Although the brand is owned by a small, veteran-owned family business, they are proud to call themselves the leader in pet repellent technology.

Aspectek's Yard Sentinel is designed to eliminate pests humanely and effectively. It is one of the best ultrasonic pest repellents sold on the market, playing an excellent role as a cat repellent, dog repellent, deer repellent, mouse repellent and bird repellent.

Scram for Cats is specially formulated to naturally repel cats from treated areas. The unique biological formula has been tested and proven to successfully repel and train cats to enter or dig into treated areas.

Shake-Away has nearly 40 years of combined experience in the study of animal scent communication and specializes in the development of 100% natural, non-toxic products for outdoor use. All patented and patent pending products are guaranteed to be the safest and easiest to use in the industry today. Plus, they are scientifically proven to work, with years of research and development behind each product.

What is the price for a cat repellent

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

0 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


What cats hate the most

Cats are repelled by the smells of citrus (orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit), lavender, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, banana, mustard, pepper, curry, cinnamon, mint, wintergreen, and menthol, pine and cedar.

Homemade cat repellent spray


you're unsure about the composition of commercial cat repellents, you can concoct homemade ones easily at home. To do this, mix the same amount of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl. The vinegar can also be replaced by an essential oil such as lemongrass, lavender, peppermint or citronella (1/4 oil to 3/4 water). Either will make a fantastic cat repellent spray. Then spray the mixture on the area to be protected. Always test homemade recipes like this on a piece of fabric to make sure it doesn't stain your furniture.

A homemade recipe for cat repellent

Cats don't like to get wet. You can't always be on patrol, but if you catch your pet in a restricted area, simply spray it with water. This is the simplest home remedy available. If you keep repeating this process, it will discourage them in their troublesome actions. While this is not a foolproof way to repel felines, it will still help you.

Plants that repel cats

Be aware

that cats can be repelled by certain smells or textures of particular shrubs. By carefully placing these plants near the areas you want to protect, you can keep the kitties from relieving themselves or crashing into your home. These plants include cat terror (Coleus canina), lavender, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), fetid rue (Ruta graveolens), mint (Mentha pulegium), Italian immortelle (Helichrysum italicum), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), and thyme (Thymus citriodorus

), as well as thorny bushes.

Avoid hurting the cat

Although the behavior of these felines is sometimes undesirable, do not harm them, they are living creatures. Instead, use a cat repellent to teach him what not to do without attacking him.


What is the best cat repellent?

The best cat repellent depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Are cat repellents harmful?

Chemical cat repellents are a safe, non-toxic way to discourage felines from entering your home. Available in pellet or spray form, they are available at most pet stores and garden centres.

What is the best homemade cat repellent recipe?

If your cats regularly relieve themselves in the wrong places, or if your neighbor's cat constantly comes to your house unexpectedly, take a spray bottle and fill it with pure white vinegar, then spray a dose every day. This recipe is foolproof and 100% effective.

My cat looks stressed and tends to chew the furniture in my house, do I need to use a repellent?

If your cat is prone to behavioural problems due to stress, you don't have to use a repellent. You can use a spray, a diffuser, a collar and pipettes or anti-stress tablets and drops for cats. You can buy them at pet stores.


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JJ Solution cat repellent 9
JJ Solution cat repellent
Feuille Rouge 500 mL 10
Feuille Rouge 500 mL
Gardigo 60083 11
Gardigo 60083
GarMills Spine Deterrent Mats 12
GarMills Spine Deterrent Mats


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