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The garter belt is a feminine undergarment of the corset type. It combines in one piece the bustier and the garter belt, allowing to shape the silhouette by refining it and giving it the appearance of a wasp waist, hence the name. To spice up the lovemaking and the couple's life, this piece of lingerie remains a safe bet. But which one to choose? Save time in your research by reading this guide.

Sexy vintage lace bustier - Kuose 1

Editor's Choice

Sexy vintage lace bustier - Kuose

The best bustier in 2021

Become a dominating mistress and all things sexy and sensual with this black basque by Kuose. Its vintage look and its ability to enhance your curves make it a must-have.

10,60 £ on Amazon

This black lace bustier will be perfect to enhance your body. This sexy and vintage model will redefine the meaning of the word seduction within your couple. Available in 9 sizes, it is an underbust model, suitable for all body types. Moreover, its slim profile will help to refine your silhouette to give you a wasp waist, no matter what your body type. Note that this piece of lingerie is made with 18% polyamide and 82% elastane. It is recommended to do only dry cleaning. As a closure, it has a lace, a loop and a hook. Everything about this garter breathes sensuality.

Red wine lace bustier - Twifer 2


Red wine lace bustier - Twifer

The best entry-level bustier

It is a sexy garter with a push-up bra to highlight your breasts. There is no warmer and more attractive way to attract your man and enhance your dates.

3 £ on Amazon

This bustier has a V-cut and it has lace edges. This is one of the reasons why it makes you look sexier. To give you more confidence in your beauty without breaking the bank, this is the best option. It is made of quality material like satin and lace. This garter is a good option to catch your partner's eye. Thus, you will become a formidable seductress. In the back, there is a crossed ribbon that makes it very attractive. Indeed, it is a real sexual material that can lead to an erotic attraction. It is very comfortable and it is very smooth to touch. It is made with satin and lace.

Black lace bustier - Aubade 3

Best high-end

Black lace bustier - Aubade

The best high-end bustier

This Aubade bustier is a reference in the high-end segment. It will make you feel beautiful and desired while being comfortable and well your skin. In addition, the black color and patterns are very sexy.

104 £ on Amazon

Lesson #5: Feign indifference. Aubade has long been known for its advertising campaigns that have been successful with women and the quality of the lingerie it produces. What could be more normal then to see the French brand mentioned in this comparison? In addition, the bustier presented here is irresistibly sexy. Beyond sublimating an outfit, it will exacerbate the desire of your partner! In addition to the black color, this model also exists in red. The fabric made of polyamide, polyester and elastane stands out for its softness and lightness on the skin. The set is easy to wear and remove, even for novices. Moreover, the floral lace is flexible.

Red lace bustier - Evelife 4


Red lace bustier - Evelife

A bustier to wear for any occasion

Available in 5 colors, the Evelife garter will be useful on different occasions, whether it is for the wedding night, an anniversary or to spice up your naughty parties!

13,59 £ on Amazon

The Evelife garter is for women who want to be sexy dressed in red. It has an irresistible glamorous side, with a very pronounced neckline. The lace cups are very soft. On that, the floral laces are also very comfortable, because stretchy. Also available in black, white, blue and purple, the Evelife basque will be perfect to stimulate the partner before the lovemaking. For a wedding night, Valentine's Day or simply a naughty evening, it will make an impact. Its design with hook and loop closure makes it easy to put on and take off. In addition, the lace panty is very cute and it enhances the curves. It is made of good quality polyester and cotton.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bustier

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The best bustier in 2021

The best entry-level bustier

The best high-end bustier

A bustier to wear for any occasion

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Comparison table of the best baskets

Sexy vintage lace bustier - Kuose 5
Red wine lace bustier - Twifer 6
Black lace bustier - Aubade 7
Red lace bustier - Evelife 8
Sexy vintage lace bustier - Kuose
Red wine lace bustier - Twifer
Black lace bustier - Aubade
Red lace bustier - Evelife
Become a dominating mistress and all things sexy and sensual with this black basque by Kuose. Its vintage look and its ability to enhance your curves make it a must-have.
It is a sexy garter with a push-up bra to highlight your breasts. There is no warmer and more attractive way to attract your man and enhance your dates.
This Aubade bustier is a reference in the high-end segment. It will make you feel beautiful and desired while being comfortable and well your skin. In addition, the black color and patterns are very sexy.
Available in 5 colors, the Evelife garter will be useful on different occasions, whether it is for the wedding night, an anniversary or to spice up your naughty parties!
Slip on and off
Material of construction
Polyamide and elastane
Polyurethane, polyamides and elastane
Polyester and cotton
Colors available
Black, red wine, purple
Black and red
White, blue, black, red, purple
Sizes available
Comfort of wear

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How to choose your bustier

There are several types of basques on the market, whether in terms of the material used to make them, the size or the style of cut. But everyone can find something that suits them, as long as they take into account the following criteria:

#1 - Your hip size

The hip size is the first criterion to consider if you want a garter that highlights you. In general, we find models ranging from size XXXS to XXL. In number, the size 42 corresponds to the size L. To know the size which corresponds to you, it is necessary to measure your turn of hip. To do this, you must measure the widest contour. Thus, we refer to the size in number and in letter. For example, a hip size of 95 and 100 cm corresponds to size 42/L.

#2 - Your bust size

The guêpières are mostly breast enhancers. Most of the time, they have a size corresponding to that of the bra. Thus, it is formed by a number and a letter such as 95 D. In this, the number before the letter indicates the circumference of the underside of your chest. For example, the number 95 indicates a circumference of 78 to 82 cm. In addition, the letter indicates the depth of the cup. For example, a D cup is equivalent to a depth of 19 cm.

#3 - The comfort of wearing it

Comfort is also an important element in choosing the best bustier. Of course, all women recognize that comfort is not always at hand when it comes to sexy underwear. However, you need to feel good to offer the maximum during the lovemaking. So, if you plan to use on the go with it, go for models with less boning. Otherwise, you can wear basques that enhance your chest tremendously. Also consider the slip-on and slip-off system.

#4 - The effect of the garter on the silhouette

You wear a basque because you want to be desired. Thus, it is very important to take into account the image sent by the lingerie. Already, if you have a beautiful chest, most of the models will fit you perfectly. On the other hand, if you have a rather large chest and waist, you should prefer models that give a more defined silhouette. There are models with size control, capable of slimming the silhouette. But beware, you may feel cramped if you are corpulent!

#5 - The color

If your partner prefers a particular color, favor that color. If it is not yet the case, you can choose the colors universally known to be sexy as black and red. Black is especially appropriate if you have a large waist. On the other hand, colors that illuminate the skin always produce better effects. Those who have a white complexion can put on pastel colored basques and those who have a matte complexion can put on brightly colored basques.

How to wear a bustier?

In general, we wear a bustier when we want to seduce or create an even more intense sensation during intimate moments. Indeed, a bustier embodies an absolute charm, but everything lies in the right choice if you really want to be sexy in it. To do this, you need to consider the size of the cups, the fabric and color that suits you, the accessories as well as the closures.

The support of the bra must be optimal so that it is more comfortable. This is the most important thing, you must be able to do all the movements without any discomfort. In addition, you can accessorize your outfit with a necklace, bracelets, gloves ...

On the market, you can find basques of all fabrics: cotton, leather, lace, velvet, denim, urethane or PVC and oilcloth. Thus, you will have ample choice to be at the top in the fabric and model that you find attractive.

The different types of baskets

Underbust corset

In French, this expression can be translated as corset under the chest. Thus, as its name indicates, such a corset is just under the chest, so there is no support. We wear the underwear as underwear. It serves to reduce the size.

If you have an underbust corset, you need to wear a support bra. It will greatly reduce your waist to give you a dream figure, you will have an hourglass shape in it. It also helps to have a good posture and it provides support to the back. The corset under the chest is very comfortable. The advantage is that it is very versatile, it suits almost every body type.

Overbust corset

The overbust is a classic style basque. It covers the bust that will end just above the hips. It perfectly reduces the waist while lifting the chest. This type of bustier also offers extraordinary support for the back.

The most amazing thing is that you can wear the overbust alone because of its versatility. You will have an hourglass figure in it. The overbust is more suitable for all body types, whether you are thin or tall. The most amazing thing is that you can wear an overbust under or over clothing, including pants and skinny jeans.

Waspie corset

A waspie is basically a classic basque, but with a shorter corset. It also has a wider waistband. The waspie around the torso will pull the waist. These models are also known to train the waist. It generously reduces the waistline so that you look slimmer.

The waspie is mostly worn under clothes. It is intended for the torrid moments to share in love. The waspies are very sexy, whatever your morphology. So, if you want to excite your partner, there is no better. You just have to choose the right color, which he likes or which will highlight you the most.

Bustier or garter belt?


The guêpière is an accessory for women who love sensuality and who like to feel desired. There are several types of basque, from the simplest to the most daring. It supports the chest and refines the waist. Thus, the guêpière will enhance your line. The main feature is that it has suspenders with integrated straps. Note that a garter is very easy to put on and take off. You have to put the clips in front and start from the top. Afterwards, you need to reposition the front and put on the straps. As a garter belt also contains a garter belt, you can keep it on during your lovemaking.

Suspender belt

The garter belt is also a feminine underwear, but it is placed rather on the waist. Thus hangs the bottom of the seam. The garter belt is always made with light fabrics and it has the particularity of sheathing the body to have a sublime silhouette. Very elegant, this piece of lingerie remains a weapon of seduction for women. There are different models on the market, you can choose the one that suits you according to the quality and price. You can wear a garter belt without any problem all day long. Impossible to detect it unless you see what is under your skirt or dress.


The choice will have to depend on the moment during which you intend to use it. Indeed, to spend naughty nights with your partner, you should prefer the garter belt. It is both equipped with a corset and a garter belt, everything to make you desire. However, a garter belt is suitable if you already have a gorgeous top.

Why buy a guêpière?

It is a seductive asset

Many women do not have enough confidence in themselves to be desired. A bustier is the major tool of seduction. It will give you more confidence and you will not have any more difficulties to show your body. Indeed, it enhances the body by shaping the silhouette. So, if you want to amaze your man, it is the major tool.

It gives more value to the silhouette

A garter is a naughty lingerie, which is far from being vulgar. It is elegant and is always created with subtle and very sought after designs. They are particularly studied to highlight your body. In addition, the colors of its underwear always offer a sensual side.

It gives self-confidence

As the guêpières are made especially to raise the chest and refine the size. So, whether you are small or with a bit of shape, you will be perfect in a guêpière. Any woman is always sexy in these outfits. That's why it gives more confidence.

It allows to play the women femme fatale

Suspender belts are perfect accessories to enhance the charms. If you want to be a femme fatale, suspenders will give you more effect. If you are in love, it is always reassuring to wear a sexy outfit every day. As a material, they are made with laces that give more pep to your body.

It remains a comfortable outfit

On the market, the garter belts are always made with good quality materials. They are very pleasant to wear and very comfortable. Most of the time, a bustier is made with nylon or cotton fabrics and lace. You can choose the material you want according to your allergy.

The best brands of baskets

In our opinion, the best brands of baskets in 2022 are :

Lise Charmel

Kuosa is a very popular brand of women's lingerie. In addition, it always offers a very good value for money.

EUCoo is a brand that has been selling basques and lingerie for a very long time. If you have a small budget, favor the models of this brand.

The Selente brand embodies both refinement and chic. Moreover, it offers high quality products, basques to turn you into boxes of desire.

The Antigel brand has been satisfying its customers for several years. You will have a spontaneous label, with minimalist or eccentric designs of basques.

Lise Charmel was created in 1950. It puts forward the well-being of the woman to be comfortable to wear while being a weapon of seduction.

What is the price for a bustier

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

0.25 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


Easily remove the bustier

Most basques are closed with clips or laces in the back. To easily remove the bras, you have to put the closing points in front. Afterwards, you have to remove it gently so as not to break it. You should also remove the straps first.

Don't get the color wrong!!!

It is important to choose a color that matches your skin to take out the sexy touch. There are many choices on the market, but most are in red and black. This is mainly because they are very sexy colors that suit almost all skin types.

Learn how to wash the bustier well

When washing a garter, you should not mix it with other clothes. Also, make sure that the model you buy is compatible with machine washing, hot or cold to keep the quality of the fabric. Lace basques are the most fragile.

Store your lingerie pieces well

Lace basques are quite fragile lingerie, so, you have to pamper them so that they do not get damaged quickly. Thus, it should be filed in the lingerie dressing room with a drawer in particular to take care of it. You can also put them on a closet or in a lingerie box.

Pack your bustier well

Shell bras and padded bras affixed to basque are very fragile. You have to be careful not to distort them when you pack it. When it comes to packaging, you can take simple cloth or tissue paper. In this way, you would protect them from the agents that can destroy them very quickly and alter the fabric.


How to wear a guêpière ?

There are different ways to wear a guêpière, and it mostly depends on the occasion and the model you are going to wear. You can use them as underwear and put it under a wool cardigan or a blazer. You can also put a guêpière with a lace bustier, a satin camisole or a low cut bodysuit.

What to wear a guêpière with ?

It obviously depends on the type of guêpière you are going to wear. Indeed, if you intend to wear a corset underbust, you should always wear it at night and not in public. On the other hand, if you have rather an overbust or a waspie, you put it underneath your clothes during the whole day.

How to wear a lace guêpière ?

If you choose well your lace waspie, you will be undoubtedly a femme fatale. Already, you have to choose your guêpière according to your morphology, its color..., but a lace model will highlight you, no matter how you would wear it. A black or red lace guêpière looks great with sexy thigh-high boots if you want to maximize the mood.

How to choose a guêpière size ?

To choose the size of your guêpière, you should start by taking your measurements with a simple tape measure. During this, the tape in question should be horizontal and you should neither inflate nor tighten your chest or belly to get the right size. You can also refer to your bra size.


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Our selection
Sexy vintage lace bustier - Kuose 9
Sexy vintage lace bustier - Kuose
Red wine lace bustier - Twifer 10
Red wine lace bustier - Twifer
Black lace bustier - Aubade 11
Black lace bustier - Aubade
Red lace bustier - Evelife 12
Red lace bustier - Evelife


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