The 47 best card games and board games with cards

Board games are a good moment of relaxation for the whole family. Monopoly or other, it sells an average of 19 million boxes of board games per year in the UK. And the craze for video games has not changed anything. Through this selection, we offer you 37 of the best board games with cards. Adults, children, with friends or family, there is something for everyone.

Board games with cards for kids and the whole family

UNO Junior 1

UNO Junior

7,19 £ on Amazon

Exciting for players of all ages, this card game based on the classic Crazy Eights is colorful, unpredictable and easy to understand. Be careful, though: with the wrong card, your luck could turn against you. This Junior version is suitable for children as young as 3 years old.

UNO Flip 2

UNO Flip

9,59 £ on Amazon

UNO Flip is even more fun than the original UNO. It is essentially played like regular UNO but with the addition of Flip cards. This UNO deck is two-sided with a light side and a dark side. You start by playing with the light side, but if someone plays a Flip card, you have to switch to the dark side. And on the dark side, there are different action cards with more severe penalties. Instead of a Draw One card, the dark side has a Draw Five card. Instead of a Skip card, the dark side has a Skip Everyone card.

Magilano SKYJO 3

Magilano SKYJO

11,96 £ on Amazon

Children and adults alike will be fascinated by this new type of card game. A family board game where each player has 12 cards, one card placed face up in the middle of the playing surface and the others in a deck. During the game, the player with the lowest number of points wins. The content of the game is composed of 150 cards numbered with 2 digits, a score book and a game manual.

Perlin Pinpin - Asmodee 4

Perlin Pinpin - Asmodee

11,19 £ on Amazon

Perlin Pinpin is a board game with cards signed Asmodee. It is intended for children from 6 years old. The goal of the game for 2, 3, 4 or 5 players is to collect as many princesses as possible. Asleep, they will be awakened by charming princes and collected by the players. Valiant knights will sometimes have to go into the enemy camp to kidnap and take the princesses to their own territory.

Dobble Kids - Asmodee 5

Dobble Kids - Asmodee

7,99 £ on Amazon

Dobble Kids is a simple pattern recognition game in which players try to find a picture displayed on two cards. Whoever has collected the most cards when the 55-card deck runs out wins! This game is accessible from the age of 6.

The battle of the animals - Nathan 6

The battle of the animals - Nathan

6,86 £ on Amazon

It's the great battle of the funny animals! But who will be the strongest? This card battle game for 2 to 4 players can be played from the age of 3. Turn over the cards and face your opponents! Whoever has the biggest animal wins the round. The first player to win all the cards in the game wins the game.

Your Brands 7

Your Brands

13,59 £ on Amazon

Kids and adults alike will enjoy testing their speed with this card game. Players first draw a mission card containing clues about the logos to be taken. Then, with a suction cup, they have to catch the corresponding logos very quickly.

6 Who takes 8

6 Who takes

10,39 £ on Amazon

This is a very funny game. Each card is worth 1 to 7 "ox heads" and at the beginning, the participants each have 10 cards. They secretly choose one and show it simultaneously. They have to put their cards in different rows, avoiding the 6th one.

Mito 9


9,52 £ on Amazon

For once, a game puts cheaters in the spotlight! Do everything you can to get rid of your cards, but beware, the Bug is watching your every move. And above all, always stay focused in order to react quickly to the Action cards that will turn everything upside down.

Who is it? 10

Who is it?

10,16 £ on Amazon

Who will be the most cunning in identifying their opponent's mystery character? You must ask the right questions, because you will only get a YES or NO answer. When a player successfully reveals the identity of the mystery character, he or she wins the game.

UNO Extreme 11

UNO Extreme

23,99 £ on Amazon

Get ready for some exciting moments with this game. Just like in classic Uno, quickly match your cards with the ones placed on top of the game. But beware, there are plenty of surprises in store for you with the random draw of the card dealer!

Citadels 12


10,39 £ on Amazon

Young and old alike will jump into the medieval world with this card game. The goal of the game is to build the most beautiful city thanks to cards that represent the districts of the city. At each turn, players play a different character with a specific power.

Kezao 13


11,16 £ on Amazon

This is a colorful card game that will test the players' sense of observation and speed! It's simple, you roll 2 dice showing the forbidden color and the allowed one. And here we go... each player must present a card according to the indications of the dice.

Pokémon Battle Academy Set 14

Pokémon Battle Academy Set

23,99 £ on Cdiscount

This card game is sure to delight kids who are Pokémon fans. It's a great time to learn and improve your skills as a trainer. The game content consists of 3 decks of 40 cards, a game board, damage markers and explanatory booklets.

Werewolf for a night 15

Werewolf for a night

7,99 £ on Amazon

If you want to add a little atmosphere to your parties, this is the card game for you. The goal? To unmask the werewolf. The participants close their eyes, wake up in turn and perform their skill according to their character. Afterwards, they use bluffing to be at the top of the vote.

Judukids - Parents vs Children 16

Judukids - Parents vs Children

19,99 £ on Amazon

With Judukids, parents and children will have a great time getting to know each other better. The Master Kid asks a question, the player has to answer in 8 seconds! If the player succeeds, he gets points and takes the place of the Master Kid.

UNO Harry Potter 17

UNO Harry Potter

7,99 £ on Amazon

Do you like playing UNO? This card game will please you more because you will find your favorite heroes from the Harry Potter saga. The objective remains the same: get rid of your cards first and win 500 points.

2 minutes together! 18

2 minutes together!

11,99 £ on Amazon

Sharing pleasant moments with your family and getting to know each other better, that's how we could summarize the goal of the game. Each player in turn draws a card with questions about memories, imagination, descriptions of situations and daily life.

Board games with cards for adults

I have never 19

I have never

22,39 £ on Amazon

To liven up your evenings and aperitifs with friends, the playing card game I never will bring atmosphere and joy. 3 to 10 players can participate. The goal of the game is to discover the worst secrets of others. The rules are relatively simple.

Juduku 20


22,39 £ on Amazon

In Juduku, you have 8 seconds to guess the strangest thoughts of your friends, family or strangers with whom you must share honesty, spontaneity and uncensored answers. It's all about answering questions that are both funny and controversial. The ultimate board game for adults.

White Manger Coco 21

White Manger Coco

21,52 £ on Amazon

Composed of 600 cards, the Blanc Manger Coco will certainly animate your delirious evenings between adults. You will have at your disposal 132 question cards and 468 answer cards. Each session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and you can invite up to 10 players for a maximum of atmosphere.

Merciless 22


23,19 £ on Amazon

From an initial sentence, represented by a card placed by a player (the game master), the other players propose the answer most likely to make him laugh among the cards at their disposal. The game master then chooses the answer he likes best and the author scores a point and becomes the game master in turn.



17,59 £ on Amazon

Say out loud what you think and find out what your friends think of you. That's how you could sum up the purpose of the game. In each round, each player votes for the player who best matches the question asked. The player who thinks he or she got the most votes raises his or her hand. And if they do, they win the round.

Limit Limit Limit 24

Limit Limit Limit

18,39 £ on Amazon

In Limit Limit Limit, the goal is to create the funniest card combinations. This is the official expansion of the original Limit Limit game. 3 to 10 players can participate. The rules of the game do not change. Each player draws 7 red cards. Players designate a Boss who must read a blue card aloud. Each player must then complete their sentence with one of the quotes on the red cards in their hands. The player with the best answer becomes the Boss.

3some 25


14,32 £ on Amazon

Let loose on your adult nights and try 3some! The objective is to say 3 things as fast as possible that are related to the card you pick. Knowing that the game has 400 unique cards with various themes (fantasy, news, dirty trash...).

The Tribunal 26

The Tribunal

21,02 £ on Amazon

A board game for adults that can accommodate 2 to 8 players, The Tribunal is ideal for having fun while discovering the most trashy and unsuspected aspects of your friends. With the help of different question cards, you will have to guess the reaction of each player to incongruous and sometimes unhealthy situations.

Kantu 27


19,62 £ on Amazon

Kantu uses the same principle as Limit Limit, but the question card with an empty space to fill is replaced by a meme image. Each player draws 10 situation cards. A Boss designates and turns over a picture card. Everyone responds to the image with a card that describes a certain situation. The funniest player in turn becomes the Boss.

3 eggs on a duck's head 28

3 eggs on a duck's head

19,92 £ on Amazon

A board game for adults with a very trashy tone, 3 Eggs on a Duck's Head is presented as a game of eloquence. Starting with a situation card, each player, in turn, must tell a story aloud using 4 Shit Words and 6 Daddy Words, all drawn at random. The least talented player becomes the Duck.

Komojo 29


23,19 £ on Amazon

Komojo is a board game for adults, totally crazy, in which you have to guess a maximum of words in 45 seconds. Each game takes place in 3 rounds. To stand out, Komojo adds constraint cards that make the game completely confusing and fun.

Tengo Duo 30

Tengo Duo

21,59 £ on Amazon

The concept of this board game for adults is to guess your partner's answer. With its easy-to-learn rules, it guarantees hours of fun during your best moments with family or friends. The game consists of 480 cards with 480 themes and can be played by 3 to 10 people.

Anekdot 31


15,99 £ on Amazon

If you really want to find out what your friends or colleagues think of you, organize a game of Anekdot with them. You won't be disappointed! You will have to vote for the player most related to the question. The player who receives the most votes draws the next question card. There are 400 totally crazy questions, full of dark humor.

When Memes 32

When Memes

19,99 £ on Amazon

This board game promises incredible laughter. At the beginning of the game, each player takes 6 cards. On each card, a suggestion always begins with "When..." followed by an often twisted, but always funny situation. A picture card is then drawn and each player proposes a situation that best fits the picture.

The Mother Phoquer 33

The Mother Phoquer

15,92 £ on Amazon

If you and your friends don't mind dark humor and trash talk, The Mother Phoquer is for you. The Phoquer is designated at the beginning of the game. The Phoquer is responsible for handing out 6 Answer cards to each player. The player with the funniest proposal wins.

Privacy No limit ? 34

Privacy No limit ?

15,99 £ on Amazon

This board game for adults is not recommended for sensitive souls. It should, however, liven up the evenings of the more daring and get to know their true personalities. The game includes more than 400 trashy questions and scathing black humor. Laughter guaranteed!

The People Who 35

The People Who

19,20 £ on Amazon

Les Gens Qui is a board game designed to judge all those who annoy us on a daily basis. They are all gathered on the game cards, to finally receive the judgment they deserve: Death penalty or Heart on you? To win, you'll have to guess what the Judge is thinking. Each turn, a player is named Judge. He will give his opinion on 3 People Who cards, which he will have drawn. For example: people who sniff instead of blowing their nose, people who say I'm not racist, but..., or people who forget to put on their blinker.

The Nominees 36

The Nominees

21,59 £ on Amazon

If you've always wanted to know what your family, friends or colleagues think of you, you'll find the funniest and most offbeat questions in the box to have a fun and memorable time. Black humor, trash talk, and laughter are all there.

Glop Erotic 37

Glop Erotic

9,59 £ on Amazon

If you want to know how much your friends or colleagues can reveal, play a game of Erotic Glop. To play, the player first draws a card, then reads it and must do what it says. Do you want another alternative? Just drink!

The Hidden Buttock 38

The Hidden Buttock

22,39 £ on Amazon

This card game is the best way to know the worst thoughts of your friends. Beware, this is the crudest version of Juduku. You only have a few seconds to answer the Juduku master's question correctly. Did you pass? Now it's your turn to ask some.

Culot, the Truth or Dare game 39

Culot, the Truth or Dare game

15,92 £ on Amazon

Culot is the perfect card game to liven up your parties! Besides the classic "Action" and "Truth" cards, players can find other cards such as "Body" and "Posture" for more fun. It's time to let the wheel run the game!

The King's Pint

11,99 £ on Amazon

Want to have fun with your friends? Organize a game of this drinking game with them. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be crazy! Each participant takes a card, reads it and has to do what it says. Many game categories are available!

Board games with cards for couples

Totem Couple Edition 40

Totem Couple Edition

15,92 £ on Amazon

Nobody wants to spend a romantic dinner in a noisy place. Stay at home and take out Totem, the mood game for couples that will guarantee more fun and unforgettable moments. It is a rewarding card game that captures and highlights the positive qualities of your partner and the magic works. This game can be played with one couple or four.

Clash of Couples - Who will sleep on the couch tonight? 41

Clash of Couples - Who will sleep on the couch tonight?

21,59 £ on Amazon

This is probably the right game to liven up an evening with your lover or with other couples. It can be given as a Valentine's Day, anniversary, engagement or even Christmas gift. You draw a question card and your partner must guess your answer. 1 to 4 couples can play.

You laugh, you lose! 42

You laugh, you lose!

16,79 £ on Amazon

This board game for adults made the Buzz on Aziz Aboudrar's YouTube channel. The one who stays the most serious during this battle of rotten jokes to win the game. 2 teams compete in a duel of rotten jokes. If you laugh, the other team wins points. Pledges and constraints will fuel the game.

Ranqar 43


16,76 £ on Amazon

Couples who want to strengthen their relationship will be delighted with this game. The objective is to win your favorite pledge by demonstrating your knowledge of the other through questions. The loser has one week to surprise his or her partner by completing the challenge.

Dimoi 44


15,92 £ on Amazon

This is an ideal game to develop complicity within a couple! The players can draw a card one by one and you ask your partner the question. There are 144 questions with 4 different themes: "Us", "For Interior", "Pop Corn" and "Torrid".

Social Couples 45

Social Couples

12,72 £ on Amazon

Looking to enhance your relationship through communication? The Social Couples game is for you! Everyone gets a turn! Draw a card, then ask your lover the question. After answering each other, you can talk about other topics related to the question.

Hot Time 46

Hot Time

11,99 £ on Amazon

Think you know the person you share your life with well? With Hot Time, you can still unlock some secrets that will only bring you closer together? This game with conversation cards will make your relationship stronger than ever! A great opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Buying guide - board game with cards

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How to choose your board game with cards

With so many board games to choose from, it's hard to decide which one is right for you. Here are the best ways to choose the right one:

Criterion n°1 : The objective

The first question to answer is why you or your children want to play this game. Of course, a board game was designed to pass the time and have fun. But manufacturers have also integrated a playful side to the thing: to become a strategist, to learn to read, to learn to count, to discover another universe. Also consider the intended audience: adults? Children? For fun? It's up to you to define your needs.

Criterion n°2 : The way the game works

Again, this will depend on the universe you want to play in. Choose a game that is familiar and embodies your personality. You can choose a role-playing game, simulation game, learning game, etc. Of course, there is a manual, either included in the box or available for download, but you can only access it if you purchase the game. Note that a child does not have the same ability to adapt as an adult. If they see that the game is too complicated, they will shy away and look for another distraction.

Criterion n°3 : The length of a game

Although the length of a game depends on the feeling, it is a factor to consider. For some, the session should be brief to keep it fun and entertaining. For others, it should last several hours. To start, choose a short game and take the time to learn it well.

Criterion n°4 : The number of players

Board game publishers often tend to underestimate, and sometimes overestimate, the number of players required for a set game. It is possible that a game for 2 or 3 people will be suitable for 6 people. The key is to exploit the maximum potential of the game while having fun.

Criterion n°5 : The design of the game

We're mostly referring to the exterior design, and this criterion matters a lot to kids. If they see that the game is too plain and there is not much color on the package, they will not appreciate it. The design is a way to attract attention at first sight and arouse curiosity.

How to play board games with cards?

There's nothing better than having a good time with your family. Essential to children's development, board games with cards are designed to allow young and old alike to have fun in a different way. Like any other game, there are rules to follow and goals to achieve during a game with this activity.

First of all, the card game is played, of course, with players and not just one. It can be a game between adults, couples, a game for young people, a game simply for children, but there are also games for parents and children.

It is also important to know how many parts the game is divided into, for example, two parts, or even just one part. The variation of the game depends on the type of the game such as card, Monopoly, etc. In fact, a game does not end because of time but usually when there is a winner or when the objective of the game is reached.

Secondly, when you play a game, you have to prepare yourself in advance, because there is always a winner and a loser. It is important to say that a player should always be positive and have patience. It is also important to remember that there are so-called eliminations during the game, which can be caused by lack of experience, or only because of the player's incompetence.

In most cases there is a small notebook to keep track of the points of each player or group. This is also part of the card game rule. Finally, the board game can also be divided into groups depending on the type of game, or if many people want to participate.

Classic card games or online card games?

Board games with classic cards

Classic card games are easy to play with. You can also change the rules to vary the pleasure of family fun. But they are also a real alternative to educate your children and develop their attention span.

However, they are fragile since most models are made of cardboard or paper, except for the high-end models made of aluminum or plastic. They also need a specific place for storage: away from the sun or humidity.

Board games with online cards

Online board games offer the same benefits as physical board games, but in a digital version. Many sites also offer free games for all ages, at least the trial version. Therefore, you can test the game you want for a while. In addition, you do not need storage, because everything is done via a device: tablet, smartphone, computer.

But board games with cards online can quickly become a nightmare for parents because of bad encounters. The web has also become a hunting ground for criminals of all kinds. This is very detrimental to the reputation of online card games publishers. But even worse, they can become addictive, especially if there is money involved.


Whether online or physical, board games are great for learning teamwork, bonding, educating children and most importantly, having a good time with family and friends. Physical board games are more educational than online games since you can actually take part in the activity. If you opt for online games, make sure your children are safe from any danger that could affect them for life.

Why buy a board game with cards?

The benefits of a distraction are always discovered by trying. The same is true for board games with cards. With family, friends or as a couple, they help you learn. You learn while having fun and enjoying the time spent in community. Board games are also a way to communicate, create exchanges and develop strategies to win.

Here are some of the benefits of board games:

- Learning about your children: Yes, children are multi-faceted and board games with cards can help you discover their personalities and habits.

- Learning to lose and win: Card games teach children the right attitude for the circumstances. The goal is to play together, regardless of the outcome.

- Resourcefulness: Card games help us to stretch ourselves, to explore our own creativity in finding a way out of a problem.

- Sharpen your observation skills: Like any strategy game, card games allow us to observe the behavior of each player, to analyze and anticipate.


Try before you buy.

Many establishments choose to incorporate board games into their concept. You can go there and try the game you want to buy and at the same time have fun.

Store your board games well.


way to properly store your board game collection is to arrange them alphabetically, stick a little label on them as a reminder, and find the right place like a shelf to put them


Conserve and maintain your board games.


often you use your board game boxes determines how long they

will last.

However, you can make the containers last by putting tape or adhesive strips on the corners of the box so they don't wear out too quickly. You can also put them in freezer bags to protect them from the elements.

Learn to win every time!"


nothing more annoying than losing at a game. Sure, board games are supposed to be fun, but it's still nice to win to stay in the game. You can tip the scales in your favor by memorizing the rules of the game, trying out the game before showing it to others, or observing the attitudes and behaviors of each player during a game.

Provide small snacks to keep the game going.


all know that if the game tends to drag on, the participants are likely to get hungry. So, always provide small appetizers to avoid the back and forth in the kitchen and totally ruining the mood.


What is the best board game with cards?

The best board game with cards depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Who can play board games?


without exception can play board games, as the name suggests. The only constraint is the age limit listed on the packaging. Even though it is a game accessible to all, some models may be incompatible with children, others specially designed for the very young.

Are there any board games that can be played individually?


the name "board games" refers to a community game, there are many models that you can play individually. For example, puzzles, point games are games that don't require additional players.

What are the best-known board games for two people?



in Asia, chess game in the European continent; these are the most famous games to date and also the most faddish. The only catch with these games is that a game can last several hours and requires maximum concentration. Some models of card games like Rummy or Belote can also be played by two people.

What are good ways to get kids' attention around a board game?

Children often lose interest in a game, especially if it is complex. So be sure to respect the age range indicated on the packaging of board games. Keep the game short, but fun. Also, adjust the rules to suit your children's attitude and concentration level.


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