The best boxers for men in the UK 2023

A cross between briefs and boxers, men's boxers are the underwear par excellence for men. Nearly 60% of men adopt this piece of underwear, generally soft and pleasant to wear. It allows them to perfect their look down to the smallest detail, whether for work or sport. But not easy to choose. After reading this guide, you won't choose your men's boxer shorts at random!

Under Armour Tech 6in 2 Pack

Best value for money

Under Armour Tech 6in 2 Pack

The best men's boxer in 2021

This set of men's boxers is by far the best choice we've found. Aside from offering extraordinary support, these underwear are very practical during workouts.

27,06 £ on Amazon
Short Long Find by Amazon

Best value for money

Short Long Find by Amazon

The best entry-level men's boxer

These long boxers will quickly become your faithful allies during physical activities and sports. Machine washable at 30°C, they are made of ultra-breathable stretch knit fabric.

11,84 £ on Amazon

This set of men's boxers will not disappoint you, both in terms of fit and breathability of the fabric. They are comfortable to wear as they are neither too tight nor too loose. And if you plan to wear them during your workouts, you'll be pleased. The Long Find by Amazon Shorts feature discreet crotch seams, a polyester-elastane blend construction and great detailing.

The flexibility will always be there, even after many washings. You are, therefore, free to perform all imaginable movements without feeling the slightest discomfort. If you tend to sweat a lot, you should know that the breathable stretch mesh is a very fast-drying fabric. The long legs reach mid-thigh and limit chafing.

Levi's Black Friday

Best premium value for money

Levi's Black Friday

The best high-end men's boxer

Looking for a set of boxers for the 7 days of the week? Choose this set from the famous Levi's brand. Exceptional style, perfect fit, optimal well-being... what more could you want?

51,96 £ on Amazon

These underwear for men can be worn during sports as well as in everyday life. They will keep you cool and dry at all times thanks to its cotton composition. Available in sizes S to XL, the Levi's Black Friday set stretches effortlessly and conforms to the different movements you make. Plus, there's no anti-roll-down effect.

The fabric used to design these boxers has the ability to wick moisture. The seams, very limited, do not attract attention. The elastic band belt, on the other hand, houses the brand's logo and allows you to differentiate the boxers from each other thanks to the various colors. Halfway between the shorty and the long boxer, these boxers do not go up even if you run a marathon!

FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty

Like a second skin

FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty

Boxers like a second skin

The 12 multicolored FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty promise all the comfort and protection you need. Made of 95% cotton, these underwear can be worn on any occasion.

23,99 £ on Amazon

The 12 boxers for men signed FM London are mainly composed of cotton (95). Slightly stretchy, soft and breathable, the material used guarantees a comfortable wear. With the classic cut, low waist and flat seams, you can wear these shorts for sports, to the gym, or even to work and social events.

The boxers themselves are soberly colored while their waistbands come in trendy colors. The latter are wash-resistant and do not cause skin irritation. Note that the FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty for men come in several sizes, ranging from S to XXL. Their design quality is such that you can machine wash them with ease without running the risk of discoloration. Since the shorts are flush with the thighs, they will not hinder any of your movements.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best boxer for man

Any specific needs?

The best men's boxer in 2021

The best entry-level men's boxer

The best high-end men's boxer

Boxers like a second skin

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Comparison table of the best boxers for men

Under Armour Tech 6in 2 Pack
Short Long Find by Amazon
Levi's Black Friday
FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty
Under Armour Tech 6in 2 Pack
Short Long Find by Amazon
Levi's Black Friday
FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty
This set of men's boxers is by far the best choice we've found. Aside from offering extraordinary support, these underwear are very practical during workouts.
These long boxers will quickly become your faithful allies during physical activities and sports. Machine washable at 30°C, they are made of ultra-breathable stretch knit fabric.
Looking for a set of boxers for the 7 days of the week? Choose this set from the famous Levi's brand. Exceptional style, perfect fit, optimal well-being... what more could you want?
The 12 multicolored FM London Fitted Boxer Shorty promise all the comfort and protection you need. Made of 95% cotton, these underwear can be worn on any occasion.
90% polyester, 10% elastane
93% polyester, 7% elastane
95% cotton, 5% elastane
Sizes available
XS to 5XL
XS to 3XL
S to XL
S to XXL
Inner leg length
15 cm
Boxer long
Long boxer
Boxer shorty
Boxer short

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How to choose your boxer for man

Men's boxer shorts are more than just underwear. You can easily recognize them by their close-fitting, breathable fabric and anti-irritation properties. At first glance, all models look the same, but once you get a clearer idea, you'll notice big differences. Don't get lost in your research, discover in the following article our 5 factors to take into account before buying.
choisir boxer pour homme

#1 - The use

The choice of boxers for men depends on the use you plan to make. It is not without reason that it has quickly taken the place of the eternal brief. There are many models for specific occasions and needs.

  • Comfort : if you are looking for comfort above all, favor models that fit well. This means that you should choose a boxer for men that fits your size. In case it is tight, you will not be comfortable during the day, as well as if it is too loose. Think about its length, materials and the quality of the elastic. Color is not important.
  • Humor : intended for people with a joking and funny nature, this type of boxer shorts for men is unparalleled originality. They are often very colorful or with funny inscriptions and images. Don't worry, there is something for everyone.
  • The charm : we also find naughty boxers for men on the market. It stands out for its cut, fabric and embellishments that make it an essential seduction asset.

#2 - The material of manufacture

To ensure your well-being, pay special attention to the design material of your boxer briefs. They are less provided compared to other pieces of clothing. The choice will be based on your usage. Prefer a soft and supple fabric to the touch such as cotton. Micromodal, of natural origin, is also an interesting option. On the other hand, polyester, elastane and lycra are very stretchy.

#3 - Colored or patterned?

Solid colored men's boxers take on a certain degree of elegance. They are timeless, understated and go with any outfit. Some of the most popular ones include navy blue, white, gray and black, all of which are great values. In addition, patterned underwear is a good choice for people who want to make a statement or those seeking a sartorial identity. Apart from being a sign of casualness and good mood, these colors also reveal your personality even if we assume that boxers for men can not be seen by a third person.

#4 - The elasticity

The elastic of the boxers for men must be of perfect flexibility and firmness. Neither too thin nor too wide, it will hold the underwear on your hips without slipping or tightening. Do not neglect the quality of its seams, because they will ensure a longer life and an increased solidity to your boxer. In this area, bet on models sewn with elastane and polyamide threads.

#5 - The cut

As a rule, today's men's boxers haveno seams either on the lateral sides or behind. They are present only at the crotch and intimate parts. This lack of seams ensures better friction prevention. However, nothing prevents you from opting for a model whose back is embellished by a beautiful cut that can highlight your buttocks. It is the same for the middle front, some are adorned with an opening.

When should you change your boxers?

This is a rather trivial subject and it is not often paid attention to. Nevertheless, some men don't know when, exactly, they should change their boxers. Here are a few things to consider:

You don't wear them anymore

Yes, we know! You love those flashy colored boxers with the SpongeBob picture on them. But if they've been sitting in your underwear drawer for years, there's a reason. It's time to get rid of it and at the same time, don't hesitate to renew your wardrobe.

The fabric and/or the elastic are distended

You chose it for its support effect. But now the fabric or elastic is loose and the boxer shorts are as wide as a pair of boxers. Don't panic! If it has reached the end of its life, buy a brand new model.

The size no longer fits

Either you've gained weight after the holidays or you've lost weight: these are the main reasons why your boxers are too big or too small. Don't let yourself get squeezed, get new men's boxers that will fit perfectly.

There are holes

Do the boxers have openings where they shouldn't? Even if you haven't put it through any misery, this is definitely the best time to get a new one, because it's better by far to have a boxer without any holes in it. You've been warned!

Stubborn stains don't come out in the wash

It's pretty embarrassing to show up in front of your partner with stained men's boxers, don't you think? Even if it's your lucky underwear, you're not going to save it. Give it a proper send-off because it's time to part with it.

Colors don't match your everyday life

Of course, flashy colors aren't out of style. But let's face it, boxers really don't go with your suit and tie. Even if they are not visible, prefer them more sober at least for your working hours. When you get home, you're free to wear your fluorescent men's boxers the way you like them.

The different types of boxers for men

Men's boxer shorts are much tighter than boxer shorts and longer than traditional briefs. For a reasonable choice, you should know that there are currently 2 main categories: the long boxer and the short boxer.

Men's long boxer shorts

boxer long pour homme

In principle, this type of underwear goes down to mid-thigh, but it is not uncommon to discover models covering this part of the body entirely. The long boxer is specifically designed to protect the groin and upper thighs while avoiding friction. In addition to keeping you warm during the winter months, it will also show off your muscles.

The front has a yoke designed to maintain the best intimate parts. The seams (flatlock in most cases) limit skin irritation. If you have a wide body, the long boxer gives you the opportunity to refine your figure without attracting attention to your curves. With such a model, sports practice will be done in the best conditions.

Men's short boxer shorts

boxer court pour homme

Contrary to the previous model, the length of the short boxer or shorty ends at the top of the thighs. It is chosen more precisely for its wearing comfort and its versatility. Indeed, you will be able to wear it at all the occasions and even during your games of seduction. It will be an excellent ally during your sports sessions and will contribute to your performances.

Since it does not cover your thighs, the freedom of movement is optimal. It avoids friction, but will not flatter your figure. On the other hand, it will maintain and shape your buttocks. This kind of underwear is very well suited to shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Men's seamless boxer shorts

It can be long or short. Its particularity lies in the total absence of sewing. The seamless boxer can be discreet under clothes and will not mark your body. We appreciate it in particular for its second skin effect.

Men's boxer shorts or briefs?

Men's boxer shorts

It was born in the 1920s in the world of boxing, hence its name. Having noticed the discomfort of the boxers in their ample shorts and their leather belt, Jacob Colomb wanted to create a shorter model, closer to the body and equipped with an elastic belt. The success was not immediate, it is in the 90s that it knows a huge boom. The boxer was no longer content with the ring, it now accompanies the majority of men in the world in everyday life. Tighter and offering a good support, the boxer for man represents the best of the brief and the boxer.


The underwear has not finished to make talk about him. Although it was created in the early twentieth century, this type of underwear continues to seduce many men for its retro side. It came in a variety of manufacturing materials, including silk for the wealthy and wool for the less well off. The models have become shorter over the years and are now shorts with elastic waistband. Its unmatched ventilation is among its best assets, as well as the comfort provided by its width. They can be worn as shorts without difficulty at home.


You have muscles to show off? Go for the boxer brief for men. They will show your body at its best: shapely buttocks, concrete abs, well-developed thighs... More than that, they offer a remarkable support to the intimate zone. It is ideal if you like to wear skinny jeans and slims for men.

On the other hand, appreciate all the qualities of the boxer shorts if you prefer above all the ventilation and the freedom of your intimate parts. This underwear, perfect for sleeping, is wide enough to be used as shorts when you are at home. However, the level of support can be uncomfortable and it would not be suitable for tight clothing.

Why buy a boxer for men?

pourquoi acheter boxer pour homme

By choosing a men's boxer brief, you're giving yourself the opportunity to live your days (and even nights) in comfort. But it is much more than an underwear, discover why.

A good compromise between boxers and briefs

Men's boxer briefs are the perfect answer to your needs, provided you want to enjoy the impeccable support of briefs and the design of boxers at the same time. They are very practical, especially if you are a fan of slim-fitting pants such as skinnies or slim-fits. Cut close to the body, the boxer for man allows you to put on your pants in all ease without making folds.

A real second skin

Since they are very tight, you will have no difficulty wearing your pants tightly over them. In addition to this important detail, you should know that the men's boxer shorts are designed to leave no trace on your body. Its stretch fabric follows your shape and its seams are very discreet. It guarantees you a good support of your parts. For all these reasons, it becomes the perfect ally of the sportsman.

Ideal to put forward its physical assets

For those who have nice chocolate bars to show, beautiful thighs and beautiful buttocks, wearing a boxer is a must. Available in several sizes (S to 5XL), this men's underwear perfectly girdles the muscles without having to compress them. Thanks to its stretchy fabric, it easily conceals curves and makes them unnoticeable.

A reflection of your personality

"Tell me what kind of underwear you wear and I'll tell you who you are!" That's right! Choosing a boxer brief over a pair of briefs is a reflection of your personality. It is appreciated by men who want to be cool, who follow the trend and who assume their virility without detour. Checked, polka-dotted, plain or multicolored, with or without patterns, there's something for everyone.

A great freedom of movement

Men's boxer shorts offer the wearer a real sense of freedom due to the stretchy fabric and waistband. It is as airy as it is breathable and gives a harmonious profile to your muscular body. You can feel comfortable and very relaxed at any time of the day.

The best brands of boxers for men

In our opinion, the best brands of boxers for men in 2022 are :

Under Armour
FM London
Find by Amazon
Le Slip Français

Under Armour is a leading brand in the world of sportswear. Being at the origin of the restraint t-shirts, the American giant also produces specific underwear for the military, loose-fitting ready-to-wear for sportsmen and tight-fitting underwear like boxers for men. Anti-chafe, stretchy and antibacterial, etc., you'll find the best for your well-being.

Levi's or Levi Strauss is no longer to be introduced. The brand has left an indelible mark on the fashion world thanks to its iconic jeans. It does not only make pants. Among its best-selling items are men's boxers, perfect "made in the USA" products, cut with precision and expertise, that won't leave you indifferent.

It's minimalist approach seduces, but not only. FM London precisely tailors its creations to the needs of its customers without depending on advertising. With its socks, sweatshirts or boxers for men, the brand displays an unbeatable quality/price ratio. So, if you're looking for a high-quality model that won't hurt your wallet, look to FM London.

The Find brand, a subsidiary of the Amazon group, has quickly made a name for itself among the leaders in the men's boxer shorts market. And for good reason, it markets its models at very attractive prices. Despite an average price of 4 €/boxer, you will still enjoy a superior quality underwear. There is enough to renew your lingerie wardrobe.

Le Slip Français is an expert in ready-to-wear entirely made in the UK. Don't just rely on its name or logo, because the brand also designs comfortable clothing (jogging suits, shirts, shorts...) for men, women and children. Directed by Guillaume Gibault, Le Slip Français also has 19 boutiques, more than 200 retailers and eco-responsible clothing, including boxers for men.

What is the price for a boxer for man

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

6 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Avoid men's boxers that are too big or too small

This could happen to you if you don't know your hip size when you've already placed your order. Too big, men's boxer briefs can leave your parts flapping from side to side while causing skin irritation. Too small and they will definitely compress them. In either case, wearing them will always be unpleasant.

Use unscented detergent for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using scented laundry detergent as much as possible. The smell can cause irritation to your private parts. Try to find a special detergent for sensitive skin or a specific detergent for babies, both of which are free of perfume and dye.

Don't wash your men's boxers with other linens

Have a bad habit of throwing your boxers with the rest of your linens in the washing machine? Aside from not following the manufacturer's directions, you're also jeopardizing their lifespan. Since the cleaning cycle, washing temperature as well as drying time are different depending on the type of fabric, it is likely that your boxer shorts will shrink when they come out of the machine.

There's no difference between high and low waists

The low-rise men's boxer shorts conform to all body types and are specifically for those who prefer to wear their underwear at hip level. If you have curves, avoid high waist boxers. With the waistband having to be above the hip, wearing them will be uncomfortable.

Fold your men's boxers properly

Place the men's boxer shorts on a smooth, firm surface. Smooth it out and then fold the left side toward the middle. Do the same for the right side and put it over the previous fold. Fold the waistband and bring it down. To finish, make sure the bottom fits into the belt.


How to properly care for men's boxer shorts?

To preserve the softness and silky quality of your men's boxer shorts, you must take care of them. To do this, machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30 °. Drying, however, is more delicate. It is recommended that you do not put your underwear in the dryer. A too strong heat risks to deform them. Drying in the natural would be preferred.

How many men's boxer shorts should you own?

If these are your first boxers, we advise you to opt for the cheapest pack to, first of all, analyze and try them. In case the quality and comfort convince you, buy the number of boxers for men you want. Just make sure to match it with your laundry dates if you don't want to run out of underwear at some point.

Can you hand wash men's boxer shorts?

Yes, hand washing is even the most recommended in terms of care. However, you have the opportunity to save a considerable amount of time if you run your men's boxers through the machine. Unlike silk, the underwear's design material (like cotton, lycra, modal... all stretchy) holds up very well to this type of washing without any potential sign of degradation.

How to keep men's boxer shorts from riding up on the thighs or rolling down on the hip?

The boxer shorts blend with the curves of your body and fit perfectly. It is virtually invisible under clothing. If you want to avoid the roll-down, stop your choice on microfiber models such as viscose, lycra or even polyamide. If you choose the wrong one, the underwear will form unsightly folds, cause discomfort and unpleasant irritations... It is provided with a wide elastic, enough to fit properly on your hips.


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Under Armour Tech 6in 2 Pack
Under Armour Tech 6in 2 Pack
Short Long Find by Amazon
Short Long Find by Amazon
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