The best car scratch remover in the UK 2023

A scratch, whether microscopic or deep, will leave no motorist unmoved. But as you know, restoring a car body is expensive. It is therefore tempting to use other more economical, but no less effective methods, such as car scratch removers. These products delicately mask any trace of scratches and make it unnecessary to call the body shop.

GS27 - Universal Scratch Eraser Kit 1

Best value for money

GS27 - Universal Scratch Eraser Kit

Best car scratch remover in 2021

This kit contains a car scratch remover and a finishing care. Your car body touched by a small scratch will be like new. In addition, the manufacturer provides the accessories for the application.

23,96 £ on Amazon

Concerned about the condition of your car, GS27 provides a polisher that restores the shine to a scratched body. You will have a renovator, whose role is to polish the area affected by scratches. To remove them, you will have abrasive products applied by a sponge pad provided by the brand. Suitable for all car paints, it is a universal car scratch remover. However, it is only suitable for very small scratches. Its effectiveness is somewhat relative and depends on the force with which you rub on the surface. The quality microfiber cloth allows you to rectify the result by erasing the excess product.

Decauto - Blue car stripe remover 2

Best value for money

Decauto - Blue car stripe remover

Best entry-level car scratch remover

More effective than the other scratch removers of the same range, this Decauto product adapts to all qualities of blue paint, varnished or not. It is also an excellent anti-rust product.

11,16 £ on Norauto

This is a car scratch remover with color that is suitable for blue cars. It is easily applied to the scratched surface of the car body. However, it does not come with any accessories. So remember to choose the right cloth to apply it to maximize its effectiveness. This product is favored by professionals. It is also available to any motorist who wants to repair their car without breaking the bank. With its safe container, it can be stored for later use. Users are satisfied with the performance and the quality/price ratio of this car scratch remover signed Decauto.

Meguiar's - Quick 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover Kit 3

Best value for money

Meguiar's - Quick 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover Kit

Best high-end car scratch remover

Use Meguiar's 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover to get rid of small and medium scratches. All the accessories and products needed for a perfect finish are included in the kit.

27,92 £ on Norauto

You don't have to scrub hard to get rid of light and somewhat deep scratches on your car. It is best to use a drill to hold the applicator pad. This will be more effective than doing it by hand. In addition to scratches, this Meguiar's product gets rid of unwanted paint on the body. However, the manufacturer recommends the use of a professional body shop when the damage is more severe, as the kit's performance is limited in this case. For accessories, you'll need an applicator pad and a microfiber cloth in addition to the 118-mL scratch tubes.

Meguiar's G10307EU - Car Scratch Remover 4

Car scratch remover liquid

Meguiar's G10307EU - Car Scratch Remover

Best liquid car scratch remover

This liquid car scratch remover gets rid of small imperfections on the bodywork. It erases them definitively without leaving any trace. A suitable cloth is enough for its application.

15,02 £ on Amazon

With the micro-abrasive technology of this car scratch remover, shallow scratches will be eradicated forever. It refines the paint of the bodywork and removes the traces of rubbing and scratches by giving it a certain shine. Moreover, this product is also used to clean the surface. 3 products are included in this kit: a Quick Detailer, two clay bars and a Cleaner Wax. All of this is applied with the microfiber cloth supplied by the supplier. All these elements contribute to the speed of the action of the scratch remover, but also to its durability.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best car scratch remover

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Best car scratch remover in 2021

Best entry-level car scratch remover

Best high-end car scratch remover

Best liquid car scratch remover

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Comparison table of the best car scratch remover

GS27 - Universal Scratch Eraser Kit 5
Decauto - Blue car stripe remover 6
Meguiar's - Quick 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover Kit 7
Meguiar's G10307EU - Car Scratch Remover 8
GS27 - Universal Scratch Eraser Kit
Decauto - Blue car stripe remover
Meguiar's - Quick 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover Kit
Meguiar's G10307EU - Car Scratch Remover
This kit contains a car scratch remover and a finishing care. Your car body touched by a small scratch will be like new. In addition, the manufacturer provides the accessories for the application.
More effective than the other scratch removers of the same range, this Decauto product adapts to all qualities of blue paint, varnished or not. It is also an excellent anti-rust product.
Use Meguiar's 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover to get rid of small and medium scratches. All the accessories and products needed for a perfect finish are included in the kit.
This liquid car scratch remover gets rid of small imperfections on the bodywork. It erases them definitively without leaving any trace. A suitable cloth is enough for its application.
Special stain
220 g
200 g
250 g
207 mL
Microfiber wand, applicator disc, finish polisher
Renovation pad, microfiber cloth
Quick Detailer, 2 bars of Clay, microfiber cloth
Type of scratches
Light scratches
Very light to medium scratches

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Buying guide - car scratch remover

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How to choose your car scratch remover

There are many negative and positive opinions on the web about car scratch removers. We understand that the search for the right product can be a real obstacle course. The editorial staff puts you on the track with these essential criteria.

#1 - The condition of the scratch

We do not choose a car scratch remover by chance. It is necessary to take into account the extent of the trace. There are 3 possibilities. The first, the car has only a small scratch. In this case, it is enough to conceal it with a scratch remover pen. The second possibility is that the scratch is much more visible because it extends over the entire length of the car, for example. Paste products are more appropriate here. They act more deeply without damaging the appearance of the bodywork. Other marks are more resistant and require the use of a liquid scratch remover. This is the most effective product, but also the most difficult to use. But to great evils, great remedies.

#2 - The car's paint job

Professionals use advanced methods to get rid of deep scratches. You can also use specific products to avoid touching the car's paint. In this case, it is imperative to choose the right color, because these tinted car scratch removers apply pigments on the scratched part. If it is not in the same tone as the bodywork, the result is not very aesthetic.

#3 - Your level of experience in re-striping

It takes some precision to remove scratches from your car like a pro. The different products available on the market are not used in the same way. For those that come with an applicator, make sure it's just the right size so you don't go over the mark. Otherwise, you could touch the intact parts with the product and risk disfiguring the bodywork.

#4 - The method of application

Check to see if the product's operating mode is right for your needs. If it's a scratch remover with color, its durability matters a lot. You don't want the product's effect to fade wash after wash. After that, there are products that are simply difficult to apply. Moreover, avoid complex techniques as much as possible. Some are reserved for professionals. Other methods are simpler, such as using pens or a scratch remover cloth. The latter acts as a polisher on the bodywork. However, its use remains limited and could leave other unwanted marks.

#5 - The accessories provided

There are car scratch removers delivered in kit. You will find some practical accessories. Not only is the compatibility of the products and materials used, but they are also more effective. Depending on the range of the model, these kits include a microfiber cloth, a buffing pad, a scratch remover and another finishing product to refine the ground color.

How to use a car scratch remover?

Restoring a scratched car body is not an easy task. It requires a lot of preparation beforehand. Apart from the choice of the product used, the car needs to be cleaned beforehand, especially in the affected area. The product is only applied when the car is completely dry. If it comes with an applicator (cloth or pad), put a small amount in it and rub it gently over the area to be worked on. Otherwise, use a soft cloth for application.

Once you are sure that the entire scratch is covered, wait about 30 minutes to 2 hours to let the product dry. Wipe one last time with a suitable cloth so that the bodywork looks like new when the scratch remover is no longer wet. The method of use of the models found on the market is not necessarily the same. Avoid making a mistake and take the time to leaf through the manual provided by the manufacturer.

? Did you know that?

The car scratch remover is more effective if you rotate the tool rather than move it back and forth over the scratched area.

The different types of car scratch remover

We choose the type of car scratch remover according to the degree of damage. The 3 products mentioned in the following paragraphs do not have the same efficiency and the same price.

Car scratch remover pen

This product is accessible to everyone. Not only does it cost less, but it is easy to apply. It is suitable for all motorists. Moreover, it is an appropriate solution for non-professionals. Count about ten euros to have the ultimate scratch eraser pen. Nevertheless, its effectiveness is limited. It only works on very discreet marks that do not touch the car's paint.

Indeed, the scratch pen has no color. It is a product in the form of a coating, more or less transparent. After using it, you can keep it in a place protected from the sun, in the glove compartment for example. You may find it useful in the future. It will save you the trouble of buying another one. Indeed, some scratches only need a tiny touch of this pen, so much they almost go unnoticed.

Car scratch remover paste

The car scratch remover paste comes in a tube like a toothpaste. Some manufacturers opt for a boxed container. It is necessary to remove the most marked marks, those that look like a large unsightly gap on the paint. In this case, the composition is suitable for all car colors. It is more practical, because it reduces the risk of having an unsuitable product.

Like the car scratch remover pen, the paste has a neutral color. Available in different quantities, it is suitable for all situations and appeals to both individuals and professionals. The price range is wider, as the quality differs on the market. Prepare between 5 euros to more than 30 euros to find what you need.

Car scratch remover liquid

It's not at all nice to see when the scratches are big and deep. In this situation, you need a more effective product. You can avoid having to call in a professional if you have a good scratch remover. The liquid car scratch remover meets this need. However, it is not as easy to use as the pen or paste. It is also more expensive with a minimum price of about 30 euros.

What is more complicated is the choice of color. It can contrast with the color of the car. However, the best brands guide their customers through the user manual. It is possible that the compatible paints are indicated there. Similarly, you may find instructions on how to use this type of product somewhere on the car.

Car scratch remover or classic polish?

Car scratch remover

Since there are several types of scratches, it is also necessary to have products offering different levels of effectiveness. This is the great advantage of a car scratch remover, you know right away which product to choose. Motorists adapt their choice to the budget and the condition of the car.

Classic Polish

The classic polish or polisher is a product used to camouflage a small mark. It will do the trick when the mark is not too bad. On the other hand, it will not be of much help if the scratches are more visible.


The dilemma between scratch remover and polish is irrelevant if the situation is serious. Indeed, you will only get away with an effective product. It's the little marks that can be removed with a simple polish.

Why buy a good car scratch remover?

Get rid of all types of scratches

These products eliminate all imperfections on the body of your car. Unless they are really important and require the intervention of a body shop, you will be able to deal with all situations in a simple and fast way. Whether it's a scratch caused by a metal object, a rubbing of some kind, or a scratch from an accident, you'll find a solution that fits the problem.

An economical product

Car scratch removers are inexpensive products that range in price from 5 euros to about 100 euros. It is not very difficult to get them. Moreover, the expenses are nothing compared to the cost of labor if the car goes to the garage. Especially since the products used by professionals are often too expensive.

A lasting investment for your car's maintenance

No car is safe from small accidents causing these more or less serious scratches. This means that you may have to buy several of these products throughout the use of the car. To compensate for this, you can find a model with a sufficient quantity that offers more than one application. But don't sacrifice quality, because a mediocre product never lasts long and you risk having to repeat the maintenance.

Safer and more effective than other products

There is a phenomenal amount of advice and products on the internet to use in the event of a problem with the bodywork. Between cigarette ash, toothpaste, polish, garage polishing, clay stone, we don't really know which method is effective. Some are not reliable enough, others require tedious preparation and others are very expensive. That's where the car scratch remover comes in. It's not only proven, it's affordable for everyone.

Easy to use

These products are very easy to use. The only time-consuming step is washing the car so that the surface is ready for the scratch remover. The shape you choose has no impact on this, although some models are more complex and require more technical knowledge. The application itself remains easy.

The best brands of car scratch remover

In our opinion, the best brands of car scratch remover in 2022 are :

Veslee France

Quixx has been distributing car care products for years. It is constantly improving their composition to meet the demands of motorists, garages and body shops. Quixx's offerings are a safe choice for professionals and individuals.

Maddox is a very popular brand of car scratch remover. Its premium quality products are among the best and most effective. The GS27 logo can be found on car and motorcycle maintenance products. With the numerous certifications to its credit, it meets all demands and continuously brings new technologies providing users with revolutionary and efficient techniques. At the same time, this brand adopts eco-friendly production processes.

A most versatile brand, it can be found in the jewelry sector as well as in the car care products market. In addition to car scratch removers, it offers quality accessories for easy application.

Among the manufacturers of products aimed at beautifying and maintaining the car body, Veslee France is among the most notable. It manufactures polish, car waxes, engine cleaners and car scratch removers. The company's reputation comes from the effectiveness of its powerful components.

What is the price car scratch remover

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 27 £
more than 27 £
Price range diagram


A diagnosis is sometimes necessary

The severity of the scratch on your bodywork sometimes requires the use of a professional. There are cases that can only be resolved with a longer process. If you are not sure, it is best to ask your mechanic for a diagnosis. If the damage can be repaired by yourself, then so much the better. Otherwise, the diagnosis would have saved you a lot of money.

Refer to the usage advice to avoid causing further damage

Inform yourself about all the specifics of the product before you use it. Ask the dealer or read the user's manual. In any case, every scratch remover has its advantages, limitations and disadvantages.

"Traditional" methods don't work on larger scratches

There are some fairly simple, everyday products that can help you remove small scratches on your car. On the other hand, you should not use them if it is a more important damage.

You need to know how to call in a professional when necessary

At the slightest doubt about the use of a product you have never heard of, do not hesitate to contact your garage owner. He or she may be able to guide you on its application and even body treatment. If it comes to that, the problem is on another level.

Find the right cloth to apply car scratch remover

A dirty cloth will leave other unsightly marks. So use a clean, soft, microfiber cloth. The cloth must be dry in addition to these characteristics.


How to remove scratches on a car?

To make your car's exterior look like new, start by determining the nature of the scratch. If it's a light scratch, you can use products like toothpaste or clay stone. However, they are not as effective as a good scratch remover. Besides, even this one is no match for extremely pronounced marks.

What techniques to get rid of a scratch on the rims?

Some scratches on rims are indelible. Therefore, you're going to have a hard time removing them with car scratch removers. Instead, use a sanding paper before applying a polish. The polish will hide the marks left by the polishing. While you are scrubbing the body surface, the paper should be moistened with cold water to minimize the marks.

What scratch remover for the windshield?

Like rims, the windshield is quite fragile and needs a special tool. However, a toothpaste is sufficient if the trace is minimal. Car scratch removers rarely give a satisfactory result. Sometimes, the only solution is to replace the glass. There are two types of polish: the classic polish and the scratch remover polish. The latter is on the same level as the other scratch remover products. It is effective, even more effective, on stubborn marks. Nevertheless, it is better to prefer a cheaper product if the mark is easy to remove. You will be able to save a few euros.

Is polish effective to remove body scratches?


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GS27 - Universal Scratch Eraser Kit 9
GS27 - Universal Scratch Eraser Kit
Decauto - Blue car stripe remover 10
Decauto - Blue car stripe remover
Meguiar's - Quick 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover Kit 11
Meguiar's - Quick 3-in-1 Car Scratch Remover Kit
Meguiar's G10307EU - Car Scratch Remover 12
Meguiar's G10307EU - Car Scratch Remover


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