The best built-in ovens in the UK 2023

A kitchen without a built-in oven is not really a kitchen! Indeed, it is difficult to make a recipe without this appliance. Whether it is electric, gas, professional or domestic, all kitchens are equipped with one. For a perfect cooking, it is important to choose your built-in oven.


Best value for money


The best built-in oven in 2021

Practical, safe and easy to maintain, this Whirlpool model has all the features of an ideal built-in oven. It also has a very large capacity and has 6 automatic 6th Sense functions.

503 £ on Darty

With a total capacity of 73 litres, this stainless steel built-in oven makes it easy to cook all your favourite dishes. In addition to its 5 cooking modes, which include rotating heat, natural convection, pulsed heat, grill and turbo broiler, it has 5 special functions, including quick preheat, keep warm, dough rising and pulsed eco-heat.

You'll also benefit from the 6th Sense technology, which consists of selecting the type of service to be performed and that's it. Equipped with a quadruple-glazed cold door, this oven also has features such as a child safety lock, temperature control light or anti-tilt rack. Finally, thanks to the catalytic cleaning system, no more tedious maintenance chores.


Best value for money


The best entry-level built-in oven

Make perfect cooking effortless with this built-in oven from the Hotpoint group. This catalytic appliance offers 9 cooking modes allowing you to cook different dishes simultaneously.

235 £ on Darty

The Hotpoint FA2 844 C IX HA is a multifunction built-in oven with a stainless steel finish. It will fit perfectly in a modern kitchen. This appliance offers 71 l of capacity and is equipped with a rotating heat cooking mode and natural convection. In addition to these two functions, there are 7 other modes that can be adapted to your culinary preparations.

This model is equipped with an electronic programmer that ensures reliable and precise management of cooking time. Thanks to the electronic temperature management system, cooking will be perfect, even for large pieces. Finally, you will benefit from the catalytic cleaning device that destroys the grease deposited on the walls of the cavity as you cook.

NEFF B57CR22N0 3

Best value for money


The best high-end built-in oven

If you're looking for a built-in oven with unmatched performance, the NEFF B57CR22N0 is what you need. With 12 cooking modes, pyrolysis and hydrolysis cleaning, this model will change your life.

685 £ on Darty

With a total capacity of 71 L, this oven is perfect for a large family. With 12 cooking modes to choose from, crispy pizzas, succulent pastries and any healthy dish will no longer hold any secrets for you. Your guests' taste buds will be very grateful.

Its stainless steel finish gives it an ideal design for a modern kitchen. It is equipped with a cold door that will avoid the risk of burning during cooking. Finally, this model is equipped with pyrolysis cleaning systems to destroy all dirt and hydrolysis to ensure an ecological and economical maintenance.

Whirlpool AKZM8480IX 4

A great choice

Whirlpool AKZM8480IX

A great alternative

The Whirlpool AKZM8480IX built-in oven has all the qualities required for this type of appliance. Its various cooking modes and functions as well as its 73 L capacity will make your life easier.

422 £ on Darty

With the Whirlpool AKZM8480IX, you are unlikely to regret your purchase. This brushed steel built-in oven has a capacity of 73 L. With an energy class of A+, it rises quickly to 250°C and has a pyrolysis function. The look of this oven is unmistakably elegant. The grip for setting the programs is also very ergonomic. You can use it either in the traditional way or by activating one of the cooking modes offered.

However, you will have to take the time to read the instructions to understand everything about the cooking modes and pyrolysis. And its 35 kg and 90 cm cord do not facilitate its installation.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best built-in oven

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The best built-in oven in 2021

The best entry-level built-in oven

The best high-end built-in oven

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best built-in ovens

NEFF B57CR22N0 7
Whirlpool AKZM8480IX 8
Whirlpool AKZM8480IX
Practical, safe and easy to maintain, this Whirlpool model has all the features of an ideal built-in oven. It also has a very large capacity and has 6 automatic 6th Sense functions.
Make perfect cooking effortless with this built-in oven from the Hotpoint group. This catalytic appliance offers 9 cooking modes allowing you to cook different dishes simultaneously.
If you're looking for a built-in oven with unmatched performance, the NEFF B57CR22N0 is what you need. With 12 cooking modes, pyrolysis and hydrolysis cleaning, this model will change your life.
The Whirlpool AKZM8480IX built-in oven has all the qualities required for this type of appliance. Its various cooking modes and functions as well as its 73 L capacity will make your life easier.
5 special functions
9 cooking modes
12 cooking modes
Value for money
6th sense technology
Electronic temperature control
Slide&Hide retractable door
Centralized navigation
Catalytic cleaning
Catalytic cleaning
Pyrolysis and hydrolysis cleaning
Pyrolysis cleaning
Cold door
Large 71 L capacity
Cold door
Smooth closure
73 L capacity
2 automatic functions : "bread" and "pastry"
Very large capacity: 71 liters
Pulse heat with circular resistance

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Buying guide - built-in oven

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How to choose your built-in oven

Before choosing a built-in oven, there are several criteria to consider. These include:

#1 - Cooking mode

The cheapest are the natural convection ovens. They are powerful, but provide uneven cooking, with odors mixing in. The models with rotating heat offer a more homogeneous heat. The steam oven is adapted to dietetic cooking, because it preserves the aroma of food. Other models exist, but remain expensive.

#2 - Capacity and installation

These two complementary criteria are in turn based on the configuration of your kitchen and the intended use of the oven. A length of 90 cm is generally sufficient for common uses. The capacity in liters, for its part, depends on the dishes you like to prepare and the number of guests. For example, if you often cook pizzas or family meals, or if you regularly invite guests, a model with more than 70 L is more interesting.

#3 - Programming

There are ordinary ovens with manual programming and a timer, which allow you to set the cooking time and of course the temperature. Other more sophisticated ovens have electronic programming, sometimes with an automatic recipe function that regulates the parameters according to the type of dish to be cooked. They are generally more precise, which is ideal for baking.

#4 - Cleaning mode

It is necessary to clean the oven regularly, which explains the relevance of this criterion. Manual cleaning is easy, but tedious.Catalysis is already semi-automatic, but involves changing the oven walls after 5 years. Pyrolysis is automatic, but relatively dangerous (500°C temperature). Cleaning by ecoclean or hydrolysis is both economical and fast.

#5 - Additional accessories and features

When buying a built-in cooking oven, it is nice to receive some free accessories like the spit turner or the fry pan. Telescopic rails are also interesting for safe entry and exit of dishes. Finally, safety options such as the cold door can be useful in certain cases, for example when the oven is within the reach of small children.

Built-in or freestanding oven?

Built-in oven

This type of oven is to be integrated on a worktop or a wall. It often comes with a sliding or swinging door. With a built-in oven, you no longer have to bend over when you take out your dishes. In addition, it gives you more flexibility because it can be customized (location, height, etc.) to best suit your needs. Its biggest advantage is that it is both more economical and more practical than other types of ovens, because it has a stable temperature that guarantees uniform browning.

On the other hand, the built-in oven has some disadvantages. First of all, its layout is limited, as it can create obstacles to mobility when the oven door opens, especially for small kitchens. Second, most ovens on the market use more electricity. This can lead to significant expenses. Finally, with a built-in oven, you will need to purchase a separate cooktop. Opting for this type of oven can be expensive.

Non-recessed oven

This is a freestanding oven that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The freestanding oven brings a more traditional touch to your kitchen. Unlike a built-in oven, it can be easily moved, so it is more space independent. But its main advantage is that it is much easier to repair in case of malfunction.

Its size is neither too big nor too small and it fits in most kitchen spaces. In addition, the tabletop oven has a good cooking capacity. The limitation of this type of oven lies in its maintenance. Indeed, the non-recessed ovens are not equipped with a cleaning function by pyrolysis or thermolysis. You will have to scrub it by hand and spend money on cleaning products.


Go for the non-recessed oven if you plan to place it in a varied location in your kitchen space. However, for a more practical and economical way with a wide advantage of cooking efficiency, we highly recommend the built-in oven.

Why buy a built-in oven?

It takes up little space

This is the most obvious reason. The built-in oven fits under the counter or in a wall without taking up too much space, even for high capacity models. This makes it a perfect solution for small kitchens, but also for larger ones. It's a perfect solution for small kitchens, but also for larger ones, to optimize space and provide the whole room with a sober and minimalist design.

It's practical

Built-in ovens generally have a larger capacity than regular ovens. This means they can cook several dishes at once or prepare a large quantity of food. The whole family can enjoy it. It's also very practical when you have guests over. It saves time.

It's more ergonomic

You can install your oven halfway up so that it is easy to use. There's no need to bend over, unlike models that are built in under the stove, for example. Built-in ovens also offer a variety of opening systems for ease of use. There are side doors or drawers. Cleaning is also easier.

It's more aesthetic

A built-in oven means a neat front. You can say goodbye to big blocks that are both unattractive to look at and difficult to clean. For an even more stylish look, you can opt for a "total look" insert in your kitchen. All you have to do is open the doors to enjoy your equipment.

It's safe

Built-in ovens are not as dangerous as ordinary models. Already, placed at mid-height, it is out of reach of young children. In addition, it can include, as said before, safety features like the cold door. Finally, they are designed to better protect you from the dangers of burning the glass, the air outlet and the controls.

The best brands of built-in ovens

In our opinion, the best brands of built-in ovens in 2022 are :


Founded in 1911 in the USA, Whirlpool is a brand that is now present in 33 countries around the world. Constantly looking for the best way to improve your daily life, it has quickly established itself as a leader in the global market of kitchen and laundry appliances. Its built-in ovens are particularly appreciated for their quality and performance.

Miele is a leading company in the field of household appliances. Founded in 1899, it is particularly appreciated for the quality of its products that are always better and more innovative. With over 100 years of experience, Miele is one of the most reliable and robust brands in the appliance market today. Its built-in ovens can attest to that.

This South Korean telephone, electronics and appliance giant was founded in 1938. Its philosophy is simple: dedicate its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. Its products, across all categories, are today among the most highly regarded in terms of performance and reliability.

Electrolux is a household appliance company founded in 1919 in Sweden. It is now present in more than 150 countries. It is particularly acclaimed for the quality of its products, but also for the quality of its after-sales service.

Founded in 1955, this Turkish brand of household appliances is today the 2nd best-selling brand of large appliances in Europe, thanks to a constantly expanded and renewed product offer. As far as built-in ovens are concerned, Beko products are among the 4 most purchased brands on the market.

What is the price for a built-in oven

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 700 £
more than 700 £
Price range diagram


Invest in quality cooking products.

Thin, flimsy pans and trays do not transmit heat efficiently. With such utensils, your cake, pie, cookies or pastries will not be baked effectively.

Don't open the door.

Opening your oven door can cause the temperature inside to drop significantly. In fact, the internal temperature can drop as much as 25 degrees. So, avoid opening it during cooking as much as possible, unless it's called for in the recipe.

Use the window.

Instead of opening the door, use its window, which was designed for that purpose, by the way.

Don't overfill the oven.


if your oven is large, avoid overcrowding it. Leave space around your pans or dish so that air can circulate around each item to cook it properly.

Keep your oven clean.


you leave drips and crumbs on the bottom of your oven, you could sabotage your cooking. These bits of food can catch fire or smoke, which can overheat the oven or, at the very least, make your dishes taste sooty.


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