The best built-in refrigerators in the UK 2023

Is your kitchen too small or do you have no room for a freestanding refrigerator? Buying a built-in refrigerator seems to be the best option in these cases. Able to blend in with the decor, silent and easy to install, it will allow you to save considerable space. But you still need to know which model to choose. In our selection of the best built-in refrigerators, you may find the one you need.

Bosch KIR81AFE0 Série 6

Editor's Choice

Bosch KIR81AFE0 Series 6

The best built-in fridge in 2021

The Bosch KIR81AFE0 6 Series stands out for its on-board technologies. In addition to VitaFresh and TouchControl, it also has PowerVentilation, FreshSense and VarioShelf.

732 £ on Amazon

The KIR81AFE0 Series 6 is equipped with Bosch's innovative and exclusive PowerVentilation technology. The air circulates from top to bottom, ensuring an even distribution of cold. This option allows food to cool down faster. The VitaFresh drawer holds fresh food in the right conditions. It keeps them twice as long as a conventional refrigerator. Even better, no food will be forgotten thanks to the Easy Access sliding shelf made of unbreakable glass.

No matter how much the temperature changes, the appliance will keep a constant degree of cold thanks to the FreshSense function. With the help of the VarioShelf, you can insert a carafe or bottle without having to remove a shelf. Energy efficient, this built-in refrigerator is equipped with a dimmable LED light that illuminates the entire compartment. An audible or visual alarm will alert you in case the door is not properly closed.

Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED

Best cheapest

Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED

The best entry-level fridge

The Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED operates very quietly. It emits a sound volume of only 39 dB. It has a total volume of 129 L, which makes it a perfect built-in refrigerator for up to 2 people.

216 £ on Darty

The door of the Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED attaches to the cabinet via a sliding mechanism. To give you access to the food inside, it features a reversible door mounting system. This gives you the opportunity to change the direction of the opening depending on your kitchen layout. The appliance comes with a temperate climate class. This means that it continues to function normally as long as the temperature varies between 16 and 32°C.

The Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED has a useful capacity of 129 L. With static cooling, it guarantees a natural distribution of cold. Its thermostat being mechanical, you can regulate the temperature according to your needs. Offering an automatic defrost function, the appliance has 3 glass shelves, 2 separate vegetable trays and 3 shelves including a bottle holder. Note its sound level which does not exceed 39 dB.

Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence 1

Best high end

Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence

The best high-end fridge

The Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence is the ultimate in built-in refrigerators. It is packed with state-of-the-art features and is ultra quiet.

1 039 £ on Boulanger

The Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence consists of a 182 L refrigerator and a 68 L freezer. It has the Total No Frost technology, which prevents frost from forming. This results in an optimal preservation of your food and a preservation of the homogeneity of the interior temperature. This model comes with a lot of equipment, including shelves, trays and a crisper.

These various accessories ensure optimized and personalized storage. For example, you can adjust the temperature (variable on 3 levels) of a specific drawer according to the type of food it contains. Its ease of use and practicality are also reflected in the Push Pull mechanism. The opening is done by simple pressure while the closing is automatic. Its conservation efficiency is such that it keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 2 weeks. On the other hand, you should know that this built-in combination refrigerator has a freezing capacity of 7 kg/24 h.

Neff KI1812SF0

Excellent choice

Neff KI1812SF0

Ideal for a family of 4

With a capacity of 250 L, the Neff KI1812SF0 is very suitable for families of at least 4 people. What's more, it keeps food fresh for a long time thanks to its Super Freeze function.

639 £ on Boulanger

The Neff KI1812SF0 built-in refrigerator is a single door model with 2 FreshSafe drawers. It accommodates fruits, vegetables and other sensitive foods thanks to its shelves, made of solid glass, and its static cooling technology. It also features SuperCooling technology, which reduces the interior temperature by 2°C to quickly cool food. The major asset of this model is its various height adjustments and its 6 shelves.

The Neff KI1812SF0 is characterized by its clean look, sober design and performance. Among other things, it is equipped with LED lighting. You will have a clear and global vision of the contents of your built-in refrigerator day and night. It is equipped with several electronic controls that give you total control. The appliance offers a comfortable volume of no less than 319 L, perfectly suited for a family of 4.

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Best built-in fridge

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The best built-in fridge in 2021

The best entry-level fridge

The best high-end fridge

Ideal for a family of 4

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Comparison table of the best built-in refrigerators

Bosch KIR81AFE0 Série 6
Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED
Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence 2
Neff KI1812SF0
Bosch KIR81AFE0 Series 6
Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED
Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence
Neff KI1812SF0
The Bosch KIR81AFE0 6 Series stands out for its on-board technologies. In addition to VitaFresh and TouchControl, it also has PowerVentilation, FreshSense and VarioShelf.
The Proline PLI 135-F-2F-LED operates very quietly. It emits a sound volume of only 39 dB. It has a total volume of 129 L, which makes it a perfect built-in refrigerator for up to 2 people.
The Whirlpool WHC18T323P Supreme Silence is the ultimate in built-in refrigerators. It is packed with state-of-the-art features and is ultra quiet.
With a capacity of 250 L, the Neff KI1812SF0 is very suitable for families of at least 4 people. What's more, it keeps food fresh for a long time thanks to its Super Freeze function.
319 L
129 L
182 L fridge and 68 L freezer
319 L
Number of shelves
Sound level
37 dB
39 dB
32 dB
37 dB
1 door, freezer inside
1 door without freezer
Combined with bottom freezer
1 door without freezer
54.5 x 55.8 x 177.2 cm
87.5 x 54 x 54.7 cm
54 x 177 x 54.5 cm
54.1 x 177.2 x 54.5 cm

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How to choose your built-in fridge

Buying a built-in fridge is not a decision to be made in a hurry or on a whim. Indeed, you must take into account certain criteria to avoid making a mistake.

#1 - The brand

When buying a fridge, turning to a recognized brand is a guarantee of reliability: in addition to benefiting from a better warranty and a good after-sales service, you don't risk running out of spare parts in case your appliance breaks down. In addition, you can learn how to better use your fridge by visiting the brand's website.

#2 - The dimensions

As its name suggests, a built-in fridge is made to be built-in and the space that will accommodate it is called "niche". To this end, measure the height, width as well as the depth of the niche well. However, the niche should not be too small for the size of the fridge. For better ventilation of the device, leave a margin of 5 cm behind it, 3 cm for the width and 10 cm more for the height. Then, opt for an appliance that can be installed there.

#3 - The type of cold

As for the type of cold, you have three options: static cold, ventilated cold and air stirring. The type of cold is to effectively homogenize the air that circulates in the fridge to best preserve food. However, most built-in fridges are static cold or stirred cold. This is a drawback that does not exempt you from the tedious task of regular defrosting by hand.

#4 - Storage capacity

According to

your needs, opt for a fridge that can easily accommodate all your groceries for the week. For this purpose, if you live alone, a fridge with a useful volume of 150 liters will suit you. If there are two of you, choose a 200-liter fridge. Count therefore 50 liters more for each additional person.

#5 - Energy consumption

As a fridge is supposed to be plugged in all the time, it's better to choose a model that doesn't consume a lot of energy so as not to add to your electricity bills. So look at the letter on the appliance's energy label and opt for an A++ or A+++ class fridge.

#6 - The type of fastening

As the built-in fridge attaches to the door of a cabinet in your kitchen, it can be fixed either by slides which is the most common, or by straps. There is also the decorative panel mounting system, but it is very rare. This last criterion is important if you are planning to change your old built-in fridge. If this is the case, opt for the same fastening system as the old appliance to simplify the installation of the new one.

Maintenance of the built-in fridge

Since a refrigerator is a significant investment, it is important to give it all the attention and care it deserves. Prevent premature deterioration of the appliance and the growth of bacteria by maintaining it properly.

Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator

The interior of the refrigerator should be cleaned at least once a week. To start, unplug your appliance first. Then, empty the interior of the fridge and remove all removable components such as crispers, shelves, bottle holders, drawers, etc. Using a sponge soaked in warm water and dishwashing liquid, gently clean the inside of the fridge and then wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth to remove as much moisture as possible. Once you're done with the inside of the appliance, wash all of its removable components in your sink in the same way you cleaned the inside of the fridge.

Defrosting the freezer

Although manufacturers recommend defrosting at least twice a year, do not hesitate to do it when you notice that there is too much frost in your freezer. To do this, first unplug your fridge and empty it. Then, place a mop at the bottom of the appliance to soak up any water that comes out. After that, place a pan of boiling water on a trivet inside to speed up defrosting. If the frost is too thick, scrape it off with a blunt object like a wooden spatula. Close the fridge and wait about 15 minutes. In the meantime, prepare a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice. Then, using a sponge soaked in this mixture, all you have to do is clean the inside of your freezer.

The different types of built-in refrigerators

Before deciding on a built-in fridge, you should take the time to study the type of cooling. This aspect makes the difference between the brands of refrigerators available today. Here are the two most popular types of refrigeration right now:

No frost (ventilated cooling)

The built-in refrigerator with ventilated cooling is more high-end technology. It equips in particular Korean appliances such as Samsung or LG. This type of device has a fan that ensures an even distribution of cold. This fridge injects cold and dry air, which accelerates cooling and prevents the formation of moisture. The main advantage of this technology is that no frost forms

. It also prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

No frost" technology is more expensive. It is mainly used in high-end appliances. However, if you do not want to have to defrost your fridge anymore, you should definitely choose No frost appliances.

Static cold


second type of built-in fridge is the one equipped with the static cooling system. This is the oldest technology for refrigerators, but it is still present on many models available on the market today. With this second type, the cold air circulates freely in the refrigerator. The cold air descends while the hot air rises. Thus, you must organize the storage of your food according to these parameters


On top: cooked foods, yoghurts and fruit juices. At the bottom: meats, fish and raw foods, cold cuts and other shellfish. Finally, the vegetable bin will accommodate fresh fruits and vegetables.

Built-in or freestanding fridge?

Built-in fridge

The built-in refrigerator is discrete because it can be installed in a cabinet, a cabinet door or in a dedicated niche. To this end, it fits perfectly into the kitchen and does not distort the style of your decoration. However, it must be compatible with the support that hosts it and the choice of this device will depend mainly on that. Besides, as this type of fridge allows a significant saving of space, it is thus especially adapted to the not very spacious kitchens.

Free standing fridge

As for the free-standing model, as its name indicates, it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. As a result, its choice is freer than the built-in model. As it is flashy, it is important that its design does not clash with the decor of your kitchen. The drawback with this type of fridge is that over time, it can happen that its exterior coating gets scratched. This is not very pleasant to look at in the long run.


The choice between a built-in and a freestanding fridge will depend on your taste and the size of your kitchen. If you prefer to follow the current trend, then a built-in fridge is more modern, while a freestanding model is more affordable and more suitable for people who like the classics.

Why buy a built-in fridge?

For a significant space saving

If you don't have enough space in the kitchen, the built-in fridge helps you to optimise your small spaces. Unlike a free-standing model, it does not require any additional space, as it does not protrude. This way, you avoid any clutter. The stealthy and discreet side is especially attractive when you don't have a large kitchen.

For a harmonious decoration

Since it can be hidden behind a cabinet door, the built-in fridge allows you to better harmonize your decor. Moreover, it can be adapted to all types of interior decoration. So you can change the look of your kitchen without having to worry about it.

To save energy

Since the majority of built-in refrigerators were produced after 2002, all models are Energy Star certified. This means you'll be using an appliance that consumes less energy. Your electricity budget will be reduced.

Easy installation

The built-in fridge has a depth of between 36 and 53 cm. This is a bit short compared to the classic fridge. You won't have any trouble installing it since it conforms to any space constraints. More versatile than other models on the market, it has a compact design and fits in any room in the house.

Durability that stands the test of time

Most built-in fridges are made of resistant materials such as aluminium or stainless steel. This means you can use it for a long time and still enjoy its benefits. You won't have to replace it anytime soon.

For a good night's sleep

Built-in fridges often have a low noise level thanks to the external panels. As a result, you won't be bothered by any unpleasant noises or humming noises typical of most appliances when running and will sleep better at night.

The best brands of built-in refrigerators

In our opinion, the best brands of built-in refrigerators in 2022 are :


Samsung is a brand that needs no introduction. The Korean giant has a proven track record in many areas of technology, not the least of which are smartphones, various appliances, and especially the No frost technology built-in refrigerator lines.

Bosch is also a go-to brand when it comes to various appliances, including home appliances. It has produced some of the most in-demand built-in refrigerators today.

If you're looking for high-end appliances, check out Smeg. The Italian manufacturer is a reference in kitchen appliances, built-in refrigerators included.

Siemens is an international group of German origin. It has made its name in the energy, health and industrial sectors. Its models of built-in refrigerators are also very popular, this, for many years.

Whirlpool Corporation is a company specializing in household appliances. Whether it's a clothes dryer, dishwasher, or built-in refrigerator, their appliances are in high demand around the world.

What is the price for a built-in fridge

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Allow the unit to rest before using it for the first time

Once your device arrives at your home, do not plug it in right away. Wait at least 2 hours for the liquids in the system to settle. In the meantime, clean the inside of the unit with a sponge soaked in warm water and dishwashing liquid before using it for the first time. Finally, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth.

Create a favourable environment for your fridge


ensure your built-in fridge has a longer life and limit its electricity consumption, avoid placing it near heat sources such as a microwave oven, a dishwasher, or a radiator


Install the built-in fridge in the right place


optimal performance during its use, adjust the temperature of the room in which the built-in fridge will be installed according to its climate class. The climate class is represented by one or two letters
:- "N": your appliance will perform less well in a room at less than 16 ° C

- SN": your appliance will be less efficient in a room at less than 10°C.
- ST": your device can operate in temperatures ranging from 18°C to 38°C.
- T": your device is "tropical" and can operate in temperatures ranging from 18°C to 43°C.

Check the condition of the door seal regularly


prevent overconsumption of energy and ensure excellent thermal insulation inside the appliance, manufacturers advise users to check the condition of the door seal of their fridge at a rate of 2 or 3 times a year. However, that doesn't stop you from doing it more regularly if you want to stay safe.

How to get rid of mould on your fridge seals

To get

rid of the unpleasant traces left by mold on your refrigerator's seals, apply white toothpaste with a small brush. Then scrub vigorously and leave for a few minutes.


What is the best built-in fridge?

The best built-in fridge depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Does a built-in refrigerator make a lot of noise?

There is no need to worry about noise pollution! Indeed, built-in fridges are particularly discreet appliances during their normal operation. In fact, their noise level does not even exceed 40dB. Moreover, the fact that they are installed inside a niche makes them even more discreet. However, when installing your fridge, you can anticipate by installing it above anti-vibration pads.

Can I change from a strap fastener to a hinged fastener?

Yes, you can switch from a slide-in system to a hinged system. Installing a hinged built-in fridge will simply involve removing the hinges from your cabinet.

How can I best reduce the energy consumption of my built-in fridge?

To reduce the impact of your fridge on your electricity bills, always remember to close the fridge door properly and do not leave the fridge door ajar for too long. Apart from that, when installing your fridge, do not place it near heat sources. Don't overload it with food either, as poor air circulation inside the fridge can lead to over-consumption of energy. Finally, never put a hot dish in your fridge.

My fridge is no longer cooling. What can I do?

If you notice that your fridge is no longer cooling or is not cooling your food sufficiently, there are several reasons for this. To be sure, check the thermostat. It may be that it is incorrectly set. If this is the case, simply lower the temperature inside your appliance. If the problem isn't with the thermostat, look for dust on the unit's fan. In this sense, dust it off so that everything goes back to normal. If there is nothing to report on this side, check the door seal of your fridge. If it is damaged, replace it. Finally, if you still can't find the cause of the malfunction, call an expert.


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