The best camping mat in the UK 2023

Do you ever engage in outdoor activities like camping or hiking? If so, you will need a camping mattress. Lightweight and compact, this type of mattress comes in several variations. In our tests, we particularly liked the Forceatt Self-Inflating. Low weight, price and comfort, no other model can compete with this camping mattress.

Forceatt Auto-Gonflable 1

Best value for money

Forceatt Auto-Gonflable

The best camping mattress in 2021

Available in 2 versions 190 or 200 cm, the Forceatt Auto-Inflatable has been designed for one person. Its thickness varies between 5.1 and 8.1 cm so that you can adapt your choice according to your comfort needs.

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The Self-Inflating Forceatt is for those who love hiking, trekking or camping. It is offered in 2 lengths, 190 and 200 cm, and in 2 thicknesses (5 to 8 cm). Lightweight, the self-inflating mattress weighs only 2 kg. You will be surprised by its durability and the speed at which it sets up.

In addition, the Self-Inflating Forceatt is equipped with a fast flow valve in ABS allowing to blow the right amount of air depending on the desired firmness. You will enjoy a restful sleep thanks to the relatively soft stretch fabric surface of this model. Resistant, it will be only comfortable.

Deeplee Ultraléger 2

Best value for money

Deeplee Ultraléger

The best entry-level camping mattress

With a thickness of 5.5 cm, the Deeplee Ultralight sleeping mat also has a pillow. It takes up very little space when rolled up. The whole thing weighs only 545 g.

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The Deeplee Ultralight is only 545 grams in weight despite the presence of a pillow. Made of 40D nylon, this camping mattress is also sturdy. It takes only 60 seconds to inflate and set up. To do this, simply blow into it or use an air pump. It is also very easy to transport and fold, or rather roll up.

The Deeplee Ultralight mattress will suit people who want to move around without too much luggage during outdoor escapades. Folded and stored in its cover, the camping equipment measures only 25 x 8 cm, the size of a 250 L bottle! Finally, you should know that this model is available in 4 different colors.

Billion Tri-Fold 3

Best premium value for money

Billion Tri-Fold

The best high-end camping mattress

The Milliard Tri-Fold can be used as an extra sofa when folded and is divided into 3 parts. Its thickness is much greater than other models. It's like bringing your bed to the campsite.

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Do you dream of having the same level of comfort at home as you do when camping or hiking? Then we recommend the Milliard Tri-Fold mattress. Made of jacquard foam with a non-slip bottom, it is easy to unfold. Note that this model can also be used as an extra sofa in the tent, in the camper or even at home.

As a foam mattress, the Milliard Tri-Fold is thick and super comfortable. It can be used for therapeutic purposes, as it will relieve and support your back. In addition, the air circulation will only be accentuated. The Milliard Tri-Fold measures 190 x 135 x 10 cm and can accommodate 1 to 2 people.

Coleman Comfort Bed 4


Coleman Comfort Bed

The best inflatable camping mattress

Looking for an inflatable camping mattress? The Coleman Comfort Bed can accommodate up to 2 people. It will be perfect for tents and caravans. You can also use it at home.

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Whether you use a hand pump or an electric pump, the Coleman Comfort Bed inflates and deflates easily. A repair kit is included with the product. If you're going camping, hiking or trekking, this mattress is the right equipment for you.

Coleman's own waterproof system ensures the reliability of this air mattress. Equipped with a double safety valve, it will give you a good night's sleep. Note that the Coleman Comfort Bed has 28 coils for a firm sleep. The sleeping surface has a comfortable flocking and resists well to perforations.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best camping mat

Any specific needs?

The best camping mattress in 2021

The best entry-level camping mattress

The best high-end camping mattress

The best inflatable camping mattress

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Comparison table of the best camping mat

Forceatt Auto-Gonflable 5
Deeplee Ultraléger 6
Billion Tri-Fold 7
Coleman Comfort Bed 8
Forceatt Auto-Gonflable
Deeplee Ultraléger
Billion Tri-Fold
Coleman Comfort Bed
Available in 2 versions 190 or 200 cm, the Forceatt Auto-Inflatable has been designed for one person. Its thickness varies between 5.1 and 8.1 cm so that you can adapt your choice according to your comfort needs.
With a thickness of 5.5 cm, the Deeplee Ultralight sleeping mat also has a pillow. It takes up very little space when rolled up. The whole thing weighs only 545 g.
The Milliard Tri-Fold can be used as an extra sofa when folded and is divided into 3 parts. Its thickness is much greater than other models. It's like bringing your bed to the campsite.
Looking for an inflatable camping mattress? The Coleman Comfort Bed can accommodate up to 2 people. It will be perfect for tents and caravans. You can also use it at home.
Supports up to 120+ kg maximum load
Lightweight and comfortable
Made of high-density memory foam
Quality of construction
Practical and compact
Quick inflation and deflation
Removable cover for easy cleaning
Ultra soft touch and comfortable surface
Good cold insulation
Easy to clean
Highly satisfactory thickness
Low bulk when folded

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Buying guide - camping mat

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How to choose your camping mat

Your camping mattress should provide good comfort while protecting you from the cold. It should also be small and light enough to hold up well. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing the right camping mattress for your needs.

#1 - The weight

You need to pay special attention to the weight of your camping mattress, because other items will fill your backpack. It should be as light as possible. Inflatable camping mats and honeycomb foam models are generally light. There are even ultralight air mattresses. Self-inflating camping mats, on the other hand, are heavier. Remember to choose a model whose dimensions match your height to avoid unnecessary extra weight.

#2 - Type of use

The use you will make of your camping mattress is another determining factor. If you are going camping with several people and carrying your gear is not a problem, a self-inflating mattress is recommended for its great comfort. If you go camping or hiking on a regular basis, choose an inflatable or self-inflating model. Finally, if you do occasional camping, are adept at trekking or travel long distances, a foam model is ideal.

#3 - Insulation

Beyond comfort, you should also pay special attention to the insulation of your camping mattress, as its second function is to protect you from the cold. Depending on the region or altitude, temperatures can drop very low during the night, which is why it's important to make sure your camping mattress has enough insulation. The first thing you need to do is to try to find out the R-value which is the thermal insulation index of a camping mattress. There are mainly three-season mattresses, four-season mattresses, and winter mattresses which are the most insulating.

Do not confuse thickness with comfort

A thick camping mattress does not necessarily offer better comfort. On the contrary, some overly thick inflatable models present discomfort because of the bloated feel.

#4 - The comfort


sleeping comfort is often put on the back burner when it comes to backpacking, it is still crucial to be able to sleep well at night to recover strength. For camping vacation enthusiasts, comfort even becomes an imperative. This is why it is one of the main criteria for choosing a camping mattress. If the foam camping mattress is comfortable enough on flat ground

, the self-inflating mattress is the champion in this field. Its structure is made of open-cell foam that fills with air when unfolded. This foam is enveloped by a waterproof membrane, which reinforces the resistance and improves the comfort of the mattress even on a floor characterized by strong irregularities.

#5 - The dimensions

For a minimum of comfort while you sleep, your camping mattress should be able to support your shoulders, head and hips at the same time. In this case, you can opt for a short or 3/4 size camping mattress, which is about 120 cm long. If you want to sleep more comfortably and also provide support for your legs and feet, opt for a standard model that is around 180 cm long. The width will depend on your height and the way you sleep. If you often turn over, it is best to choose a width between 60 and 75 cm. Generally speaking, the longer the camping mattress, the wider it is.

"In weightlessness, a bed without a mattress is even more comfortable than the softest diaper on Earth." - From Arthur Charles Clarke - "2001-3001, A Space Odyssey"

How to use your air camping mattress properly?

If you use an air camping mattress, you must inflate it beforehand either with a manual pump or with a pump bag. Remember to avoid over-inflation, which can reduce comfort and even damage your air mattress prematurely. To be safe, stand on the mattress. If you feel the floor at any point, you've reached the right pressure for optimal sleeping comfort. This is because the air is distributed over the entire surface of the mattress when you lie down.

If you've chosen a self-inflating mattress, you don't need to inflate it. As the name implies, a self-inflating camping mattress inflates itself. All you have to do is open the valve, and the cells fill with air automatically. You then close the valve.

When setting up your inflatable or self-inflating camping mat, make sure there are no thorny plants, rocks or small sharp branches that could puncture the mat. If you stay in one place for more than one night, remember not to deflate your air mattress. Simply store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

The different types of camping mat

Just like the classic mattress, there are also several types of camping mattress models. Currently, there are 4 main categories, including the foam mattress, the air mattress or inflatable, the self-inflating mattress and the folding mattress. Let's discover the particularities of each model.

Foam camping mattress or ground sheet

The floor mat or foam camping mat provides maximum comfort to its user due to the quality of its design

. They are available in all price ranges, making it easy to find the right one for you. While some models can be rolled up and easily hung over a hiking bag, others can be folded up according to the number of pieces that make it up.

In general, it is quite light and can be carried in the easiest way. Recently, the manufacturers of this type of camping mat have had the idea of designing more efficient floor mats. These now have a foam reinforcement as well as an air inflation system offering the possibility to increase the thickness of the equipment.

Air camping mattress


air camping mattress is an ordinary type of air mattress. It is the most well known of the moment. It is distinguished by the presence of its rubber cover and rather comfortable cover. Even if you move around a lot during the night, no noise will be heard.

From an interior composed only of air

, you will have the sensation of sleeping like on a ball. The biggest disadvantage of this type of model is that you need an inflator to make it work. In addition, it is often prone to punctures.

Self-inflating camping mattress


works in much the same way as the air mattress. The only difference is that the self-inflating mattress incorporates an inflation system

. Just like the previous type of model, this one will be reinforced with several layers of foam.

The comfort will be only better in spite of the possible punctures. A little cumbersome, it remains nevertheless more practical. Also, the self-inflating camping mattress is relatively expensive compared to an air model.

Foldable camping mattress

Last but not least, the folding camping mattress is, as its name suggests, intended to be folded when not in use. It is a type of foam mattress that splits into 2, 3 or 4 equal and foldable parts. It can be used as a sofa when folded.

Generally, the folding mattress is used in motorhomes, caravans or bedrooms to serve as an extra mattress for guests. So if you want to buy a mattress that can be converted into a sofa bed, we recommend this model.

Camping mattress or sleeping bag?

Camping mattress

Having a good night's sleep allows you to tackle tomorrow's day in a good mood. In this case, you need to know how to choose your camping mattress. Ground sheet, pneumatic, self-inflating... in short, the choice is vast. This type of sleeping bag is highly appreciated for its excellent comfort and insulation. Quite light, it was conceived with the aim of making your journeys more pleasant.

The camping mattress can be installed in a tent so that you can sleep higher up. Some models require the use of an air pump while others fold and unfold easily. It is important to note that the materials used in the manufacture of such equipment are, as a rule, of high quality. Thus, each camping mattress will make you benefit from its resistance and its efficiency at all times.

Sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is very versatile. It can be used for hiking, camping or simply at home. This equipment is ideal for those who want to enjoy maximum comfort and an ultra-light model. There are several models of sleeping bags, including the sarcophagus, the blanket bag and the sleeping bag...

The choice of your sleeping bag must be made according to your autonomy, the season, but also the place where you will camp. Some models, often equipped with an anti-cold hood, can withstand extreme temperatures of up to -28°C while providing excellent thermal insulation. Others, more compressible, are incredibly light and suitable for use in the summer.


Of course, the sleeping bag and the camping mattress are two different pieces of equipment. However, they can also be complementary. These essential items for an outdoor trip offer you both greater comfort and more or less thermal insulation depending on the model chosen and the outside temperature.

Rather than choosing one or the other, you could opt for a sleeping bag with a built-in mattress. While the sleeping bag will give you the benefit of its thermal insulation capacity, the camping mattress will increase your comfort level.

Why buy a camping mattress?

To sleep well

A good camping mattress must allow you to sleep well at night, an essential condition for a good start the next day.

To travel light

For leisure camping, you need to limit the weight of your equipment so that you don't get unnecessarily tired during your walk and slow yourself down. This is why your camping mattress must be well chosen according to your type of activity and the way you carry your equipment.

Being able to reuse your camping mat

If you are avid hikers or trekkers, it is more desirable to choose a ground mattress that lasts a long time. This way, you avoid having to buy one several times in a year.

For functionality

Your camping mattress should be able to serve as a sleeping mat, but also allow you to rest for a few moments during your journey. It is a precious ally for your well-being.

A wide variety of models

The camping mattress is available in various versions that could adapt to all needs. In addition to the ground sheet, which is the least thick, you can also choose between the air camping mattress (whose firmness can be adjusted according to your wishes), the self-inflating mattress and the folding mattress (which can be used in other situations).

The best brands of camping mat

In our opinion, the best brands of camping mat in 2022 are :


Unigear is an American outdoor gear manufacturer founded in 2014. The Unigear brand aims to provide the best possible comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. Unigear products are made with the highest quality standards while being environmentally friendly.

Founded in Ireland in the early 1970s, Therm-a-rest is now one of the leading manufacturers of camping and outdoor equipment. Its camping mats are distinguished by their innovation and great comfort. Many Thermarest models are among the best camping mats.

Keenflex is a British outdoor brand founded by a family with a passion for sport and outdoor activity. The constant search for quality at the right price has led the family to create their own products. KeenFlex camping mats are renowned for their quality.

The French trekking equipment brand Quechua, called the mountain brand, was founded in 1997 near Mont Blanc. It has expanded its product range to include camping equipment. Quechua camping mattresses are products to consider if you are looking for quality.

Bestway is a Chinese brand specialized in inflatable equipment for outdoor activities. Founded in 1994 in Shanghai, the brand is present in many countries. Bestway camping mats meet the same quality standards as their European and American counterparts.

What is the price camping mat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Secure your campsite and check your sleeping area.

Once you have found a reasonably dry, flat area protected from the elements, make sure there are no sharp rocks or branches that could puncture your tent or sleeping pad.

Bring a patch kit.


you use an air mattress or self-inflating mattress, always bring a repair kit with your camping supplies. You'll be glad you have it in case of a tear or puncture.

Consider a textured stamp.


you're a restless sleeper, choose a camping mattress with a textured or brushed fabric surface. The texture makes it harder to slip and can also help keep your sleeping bag in place.

Take care of your mattress when you are not using it.


cleaning and airing out your camping mattress, roll it up loosely and store it in a place where it won't be exposed to direct sunlight. Never store a sleeping pad when it is inflated. It's more susceptible to damage that way.

Clean your sleeping mat.


clean a sleeping pad, wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild soap. Avoid getting water in the flap valves. Never machine dry a sleeping pad. Let it air dry before storing it.


What is the best camping mattress?

The best camping mattress depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to inflate a camping mattress?

Some inflatable camping mats come with a special hand pump or pump bag. Others have a built-in pump that can be pressed down with your foot or hand. Non-insulated mattresses can be inflated by mouth, as they do not contain materials that can retain moisture.

What is the ideal inflation pressure?

The correct inflation pressure with a hand pump should be between 0.3 and 0.5 PSI.

Can I use my camping mattress in the fall or winter?

If the R-value of your camping mattress is less than 4, it means that you cannot use it in winter. Choose a model with an R-value between 4 and 6 for your winter escapades.

How to clean a foam camping mattress?

Use a mixture of 3/4 hot water to 1/4 white vinegar to clean your foam camping mattress. To proceed, simply wet a cloth with the product, then dab it on the stains to be removed. You can also use a sprayer.


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