Top 10 places to buy a bed in 2021

At the age of 80, a human being will have slept for a total of 26 years, not counting the other activities one does in bed. Considering the enormous amount of time spent in bed, it is important to choose carefully in order to obtain furniture that is so welcoming that you will want to stay there. Check out our list of stores and boutiques where you can get a bed of definite quality.

Bultex 1


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A true reference for customized sleep, the great French high-end brand Bultex offers quality bedding accessories (bed, box springs, pillows, mattresses, etc.). Its mattresses use innovative technologies formulated according to your sleeping profile, your activities, your morphology and your support needs.

Goal 2


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But is oriented towards home equipment in general. In terms of bedding, But sells box springs, mattresses and all sorts of accessories such as bed sets, pillows and comforters. It is appreciated for its extensive catalog, the quality of its products, its lower prices and its attractive offers.

House of Bedding 3

House of Bedding

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Bed specialist since 1980, Maison de la literie gathers more than 300 bed specialist stores in the UK to offer you a custom-made delivery and a large choice of beds, mattresses and box springs accessible to all budgets. All offered by different brands such as Ducal, Onéa, Praesidium, Literie Autunoise, Paradoxe or Nid'Or.

Pegane 4


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Specializing in furniture and interior design, the Pegane brand also offers beds for both adults and children. Its products are sturdy, stylish and safe. If you are looking for fun and comfortable cribs, turn to Pegane with confidence.

Lionshome 5


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Located in Berlin. Lionshome collaborates with Amazon, Miliboo, vidaXL, Maisons du monde and Made to sell its products all over Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc). It offers home decoration accessories and bedding equipment including baby, child and adult beds with the most original and elegant design.

Sogan France 6

Sogan France

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Sogan France will provide you and your little ones with comfortable and safe bedding accessories and equipment for peaceful and regenerating nights of sleep. The brand was only created in 2010, but its reputation is already well established. At Sogan, you will also find beautiful home decor items.

Conforama 7


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Conforama has an extensive catalog of bedding accessories. Not only will you have a choice of models from different brands (Bultex, Simmons, Nightitude, Epeda, Merinos), but also products adapted to your budget. Additional beds, bunk beds, mezzanine, double, single, for children, for adults, etc. Everything is there.

Ac-Deco 8


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Ac-Déco is an online store of decorative objects, trendy bedding equipment and accessories for your interior and exterior. It also offers a free delivery from 30€ of purchase and from time to time, of the most advantageous promotional codes.

Made 9


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Made is a brand that offers you all kinds of decorative accessories for a home where life is good. Whether it is to enhance your interior or your garden, Made is committed to offering you the best. If you are looking for adult or children's beds, Made has a rich catalog that will fully satisfy you.

Amazon 10


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Amazon owes its success to the richness of its catalog and its very competitive prices. Same night delivery or 1 business day delivery (for Premium accounts) are possible 99% of the time. You can also return the product without justification, 30 days after ordering it if you are not satisfied.

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How to choose your bed

Studies show that in general, English people only change their beds after 13 years. To have one that lasts that long, you'll have to make the right choice.

Criterion n°1 : The material

The choice of material has a lot to do with the durability of your bed, but also with its design. Wood is credited with being durable, beautiful and natural. We like the light it brings and the ease with which it blends into any decorating style.

When wood is recycled and mixed with resin, we obtain particleboard, also called melamine or MDF. This is a much lighter version of wood: melamine is less sturdy, but it's unmatched in providing a modern look. Finally, you can always choose metal, that virtually unyielding material that you vote for when you want a vintage signature.

Criterion n°2 : The dimensions

Beds come in a variety of sizes to accompany the different stages of life from the moment you leave the crib.

  • Single bed for children and teenagers : 90x190 or 90x200
  • Single bed : 120x190 or 120x200
  • Double bed : 140x190 or 140x200
  • Queen size bed : 160x200
  • King size bed : 180x200
  • Super king size bed : 200x200

Criterion n°3 : The bed base

The box spring is the first element that determines the comfort of a bed in that it defines the type of support you will get. Indeed, to each type of box spring, its associated comfort.

  • Versatile, easy to find and suitable for everyone, the fixed slat base offers a firm and uniform support. It is suitable for growing children as well as adults.
  • The hinged slat base is also known as an electric slat base. It is recommended for anyone with back pain, joint pain or circulation problems. It is also the type of bed base suitable for a relaxation bed, as it allows for different positions.
  • The box spring is for people who prefer a soft and supple support in bed. It is well known for providing ultimate comfort in bed.

Criterion n°4 : The mattress

The choice of mattress depends on two elements: the size of the bed and the type of box spring. Indeed, it is obvious that you must match the dimensions of the mattress with those of the sleeping surface. Then, know that the box spring determines its nature:

  • A fixed slatted base is suitable for any type of mattress. However, for growing children, foam mattresses are recommended.
  • An electric box spring requires a latex or foam mattress, with memory foam if possible.
  • A box spring requires a spring mattress.

Criterion n°5 : The options

Other than its main mission which consists in offering you a cozy and soothing sleeping space, the bed can have other functions. It can integrate storage furniture such as drawers, shelves, niches or chests. Some models are also convertible or retractable to optimize the space in your bedroom. Still others incorporate useful options such as built-in lamps.

Bed Linen Size Guide

The combination of frame, box spring and mattress should be complemented with bed linens that will bring your bedding to life.

For the fitted sheet, it goes without saying that the dimensions correspond to those of the actual sleeping surface, thus those of the mattress.


For flat sheets and duvets/duvet covers, here are the directions to follow respectively:

  • Single bed 90X190-200: 180 x 290 cm for flat sheets and 140 x 200 cm for comforter.
  • Single bed 120x190-200: 180 x 290 cm for flat sheets and 200 x 200 cm for comforter.
  • Double bed 140x190-200: 240 x 300 cm for flat sheets and 220 x 240 cm for comforter.
  • Queen size bed 160x200 : 270 x 300 cm for flat sheets and 220 x 240 cm for comforter.
  • King size bed 180x200 : 280 x 300 cm for flat sheets and 240 x 280 cm for comforter.
  • Super king size bed 200x200 : 300 x 320 cm for flat sheets and 240 x 280 cm for comforter.

The different types of beds

There are many types of beds, but in general, we can group them into the following 3 main categories.

Dual function beds

The name is already suggestive enough: the dual-purpose bed does not only offer a sleeping space. It can be a bed and a storage space at the same time; this is the case of trunk beds, captain beds or drawer beds. Indeed, their structures integrate storage spaces such as cupboards, shelves, niches, etc.

Among the beds with a double function, we can also mention the beds that convert into another furniture. Let's mention the sofa bed, which is recommended for rooms that serve both as a bedroom and a living room. The dual function bed is attractive because of its practicality and functionality.

Space saving beds

Space saving beds are the allies of small spaces insofar as they allow to exploit the surface of the room in an ingenious way. In this category, three types of beds are particularly popular:bunk beds, mezzanine beds and foldaway beds. Suitable for young and old, these beds can be integrated almost anywhere.

Bunk beds are very popular with parents who have children who must share the same bedroom. Mezzanine beds, on the other hand, cater to a wider audience and offer the option of raising the bed to use the space below as a work or study area. Retractable beds, meanwhile, slide into a closet stand to completely free up the room during the day.

Design beds

There's no doubt about it: the bed sets the tone for a bedroom's decor. That's why some models arm themselves with only decorative arguments to enhance the room with unique charm. And when it comes to creativity, manufacturers are never short of ideas!

Among the most popular are upholstered beds with leather or fabric upholstery. They exude a certain prestige and seduce by their modern and neat rendering. There are also four-poster beds that immerse the bedroom in a romantic setting worthy of the Victorian era. There are many designs of beds, so you can choose according to your taste.

Bed or Futon?

The bed and the futon both find their place in a bedroom. But what is the difference between them?

The bed

Considered and recognized as the heart of the bedroom, the bed is that cozy furniture where we like to snuggle up after a hard day's work, when we want to rest and have a good time, or to enjoy an intimate moment with loved ones.

Depending on the model chosen, the bed can take on functional aspects by associating with storage furniture, become a space-saving asset by adopting an ingenious design, or remain a piece of designer furniture to give a singular signature to the bedroom. But above all, the bed comes in different sizes to fit the number of its occupants.

The futon

Simply put, a futon is a chair that converts into a sleeping space for one person. It falls into the category of occasional beds that serve only as a temporary sleeping space. Its comfort depends mainly on its upholstery and covering.

The futon's argument is based on its 2-in-1 aspect which allows it to be used in an office, a guest room, a living room or in the bedroom. However, as an armchair, it can not accommodate more than one person and is generally less than or equal to 90 cm wide.


To decide between a real bed or a futon, it is necessary to refer to the intended use. Do you need a permanent bed to put in a bedroom or just a piece of furniture that will save your ass in case of unexpected visitors?

Why buy a good bed?

To equip the bedroom well

What would a bedroom be without a bed worthy of the name? It is a must, so you might as well choose a model that meets all your requirements: a comfortable bed, nice to look at and if possible, with some additional options that will make it even more interesting.

Bringing the bedroom to life

Bedding has a way of transforming a bedroom into a real living room. This is due to the touch of life brought by the bed linens, the design of the structure and the small ornaments that accompany it.

For your comfort

Since we generally spend almost a third of our lives in bed, we might as well make it as comfortable as possible. That's why we take time to choose the right box spring and mattress. The bed must be that cozy little haven of peace that we are happy to return to after a tiring day.

For your health

How can the bed affect your health? First of all, everyone knows that the rest obtained during sleep helps your organism to resist different diseases and soothes your brain which will then be well oxygenated. Then, the bed, in certain cases, helps to relieve various evils: such as the evils of back, articulation, etc.

For your wallet!

A good bed represents a real investment in time insofar as it will serve you for several years. Which is good news, because in the UK, beds are only changed every decade.

The best brands of beds

In our opinion, the best brands of beds in 2022 are :


As part of the Davli brand, Menzzo specializes in contemporary design furniture. It is well known for its clever beds that are as practical as they are comfortable.

It is a French company working mainly in the world of bedding. Although it specializes more on children's beds, its beds for adults do not lack charm.

This brand has become a reference in bedding, especially relaxation beds. The seriousness, the professionalism, the meticulousness in the details can be felt in the beds that bear its logo.

Interbeds remains an icon in the world of children's bedding. The brand's signature: the right combination of comfort, design, sturdiness and practicality. It seduces young and old alike!

French manufacturer of interior furniture, DecoInParis has made a name for itself in the furniture market. It has many beds that are always armed with a little extra touch: a singular design, an integrated light, associated accessories, etc.

What is the price for a bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

300 £ to 750 £
750 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


To increase the height of the bed

If you've fallen in love with a bed, but its height is too low for your taste, you can turn to bed risers, also known as bed wedges. Its equipment allows you to increase the height of the structure, whether it's just at the headboard, the feet or the entire bed.

To maintain the upholstery of an upholstered bed

The maintenance of an upholstered bed depends on the type of coverings. An upholstered bed in imitation leather can be revived with cleansing milk that is applied to its surface with a cotton disc. On the other hand, for a fabric covering, you should opt for a removable model that can be machine washed. Otherwise, it will be necessary to tap it regularly to remove dust and ensure that stains do not become embedded on the surface.

To maintain your bed

The maintenance of the bed structure depends essentially on the material with which it is designed. In principle, a bed does not require much maintenance: just dust the structure regularly and air the bedroom well to avoid the accumulation of moisture that causes mold and rust. If these still occur, a baking soda and white vinegar solution will effectively treat them.

To choose a good box spring

The choice of bed frame depends on your physical conditions and the type of support suited to your needs. If you don't have any bone, joint or blood circulation problems, you can turn to slatted or sprung bed bases. If not, the electric box spring is recommended. For growing children, a fixed slatted base is more suitable.

To know the right thickness of mattress

When choosing the mattress, be aware that it is mostly a question of density. The higher the density, the firmer your bed will be and the more uniform the support. The choice of thickness depends mainly on the shape of the bed frame.

To secure a bed for children

To secure a child's bed, you should add protective barriers around the bed. It is important to note that high beds should not be used by children under the age of 6.


How to choose an adult bed ?

Among the criteria for choosing a bed, the dimensions are of paramount importance. For an adult bed, it will be necessary to add 15 to 20 cm more than the size of the occupant of the bed. If the occupant is 1.80 m tall, a 200 cm long bed is necessary. For the width, everything depends on the number of occupants: 90 cm for a single bed, and from 140 cm up to 200 cm for a double bed.

What type of bed ?

The age, morphology, space in the bedroom, specific needs related to the state of health, habits in bed, the budget in your possession, all these elements will define the type of beds you need. Note that each type is associated with specific advantages related to their functional, practical or aesthetic aspects.

What type of bed to sleep well ?

A quality sleep is among the reasons to buy a good bed. If you sweat a lot and need good ventilation, opt for a latex mattress with a slatted base. For independent sleeping, try a mattress and box spring combo. Otherwise, enjoy the malleable comfort of the electric bed paired with a foam or latex mattress.

What are the strongest beds ?

The strongest beds can be recognized by a few things: a reliable and sturdy structure, a material that's made to last, and a perfect fit that's not prone to wobbling or creaking. In our comparison, we have grouped the strongest beds that come in all budgets.

What height of bed to sleep well?

The height of the legs of the beds is usually between 30 and 55 cm. Nevertheless, depending on the design of the bed, it can be much higher. This is the case, for example, with four-poster beds and loft beds, which have considerable heights. That said, if the bed is too low for your taste, you can always choose extensions, which are very easy to find on the market.


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