The best carports in the UK 2023

Are you planning to buy a carport instead of building a garage to shelter your car? This is an excellent idea when you consider that a carport costs 20 to 30% less than a wooden garage of the same size. Moreover, its advantages are as numerous as the alternatives that are offered to you! Wooden carport, metal carport, aluminum carport... Lean-to, self-supporting, closed structure... Sloping roof, flat roof, covered roof, waterproof roof... Find the best advice in this guide to make your choice a real child's play!

Habrita - Aluminum Carport 1

Best value for money

Habrita - Aluminum Carport

The best carport in 2021

You have here a carport of a dimension of 3.05x4.85m ideal for a car. It is made of aluminum and polycarbonate 6 mm ANTI-UV. You can also use it to shelter your motorcycle or your bike.

847 £ on Mon abri jardin

This aluminum and 6mm polycarbonate carport and motorcycle is ideal for 1 car 3.05x4.85m. The polycarbonate panels have a Z-shaped structure that allows a beautiful luminosity while filtering the UV rays and reducing the heat under the roof. This aluminum and polycarbonate carport has a very contemporary style and will effectively shelter cars and motorcycles. You can even use it to shelter your spa, or the entrance of your house.

The aluminum structure is light, which simplifies its assembly. It is fixed to the ground with the 4 pre-punched square studs of 17 cm side provided. The polycarbonate sheets slide into the side rails and are attached to the structure by a side bar. The maintenance of this carport is easy. Whether it is for the structure or the roof, a washing with water spray is enough.

Karibu - Single carport in autoclave wood with PVC roof 2

Best value for money

Karibu - Single carport in autoclave wood with PVC roof

The best entry-level carport

Here you have a sturdy and durable solid wood carport that will help protect your car, bike or motorcycle from rain, hail or snow, thanks to its sturdy PVC roof.

623 £ on Mon abri de jardin

This solid wood carport, treated in autoclave, is ideal for sheltering cars, bikes and motorcycles. This product of Karibu is very effective to protect your car against the aggressions of moisture, acidity of the ground or devouring insects. And the manufacturer also ensures a snow resistance up to 75kg/m². As the product is already delivered treated, you will not need to apply any additional protection to the wood, as with a raw product delivered. And the roof is covered with a transparent PVC tarpaulin that will protect your vehicle from bad weather and bird droppings.

This carport in wood and polycarbonate with a very contemporary style is fixed to the ground with 6 anchors (optional). It has comfortable dimensions of 14.9m² - 304x490 cm.

Habrita - Carport Thurac 3

Best value for money

Habrita - Carport Thurac

The best freestanding motorhome carport

Are you looking for an elegant car, motorcycle or bicycle shelter? The Thurac solid wood carport with a section of 3 x 3.60 cm and a roof covered with bituminous shingles is what you need.

1 399 £ on Mon abri de jardin

The Habrita wooden carport is a solid product, its floor dimensions are 3x3.60 m with a roof coverage of 3.55 x5.04 m and a floor area of 17.89 m². It is equipped with a double slope roof of 30 ° with a ridge height of 3.38 m. The roof is covered with Onduline corrugated sheets with molded head nails of the same color. A sturdy frame of 40x140 and 40x120mm rafters ensures a high stability of the construction.

The 4 posts of the 120x120mm profile structure are made of 2 pieces of 120x40mm molding assembled with 70mm drawers, which offer a passage width of 2.76m for a height of 2.22m. This carport, manufactured in the UK by Habrita, is to be installed on concrete slabs or blocks. Metal plates are provided to fix the posts to the ground. The wood used has been thermally heated, which makes it rot-proof and not very sensitive to insect attacks. It is an ecological process combining water vapor and very high temperature, which leads to a change in the color of the wood and improves its performance: a single treatment after assembly is sufficient. It allows the use of local spruce species from responsibly managed forests and PEFC certified forestry operations.

Toolport - Carport Tent 3,3 x 4,8m 4


Toolport - Carport Tent 3,3 x 4,8m

A multifunctional carport

Here you have a sturdy and stable portable carport with statics that will protect your car perfectly well against the weather. This multifunctional garage tent is very easy to set up and can be used to set up sheltered areas in a professional way!

688 £ on Amazon

This sturdy and stable portable garage with statics protects your vehicle from wind and weather. It has a stable, fully galvanized frame and a PVC tarpaulin of approx. 550 g/m² thickness. The tarpaulin is a high quality material, among the best on the market: 100% UV resistant and waterproof thanks to the thermo-welded seams. The tarpaulin is firmly attached to the construction by a rope system. The portable garage offers high UV protection and is 100% waterproof. The entrance has zippered openings for quick opening and closing. The integrated ventilation windows ensure efficient air circulation to prevent condensation.

This is a versatile carport: Ready anytime, anywhere - even in the fall and winter, it will make a perfect shelter for your car, van, boat, or farm machinery. It can even be converted into a livestock shelter if needed.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best carport

Any specific needs?

The best carport in 2021

The best entry-level carport

The best freestanding motorhome carport

A multifunctional carport

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Comparison table of the best carports

Habrita - Aluminum Carport 5
Karibu - Single carport in autoclave wood with PVC roof 6
Habrita - Carport Thurac 7
Toolport - Carport Tent 3,3 x 4,8m 8
Habrita - Aluminum Carport
Karibu - Single carport in autoclave wood with PVC roof
Habrita - Carport Thurac
Toolport - Carport Tent 3,3 x 4,8m
You have here a carport of a dimension of 3.05x4.85m ideal for a car. It is made of aluminum and polycarbonate 6 mm ANTI-UV. You can also use it to shelter your motorcycle or your bike.
Here you have a sturdy and durable solid wood carport that will help protect your car, bike or motorcycle from rain, hail or snow, thanks to its sturdy PVC roof.
Are you looking for an elegant car, motorcycle or bicycle shelter? The Thurac solid wood carport with a section of 3 x 3.60 cm and a roof covered with bituminous shingles is what you need.
Here you have a sturdy and stable portable carport with statics that will protect your car perfectly well against the weather. This multifunctional garage tent is very easy to set up and can be used to set up sheltered areas in a professional way!
80 Kg
207,5 kg
120 Kg
480 x 330 x 270 cm
Aluminium 1,4mm
Solid wood
Solid wood
Armature: Steel/ Tarpaulin: PVC approx. 550g/m² (10% tolerance)
Wall height: 205cm , ridge height: 250cm
Wall height: 209cm, Ridge height : 229cm
240 cm
10 years against deformation of the structure (not on the finish) 2 years on the cover
A 5 year warranty
10 years warranty against rotting and insect attacks

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How to choose your carport

Although a carport is cheaper to install than a garage, this does not mean that your choice should be made lightly. If you like to pamper your car, then do the same with the carport, starting by choosing it correctly. Rather than just snapping up the first model you find online, how about starting with a list of well-defined criteria? We've put together the essentials to help you find a carport that suits your tastes and needs. Let's get started!

#1 - the regulations in force

Are you thinking of buying and installing a carport in your garden? First of all, you should inform yourself about the current regulations which will allow you to see more clearly in your choices. Indeed, permanent constructions like carports are all governed by rules imposed by the municipality you live in. These are usually instructions such as those found in the PLU (local urban plan) and which concern among other things:

  • The dimensions
  • The shapes
  • The heights
  • The colors
  • Opposite (neighborhood and roadway)

Thanks to these details, you will be able to choose the aspect of your carport, while remaining within the standards. In addition, you should know that the installation of a carport imposes taxes for which you will have to fill in administrative papers to be submitted to the commune.

#2 - the type of installation

There are different types of carport installation, namely:

  • The lean-to carport
  • The self-supporting carport
  • The carport for one car
  • The carport for two or more cars
  • The carport for motor home
  • The semi-enclosed carport
  • The carport made to measure

It is useless to lean for a carport that will be too bulky or on the contrary, minimalist. In order to choose the right model, consider the layout of your outdoor space by asking yourself the right questions. Do you have enough space to install a freestanding carport? How many cars do you need to park? What type of car do you have? What precautions do you want to take to deal with the weather?

On the other hand, the choice of a carport model is also a matter of taste. As it is a permanent installation, make sure the structure parallels your expectations and especially your outdoor decoration to further embellish the view.

#3 - the dimensions

Beware of the dimensions, as it is often on this criterion that carport buyers make mistakes! Manufacturers offer different measures and adapted to each car model. The dimensions of the smallest carports are generally 2.5 m wide by 3 m deep and 2.5 m high. To avoid getting lost in the middle of the vast choice offered on the market, think imperatively to measure your vehicle as well as the location of the carport. Also, do not hesitate to take a few centimeters of margin at the risk of finding yourself with an installation which does not cover the entirety of your car.

#4 - the building material

There is a great number of choices in terms of manufacturing materials, going from wood to PVC, without forgetting aluminum and metal. Although the charm of the carport is in order, it is strongly recommended to raise the advantages and disadvantages of each material, knowing that your carport is above all a shelter. It must therefore be both solid, waterproof, resistance, easy maintenance and pleasant to see.

Also, a carport can be designed from different materials or only one. This last option allows you to remain in the classic side while betting on a question of safety, because you remain in the sure value of your material. As for the former, it gives you a panoply of alternatives insofar as you combine different materials to fill the aesthetic, resistant, durable and waterproof side of your carport.

#5 - the design

Certainly, the design of a carport is necessarily defined in its structure and its material of manufacture. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you from adding other criteria that play in favor of aesthetics in your list, starting with the roof. In fact, there are three main types ofroof frames:

  • The single-slope roof (usually intended for back-to-back carports)
  • The flat roof or roof terrace (ideal for any carport structure)
  • The double slope roof (only for self-supporting carports)
  • The domed roof (usually intended for self-supporting carports)

Also, you will have the choice between different types of covering, just to give an additional touch of harmony to your carport. You will find among others, the traditional tiles or steel sheets as well as rooftile plates. But depending on the result you are looking for, you can also opt for openwork wooden sleepers decorated with vegetation, bitumen felt in rolls, shingle or polycarbonate.

Pourquoi installer un carport chez soi ?

Si ce mot ne vous est pas familier, sachez qu'un carport propose plusieurs utilités. Voici six bonnes raisons qui pourraient vous convaincre et vous décider enfin à installer un carport chez vous.

Pour abriter des véhicules

Finis les véhicules sales garés sur le bord de la route ! Finies les détériorations de véhicules dues aux intempéries et aux rayons UV ! Grâce au carport, vous pouvez mettre vos voitures, motos, et vélos à l'abri efficacement. C'est d'ailleurs la première utilité de cette construction ouverte : protéger votre véhicule dans votre cour et non à l'extérieur.

Pour gagner de l'espace 

Vous êtes à la recherche d'un moyen efficace pour abriter votre voiture dans votre petit jardin plutôt que sur le trottoir ou dans un parking public ? Même si le garage est spécialement indiqué pour garer une automobile, il sera difficile d'en envisager la construction étant donné l'espace que cela requiert. Une chose est sûre : dès lors qu'elle sera dans la clôture, votre voiture encourt moins de risque. Néanmoins, rien ne vaut un toit pour l'abriter correctement et le carport s'avère être la solution la mieux adaptée à ces conditions. Sans paraître encombrant, il peut accueillir votre véhicule et vous fait gagner de l'espace pour circuler, comme il n'est constitué que d'un toit et de piliers.

Pour plus d'économie et de praticité 

Le côté économique et pratique d'un carport est l'un de ses principaux atouts et fait partie des raisons pour lesquelles cette installation ouverte connaît un franc succès. Son prix est nettement moins cher que celui d'un garage, sans oublier que les gabarits et les designs sont largement plus intéressants.

De plus, un carport est facile et rapide à poser. En effet, il n'y a pas besoin d'être un professionnel pour savoir comment en installer un, car tout bricoleur amateur saurait s'y prendre. Cependant, pour plus de sûreté dans la pose, le mieux serait de faire contrôler votre carport par un expert une fois qu'il sera monté ; un service qui ne vous coûtera pas plus cher que l'installation d'un garage.

Enfin, vous serez ravi d'apprendre que tous les carports n'ont pas forcément besoin d' permis de construire pour être installés.

Pour décorer l'extérieur 

Vous envisagez de vendre votre maison ou un tout autre bien immobilier ? N'hésitez pas à jouer sur les détails qui sauront donner de la modernité et du caractère à la propriété pour augmenter vos chances d'avoir des offres intéressantes. Afin de donner plus de charme à l'espace extérieur de la maison, impossible de faire l'impasse sur le carport en travaillant essentiellement son design (toiture et parois en verre, couleurs et matières travaillées, plantes grimpantes, etc.).

Pour son côté multifonctionnel

En plus de servir d'abri pour les véhicules, le carport peut être utilisé autrement. Il est en quelque sorte une alternative à la pergola et la terrasse qui séduit davantage de nos jours. Vous pouvez aussi bien en faire un abri de jardin, une serre, un abri de piscine et de spa ou encore un abri pour vos mobiliers de jardin dont vous aurez naturellement besoin en été. En parallèle, vous pouvez également vous servir d'un carport comme abri d'aire de jeux (billard, tennis de table, babyfoot, etc.) ou de remise (pour stocker vos outils par exemple).

Pour chasser les regards indiscrets

De la même manière que le brise-vue protège votre maison des regards indiscrets, le carport vous permet de conserver votre intimité du vis-à-vis. C'est surtout le cas des carports utilisés comme abris de piscine afin que l'on puisse lézarder au bord de l'eau sans craindre de se faire épier par les voisins. En jouant sur des formes variées et sur les bons matériaux, vous pouvez personnaliser votre carport de sorte que les passants et le voisinage ne puissent rien apercevoir de l'extérieur.

Carport en bois ou en alu : quelle est la meilleure alternative ?

Vous aimez le côté rustique du bois, mais êtes en même temps un grand fan du style contemporain et élégant qu'apporte l'alu ? Ce n'est certainement pas facile de se trouver face au dilemme des matériaux au moment d'acquérir un carport, sans compter que de nos jours, le bois et l'alu sont les plus convoités !

Le bois est choix idéal pour un carport, d'autant plus qu'il est apprécié pour son côté traditionnel et intemporel. Il se marie avec n'importe quel style de maison et revêt un côté rétro et rustique sans tomber dans une apparence trop simpliste. De plus, vous disposez d'une longue série de bois pour jouer sur l'architecture et le design et le moduler autant que vous le souhaitez, dans des projets d'agrandissement, d'extension, voire de déplacement.

Par ailleurs, le bois est réputé pour son prix accessible qui vous permettra de faire plus d'économies que prévu. Seul bémol : sans prétraitement, le bois ne sera pas suffisamment étanche pour être en mesure de filtrer l'humidité. C'est également une matière sujette aux infestations de termites, à moins de les prévenir et de les stopper avec des produits chimiques.

De son côté, l'alu est indémodable et apporte automatiquement une touche contemporaine à votre jardin et votre maison. Cette alternative est bien plus avantageuse que la première dans la mesure où l'alu est tendance, léger, durable et demande très peu d'entretien. Élégant et lumineux, il apporte une note d'éclat en particulier si vous installez le carport à l'arrière de votre maison. Sa qualité confirme sa résistance et sa solidité au fil du temps, ce qui est un atout incontournable pour ceux qui habitent les régions où les intempéries sont très fréquentes.

Enfin, n'hésitez pas à combiner vos fondations et poutres en alu avec un toit en polycarbonate isolant et 100% efficace contre les rayons ultraviolets qui peuvent se glisser facilement à travers d'autres matériaux. En revanche, vous devrez prévoir un budget plus élevé pour les structures de carport plus larges comme le carport double et le carport camping-car.

The different types of carports

It's not easy to find what you want when you have so many choices! Selecting the material, design and size is one thing, but deciding on the type of carport installation is another. Discover below the different alternatives available to you, keeping in mind the location and use of the new carport you are going to buy to save more time.

The lean-to carport

As the name implies, the lean-to carport is attached to a wall of your house or fence. It is the ideal model for small gardens and small cars. Of course, in order to plan the purchase of this model, you must first analyze the condition of the wall that will support it, knowing that one side of the carport will be integrated into it. The other side will be supported by two beams (or posts) set in the ground. At the same time, choose materials in accordance with your facade and the entirety of your house in order not to break the decor.Advantages :

  • Lower price than other models
  • Ideal for a small space
  • Easily protects from the wind

Disadvantages :

  • Often a small structure

Who is it for?The lean-to carport is intended for homeowners whose outdoor space is limited, but who still want to shelter their car. It is also a suitable structure if your home is located in a windy area.

The self-supporting carport

Unlike the lean-to carport, the freestanding carport is completely independent, and is securely fixed to the ground with four pillars. It offers several advantages, notably the diversity of choices in terms of roof structures, as well as manufacturing materials. If you have a large garden, do not hesitate to choose this type of carport to cover an empty space. However, before buying, it is advisable to take into account the space occupied by the posts so as not to bump your doors and to circulate easily, especially for maneuvering.Advantages:

  • Full-fledged structure of the house
  • Many design choices
  • Perfect to occupy a large garden

Disadvantages :

  • Higher price compared to a lean-to carport
  • Not suitable for small spaces

Who is it for?Do you live in a single-family home with a large garden that just needs to be landscaped? Do you have a large vehicle that you want to park and protect on your property? This is the model you need!

The 1-car carport

The carport for one car, also known as a simple carport, can only shelter one car. It is therefore the smallest model of all, as it measures 3 m wide and 5 m high, i.e. a surface area of approximately 5 to 15 m². Its greatest asset? Its size can fit perfectly in a large or small garden. For this reason, you will be able to choose it either leaning or self-supported according to your tastes.Advantages :

  • An affordable price
  • Structure adapted to a small or large garden
  • Possibility to choose between a lean-to or freestanding carport

Disadvantages :

  • Can only hold one car at a time

Who is it for?Your child has just got his driver's license and you intend to offer him his first car, but you lack space in your garage? You don't want to leave it on the road and risk it deteriorating due to bad weather or worse, being broken into. The simple carport is a good investment and seems to be practical and efficient to shelter an additional car, especially since it does not occupy much space.

The 2-car carport

The name says it all about this type of carport, as it is essentially suitable for two vehicles. Experts know it as a double carport that can accommodate two cars simultaneously, either lengthwise or widthwise. Obviously, a large space is required to install a double carport, which is why self-supporting carports are the most commonly used models. Nevertheless, there is nothing to stop you from going for a lean-to model if you particularly like this structure.Advantages :

  • Roof and materials can be customized to suit your taste
  • Possibility of choosing between a lean-to or freestanding carport
  • Can hold two vehicles at a time

Disadvantages :

  • Not suitable for small spaces
  • More or less expensive than a simple carport

Who is it for?The double carport is perfect to accommodate the car of both parents, or additional cars that will not find their place in the garage. On the other hand, it is also a structure that is suitable for public spaces such as medical offices, hotels, restaurants and hair salons.

The motorhome carport

A carport and a small garage are far from being adapted to shelter a motor home. For this type of vehicle, the best would be to choose a carport motor home whose dimensions can cover it in length and width. In view of its measurements, you will necessarily opt for a carport with three posts in the case of a lean-to carport, and six posts in the case of a self-supported carport. On the other hand, you can also kill two birds with one stone by choosing a large model that can simultaneously accommodate your motorhome and your car.Advantages :

  • Can accommodate a vehicle other than a motor home
  • Possibility to choose between a lean-to or freestanding carport

Disadvantages :

  • Not suitable for small spaces
  • More or less expensive than a carport

Who is it for?The carport is for camping enthusiasts who do not want to leave their vehicle in the sun and heavy rain when it is not in use. Although this is the type of vehicle that is meant to be left outside for the long term, you still wouldn't want to leave moisture on it or have the seats fade.

The semi-enclosed or closed carport

As you can see, the semi-enclosed or closed carport has walls to protect the car in case of bad weather. In the case of a semi-enclosed carport, there are generally two or three on the sides, while a closed carport is covered on all sides. These walls can be raised or lowered as you wish, and you can choose between a freestanding or lean-to model. On the other hand, you can choose either double or single depending on your needs.Advantages:

  • Provides complete protection from the elements
  • Can have any shape


  • A high price depending on the model chosen

Who is it for?It is the best ally of the owners who live in localities prone to bad weather (snow, cyclones, hail, lightning, frost, ice, frost...) as well as cold regions. Rather than sheltering your cars under its roof, this type of carport protects them entirely, up to the tires.

Carport or garage?


Generally equipped with 4 posts and a roof on top, the carport's main role is to protect your car from the sun, the rain, and anything else that nature can throw at it. The carport can be assembled quickly, and requires no specialized equipment or skilled labor. One of its major assets is its versatility. When you're not putting your car under the carport, you can use it as a barbecue station, a playground or a workshop.

The carport provides better ventilation for your car, unlike a garage. Moreover, the construction of a carport does not require a building permit if it is less than 20 m². On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of not having a protection against theft, which means that your car will not be secured at night if your residence is not well protected. Moreover, it is less resistant to various weather conditions.


The garage provides an added sense of security as it eliminates an easy access point to your car as well as your home. Consisting of 4 walls and a locked door, the garage also offers more privacy as you can use it to store not only a car, but also some tools. The real strength of a garage is that it minimizes noise from the house, especially if it is a detached model.

So you can use power tools or play musical instruments in it. However, it also has some significant drawbacks. For starters, it takes more time to build. Unfortunately, this increases the amount and cost of work you have to do. Moreover, it is subject to a building permit as soon as the surface exceeds 35 m². Last but not least, the garage must comply with stricter requirements.


It is always important to first determine your goals and expectations, and then easily choose between a carport and a garage. However, a garage is the best to preserve your car well. On the other hand, for more aesthetic and modern style, opt for the carport.

Why buy a carport?

To save money

Building a garage involves many expenses and hidden costs, especially when it comes to finishing. Even if a carport does not have a side wall, it offers the same advantages. It serves to park your car properly and protects it from all external elements that could damage the bodywork. In theory, a carport will cost you 50% less than a solid garage.

For its ease of installation

As there are no side walls, a carport is composed of several elements, just like a marquee. It is also lighter than a metal structure since most of the components are made of wood. The biggest job to do for the assembly is to dig 4 holes to put the legs in. If you opt for a large carport, you can perfectly partition it to make a shelter for two cars.

For its robustness

A brick, wooden or metal garage is certainly very resistant since they are closed, but a carport, despite its simplistic style, is just as robust. The fact that it is open makes it insensitive to the strongest gales. But it can also withstand any impact, provided that the uprights are well sealed.

For its practicality

With a garage, you still have to open and lock, lift and lower the sliding door, whereas with a carport, you don't have to get out of the car and move the car under the carport. Both decorative and very practical, this small shelter allows you to embellish your exterior and fill the empty space around your house.

For its ease of maintenance

The maintenance of a carport is easier than that of a garage because of the reduced number of elements to clean or polish. A garage is always subject to various hazards such as humidity or mold since it is constantly closed. This is not the case with a carport.

The best brands of carports

In our opinion, the best brands of carports in 2022 are :

Habitat & Jardin

The expertise of the Habitat & Jardin brand in the creation and sale of items for the garden has been recognized worldwide for several years. It offers innovative products such as carports as well as garden furniture of all kinds whose quality and resistance we appreciate.

The Foresta company has been on the market for over 20 years. It is specialized in the manufacture and sale of furniture and structures for garden and its carports seduce many people over the years. We especially appreciate the quality, the aesthetics and the diversity of its products.

At the time of its 25 years of experience in the conception and sale of materials and wooden garden furniture, Jardin-déco has distinguished itself from the competition. Its objective: to offer reliable, customizable and excellent quality products to its customers. We give it special merits for the ecological virtues and originality that are systematically found in its products.

French-based company, Protec-car has been synonymous with French design and manufacture of carports and garden shelters of all kinds for over 20 years. It advocates the quality of its products thanks to the use of high-end materials and the finesse of its manufacturing. We particularly appreciate the sense of detail and the resistance of its carports and shelters.

The Burger brand has been on the market for more than a century and stands out from the competition thanks to its expertise and mastery of wood. It was later that the family-owned company started working with aluminum and today offers thousands of outdoor design materials like carports. We like the innovation, the precision and the quality-price ratio of the products designed by the brand.


Find out what to do before you buy

At the risk of being penalized by the municipality for not having respected the standards of the PLU, take the time to inform yourself before buying your carport. Also, as some models still require a building permit, make sure you get the information you need to comply with the regulations.

Clean your carport regularly

As it

is an outdoor installation, it is essential to maintain your carport regularly in order not to damage it by dirt. However, avoid at all costs chemical washing products, as they are not necessarily adapted to all materials. Prefer washing with soapy water and a cloth to be sure not to damage the structure over time.

Focus on the aesthetics and harmony of your outdoor space


technical criteria are crucial, don't minimize the aesthetics of your installation, especially if it is a lean-to carport. Choose a design, materials and colors that go with your facade and your exterior decoration.

Replace your carport if it seems necessary


carport being above all a protection and car shelter equipment, think of replacing it as soon as it does not fulfill these first functions anymore. Most of the time, the purchase of a new carport is less expensive than possible renovations and repairs on the old one.

Contact a pro for the installation if you are not a do-it-yourselfer


you don't have any DIY experience or skills, it's best to hire a professional to install your carport immediately. This way, you guarantee the safety and stability of your installation so you don't have to check it frequently.


Do I need a permit to build a carport?

It is not necessary to apply for a permit if your carport is less than 20 m². Indeed, a simple preliminary declaration is enough. However, if you wish to have one with a surface area of more than 20 m², you will need to apply to the local council for planning permission.

What size carport is needed for 3 cars?

The ideal size of a carport for 3 cars is 58 to 60 m². This is enough space to move the vehicles. Moreover, when the carport is free, you can use it for other activities.

Is the carport subject to development tax?

Once you have declared the construction of a carport, it is taxable even if it is not an enclosed and covered area. This means that it is subject to property tax, which is calculated on the basis of 50% of the cadastral rental value of a property.

How to build a simple carport?

Instead of calling in a certified craftsman, you can install your carport yourself by following these steps:

  1. Prepare the ground well
  2. Dig the holes to place the posts
  3. Pour the concrete
  4. Attach beams and rafters
  5. Place a gutter and a roof (optional step)


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