The best Bluetooth car radios in the UK 2023

Listen to your playlist and your favorite radio channels when you are in the car, receive communications without taking your hands off the wheel: that's what a good bluetooth car radio allows. In addition to compatibility concerns, other criteria come into play when choosing this device. What are the best bluetooth car radios of the year? The answers in this buying guide and comparison.

Pioneer DEH-S720DAB 1

Editor's Choice

Pioneer DEH-S720DAB

The best bluetooth car radio in 2021

Very well known in the world of car audio, Pioneer offers this bluetooth car radio with a complete formula: FM RDS and DAB tuner, player, USB port and full bluetooth module.

103 £ on Oscaro

In response to the need for drivers to have a device that combines entertainment and communication, Pioneer offers this DEH-S720DAB Bluetooth car radio. The FM RDS and DAB tuners allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations while a CD player compatible with MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC formats will give you the opportunity to listen to your music. You can also play the playlist on your phone through a USB cable and also access your Spotify digital library.

With a power of 4 x 50W, this Pioneer car radio offers on the menu a hands-free function to receive calls, access to the phone book, voice commands, pairing of two phones and also audio streaming mode. Conveniently, it can be mounted with a subwoofer to enhance the sound quality. You can adjust the sound quality to your liking with the 13-band equalizer, active filters or the 3-level Loudness.

Kenwood KMM-BT205 2

Best Cheap

Kenwood KMM-BT205

The best entry-level bluetooth car radio

If you want a basic, but effective and cheap bluetooth car radio, choose the Kenwood KMM-BT205. It is easy to use, simple to install and not very sophisticated.

76,61 £ on Oscaro

Because complication comes with sophistication, Kenwood has opted for simplicity for this cheap bluetooth car radio. It has all the basic functions: an FM tuner with 24 presets, a USB port to read audio files from digital sources connected by cable (it will also be a good opportunity to recharge their batteries).

For the Bluetooth mode, the watchword remains the same: basic, but effective. Also, thanks to the microphone supplied with the Bluetooth car radio (it requires a pairing beforehand), you can receive your calls hands-free and use the voice command to access your phone book and your music playlist. We only regret that this cheap Kenwood car radio does not have a CD player, but considering its price, the offer remains very attractive.


Best High End


The best high-end bluetooth car radio

The JVC KD-DB622BT is a high-end Bluetooth car radio, featuring AM/FM and DAB tuners, a CD player, USB port and full Bluetooth functionality.

127 £ on Oscaro

The JVC KD-DB622BT, a 1-DIN size Bluetooth car radio, is a highly efficient and functional piece of equipment to install in your car. In addition to the hands-free functions that allow you to receive and make calls (an external microphone is included in the package), you can also associate 5 phones simultaneously for a DJ-like audio streaming! If you're using GPS on your smartphone, you'll hear directions directly through your car's speakers.

To listen to your radio channels, digital or not, you have AM/FM and DAB+ tuners available. Equipped with a detachable front panel, it has an intuitive 13-digit / 204-segment LCD display. On the sound side, you have an RCA Silver preamplified output and the possibility to connect a jack. The sound is clear and precise with many sound adjustments: equalizer with 11 presets, 5 levels of Bass Boost and the possibility to adjust the level (-50 to +10) of a future subwoofer.

Alpine UTE-200BT 4

A great choice

Alpine UTE-200BT

A bluetooth car radio with good sound

This Alpine bluetooth car radio has a universal fit to fit all cars. It does not have a CD player, but does have AM/FM tuners, a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.

111 £ on Amazon

Among the Bluetooth car radios proposed in this comparison, the Alpine UTE-200BT model stands out for its sound performance. Thanks to the Bass Engine SQ, the 3-band parametric equalizer and the 10 pre-integrated equalization functions, it offers very lively bass and a high-quality sound reproduction. Of course, the 4 x 50 W amplifier is also a factor.

In addition to the AM/FM tuner, the Alpine UTE-200BT Bluetooth car radio will allow you to stream audio files from your phone and your digital library on Spotify. This is done through Bluetooth connectivity that includes hands-free mode and voice command in its functions. If you've collected your favorite music on a USB stick, a port for this purpose accompanies this Bluetooth car radio.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Bluetooth car radio

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The best bluetooth car radio in 2021

The best entry-level bluetooth car radio

The best high-end bluetooth car radio

A bluetooth car radio with good sound

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Comparison table of the best Bluetooth car radios

Pioneer DEH-S720DAB 5
Kenwood KMM-BT205 6
Alpine UTE-200BT 8
Pioneer DEH-S720DAB
Kenwood KMM-BT205
Alpine UTE-200BT
Very well known in the world of car audio, Pioneer offers this bluetooth car radio with a complete formula: FM RDS and DAB tuner, player, USB port and full bluetooth module.
If you want a basic, but effective and cheap bluetooth car radio, choose the Kenwood KMM-BT205. It is easy to use, simple to install and not very sophisticated.
The JVC KD-DB622BT is a high-end Bluetooth car radio, featuring AM/FM and DAB tuners, a CD player, USB port and full Bluetooth functionality.
This Alpine bluetooth car radio has a universal fit to fit all cars. It does not have a CD player, but does have AM/FM tuners, a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.
CD player
Bluetooth function
Hands-free, phonebook, voice command, pairing, audio streaming
Hands-free, directory access, audio streaming
Hands-free for 2 phones, 5 associated devices, audio streaming, GPS reading
Hands-free, audio streaming
Remote microphone

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Buying guide - Bluetooth car radio

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How to choose your Bluetooth car radio

There are a few criteria to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth car radio that meets your needs in terms of sound and features. Here are some of them that you can check before buying this type of device.

#1 - Power and sound quality

It is not always clear whether a particular car radio is powerful, as it will be installed in a space where it cannot reach its full potential. The power depends on the makeup of the interior and the design materials of the vehicle's interior. Nevertheless, a good quality car radio offers many adjustment options to adapt the sound to the car, such as equalizer or an independent bass adjustment system. For this criterion, the element not to be neglected is the output power, as this must be in line with the speakers on board the car. If the speakers are very powerful, while the car radio is of mediocre design, sure you will not have the expected sound quality and vice versa.

#2 - Connectivity and compatibility with mobile devices

The recent models of Bluetooth car radio integrate a connection option with mobile devices. This allows you to concentrate better when you're driving. It also saves you from having to handle your phone while driving. Thus, you can listen to music, receive calls thanks to the pairing of your smartphone to the car radio (provided that it has the Bluetooth functionality). It is therefore advisable to check the possible connectivities that the car radio offers: jack, USB port, Bluetooth, etc.

#3 - The specificities

Technological progress is gradually forcing us to abandon the old options of a car radio. CD or DVD players are replaced by USB ports or SD and mini-SD card input. But you should not forget that these features are very useful. You can also buy a Bluetooth car radio equipped with multimedia players, with all the modern options that exist.

#4 - Screen size and quality


have already chosen your car radio, but have you thought about checking the screen? Indeed, it is an important element to take into account since it works like a small on-board computer. It can just display the information you need or play videos from your phone, USB stick or memory card. Either way, all data should be visible and at all times.

#5 - The guarantee

Most major brands offer a proper warranty for a car radio. Since it's a relatively fragile device, you need to make sure you can contact the supplier quickly if your car radio has a fault or you can't get it set up properly.

How does a bluetooth car radio work?

Car radios have become indispensable devices with the arrival of Bluetooth connectivity. Indeed, all major brands equip their car radios with this technology. Initially designed for smartphones, it is now available on most modern devices.

A Bluetooth car radio has all the options offered by a classic car radio and has many other features. Bluetooth is its main asset, as you can listen to music through a connection with a phone. Through a simple synchronization, you can read all your data with the car radio without making any connection.

But the Bluetooth car radio also protects you from accidents. By connecting your smartphone to the car radio, you can receive calls at the touch of a button or by voice command. You won't have to handle your phone while behind the wheel, allowing you to drive more safely.

This type of device is very easy to use, because you just have to turn on your phone and your car radio and the pairing is done automatically. The principle is simple, the car radio looks for the signal emitted by the phone, then detects it and the rest is done by itself. All the data from the phone will then be accessible on the car radio. For some models the control of the car radio is done via the Smartphone.

Bluetooth car radio or Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth car radio

A Bluetooth car radio is a modern, high-performance device designed specifically to make it easier to operate in a vehicle. The advantage is that you can pair it with your smartphone. This allows you to take a call without touching your phone. It offers a faster response time than infrared technology and always picks up, even in areas with poor reception. You also have the ability to adjust the sound quality via the equalizers.

The only concern is that it only works when you're inside your car. Of course, you can still listen to music, but without pairing your smartphone with the car radio, since the range is only 10 meters maximum. And of course, there is also the concern of privacy of your phone conversations in the presence of a third person in the car.

Bluetooth speaker

Recently appeared on the market, the Bluetooth car speakers are very popular because of its lightness and ease of use. In fact, you only need to connect them with a mobile device to get them working. As independent speakers, they can be placed anywhere in the car and have the same functionality as a car radio, except for CD or DVD players.

However, Bluetooth speakers have a more limited range as they usually run on a battery. They're also easy to steal in case you forget to lock up when you get out of your car, even though they have an in-car mounting system.


Car radio or speaker? The choice depends mainly on your needs. But you should not forget that a Bluetooth car radio is more compact and all cars have a place to install it comfortably. It is therefore more stable indoors, unlike a Bluetooth speaker, which is more mobile and can show signs of malfunctioning over time. However, both devices are equally effective and have considerable advantages.

Why buy the best bluetooth car radio?

For the comfort and safety of driving

A Bluetooth car radio, as its name suggests, is equipped with a technology that allows you to connect a phone to the device. You can listen to music or answer a call from your car radio. This will considerably reduce the risk of an accident, as you will remain focused behind the wheel.

To have several connection options

Apart from Bluetooth, this type of car radio has many connection options, always with a view to improving its use and your safety. For example, you can have several USB ports, a jack input, card readers and other features.

For versatility

Unlike the original car stereos, a Bluetooth car radio is able to support all media formats. This will prevent error messages when playing music. You can even watch videos, if you have a device with a screen.

To keep up with new technologies

With a good design, multiple connections and connectivity, various possibilities of use, it is difficult not to succumb to the charm of a Bluetooth car radio. It is also a good investment that allows you to be always up to date with the latest trends in terms of vehicle equipment. These are real technological gems designed to make the daily life of motorists easier.

For sound quality

You can customize the sound with such a device. Gone are the days when you could only adjust the bass and treble of your car radio. Those with Bluetooth offer more adjustment options, either via your smartphone or on the car radio. As a result, you'll enjoy a quality sound that can be adjusted to suit your mood and environment.

The best brands of Bluetooth car radios

In our opinion, the best brands of Bluetooth car radios in 2022 are :


As one of the pioneers in the field of electronic devices, Pioneer stands out especially for the quality of its products. Founded in the 1930s, the brand has designed several items that are a resounding success around the world, including its GPS and plasma screen TVs. But it is also known for its high quality car radios and audio systems, with exceptional sound rendering and a design in tune with the times.

It is the brand to never forget in terms of devices of all kinds. This Japanese multinational has had a stranglehold on the sector for a hundred years. When it comes to car radios, it's always Sony that has the best rating with its feature-rich products with outstanding sound performance. Its Bluetooth car radios stand out with their well-crafted look and high-end finish.

This brand has made a name for itself with its well-designed car radios and in-car navigation systems. Created in 1967, almost all major car manufacturers like BMW, Honda or Dodge equip their cars with Alpine car radios. It offers a wide range of Bluetooth car radios as well as high performance amplifiers and speakers.

Japanese company founded in the mid-20s, JVC is part of the Victor Talking Machine Company group. It made a name for itself thanks to its camcorders and video recorders and diversified its activities by proposing powerful audio systems with sometimes futuristic design. It also develops Bluetooth car stereos that can rival real on-board computers, sometimes sold at unbeatable prices.

If there's one brand that's a must-have when it comes to car stereo design, it's Kenwood. All models offer impressive sound quality. But it's mainly in the robustness and reliability of its car radios that the brand stands out. They are also characterized by the presence of many features, from the most basic to the most high-end.

What is the price for a Bluetooth car radio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Take care of your Bluetooth radio

Your car radio must be dusted regularly in order to remain in good condition over the long term. A microfiber cloth will do the trick. However, to remove dust from hard-to-reach places such as the corners of buttons and recesses, you can use a soft bristle brush or compressed air.

Remember to remove it when you are away

You should know that the car radio is a very valuable accessory. To best protect it from thieves, remember to remove it when you park your car outside or at night if you don't have a garage. This is normally an easy operation, but you can still ask friends for advice or watch tutorials to make sure you do it right.

Keep the volume reasonable

Certainly, there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than driving to your favorite music. Yet that's no reason to turn up the volume excessively. Not only will it damage your eardrums, but it could also cause you to lose focus and cause an accident. It's important to read the user manual of your Bluetooth car radio carefully before using it. If you don't, you risk making wrong manipulations that could damage the device. Also, note that the more you use your car radio, the more control you will have over it.

Read the user's manual carefully

If you want to innovate your Bluetooth car radio by opting for a newer model, don't throw away the old device, especially if it still works perfectly well. For example, you can give it away to someone around you who needs it, or sell it for a fairly reasonable price.

Recycle your car radio


Is the bluetooth car radio compatible with my sound system?

Several parameters must be taken into account when buying a bluetooth car radio. One of these criteria being the compatibility with the sound system of the vehicle, whether it is integrated or autonomous. The power of the device you are going to buy must not in any case exceed that of your speakers to avoid any saturation or poor quality sound.

What is the best option to control a bluetooth car radio?

This depends on the brand and type of product. The most basic ones can be controlled with buttons built into the device. Some are connected to the steering wheel controls for easy control. But most newer car stereos have an app designed for control from a smartphone or tablet.

How do I configure the bluetooth of my car radio?

You make an initial connection between the car radio and your mobile device by activating the latter's bluetooth and selecting the car radio's bluetooth mode. Once your smartphone or tablet has detected the car radio, you just need to confirm the pairing code. Some bluetooth car radios can be detected automatically.

How to phone with the bluetooth car radio of his car?

Once your car radio is paired with your smartphone, you can access all the menus. All you have to do is choose the phone mode which allows you to dial a number or access your phone's directory. The ease of handling and use is one of the advantages of this type of device!


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Pioneer DEH-S720DAB
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Kenwood KMM-BT205
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