The best bicycles in the UK 2023

Bicycles are one of the most practical means of transportation available. This type of two-wheeled vehicle allows you to move with ease in urban areas, on trails, steep paths and even in the mountains. Mountain bike, VTC, folding bike or electric bike, there are different models to meet the needs of cyclists. But what are the criteria to consider before buying the right model for you? Read our guide to find out.

Btwin UTK 500 hoprider 1

Editor's Choice

Btwin UTK 500 hoprider

The best bike in 2021

Ideal for riding in the city or on the trails, this bike will be your daily companion. Its aluminum frame makes it both light and comfortable on the road. It will be your best ally.

360 £ on Alltricks

Do you need a suitable mountain bike for the usual errands? Then this model from Btwin is ideal for you. Fully equipped and versatile, this bike features a 24-speed Shimano Acera transmission, which allows you to ride uphill. Its aluminum frame makes it both light and comfortable. Its sf15 spring suspension fork limits shocks and is suitable for rough roads.

The large wheels (700 mm) bring more stability and the double wall rims give it a great rigidity. For more comfort, the handles remain ergonomic and you can easily adjust the height of the stem. Regarding the accessories, this model integrates a 15 lux halogen front light with a shimano dynamo. You will also have the right to a luggage rack supporting up to 18 kg of load in order to carry your stuff.

  • Solid aluminum frame and rims
  • Stable and comfortable bike
  • Rugged material
  • Unconvincing design
Scrapper Railway 1.9 LTD 2

Best cheapest

Scrapper Railway 1.9 LTD

The best entry-level bike

This city bike is perfect for any mountain biker looking for an inexpensive, high performance model. It's perfect for city riding while remaining rugged, versatile and versatile.

144 £ on Go Sport

Simple, versatile and robust are the words that best describe this Scrapper Railway 1.9 LTD bike. This model is particularly suitable for riding in the city and accompanying you on all your daily trips. Its 26 inch tires for size M and 28 inch tires for size L provide good stability on the road. The frame is made of high quality steel and ultra-resistant.

This entry-level bike doesn't skimp on technical equipment with its 6-speed Shimano transmission and V-BRAKE brakes and weighs 16.2 kg, making it suitable for medium to large adults. The Scrapper Railway has also been designed to give you an optimal riding position in all circumstances.

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Ideal for urban travel
  • Not suitable for steep paths
BH Atom City Wave 3

Best high-end

BH Atom City Wave

The best high-end bike

Combining performance and modernity, the BH Atom City Wave is for all cycling enthusiasts. This electric bike has a powerful battery integrated into the lightweight aluminum frame. It goes everywhere with you.

1 599 £ on Alltricks

If you're looking for an electric bike to take you around town or to the outskirts of town, this BH Atom City Wave model is for you. It has a powerful built-in 500 Wh battery and a premium aluminum frame. It is powered by a BH-1E-36V motor. This bike retains all the aesthetics and charm of a traditional model.

The BH Atom City Wave also features a Full Suspension range with a Split Pivot system for a better riding experience. For the brakes, it has the famous Shimano MT 200, 180/180 mm. Accessories included are: B & M Upp 30 Lux headlight, Racktime type luggage rack and a B & M Toplight rear light.

  • Powerful built-in battery
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shimano Acera 1x8 speed transmissions
  • Long battery life

Best value for money


The best value mountain bike

The Trek Marlin 6 is the best in the field of mountain bikes at the best quality/price ratio. This semi-rigid model is ideal for competitions provided by its construction and its robustness.

503 £ on Alltricks

The Trek Marlin 6 is a mountain bike specifically designed for racing. It features a smooth, lightweight fork with quality SR Suntour suspension. Despite its low price, it rivals more expensive models, making it an excellent choice for recreational riders looking for an affordable, yet solid model. The Ajna Comp saddle offers optimal comfort for both road and aggressive (mountain bike style) riding. This saddle offers better front end stability and pressure distribution for a smooth ride on any terrain.

On the technical side, this bike has Shimano front and rear derailleurs. The rims are double-walled and 20 mm wide. The Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes give you better control. The Alpha Silver Aluminum frame is sturdy with a powerful internal routing system. Note that this model is available in sizes XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Rugged mountain bike
  • Suitable for competitions
  • Clamping system can be improved
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The best value mountain bike

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Comparison table of the best bicycles

Btwin UTK 500 hoprider 5
Scrapper Railway 1.9 LTD 6
BH Atom City Wave 7
Btwin UTK 500 hoprider
Scrapper Railway 1.9 LTD
BH Atom City Wave
Ideal for riding in the city or on the trails, this bike will be your daily companion. Its aluminum frame makes it both light and comfortable on the road. It will be your best ally.
This city bike is perfect for any mountain biker looking for an inexpensive, high performance model. It's perfect for city riding while remaining rugged, versatile and versatile.
Combining performance and modernity, the BH Atom City Wave is for all cycling enthusiasts. This electric bike has a powerful battery integrated into the lightweight aluminum frame. It goes everywhere with you.
The Trek Marlin 6 is the best in the field of mountain bikes at the best quality/price ratio. This semi-rigid model is ideal for competitions provided by its construction and its robustness.
Alpha Silver Aluminium
27.5 inches (700 mm)
26 or 28 inches
27.5 inches
29 inches
Royal Freeway Gel Saddle
Bontrager Ajna comp
16.9 kg
16.2 kg
14,50 kg
Suspension fork
SR Suntour NEX DS 63mm
SR Suntour XCT 30

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How to choose your bike

The bicycle remains one of the most ecological means of transportation of the moment. It allows you to move around everywhere, whether in the city, in rural areas or in the mountains. What are the criteria to consider when looking for a bike that is right for you?

#1 - Use and practice

You should absolutely choose your bike according to the use. For example, there are models specially designed for urban and relatively short trips (3 or 5 km). If this is your case, choose a classic or Dutch two-wheeler with a steel frame, unstudded tires and a single chainring.
For those who want to use them for competitions, racing bikes are the most suitable. These bikes are more robust, making them ideal for various sports. And finally, if you would like to have a bike to train from time to time, you can turn to semi-assisted bikes or VAE. They have the advantage of being comfortable and modern.

#2 - Size and height

The size of a bike must be adapted to the size of its user. Indeed, manufacturers currently offer various models suitable for different categories of people.

  • Wheel size: if you have a strong physique (over 6 feet tall), 27 to 28 inch tires are best. Average adults (between 1m70 and 1m80) can turn to 26 inches. For children's bikes (2 to 5 years old), 8-inch models are suitable;
  • Saddle: Choose a model that gives you the possibility to adjust the height of the saddle. Thus, you can freely adjust to be more comfortable on it. Don't forget that comfort is essential when choosing your bike.

What to remember:

If you want to buy a child's bike, don't overlook the safety systems. Specifically, choose a model with hand protection to prevent your toddler from accidentally injuring himself.

#3 - Material of construction

The material your bike is made of directly affects its sturdiness.

- Carbon: This is a material widely used in transportation for its strength and lightness. Bikes built with carbon remain aerodynamic and are particularly suitable for racing.
-Steel: The main advantage of steel bikes is that they are easy to repair in case of breakage. It's also inexpensive, so you don't have to spend all your savings on maintenance;
-Aluminum: This is certainly the most used material in bicycle design. It does not rust and remains light. It also offers excellent resistance despite the fact that it degrades after intensive use.

Custom Bikes:
Some manufacturers offer to design custom bikes specifically for intense racing and competition. These are mostly made of carbon or titanium and their price can be high depending on the type of bike.

#4 - Brakes and transmission

More and more manufacturers are currently favoring disc brakes. Unlike traditional rim brakes, they allow for better balance and are more comfortable. A small drawback is that the overall weight of a bike with this system is higher than the traditional models.

Regarding the transmission, many of the bikes on the market have 11, 12 and 13 speed systems. For the 11-speed models, it is the equipment manufacturer Sram (American) and Shimano (Japanese) that integrate it into their bikes. The Italian Compagnolo offers the Super Record, Chorus and Record ranges that use 12 speeds. And lately, Rotor (Spanish) remains one of the pioneers who designed a 13-speed hydraulic derailleur.

#5 - Features

Electric bikes have the coast these days. As you can see, they are models that integrate a battery. They save you from having to pedal without stopping thanks to the propulsion force produced. Here's what you need to consider when making your choice:

- The battery: integrated or not, it should have a good autonomy. On average, an electric bike that can travel up to 80 km before the battery runs out is ideal.
- Practical accessories: This includes all the little details that make the difference between one bike and another. Look for models with an assistance monitor that allows you to see information such as speed, distance traveled or even a stopwatch. For urban use, a bike with a luggage rack would be suitable.

Good to know:
Electric bikes can be mountain bikes, mountain bikes or folding bikes. So choose the model that you think is best suited to your needs. You will have a multitude of choices when you buy.

The bicycle remains one of the most ecological and easy to use means of transportation. Available in several categories, this type of two-wheeled vehicle is very popular both in cities and for extreme sports. Road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes or folding bikes, there is something for everyone. So, is riding a bike still a good idea and what are the advantages?

Is it a good idea to choose a bicycle to get around?

For many people living in urban areas, traffic jams are a real source of stress on a daily basis. Indeed, getting to work becomes painful when you are stuck in traffic. Bicycles allow you to weave in and out of traffic with ease. You make your way to your destination.

For a short distance, i.e. less than 10 km, riding a bike is faster than riding a car or bus. If you use it to get to the office every day, you can make that trip in just 10 minutes, and with a smile on your face.

The advantages of using a bicycle

Using a bicycle also saves you money. Unlike other types of two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles, a bicycle requires minimal maintenance. And even if one of the parts is worn out, you can easily replace it with spare parts to get it back in shape.

For extreme sport enthusiasts, mountain bikes allow them to fully indulge their passion. This is especially true for Cross Country, Trekking or Enduro. For those who ride for fun, pedaling is an excellent exercise for the body. It allows you to improve your physical condition (respiratory, muscular...) and to get in shape.

The different types of bicycles

Bicycles come in several categories to meet different expectations. Depending on your needs, you can choose a road bike, a mountain bike, a folding bike or an electric bike. So, which one is right for you?

Road bike

The road bike is characterized by its lightness and high performance on the road. Generally, it has slightly narrow tires compared to other types of two-wheelers with a fairly small caster. Its handlebars can be curved to allow the user to adopt several positions. This model is specifically designed for road racers.

Cycling bike

The VTC (or All-Terrain bike) is a compromise between mountain bike and road bike. In fact, its wheels are similar to those of a road bike, but with slightly wider tires. As for the handlebars, they are higher than those of mountain bikes. It is the most suitable for those who like long rides, strolls or urban travel.

Mountain bike

The mountain bike is a type of bike suitable for rough terrain. It remains sturdy and solid in every way. This kind of model has big tires to adhere more easily to the trails. In addition, it incorporates powerful brakes that are easily controlled at your fingertips. It is ideal for climbing steep slopes and difficult terrain. The mountain bike is particularly suited for those who like to practice extreme sports on a bike.

Folding bike

The folding bike is considered a very flexible way to travel. It remains similar to a conventional model, but can be folded and transported conveniently. Some models can even be stored in a briefcase. This type of bike is suitable for travelers who want to discover new horizons on two wheels. It is also suitable for students or employees who want to have a retractable bike that can be easily stored.

Electric bike

Also called "VAE" or electrically assisted bike, this category is distinguished by its modernity and multiple features. It integrates a motor as well as a battery. This one has a power estimated in Wh and the higher it is, the more powerful the battery is. Its operation remains simple because by pedaling, the motor provides some additional power. Thus, the cyclist saves energy while enjoying other practical features such as a stopwatch or a speedometer. EABs are suitable for those who want to have a bike that is a practical means of transportation on a daily basis.

Electric mountain bike or VTC ?


The mountain bike is a bike that stands out for its robustness. Also called "Mountain bike", this category is suitable for ascents and descents in the mountains or on steep trails. It will allow you to ride on all terrains. In most cases, the mountain bike has a very solid aluminum frame and a robust fork. Therefore, it remains very popular with sportsmen and thrill seekers. If you are an extreme sport enthusiast looking for a good dose of adrenaline, the ATV will be an ideal choice for you.

Electric VTC

The electric VTC combines performance and modernity. This type of bike is suitable for both long and short trips. It is therefore not uncommon to find people riding this type of two-wheeler in cities for work or study. However, this does not mean that the electric VTC is not suitable for sports or hiking. There are models adapted for intensive use with a sophisticated lighting system. If you are looking for an efficient bike or an alternative to the usual means of transportation (cars, trains...), treat yourself to an electric VTC. You won't regret it.


The mountain bike is a bike that is especially suitable for those who like strong sensations. If you practice extreme sports like Dirt, Downhill or All-mountain, it is ideal. On the other hand, the electric VTC can be used for sports as well as for everyday use. It is a versatile bike for all mountain bikers, amateur or expert. If you want to acquire a high-performance bike suitable for all situations, turn to the electric VTC.

Why buy an electric VTC?

Optimal comfort

The electric VTCs have been designed to allow the user to have a better position. Indeed, the cyclist leans slightly forward, which makes it possible to pedal better without forcing too much. You can ride long distances without feeling back pain. Moreover, motorized mountain bikes have a high-performance suspension system that limits shocks.

Performance at the rendezvous

It's no longer a secret for any mountain biker. An electric mountain bike is a perfect compromise between a classic bike and a mountain bike. You can therefore enjoy a means of transportation that is both robust and practical, whether for hiking, racing or outings with friends. We don't forget to mention that the integrated batteries often have a good autonomy to cover dozens of kilometers.

Easy to handle

Contrary to the models intended for the hardened sportsmen and the professionals, the electric VTC remains a bike easy to handle. Even an average person could get the hang of this type of machine without too much effort. The electric assistance system will be a little help to propel you further.

Versatile equipment

The electric VTC can be used virtually anywhere you go. Its "hybrid" design makes it suitable for all types of roads like tarmac, greenways and even trails. This makes it suitable for people who want to ride in the city or on towpaths. You can also use it for your trips in the countryside.

A wide range of accessories

Generally, a VTC is delivered with different elements that will facilitate your life as a cyclist. Indeed, you will be entitled to a luggage rack, a mudguard, an integrated lighting, an anti-theft system, a stand, a bell and many others. In short, you'll be well equipped to go on an adventure or simply ride around town with other bikers.


The best brands of bicycles

In our opinion, the best brands of bicycles in 2022 are :


Trek is an American bicycle manufacturer popular worldwide. This brand has been very successful with two-wheeler enthusiasts for its revolutionary models: the 5500 and 5200 mountain bikes (around 1990). Currently, Trek is positioned as one of the leaders in the bicycle market.

Cannondale is a true reference in the bicycle market. It offers a whole range of products with professional models as well as urban bikes. This brand is also known for its innovations such as the famous Lefty forks. It offers mountain bikes, VTC, and road bikes of all kinds for young and old.

BH is a bike brand that has always been associated with innovation. This Spanish brand stands as a major player in the two-wheeler market. Despite its modest beginnings (founded by the Beistegui brothers), it has proven know-how and expertise in over 100 years of existence. Since its creation in 2003, Momabikes has seduced two-wheeler fans with its range of European quality products. This brand offers all types of bikes (city, mountain, bmx...) that are distinguished by their attractive design and their robustness. Among BH's most popular lines are the 26 HIT mountain bikes and the 28 HYDR E-Bike.

BMC is a Swiss brand founded in 1986 and renowned for its high-end bicycle models. It specializes in the design and production of semi-rigid mountain bikes, all-suspended mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes. Many professional mountain bikers recommend the products of this brand for their quality of manufacture and their robustness.

What is the price for a bike

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 450 £
450 £ to 2000 £
more than 2000 £
Price range diagram


Choose secure bikes for children

It is recommended to always choose a model with a reliable safety system for children. This way, you can prevent your little ones from getting hurt when they play with a wheelchair. Remember, toddlers are clumsy. So to prevent them from getting hurt, safety remains paramount.

Don't neglect the accessories

Even if the bike is primarily intended for getting around, accessories are a real added value. That said, opt for a model with a baby carrier (for family rides), quality headlights, a mudguard. It's these little details that make the difference.

Opt for quality models

Don't be tempted to buy a low-end bike. Don't be tempted to buy a low-end bike, because the models sold at bargain prices often include a frame of mediocre quality. Instead, invest in sturdy, reliable equipment, even if you're not a seasoned mountain biker. That way, you won't have any unpleasant surprises.

Maintain your bike regularly

After each use, it is recommended to wash your bike in order to remove all dirt and mud. This way, it will always be like new and its appearance will not deteriorate. If some parts fail, replace with functional parts to restore your bike.

Integrate an anti-theft system

When you park your bike in a parking lot, a simple lock and chain is not enough to secure it anymore. Moreover, it would be wiser to integrate an anti-theft system to deter thieves. For electric bikes, remove the battery because this element attracts the covetousness of malicious persons.


How to choose the saddle of a bike? How to adjust the position on your road bike? How much autonomy does an electric bike have? How does the lighting of a bike work?

The size of the saddle should match the size of the rider's pelvis. In other words, choose a model whose width is approximately equal to the distance between the points under each buttock. The profile of the saddle should also match the distance between your thighs. Note that there are standard measurements for adults.

Start by adjusting the angle of your saddle so that it is horizontal. Then adjust so that the front of your knees line up with the pedal axle. Next, adjust the angle of your handlebars so that you have a comfortable low position. Finally, make sure the top of the levers are 2 cm above your handlebars.

It all depends on the battery power and usage. Typically, a 500 Wh model can last for about 50 miles of riding. If you have a 400 Wh battery, it will be enough to go about 60 km. And if it's 300 Wh, that's 40 km of riding.

A built-in dynamo produces static electricity when you pedal. In fact, this element works as a small generator based on magnets that transforms the force into electricity. The current provided will be 6 V, 0.5 A and 3 W and is used to power the bike's lighting system which lights up. You have to pedal for this system to work.


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Btwin UTK 500 hoprider
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