The best Built-in wine cellars in the UK 2023

In recent years, the wine cellar market has literally exploded, which has led to a great diversification of the offer. If the free standing models are easy to find, it is not the case of the built-in cellars. So we decided to put together this guide to help those who are looking for an affordable, quality built-in wine cellar.


Best value for your money


The best built-in wine cellar in 2021

Compact, economical and with a sleek design, this built-in wine cellar is perfect for a modern and stylish kitchen.

479 £ on Darty

Best value for your money


The best entry-level built-in wine cellar

This built-in wine cellar designed by Candy has everything to please. Low energy consumption, low noise level and a design suitable for all modern kitchens.

346 £ on Darty

If you're looking for an energy-efficient wine cellar, you've got what you need with this model from Candy. With its low noise level and cleverly thought-out design, the CCVB15 built-in wine cellar is just what you need. With a noise level of 39 dB, it is equipped with a reversible glass door which, in addition to that, is treated anti-UV. In short, so far, it has everything you need to offer an optimal atmosphere for wine conservation.

Designed to allow you to enjoy the spectacle of the best vintages, it is easy to control thanks to the touch controls as well as the presence of a digital display system. The CANDY CCVB15 has a low energy consumption, but its only drawback is its low capacity. Indeed, unfortunately, it can only accommodate 7 bottles. However, given that the stored wines are intended for consumption, 7 should be enough.


Best value for your money


The best high-end built-in wine cellar

A multi-temperature storage cellar with a large capacity is what is needed to satisfy a true connoisseur of fine wines.

1 046 £ on Darty

The Candy CCVB 60D wine cellar is a reference in terms of built-in wine cellars. Thanks to its 10 wooden shelves, it can hold up to 38 bottles. Its energy class D makes it a particularly efficient appliance, given its large capacity.

This wine cellar is designed to hold bottles in a position that reduces vibrations. As a versatile cellar, it allows you to combine several temperature levels to age your wine or bring it to the right temperature. Finally, you should know that it is refrigerated thanks to a ventilated cooling system, which guarantees a homogeneous temperature at all levels.




The best alternative

The Thomson Millesime Bi 20-2 has all the necessary features to be found in a built-in wine cellar. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable models on the market.

359 £ on Darty

This serving wine cellar is made of stainless steel and has a total volume of 56 L, which represents about 20 bottles. Its door frame and handle made of stainless steel make it a perfect appliance to equip any kitchen, including those with a modern design.

The THOMSON MILLESIME BI 20-2 is equipped with electronic control. It ensures a better management of the temperature guaranteeing an ideal conservation climate for the wine. The temperature will be indicated on the display. Note that this built-in wine cellar works optimally with a temperature between 10 and 38 ° C.

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Best built-in wine cellar

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The best built-in wine cellar in 2021

The best entry-level built-in wine cellar

The best high-end built-in wine cellar

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best Built-in wine cellars

Compact, economical and with a sleek design, this built-in wine cellar is perfect for a modern and stylish kitchen.
This built-in wine cellar designed by Candy has everything to please. Low energy consumption, low noise level and a design suitable for all modern kitchens.
A multi-temperature storage cellar with a large capacity is what is needed to satisfy a true connoisseur of fine wines.
The Thomson Millesime Bi 20-2 has all the necessary features to be found in a built-in wine cellar. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable models on the market.
23 Bottles
7 bottles
38 bottles
20 bottles
Serving cellar
Serving cellar
Mixed cellar
Serving cellar
45.5x59x56.3 cm
85.8 x 15 x 52.5 cm
81.3x59.5x57 cm
87x29x57 cm
Energy class
Noise level
42 dB
39 dB
39 dB
42 dB

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Buying guide - built-in wine cellar

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How to choose your built-in wine cellar

A built-in wine cellar can come in several formats, sizes or designs. Each type of wine cellar has its own needs, so it is important to carefully study the different characteristics of the appliance to find the one that suits you best. Here are the essential criteria to consider:

#1 - Type

You will have the choice between an aging cellar, a serving cellar or a mixed cellar. It goes without saying that your choice will depend on your needs. Do you want to have a device that allows you to chill a few bottles before serving or tasting them or do you need a cellar to store a few great wines before they mature? Ask yourself these questions before choosing your appliance.

#2 - Capacity

The second criterion to consider is not the least important on the list, on the contrary. The capacity of a wine cellar will define how many bottles you can store. Also, if you have dozens of them, opt for a spacious device. You have to think big and choose a model that offers large spaces. Indeed, as the years go by, you might have more and more bottles to keep.

#3 - Noise level

The noises emitted by a wine cellar can be annoying, since it is constantly running. Also, you should try to find a device that emits a minimum level of noise. If its other features match what you need, don't hesitate to opt for this one. Generally speaking, a wine cellar emitting 40 dB will do.

#4 - Energy consumption

One of the important features to consider when choosing an electric wine cellar or an appliance in general is its energy consumption. Take a good look at your appliance's energy class and projected consumption so you know how to find this information. The energy class has a great influence on the price of an appliance.

#5 - Design

This last criterion is not decisive in terms of performance. On the other hand, it is important because a built-in wine cellar must be integrated into a kitchen or another room. Thus, the design of the cellar must be in line with the decoration of the room. However, the majority of appliances available today are adapted to the design of a modern kitchen, so you should have no problem finding a suitable model.

Built-in wine cellar: the decorative touch

The built-in wine cellar is designed to store wine for serving or aging, as needed. With this appliance, you can collect great wines when you don't have the means to build a natural cellar in your home. If used properly, it can be much more efficient because you can modify the temperature and hygrometry. In short, this device can considerably improve the life of a wine lover.

Apart from its undeniable contribution to the preservation of great wines, the built-in wine cellar is a decorative element that will bring a touch of sublime to your kitchen. Indeed, it is a real pleasure to contemplate the bottles of red, white or dew illuminated by a LED lamp. This will not fail to subjugate the guests. In short, a built-in wine cellar is a source of pleasure for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The different types of Built-in wine cellars

Built-in serving wine cellar

The serving wine cellar is a device for storing bottles to be enjoyed in the following hours or days. Built-in serving wine cellars are particularly widespread on the market. Generally, they have a capacity of a few dozen bottles, depending on the product range.

The majority of reputable manufacturers in the electric wine cellar sector offer this category of product to satisfy lovers of good wines. This model is compact and it is easy to find a place for it. On the other hand, this type of product often offers a small capacity.

Built-in aging wine cellar

As its name suggests, the aging wine cellar is designed to store great wines for a certain period of time before it reaches its peak. This type of device reproduces the thermal and climatic conditions of a natural cellar. In fact, its temperature and hygrometry, combined with excellent ventilation, provide optimal conditions for maturing the wine.

The aging wine cellar is recommended for winemakers, sommeliers, collectors or simple lovers of good wines who wish to store a few bottles so that they mature in the best conditions. The aging cellars are often more spacious and can contain up to a hundred bottles for the top of the range models.

Combined cellar

The mixed cellar is also called multifunction cellar. It is equipped with two or more compartments allowing to preserve or age elixirs. Having a mixed cellar at your disposal is the ideal compromise for wine lovers or restaurateurs who want to be able to store drinks to be served and aged.

You have to be careful, because there are models called multi-temperature cellars that are often confused with mixed cellars. These are not necessarily mixed cellars that are recognized by the presence of several compartments, each with their respective roles.

Built-in or free-standing wine cellar?

Built-in wine cellar

The built-in wine cellar is a device designed to fit into a niche. Compact and discreet, it stores elixirs in such a way as to offer them the ideal conservation conditions so that they reach the right temperature or their peak, if it is a conservation cellar. This type of cellar is generally less spacious and a little more energy consuming, compared to the free standing cellar. In addition, it is necessary to have the niche to build it in for it to be operational.

Free standing wine cellar

The freestanding wine cellar is a device that performs the same functions as the built-in model. The advantage of this type of cellar is that it can be placed anywhere in the house, from the garage to the bedroom and even the kitchen. In addition, there is more choice in terms of free-standing cellars than built-in units. The problem with this type of built-in cellar is that it is necessary to devote a place to it in which it can fulfill its functions. Moreover, it will be necessary to choose with care, because the environment in which it will be placed will greatly influence the process of conservation of the wine.


If you have the space to put the niche of a built-in wine cellar, this is the device you need. On the other hand, if you don't have that kind of setup, don't bother with it and choose a freestanding wine cellar. Ideally, you should have both, especially if you have a large quantity of great wines to store.

Why buy a built-in wine cellar?

To store your best bottles

The primary function of a wine cellar is to store this beverage so as not to alter its aromas and tastes. A built-in wine cellar allows you to benefit from a compact cellar that can store all kinds of wine, including the rarest. Thus, with a built-in wine cellar, you get a cellar that takes up very little space.

To offer optimal storage conditions for wine

With a refrigerated wine cellar, you have control over the temperature and humidity of the device. Thus, we can ask the services of an oenologist or a sommelier to define the parameters within which our different bottles will be able to reach their peak in optimal conditions.

To appreciate the great vintages at your leisure

With a built-in wine cellar installed in your home, there is no need to go to the store or to a wine shop to get a good bottle. When you feel like relaxing, all you have to do is open the door of your electric wine cellar and you'll have everything you need to enjoy a good tasting moment.

To save space

Unlike a freestanding wine cellar, the built-in wine cellar is installed in a niche that can be placed under the bench, on a central island or anywhere in the house. This discreet appliance would be easily confused with the built-in oven, if it weren't for the bottles that are stored there.

For the decoration

The built-in wine cellar contributes to the decorative sublimation of a room. Thanks to its design accentuated by the stainless steel coverings, the wooden shelves, the LED lamp that will illuminate the dress of the great vintages when you need it, it brings a touch of aesthetics that really should not be neglected in everyday life.

The best brands of Built-in wine cellars

In our opinion, the best brands of Built-in wine cellars in 2022 are :

La sommelière

This brand is known thanks to its production and marketing of modern wine cellars, of very good quality, but at a moderate price. Its models can only seduce with appliances available from 200 euros.

Caviss is a French manufacturer of wine cellars. It makes everything including serving cellars, aging cellars as well as wine cellars. This company has the particularity of producing models as efficient as those offered by La Sommelière or Artevino, but at really affordable prices.

Climadiff is renowned for producing cellars that stand out for their technology. They are masters in recreating the optimal storage conditions for wine bottles. Its appliances are available from 600 euros.

La Sommelière is a French company that is one of the key players in the wine cellar sector. It offers several categories of wine cellars, including built-in models that are highly appreciated by true wine enthusiasts.

Avintage is a French company that specializes in the trade of high-end wine cellars. Despite this, it offers prices that start at 500 euros and can reach 2500 euros.

What is the price for a built-in wine cellar

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 450 £
450 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


Handle the bottles as little as possible

If you have bought a cellar to age a few grands crus, be careful not to handle them too frequently. It is advisable to let them mature quietly, because a simple contact with the ambient air and the heat of a sweaty hand can alter the process.

Shelf the bottles horizontally

The humidity of the corks participates in the conservation of the wine. This is why you should prefer a horizontal position for the great wines to be preserved, except for natural sweet wines which age much better in an upright position.

Keep your cellar book

Make a cellar book within which, you will keep the list of the bottles in your possession. Write down all the necessary information on this list including the year of production, the grape varieties, the date the vintage entered the cellar and all the useful information.

Change the filters regularly

Active carbon filters are a vital element in the process of wine conservation. It is an essential bulwark against odors circulating in your home contaminating the atmosphere of the wine cellar.

Prefer wooden racks

If your aging cellar is equipped with wooden racks, consider yourself lucky and don't even think of changing to glass or metal racks. Natural wood is still the best material for preserving the characters of wines.


Can I age wine in my wine cellar insert? Can I install a wine cellar insert in the garage? Can I transport my wine cellar insert with the car? Can I store other drinks in my wine cellar insert?

It depends on the model you choose. If you have opted for a mixed cellar or a storage cellar, you are good to go. However, make sure that this cellar is stored in a healthy environment to avoid unpleasant surprises when you open the bottles.

Yes, you can make a small niche and install your built-in wine cellar there. Nevertheless, if you can find another location, it would be better because the garage is a place where many things are stored and mold can accumulate, not to mention motor oils and the rest. All of this can spoil the quality of your fine wines.

Yes, but as with a refrigerator, be very careful not to shake theunit too much. Tie it up tight and wrap it in Styrofoam or bubble wrap before moving it. Before transporting it, check the appliance's warranty information, including the availability of spare parts.

Yes, you can store a few cans, spirits, or liquors in it. Nevertheless, check the tightness of the stored bottles and if there are labels, if they are likely to emit aromas that could alter the wine. It would be a pity to spoil a great vintage that will be valuable because of negligence.


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