23 bunk beds to buy to save space

When you are short of space at home, the bunk bed can be useful. Its installation in a room allows a gain of space impossible to have if you had installed a second bed in the room. And there are different types of bunk beds, depending on your tastes, materials, dimensions and price.

But the bunk bed is not only for children. In fact, in addition to loft beds, there are bunk beds for adults. Often without a barrier, they are more robust and larger. There are even double bunk beds, generally made for couples with children.

And as mentioned above, different materials are used to make this kind of bed: wood, metal, plastic, etc. Note, however, that wood and metal remain the most popular for their elegance and robustness. To help you find a good deal, here is a selection of 23 bunk beds.

WNM Group Dino 1

WNM Group Dino

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With an attractive design, the Dino bunk bed is very robust, because with a solid wood structure. It can support a load of 150 kg. This bed offers 2 beds of 1 place each. The ladder is fixed indistinctly on the left or on the right.

Alfred & Company Lilja 2

Alfred & Company Lilja

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Offered by Alfred & Compagnie, the Lilja is a 3-seater bunk bed with 3 levels! Made of solid wood, it measures 211 x 107 x 195 cm and comes with 2 ladders to facilitate access to the upper levels.

ROS Furniture - 3 seater bunk bed 3

ROS Furniture - 3 seater bunk bed

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This is a great bunk bed for 3 people made of oak wood, with a ladder on the right. The bed below offers 2 places, all that there is of more classic. It measures 190 x 135 cm, mattress not included, and can perfectly suit a couple or several children. The upper bed measures 190 x 90 cm. There is even a wardrobe, a shelf and drawers for storage.

Gaston Deco Furniture 4

Gaston Deco Furniture

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This bunk bed will not fail to seduce. It can accommodate 3 people and measures 199 x 101 x 149 cm, which is suitable for a small bedroom. The minimalist and all-purpose design, the solid wood and MDF structure as well as the slatted bed bases offered will finish convincing you.

Kids Literie Mati 5

Kids Literie Mati

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Measuring 200 x 90 x 190 cm, the Mati bunk bed is made of solid wood and MDF. The grey paint used reinforces the durability of the bed and has been certified non-toxic for children. In addition, Kids Literie offers two Flex bases with this model that can also be disassembled to form two independent beds.

Kids Literie Tom 6

Kids Literie Tom

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If you don't like gray, Kids Literie offers a white version of the Mati bunk bed. Very sturdy, thanks to the combination of pine wood and particle board, this bed supports up to 150 kg of load on each level. Note that the entrance of the bed is universal, on the left or on the right according to your preferences.

Weber Industries Lucky 7

Weber Industries Lucky

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Colored in black and bleached oak, the Lucky bunk bed has 2 spruce 14-slat bases. In addition, this model that measures 198 x 124 x 175 cm is made of particleboard, not solid wood. And each bed has 3 large compartments on the sides for storing things.

DZWJ 124-923-151 8

DZWJ 124-923-151

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Do you like unpainted beds and solid wood? This bunk bed signed DZWJ will not fail to enhance your child's room. The particularity of this model lies in the bed below. It can be used as a double bed, a storage unit or a study table. It offers many possibilities of use.

Ponti Divani S18 9

Ponti Divani S18

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The Ponti Divani S18 Sofa Bed can be very useful if a guest is staying over. You can leave it in the living room or a guest room as a classic sofa. And if needed, you can unfold it to turn it into a bunk bed.

Steens Group 2906150050001N SFK 10

Steens Group 2906150050001N SFK

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This bunk bed with ladder is available in white or natural wood color varnished, in MDF or solid pine. In all cases, the dimensions remain the same: 206 x 114 x 165 cm. A beautiful model to decorate a child's room.

Bopita Nordic 11

Bopita Nordic

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The Bopita Nordic is especially designed for little girls. This bunk bed with straight ladder measures 211 x 107 x 180 cm. Made of MDF, it can be transformed into 2 independent beds, once the girls have grown up or in case they move to a bigger house.

Deco In Paris Twins 12

Deco In Paris Twins

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Painted in gray, this metal bunk bed is both elegant and minimalist. It measures 200 x 96 x 152 cm and DecolnParis provides the bed bases. Apart from children, this bed will do as an extra bed when hosting adults. Unfortunately, it cannot be separated into two independent beds.

Filoben - Bunk bed with orthopedic slats 13

Filoben - Bunk bed with orthopedic slats

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Suitable for both children and adults, this metal bunk bed with orthopedic slats can be split into 2 independent beds. In this case, each bed can support up to 120 kg. This bunk bed of 198 x 80 x 150 can be assembled and disassembled in only 10 minutes.

Neu.haus AABH-720X 14

Neu.haus AABH-720X

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The Neu.haus AABH-720X is a metal bunk bed for three people with a solid frame. With its dimensions of 210 x 147.5 x 168 cm, it saves space in cramped rooms. However, the structure does not disassemble into two independent beds.

DZWJ - Bunk Bed with unpainted metal frame 15

DZWJ - Bunk Bed with unpainted metal frame

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The internal tubular metal structure of this 3-seater bunk bed indicates its robustness. Even more surprising, it is incredibly light despite a maximum weight of 400 kg! The bare stainless steel color adds to the elegance of the whole. The dimensions remain within the standards of the genre.

ROS Furniture - Oak/slate grey bunk bed 16

ROS Furniture - Oak/slate grey bunk bed

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This bunk bed from ROS Furniture is very solid and sturdy because it is made of a wood and metal structure. Being able to be customized according to your tastes, you will also be able to choose the location of the ladder that comes with the item as well as the thickness of the boards.

ROS Furniture - White/Pink Bunk Bed 17

ROS Furniture - White/Pink Bunk Bed

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The design and color leave no room for doubt. This bunk bed from ROS Furniture is designed for little girls. Delivered in kit form, it offers two beds and an extra bed, which is located in the drawer of the lower part! It also has a removable wardrobe, 3 drawers and a hanging bar.

ROS Furniture - Staggered Bunk Bed 18

ROS Furniture - Staggered Bunk Bed

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ROS Furniture has no shortage of ideas to help you optimize your living space. This bunk bed measuring 103 x 328 x 181 cm has 2 drawers, a sliding door wardrobe, shelves and a 3-step staircase that also doubles as giant drawers.

ROS Furniture - Bunk Bed with Removable Desk 19

ROS Furniture - Bunk Bed with Removable Desk

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This bunk bed from ROS Furniture is not only design and attractive but also comes with a removable desk. Featuring a wardrobe and 4 drawers, you can then enjoy multiple storage spaces. This bed is ideal for optimizing your living space, as it measures 181.1 x 329 x 103.4 cm.

Interbeds Rico 20

Interbeds Rico

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Available in white, blue, pink, grey and green, this solid pine and MDF bunk bed has the particularity of being sold with 2 foam mattresses in addition to the usual slatted bases. Of course, it won't replace a real mattress bought separately, but for kids, it can do the trick. The bottom bed has a drawer that runs the length of the bed.

Alfred & compagnie Triple bunk bed Leopold white 21

Alfred & compagnie Triple bunk bed Leopold white

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Until now, Alfred & compagnie offers bunk beds with 2 levels. For a change, here is the Afred & Compagnie Leopold, a triple bunk bed of 200 cm long and 90 cm wide. Everything on this bed (structure, slats, etc.) is made of pine and MDF.


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