The best bicycles quality/price ratio in the UK 2023

Besides the technical features, the price is a decisive factor when buying a bike. Therefore, it's best to look for bikes that offer an excellent price/quality ratio. This way, you can save a lot of money without missing out on essential features. To help you, we've put together this comparison of road bikes, city bikes and a Gravel bike.

BMC - Roadmachine Seven Shimano 105 road bike 1

Best value for money

BMC - Roadmachine Seven Shimano 105 road bike

The best value bike in 2021

The endurance of the BMC Roadmachine road bike is hard to ignore. It is destined to be used for a long time and in comfort. In addition, its performance is well appreciated by users.

2 319 £ on Alltricks

The BMC Roadmachine will not disappoint you if you are looking for a new experience with outstanding power and a comfortable ride. It's a bike that meets the expectations of professional and amateur athletes alike with its Roadmachine Premium carbon frame and fork. The Shimano hydraulic brakes will allow you to tackle any corner with confidence.

The tubes and the cockpit of the bike have a specific shape, different from the other ranges of the brand. This crowns its success on the market at the moment. The Shimano shifter, 2x11 speeds, is precise and will allow you to gain a few seconds. Versatile, it is a light and comfortable bike since it is equipped with a Royal saddle.

Trek - Dual Sport 3 Hybrid Bike 2

Bike for less than 1000 euros

Trek - Dual Sport 3 Hybrid Bike

The best value bike under 1000 euros

Suitable for a variety of routes, the Dual Sport 3 offers the best value in this category. Install all the accessories you want to align the bike to your needs.

639 £ on Alltricks

Ready to overcome any obstacle, this bike is equipped with puncture-proof tires, an extra point for your safety. The suspension adjusts to the type of road with the help of the hydraulic locking function at the fork. Soyou can ride in the city or over obstacles without worrying. What's more, you can customize it by adding a luggage rack, for example, to easily transport your belongings during your rides.

The customization doesn't stop with the lights or anything else, since the frame, made of Alpha Gold aluminum, is adapted to accommodate a basic ANT+ sensor: the Duo Trap S. Don't be late for work with the Shimano Acera T3000 front and rear derailleur. And, keep your pace with the KMC X9 chain and HG200 9-speed cassette. To avoid tickets, brake with precision with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes and reliable Bontrager Tubeless tires with 32 holes and a presta valve.

Van Rysel - Road bike EDR AF 105 3

Bike for less than 2000 euros

Van Rysel - Road bike EDR AF 105

The best value bike under 2000 euros

This is the bike to have before entering the big leagues. A model with great endurance, it can be used for hours without getting tired at the end of the road. It promises a high level of performance.

880 £ on Decathlon

It's an excellent choice for those who want a high-performance bike without breaking the bank. It is also ideal for beginners who want to experience a comfortable and enjoyable ride before increasing the pace. Very light, this model is committed to providing a speed high enough for your taste. The wheels support this performance perfectly with their 17C internal rim width and an aluminum hub. Equipped with an 11-speed Shimano transmission and a Microshift cassette, it manages to cope with all terrains.

The location and size of the handlebars (420 mm) and the saddle allow for a reclining position that calls for a ride of several hours. However, the handlebars can be adjusted to find the right position. This bike has a lot to offer the public in terms of visual appeal. The aluminum frame, fork and seat are undoubtedly attractive. However, note that this model comes without pedals.

Cervelo - Gravel Aspero Shimano GRX 600 4

Bike for 3500 euros

Cervelo - Gravel Aspero Shimano GRX 600

The best value bike at 3500 euros

The versatile Gravel Aspero GRX 600 has a sleek design at first glance with its carbon frame. But its performance is not to be outdone with a carbon frame and fork.

2 799 £ on Alltricks

Not only does this bike boast outstanding speed control, but it also has the ability to reach a good top speed for a fun ride. Just what athletes need to push their limits. Its 11-speed cassette has something to do with it. The bike's responsiveness makes it easier to handle. The 46/30-tooth crankset and the FSA IS2 1-1/8 x 1-1/2 steering system are responsible for this.

Like all the bikes mentioned in this comparison, the braking system is made by Shimano, the market leader. This model has hydraulic brakes. Note that the frame and fork of this model are both made of carbon, combining aesthetics and rigidity.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bike quality/price ratio

Any specific needs?

The best value bike in 2021

The best value bike under 1000 euros

The best value bike under 2000 euros

The best value bike at 3500 euros

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Comparison table of the best bicycles quality/price ratio

THE BEST Bike for less than $1000 Bike for less than $2000 Bike for $3500
BMC - Roadmachine Seven Shimano 105 road bike 5
Trek - Dual Sport 3 Hybrid Bike 6
Van Rysel - Road bike EDR AF 105 7
Cervelo - Gravel Aspero Shimano GRX 600 8
BMC - Roadmachine Seven Shimano 105 road bike
Trek - Dual Sport 3 Hybrid Bike
Van Rysel - Road bike EDR AF 105
Cervelo - Gravel Aspero Shimano GRX 600
The endurance of the BMC Roadmachine road bike is hard to ignore. It is destined to be used for a long time and in comfort. In addition, its performance is well appreciated by users.
Suitable for a variety of routes, the Dual Sport 3 offers the best value in this category. Install all the accessories you want to align the bike to your needs.
This is the bike to have before entering the big leagues. A model with great endurance, it can be used for hours without getting tired at the end of the road. It promises a high level of performance.
The versatile Gravel Aspero GRX 600 has a sleek design at first glance with its carbon frame. But its performance is not to be outdone with a carbon frame and fork.
Road bike
Hybrid bike
Road bike
Derailleur (Front/Rear)
Shimano 105 / Shimano 105, 11-speed
Shimano Acera T3000 / Shimano Acera M3000, 9 speed
Shimano 105 R7000 dual / Shimano 105 R7000 GS, 11-speed
Shimano GRX 600 / Shimano GRX 600, 11-speed
Shimano 105, 11-32
Shimano HG200, 11-36
Microshift 11S, 11-32
Shimano 105 R7000, 11-34
9.50 kg
13.45 kg
8.8 kg
9.41 kg
Frame material

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Buying guide - bike quality/price ratio

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How to choose your bike quality/price ratio

It's not wise to sacrifice the performance and reliability of the bike for price alone. Therefore, we put certain criteria in the forefront to have a good quality/price ratio.

#1 - The weight/material ratio

The price of a bike is influenced by its materials, which guarantee its solidity and longevity. In addition, the type of material determines the weight of the bike, i.e. its comfort. It is best to choose aluminum if you do not want to be penalized for speed. In principle, you can expect a comfortable ride with a weight of about 10 kg.

#2 - The brakes

The manufacture of the brakes matters if you want to buy a good value bike. Look for Shimano, XLC and Campagnolo. They are known for their reliability. These manufacturers increase the performance of their brakes with the quality of the calipers and brake pads used.

#3 - The usage

To each use its type of bike. Ask yourself this question before making a choice. You don't get the same bike for an urban ride as you do for a rough ride. For a short ride, accessories are essential. As for the technical details, a simple and safe design is enough.

  • On longer routes ranging from 15 to 50 km, a more cost-effective VTC is required. It allows for a slightly lower, more comfortable position and is equipped with knobby tires.
  • If you plan to ride your bike on a daily basis, prefer urban models that weigh about 15 kg. The smaller the better. However, you should choose according to your size.
  • Then there's the mountain bike, which is for competitive cyclists. The pedals, the weight, the materials are designed for sport use.

#4 - The frame

It doesn't matter what the bike is used for, the features of the frame are non-trivial if you are looking to improve your performance. This is true for all riders, including those who use the cycle in the city for commuting or for fun. Your position on the bike depends on the frame size. By the way, it's often displayed in centimeters or with letters to make it easier to choose.

#5 - The accessories

Good value bikes get quality accessories. Besides, some of them are well mandatory for the safety of the cyclist.

There are some that are provided upon purchase and there are some that are to be installed later like the bike computer, a device that measures speed and distance traveled. Add to that the tools to evaluate your physical condition (calorie consumption and heart rate). Then, it's up to you to choose the right safety equipment, including helmet and clothing.

How to optimize the life of a bike for its price/quality ratio?

The life of a bicycle depends on its parts. If some cannot be replaced, others can be maintained more or less easily depending on their problem.

The maintenance of a bicycle

The wheels

Let's start with the tires. Generally, they are worn out after at least 5,000 km. The best models last up to 10,000 km. In any case, watch for signs of wear. Then, the inner tubes should be replaced after 3 punctures or after 2 years of use if this does not happen.

Chain, cassette and chainring

For the chain, the replacement time depends on the use you make of it, but also on its maintenance. In any case, it is not operational after 4,000 and 10,000 km. The cassette has a longer life and is not necessarily changed with the chain. This part can go up to 15,000 km before it breaks down.

To ensure pedaling performance, consider checking the condition of the chainring. In principle, it will only give up the ghost after 15,000 km of use. Brake-related components are more sensitive and require more maintenance to ensure the bike's longevity. If the brake pads need to be replaced after 2 years of use, the pads may not be effective before that time. You need to do a diagnostic to know this. The same goes for the disc, which needs to be changed after 3 successive pads.

For the other parts, rely on the advice of your mechanic. With time, you will be able to detect the signs of wear quite easily.

The different types of bicycles quality/price ratio

Bikes can be categorized according to their use. This brings us to 3 main types of cycle with a good quality/price ratio.

Road bike

In this category, there is the racing bike and the recumbent bike. They are used for a long ride in the city or on a classic paved road. This type of cycle allows a fairly high speed and is intended for infrequent use. The different types of bikes available allow occasional cyclists and the more athletic to find the model that suits them.

Easy to handle, it achieves a performance worthy of the level required for competitions. Moreover, the road bike braves uneven roads without the slightest worry and without requiring much effort from the rider. Unfortunately, it only fits with the classic accessories.

City bike

As the name suggests, the city bike is used for urban travel. It exists in an electric version, which is easier to tame and performs better. No other type of bicycle is more comfortable than the electric one, thanks to the raised handlebars and the wide seat. Moreover, it is a particularly practical vehicle to go to work or to run errands in an ecological way.

As a city bike, it appreciates flat asphalt roads and is less suited to other terrains. In addition, it is rare to find a city bike with high speeds.

Trail bike

The road bike is dedicated to riding for leisure. Mountain bikes and VTCs are found in this category. This implies an adaptation to rough and uncomfortable terrain. The stability of this type of two-wheeler is of great help for this use. It is very popular with sportsmen.

Its versatility is certainly its greatest asset. Comfortable and sturdy, it can adapt to any terrain and combines pleasure and power. Nevertheless, we advise an occasional use with this type of bike.

Best value bike or used bike

Bicycle with the best quality/price ratio

The first advantage of a best value bike is that it is new. A good condition is therefore guaranteed on delivery. This translates into a longer life span. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to resell it later.

The price is not necessarily a concern, since we aim for the best quality/price ratio. The icing on the cake is the manufacturer's warranty and the after-sales service.

Used bike

Used bikes are no less interesting. There are sites that offer them especially with a fair quality and adapted to the price, relatively cheaper than buying a new bike. The worst part is that maintenance can be expensive if parts are hard to find.

On the other hand, you won't fall victim to the long delivery time, as used models are available immediately. And to top it all off, used cars support green actions. Less production, less pollution.


Buy a used bike if you are a regular user of this method. You will save a lot of money. However, opt for a new model with good value for money if the objective is to guarantee the quality of the product.

It is also the best alternative for those who do not know how to negotiate the price whether you are a beginner or not in riding this two-wheeler. A new bike is synonymous with safety and reliability. A priori, the decision is based on the expected budget.

Why buy a (good) value bike?

To save money in the long run

By buying a bicycle with a good quality/price ratio, you not only save money on the purchase price, but also on the consumption of the product in the long term. With this means of locomotion, there is no fuel to buy, maintenance is less expensive than with other motorized vehicles. What's more, there are no taxes to pay throughout its lifetime. You don't need to buy insurance and there are no expensive parking fees.

An environmentally friendly way to travel

Getting around by bike is good for the environment. Since bicycles do not run on fuel, they do not emit greenhouse gases and can be used over the long term. It is a very popular means of transportation for the more environmentally conscious, especially since it is not noisy.

To stay in shape

Cycling requires exercise. It goes without saying that it is very beneficial for your health. This is true whether you have a particular illness or are in good shape. You do sports without paying money, so you might as well take advantage of it to be healthy at all times.

To go where you want and quickly

It's a fast and easy way to get around, as long as you choose the right model for the intended use. You will no longer be limited by traffic jams and will not waste time looking for parking. You will find in the Comparison section the best models that can guarantee you this result.

Keeping up with the times

The bicycle is more than just an economical way to get around. It's also a trendy vehicle that young people and workers have a penchant for. Join the cycling community and you'll understand the growing trend in the two-wheeler market.

The best brands of bicycles quality/price ratio

In our opinion, the best brands of bicycles quality/price ratio in 2022 are :


This German brand was created by two bicycle enthusiasts who wanted to offer innovative and efficient solutions to two-wheeler lovers like themselves. It offers a wide range of bikes, with mountain bikes at the heart of all its ranges. To that, you can add road bikes, enduro, cross-country and of course electric bikes.

It's another very reputable name in the cycling industry. Highly appreciated by a rather large audience, Cube develops a production process based on impeccable quality and comfort promoting riding with pleasure. The brand's different types of bikes come in a variety of features, including the frame and other equipment.

Sava appeals to cyclists looking for performance. That's why we find mainly light materials at this brand. Although not very well known in the UK, it is well worth the interest. Moreover, Sava bikes are well known in America and Asia.

BMC is the high-end bike brand offering the best quality/price ratio with a design principle at the cutting edge of innovation. It focuses on design in addition to performance. Moreover, it should be noted that BMC bikes are so coveted by French athletes because they overcome all the obstacles.

Trek has been able to distinguish itself by its unique offer. This has earned it a good place in the European bike market. Focusing more on quality, the brand has continuously offered options and technologies to increase the performance of its bikes tenfold. Cyclists are pleased with the lifetime warranty they enjoy.

What is the price for a bike quality/price ratio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 350 £
350 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Maintaining your bike is essential

Maintenance is not to be taken lightly to enjoy a well-functioning bike at all times. With the right habits, it will last you for years. Then, take the trouble to make the right adjustments before riding. Defective parts should be replaced in time, it could plummet the bike's performance.

Prepare your bike before each ride

Avoid breakdowns and/or accidents and prepare your bike well before each ride. In addition to any necessary adjustments, make sure the tires are properly inflated and ready to go with you for the ride ahead. No matter what, always expect the worst and equip yourself accordingly.

Equip yourself well for your safety

You need to dress appropriately for cycling, as no one is immune to falls, gales, and the weather. Plan the appropriate clothing by following the weather, but also by considering the nature of the ride.

Don't neglect the look of your bike

Many people put aside the design of the bike when purchasing. It is a criterion that may seem insignificant while it is just as important if we remember that the bike is becoming more and more trendy and cool.

Your riding level counts

We choose our bike according to our riding experience. Models with a good quality/price ratio do not have the same specificities and therefore do not ensure the same needs. "Standard" and urban bikes are best suited for beginners while connoisseurs and competitors can afford machines capable of high speed and good endurance.


What is the most versatile value bike? What type of lightweight value bike should I choose?

The seat and pedals are adjusted for comfort. For the seat, make sure that the tips of your feet are touching the ground when you are seated and that your leg is stretched straight with the heel on the pedals. When adjusting the pedals, make sure the big toe joint is aligned with the pedal axle.

Maintaining a bike involves cleaning, diagnosing and replacing or repairing equipment if necessary. Aside from washing, some tasks are doable by yourself, including degreasing and lubricating the metal parts involved. Specialized products are used for this purpose. The frequency of cleaning as well as repair depends solely on the condition of your bike.

The Gravel is considered the most all-purpose bike. Suitable for travel, it is also ridden by sportsmen, not to mention urban cyclists. It is available in different materials and invites you to adventure in complete safety thanks to its well thought-out equipment, from the brake to the transmission and the frame.

If you are looking for speed, a light bike is more appropriate. In this case, prefer models with a weight of about 5 kg. In order not to be disappointed with this need, cross bikes weighing more than 10 kg off your list. This will give you a comfortable grip.


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BMC - Roadmachine Seven Shimano 105 road bike 9
BMC - Roadmachine Seven Shimano 105 road bike
Trek - Dual Sport 3 Hybrid Bike 10
Trek - Dual Sport 3 Hybrid Bike
Van Rysel - Road bike EDR AF 105 11
Van Rysel - Road bike EDR AF 105
Cervelo - Gravel Aspero Shimano GRX 600 12
Cervelo - Gravel Aspero Shimano GRX 600


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