The best bunk beds in the UK 2023

More play space and openness in the kids' room? Didn't the idea of buying a bunk bed occur to you? Since the two beds are connected vertically, the space occupied by two beds becomes equivalent to the space occupied by one bed. However, choosing the right one is not easy. Check out this comparison guide of the best bunk beds and discover our top 4!

LUPY white and oak imitation bunk bed 1

Best value for money

LUPY white and oak imitation bunk bed

The best bunk bed

Two beds, two drawers, a niche and a 2-door wardrobe: that's what you get in one purchase with this bunk bed suitable for young and old.

440 £ on But

Independence and intimacy are the key words of this LUPY bunk bed which has everything to please. Indeed, the two sleeping spaces, each with dimensions of 90 x 190 cm, are arranged in a parallel way, but offset. In addition, the manufacturer has bet on a neutral and modern tone so that the bed fits all styles and satisfies its occupants.

This bunk bed designed in particle board emphasizes its practicality and functionality. It has two large drawers that fit under the top bunk, a two-door closet and a niche to hold some decorative items. As for safety, this bunk bed comes with a ladder with flat steps, while the overhead bed is secured by a non-open-ended horizontal guardrail.

COSY FURNITURE 3 person metal bunk bed 2

Best value for money

COSY FURNITURE 3 person metal bunk bed

The best entry-level bunk bed

This inexpensive bunk bed has many advantages: an infallible metal structure, a composition of double and single bed, without forgetting the maximum safety offered by its rounded edges!

264 £ on But

This 3-seater bunk bed exudes solidity and reliability thanks to its silver metal structure. The bottom bed is a double bed with a sleeping surface of 140 x 190 cm. The one above has the same length, but with a width of 90 cm. Rounded and openworked anti-fall edges protect the occupant of this one.

Easy to assemble, this bunk bed is best placed near a wall. The manufacturer recommends the use of mattresses whose thickness does not exceed 16 cm in order to respect the required spacing between the beds, and between the top bed and the ceiling. Even if it is a cheap bunk bed, everything suggests that it has something to satisfy.

FEELHARMONIE Aaron separable bunk bed pack 3

Best high end

FEELHARMONIE Aaron separable bunk bed pack

The best high-end bunk bed

Fall in love with this separable bunk bed and don't buy any more beds when your children have their own rooms. Plus, the mattresses are already included in the set.

616 £ on But

This separable bunk bed fully deserves its high-end qualification. First of all, it is a bed made entirely of solid wood, pine to be more precise. Its structure is painted with water-based paint that complies with the 71-3 standard, which guarantees the absence of harmful emissions.

Each bed is equipped with a 12-slat wooden base that can support up to 90 kg, and a high-density foam mattress of 20 kg/m3 and 13 cm thickness. The top bed is protected by a horizontal barrier and the ladder can be placed on both sides of the structure. Note that this model can be transformed into two single beds or into a single bed and a bench bed.

VIPACK Lit superposé Oscar 4

Best original design

VIPACK Lit superposé Oscar

The bunk bed with the original design

The singular charm of this bunk bed is its original design which constitutes its singularity. It is nonetheless a comfortable, durable and solid bed.

329 £ on But
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bunk bed

Any specific needs?

The best bunk bed

The best entry-level bunk bed

The best high-end bunk bed

The bunk bed with the original design

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Comparison table of the best bunk beds

TOP OF THE TOP LOW COST Original choice
LUPY white and oak imitation bunk bed 5
COSY FURNITURE 3 person metal bunk bed 6
FEELHARMONIE Aaron separable bunk bed pack 7
VIPACK Lit superposé Oscar 8
LUPY white and oak imitation bunk bed
COSY FURNITURE 3 person metal bunk bed
FEELHARMONIE Aaron separable bunk bed pack
VIPACK Lit superposé Oscar
Two beds, two drawers, a niche and a 2-door wardrobe: that's what you get in one purchase with this bunk bed suitable for young and old.
This inexpensive bunk bed has many advantages: an infallible metal structure, a composition of double and single bed, without forgetting the maximum safety offered by its rounded edges!
Fall in love with this separable bunk bed and don't buy any more beds when your children have their own rooms. Plus, the mattresses are already included in the set.
The singular charm of this bunk bed is its original design which constitutes its singularity. It is nonetheless a comfortable, durable and solid bed.
Solid wood
Total dimensions
114 x 284 x 150 cm
144 x 200 x 105.5 cm
105 x 198 x 165 cm
104 x 205 x 166 cm
Sleeping surface
90 x 190 cm each
140 x 190 cm and 90 x 190 cm
90x 190 cm each
90 x 200 cm each
Horizontal barrier
Round fall-proof edges
Horizontal barrier
Rounded edges
Classic bunk bed with storage
3-seater bunk bed 2+1
Dissociable bunk bed
Classic bunk bed

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Buying guide - bunk bed

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How to choose your bunk bed

It is not advisable to choose the first bunk bed you come across. You should observe a few criteria before making your choice.

#1 - The material

The material remains a determining factor in the strength, durability and design of a bunk bed. Like all interior furniture of the moment, you will find it in wood, melamine or metal.

  • If many prefer to bet on wooden bunk beds, it is because they remain safe values. Wood is a sturdy material that is made to last, it is easy to maintain, not to mention that it is environmentally friendly.
  • Melamine (MDF wood or particle board) is more common in bunk beds for children. In addition to having a great aesthetic advantage, it is a light material that can support the weight of children very well.
  • Metal remains the preferred choice for those who move around a lot. In addition, it has no equal in bringing a vintage and baroque atmosphere to a room.

#2 - The dimensions

When choosing the dimensions of a bunk bed, you should pay particular attention to two elements:

  • The height of the bunk bed, because it is the compatibility of the model with the height under the ceiling of the bedroom;
  • The size of the bed, which must be adapted to the size and age of the future occupants of the bed.

#3 - The space between the beds

The standards require a minimum distance of 60 cm between the top of the mattress of the lower bed and the box spring of the upper bed and the same distance between the upper bed and the ceiling. Note, however, that if you turn to an adult bunk bed, the 60 cm space is not enough to allow the occupant of the lower bed to sit properly and comfortably.

#4 - Security

Any high bed requires specific safety measures; and the bunk bed is no exception. To that end, here are some guidelines:

  • The top bunk should never be used by a child under 6 years old;
  • The ladder must have a firm fixation and stable steps;
  • The box springs must not move: they must fit well into the structure of the two beds.
  • High beds must be equipped with protective barriers, regardless of their shape (horizontal, vertical or rounded).

#5 - The design

The design relates to the type of bunk bed or even the arrangement of the sleeping surfaces. On a simple model, the two beds are arranged one below the other, parallel or perpendicular. Each can accommodate one person, and each occupant gains his or her own small space.

There are also 3-person bunk beds where you can get 3 beds on 3 levels or a 2-person bed on the bottom and a single bed on top. Finally, we have the dissociable bunk beds, recommended in case you plan to separate the room of your children when they grow up or when the situation allows it.

How to secure a bunk bed?

You never compromise when it comes to safety, especially not with a bunk bed where one or two beds are placed high. To do this, you need to pay close attention to certain details.

  • How safe is the high bed? Does it have barriers that are effective enough to prevent any risk of falling? If you are not reassured, you should know that there are many removable safety barriers for sale on the market.
  • Is the ladder stable and secure? As you know, little ones love to climb everywhere: make sure the fixings are strong enough to withstand frequent use. You can do even better by choosing a staircase instead of a ladder.
  • Are the slats secure? Always check the attachment of the bed base and slats: they should not move and support the weight of the occupant, especially for high beds.
  • Is the structure as a whole strong? Never rush the installation of a bunk bed. Take the time to put it together properly to avoid any inconvenience. Do a strength test: after installation, shake the structure. If everything has been done properly, you won't hear any creaking sounds or the bed will wobble.

The different types of bunk beds

To differentiate the bunk beds, it will be necessary to refer to their designs and the layout of their sleeping platforms.

Classic bunk bed

This is the most convenient type of bunk bed on the market: two single beds that are placed one under the other, sharing a common structure. Depending on the shape and design of the model, the two beds can be arranged parallel or in the form of an angle.

The classic bunk bed is designed for two people, with each person having their own space. This type of bed can be found in children's and teenagers' bedrooms, or in vacation homes where the room is not spacious enough to accommodate beds placed side by side.

3-seater bunk bed

Unlike the classic bunk bed, this type of bunk bed can accommodate 3 people. In the children's models, the 3 beds overhang each other in a parallel manner. The structure then displays a height high enough to respect the 60 cm regulation between the beds, and between the top mattress and the ceiling.

In some cases, thethird bed, which is closest to the floor, takes the form of a trundle and slides under the bed base of the middle bed to provide extra sleeping space. But the 3-seater bunk bed can also offer a large bed for 2 people and a single bed placed high.

Separable bunk bed

The bunk bed can be a classic model or for 3 people. Its particularity lies in the fact that the different sleeping platforms can be separated from each other to obtain two or three independent beds to be stored wherever you want.

The dissociable bunk bed is an ingenious solution if you plan not to put your children in the same room in the future. This way, you won't have to buy new beds, just detach the bunk bed and have two or three ready to use.

Bunk bed or loft bed?

The bunk bed and the loft bed share the same principle: to exploit the height of the room instead of taking up floor space. If you have to choose between the two, which one would be more suitable?

The bunk bed

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the bunk bed allows you to share the same room, without making any concessions to your own private corner. The sleeping platforms gain a relative independence and you can always dissociate the beds when the time comes if you wish.

With a bunk bed, you can choose between different configurations: two single beds placed on top of each other, three single beds above each other, or a double bed supporting a single bed above. Access to the high beds is via integrated ladders and they are protected by safety gates.

The mezzanine bed

Even if the mezzanine bed is based on the same principle of exploiting the height of the bedroom, it does not always offer two sleeping spaces at the same time. Indeed, its principle is simple: raise the bed to allow the use of the space underneath and thus gain more space in the bedroom.

The space under the mezzanine bed can be used as an office area if you need a work space, a play area for the children, a reading area, etc. Of course, you can put a small extra bed underneath; some models even come with a convertible chair placed under the bed.


If you choose a bunk bed, it is to combine two or three sleeping spaces in the room. In other words, two or three people will have their own beds while sharing the same room.

The loft bed does not allow for this notion of sharing, as it is generally made for one person while offering the latter a corner to work or play under the bed. At the most, there will be an extra bed that can only be used temporarily.

Why buy a good bunk bed?

Space saving

The bunk bed saves space in the bedroom. You combine the beds in one corner of the room and can use the remaining space as you wish.

Relative privacy

There is privacy and independence between the beds. Each occupant keeps his or her own little space, which is why we recommend supplementing the bunk bed with wall-mounted shelves on each level.

Versatile (adult and child)

Although bunk beds are more common in children's rooms, there is nothing to stop adults from using them. In fact, the 3-person bunk bed is designed to accommodate the parents on the double bed below and the child in the single bed above.


The bunk bed can accompany the development of your children, but for this you should choose it in standard dimensions for one person: 90x190 or 90x200. This way, they can still sleep in the same bed even if they grow up. You can even simply separate the two beds when they have their own rooms.


What child wouldn't love to climb up and down a ladder? Warning: parental supervision is required for children under 6 years old! In addition, it is possible to decorate a bunk bed to your taste: choose a different paint, hang decorative objects, etc.

The best brands of bunk beds

In our opinion, the best brands of bunk beds in 2022 are :


Vipack is a Belgian brand specialised in the design of furniture for babies and children. The signature of Vipack is easily recognizable by the combination of design - robustness - comfort.

Born around 2015-2016, this brand shows its dexterity in handling particleboard. We have already recommended many of its beddings.

It is not yet well known on the market, but this brand is already starting to make a name for itself. It is trying to create a good reputation for itself by adding practical and functional aspects to its bunk beds.

The Interbeds brand is a reference in children's bedding. It's no surprise that they offer beautiful bunk beds for boys and girls. Its DNA: a playful side that always comes to the fore.

It is a brand that inspires respect. The brand's bunk beds are at the crossroads of comfort, solidity and safety.

What is the price for a bunk bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

300 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 750 £
more than 750 £
Price range diagram


To test the stability of the bunk bed

The stability test for the bunk bed is to shake it after it is assembled. If the work has been done properly, you will not hear any creaking or squeaking sounds. In addition, the structure should remain stable and solid. If your bunk bed hasn't passed this test, check the assembly and fastening of the bolts or screws.

To customize a bunk bed

Since your kids already have to share the same room, you might as well make sure they maintain some privacy. Personalization is still the best way to make them feel like they have their own spaces. So, invest in wall shelves with niches so they can store their personal belongings: book, photo, fetish object, etc.

To maintain a bunk bed

The maintenance of a bunk bed depends on the material used when it was made, but as a general rule, it shouldn't give you a hard time. Regularly dust the structure and air out the bedroom to avoid moisture. If you follow these basic maintenance steps, everything should go well.

To secure a bunk bed

First, please note that the top bunk is not suitable for a child under 6 years old. Then, regardless of the age of the occupant, it will have to be secured with protective barriers whose height must exceed that of the mattress by at least 18 cm. Finally, you'll need to make sure the ladder is secure to avoid any accidents.

To separate a bunk bed

Dissociable bunk beds are designed specifically to be separated when the bedroom becomes larger or when children can have their own rooms. When assembling, you need to interlock them so that they form a bunk bed, to disassociate them, you just need to separate them.


Which duvet for a bunk bed?

Because when you buy a bunk bed, the dimensions are one of your criteria of choice, these same values will help you choose the size of the duvets: 140 x 200 cm for a single bed, 200 x 200 cm or 200 x 240 cm if it is a double bed (if you have chosen a 3-seater bunk bed with a double bed underneath).

How do you build a wooden bunk bed?

The wooden bunk beds are delivered in kits to be assembled at home. An illustrated manual is provided to help you. Always bring along an extra pair of hands, especially if you are not an expert in DIY. The quality of the assembly is crucial to the safety of the occupants when they use the bed.

How do I disassemble a bunk bed?

When disassembling a bunk bed, first remove the ladder, then the slats and the bed base. If it is a separable model, separate the two beds so that they can be taken apart individually. To do this, you must unscrew the individual fittings. Please note that all bunk beds are generally dismantled in the same way.

What thickness mattress for a bunk bed?

You are free to choose the thickness of the mattress for your bunk bed. However, you should ensure that there is at least 60 cm of space between the top of the bottom mattress and the top slatted frame, and between the top mattress and the ceiling. Note that the more space there is between two beds, the better the air circulation; moreover, this is one of the criteria to consider.

How old is a bunk bed?

This is a rule that applies to any high bed, whether it is a bunk bed or a loft bed: the top bunk cannot be used by a child under the age of 6. This requirement aside, the bunk bed can be used into adulthood, and there are even versions that are designed with a double bed.


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LUPY white and oak imitation bunk bed 9
LUPY white and oak imitation bunk bed
COSY FURNITURE 3 person metal bunk bed 10
COSY FURNITURE 3 person metal bunk bed
FEELHARMONIE Aaron separable bunk bed pack 11
FEELHARMONIE Aaron separable bunk bed pack
VIPACK Lit superposé Oscar 12
VIPACK Lit superposé Oscar


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