The best gyrouettes in the UK 2023

Both a weather indicator and a timeless decorative object, the weather vane has never lost its beauty. This accessory is a wonderful addition to the garden or the roof of the house. As it is becoming more and more modern, although there are still classics, choosing a weather vane is not an easy task. To make sure you don't go wrong, we've put together a guide to the best weather vanes for this year.

Esschert - Cast Iron Gyro Rooster 1

Editor's Choice

Esschert - Cast Iron Gyro Rooster

The best gyro in 2021

Composed of a rooster, an arrow and the cardinal points, this cast iron gyro was made in strict accordance with tradition. This beautiful decorative object will adorn roofs, balconies and gardens.

33,88 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for a vintage looking gyro to enhance your home, this model is likely to please you. Indeed, the wind indicator is a beautiful decorative object for a roof or a terrace. Made of cast iron, this Esschert gyro is impervious to weather and pollution, provided that you give it periodic maintenance to keep its charm and majesty. We recommend a complete cleaning and the application of a rust inhibitor once a year. Delivered with its pedestal, it is very easy to install. Nevertheless, be careful that the support remains flat at the risk of distorting the indications.

CIM - Gyro balloon 2

The best cheap

CIM - Gyro balloon

The best cheap gyro

Don't worry, this balloon-shaped gyro won't fly away, as it remains firmly attached to the support. With its original concept, this decorative object will not fail to attract attention.

11,96 £ on Amazon

Firmly attached to its stand, this balloon gently spins with the wind to indicate its direction. Don't be fooled by its appearance, this handmade gyro is surprisingly robust. In addition to the laminated sailcloth cover, the rods are made of fiberglass. The very discreet seams have the same color as the panels. These materials were chosen for their lightness and their ability to turn as soon as the wind picks up. If the wind is blowing fast, the balloon envelope turns quickly, causing a very nice colored optical effect. As it is UV and weather resistant, the balloon can be installed on the roof or the terrace.

Gyrouette aigle géant 3D en cuivre 3

The best high-end

Gyrouette aigle géant 3D en cuivre

The best high-end gyro

This 3D eagle-shaped gyro has a great look. All in copper, it will find its place in the garden or on a roof preferably. High of 140 cm, this gyro is a real treat for the eyes.

84 £ on Manomano
Gyrouette dragon en fer forgé 4

A beautiful dragon-shaped gyro

Gyrouette dragon en fer forgé

The best gyro for the garden

Very original, this gyro in the shape of a dragon will leave no one indifferent. Laser-cut from a steel plate, this mythical creature will show you precisely where the wind comes from.

36,16 £ on Manomano
Buying guide • November 2023

Best blueberry

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The best gyro in 2021

The best cheap gyro

The best high-end gyro

The best gyro for the garden

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Comparison table of the best gyrouettes

Esschert - Cast Iron Gyro Rooster 5
CIM - Gyro balloon 6
Gyrouette aigle géant 3D en cuivre 7
Gyrouette dragon en fer forgé 8
Esschert - Cast Iron Gyro Rooster
CIM - Gyro balloon
Gyrouette aigle géant 3D en cuivre
Gyrouette dragon en fer forgé
Composed of a rooster, an arrow and the cardinal points, this cast iron gyro was made in strict accordance with tradition. This beautiful decorative object will adorn roofs, balconies and gardens.
Don't worry, this balloon-shaped gyro won't fly away, as it remains firmly attached to the support. With its original concept, this decorative object will not fail to attract attention.
This 3D eagle-shaped gyro has a great look. All in copper, it will find its place in the garden or on a roof preferably. High of 140 cm, this gyro is a real treat for the eyes.
Very original, this gyro in the shape of a dragon will leave no one indifferent. Laser-cut from a steel plate, this mythical creature will show you precisely where the wind comes from.
Cast iron
Laminated sailcloth and fiberglass
36 x 36 x 71 cm
42 x 13 x 4.6 cm
46 x 61 x 140 cm
63.7 cm x 45.1 cm
3.8 kg
30 g
5 kg
1.3 kg
Cardinal points
Patterns and colors
Golden copper

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How to choose your blueberry

Whether it is strictly decorative or used to determine the wind direction, the choice of a gyro depends on many criteria. Here are the ones to remember:

#1 - The design

Decorative gyros come in a myriad of designs. In the 19th century and up to the middle of the 20th century, the traditional rooster-shaped swallowtail was a huge success. Today, the trend has changed somewhat. Between witches on broomsticks, cars, boats, horses, bees, and other wacky designs, you'll be spoiled for choice.

#2 - The mounting system

Most whirligigs come with a system that makes it easy to attach and detach. The best models on the market can be attached to vertical and horizontal structures (walls or beams). Ideally, you should opt for a product that can be positioned quickly.

#3 - The dimensions

If you plan to place your gyro at height, it should be large enough, otherwise you will need a pair of binoculars to observe it. On the other hand, if you plan to place the object on your patio or in your garden, a medium-sized model is more aesthetically pleasing.

#4 - The sturdiness

The sturdiness of a gyro depends on the materials it is made of. As it is fixed outside, this weathervane will be exposed to the elements that are characteristic of your region. Therefore, it needs to be durable enough to withstand moisture, heat, corrosion and pollution. A metal object coated with epoxy paint is the most obvious choice to make.

#5 - The cardinal points

The cardinal points will help you determine exactly where the wind is coming from. It is important that they be present on the object. Besides, these letters give the gyro a more bucolic look. And if you can't live without technology, you can always fall back on models that include an anemometer, a hygrometer and even photovoltaic panels that power auxiliary lighting.

What is the ideal location for a wind vane?

Composed of an arrow and a shaft, the gyro is an accessory whose main purpose is to indicate the wind direction. Indeed, when the wind blows, it pushes on the back of the arrow which will then align itself in parallel in the direction of the wind. The cardinal points, represented by their initials, are indicated on most of the gyrouettes and they allow to determine where the wind comes from.

The best place to install a gyro is on the roof. This way, it is easily visible and more responsive to the wind. Nevertheless, it is possible to place this accessory in the garden, above a shed or a post.

For safety reasons and to catch the wind well, it is advisable to place the pillar of the gyro sufficiently high (at least 2.50 m). The pillar that supports the gyro must be vertical to avoid distorting the indications.

The gyro: a must in the garden

It is true that many tools nowadays allow to know the direction of the wind, but the gyro remains an essential decorative and practical object. Made of zinc, steel or iron, this object takes different shapes and decorates with elegance the outside. Some models have very original designs to meet the needs of lovers of beautiful things.

Gyrouette, a word that dates from the 15th century

Gyrouette and girouette are two words that designate exactly the same object. However, Gyrouette seems rather unusual for the simple reason that it dates back to the 15th century. As for girouette, its origins are more recent.

The different types of gyrouettes

Gyros have evolved over time. Apart from the so-called classic models, you will find on the market models that incorporate advanced technologies.

The traditional gyro vane

The gyro may be classified as traditional, but it remains a must-have, especially for collectors. This object, almost archaic, only serves to indicate the direction of the wind. This is what makes this gyro a strictly decorative accessory that we enjoy seeing above an old or recent building.

The electronic gyro vane

The electronic gyro has strictly nothing to do with its classic version. A real concentrate of technology, this modern day gyro is used by organizations for meteorological purposes. Yes, this device still benefits from the name of gyro, but unfortunately the spirit is no longer there. It is much more a practical object than a decorative one.

The anemometer gyro vane

This category of gyro is similar to the electronic model. In addition to indicating the direction of the wind, the device also communicates very precise information about its strength, speed, temperature and the amount of moisture it carries. The information obtained is displayed on a digital console.

Gyro or decorative garden wind turbine?


The gyro is an object that is primarily decorative. In addition to embellishing the exterior of a house, it indicates where the wind comes from. There is a huge choice of swallowtails on the market. It is available in so many variations and colors that you will have no trouble finding one that will perfectly match your roof.

Decorative garden wind turbine

The garden wind turbine is not only decorative, but it is also very practical. Not only does this device indicate the direction of the wind, but it also produces clean energy that you can use to power supplemental lighting in your garden. The only downside with this wind turbine is that it requires a whole set of accessories for energy production.


If you're looking for a decorative item only, the whirligig is the best choice. In fact, with a little DIY, you can make the whirligig produce clean energy. Simply put, a windmill has all the benefits of a decorative wind turbine.

5 good reasons to install a gyro

A timeless decorative object
The rooster pointing to the direction of the wind has never ceased to be in fashion. Old buildings are not the only ones concerned by this accessory. It can also be found on modern homes, but in other ways of course. If you want to add a touch of chic to your roof, many decorating experts will recommend the gyro.

Adds value to the home
The gyro made of metal, steel and brass adds style to a home or garden. No matter what design you choose, this item is sure to brighten up your home. The gyro will complete your decoration and will not go unnoticed by others.

A way to perpetuate a tradition
We can't say exactly which civilization created the swallowtail, but you'll agree that these accessories are a real heritage that needs to be perpetuated. Since time immemorial, the gyro has appeared on the roofs of castles, churches and huge houses in many European cities. It would be a shame if this device were to be forgotten.

It is a great way tocreate a vocation
It doesn't take much for children to develop a vocation. Observing a spinning gyro will arouse a child's curiosity. They will wonder where this object comes from and what it is used for. His multiple questions will make hatch in a passion for sciences or for the history quite simply. Note that the direction of the wind is expressed in relation to the North and by an angle whose unit is the degree.

Indicates the direction of the wind
Let's not forget that the gyro is an object that indicates the wind direction. This is especially useful for scientists, especially botanists, who are conducting experiments on crops. In short, the warbler is not as decorative as it claims to be.

The best brands of gyrouettes

In our opinion, the best brands of gyrouettes in 2022 are :

Esschert Design
Imex El Zorro

Esschert Design is a company specializing in practical and decorative accessories dedicated to the garden and nature. Superbly designed, its gyrouettes will find their place on your home.

Wenko is known for being the specialist in fashionable kitchen and bathroom accessories, but the manufacturer also excels in creating decorative objects for the home. Its range of gyroettes pleases for its originality and sturdiness.

Originally German, CIM is a brand that has made gyroettes, kites and windmills its specialties. This manufacturer offers a wide range of gyrouettes that have the particularity of being made with light materials.

A true jack-of-all-trades, Khevga is a company that specializes in decorative accessories for the interior and exterior of the house. Although a little eccentric, its collection of gyroettes is a big hit with lovers of wrought iron objects.

Imex El Zorro is a company specializing in fireplace grills, barbecues, pokers and of course gyroettes which are particularly appreciated for their elegance.

What is the price for a blueberry

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Choose the right location for your tree frog

Before starting the installation of the gyro, you must define the place where you plan to fix it. In order for it to react to the wind, it would be best to place it more than 3 m from the ground in a well exposed place. If possible, position your gyro on the roof.

Tune your tree frog

After attaching your gyro, you're going to need to adjust it. Place it facing the wind and see if it turns well and points its arrow in a specific direction. If it does, it means that it is well adjusted. If it doesn't, you'll still need to find the right alignment.

Use the tree frog to keep pests away

The gyro is certainly a decorative object, but in the garden it also acts as a countermeasure against pests of all kinds. Indeed, the circular movements of the object will scare away the birds that fly over your vegetable garden looking for something to eat. The noise produced will also keep away pest mammals.

Maintain your tree frog

Even though it is made of steel, the gyro will tarnish under the effect of time, humidity, heat and pollution. Don't wait for the object to fall into disuse before maintaining it. Once a year, have it repainted. You should also see if its shaft needs lubrication.

Protect yourself when you're up high

If you plan to install your gyro at height, on your roof for example, take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. Get a strap that needs to be attached to an anchor point. If you don't have one, it is better to delegate this task to a local craftsman.


What is the main function of a gyro?

If we refer to history, the gyrothat once topped the towers of castles and bell towers was synonymous with power. As time went by, the object was invested with a basic meteorological function by indicating the wind direction. Today, the gyro has become a decorative object highly prized by collectors.

How to properly orient a gyro?

Orienting a gyro is not difficult. It is all a question of adjustment. Depending on the model, you first had to adjust it to 180° and orient the support towards the south or the north by using markers. From there, you just have to wait until it indicates the direction of the wind.

What is the unit of measurement of the gyro?

This is the proof that a gyro is not only decorative, and that it still has its use in science. Thus, the direction is expressed in relation to the north and according to an angle that is expressed as a degree or "°". Of course, the data collected differs depending on the wind speed and direction.

How to properly use a gyro?

When it changes direction, the wind pushes the tail of the arrow (at the back) until it is aligned with it. That's why the wind makes the arrow point in the direction it came from, not the other way around. This is where we talk about parallelism with the wind.


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Esschert - Cast Iron Gyro Rooster 9
Esschert - Cast Iron Gyro Rooster
CIM - Gyro balloon 10
CIM - Gyro balloon
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Gyrouette aigle géant 3D en cuivre
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Gyrouette dragon en fer forgé


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