The best beds with storage drawer in the UK 2023

Practical and functional, the bed with storage drawer is an excellent solution for small bedrooms. This two-in-one piece of furniture offers both a comfortable bed and a built-in storage space while saving space. There are hundreds of chest bed models on the market. Need help choosing the right one? Follow the guide.


Best value for money


Best bed with storage drawer

This crib is a real investment for you, as it will see your child grow up: it comes with a safety bar that can be removed as soon as your child feels old enough to live without it.

155 £ on Amazon

The design of this bed is all round so that children don't hurt themselves at the corners. It is made of laminated wood panels, while the fronts are made of MDF. The very neat finish includes non-toxic ecological paint according to CE standards. You'll find a large storage drawer under the bed to save you space. The neutral white color allows the bed to fit into any interior design. The bed also includes a faggot style slatted base and an 8 cm thick foam mattress.

Leomark 2

Best value for money


Best bed with entry-level storage drawer

Very nice crib raised to house a large drawer underneath and resting on a sturdy and stable base. This quick-to-assemble bed is suitable for children between 1 and 6 years old and includes storage for toys.

112 £ on Amazon

The Toddler crib has very soft lines on the fronts, as well as on the headboard where a small safety panel rises. Under the bed is a drawer for storing bedding. It also includes a 10 cm thick foam mattress. The whole thing is made from 18mm thick MDF panels. The design fits perfectly with any nursery decor. The bed and the drawer are delivered in two packages, but the easy assembly is done with press clips and a screwdriver.

ROS Furniture 3

Best premium value for money

ROS Furniture

Best bed with high-end storage drawer

This all-in-one bed is ideal for small bedrooms. First of all, the Mezzanine bed contains the essentials of what a bedroom should have. Secondly, its compact design offers plenty of storage space, but also plenty of free space.

1 659 £ on Amazon

The loft bed includes a wardrobe with swinging doors, as well as a multitude of drawers on the stairs, but also adjacent to the wardrobe. The bed is located above the wardrobe. It is reached by means of the drawer stairs that can be mounted either to the right or to the left of the bed. The drawers of the staircase have metal runners and handles. Delivered as a kit to assemble yourself, the mezzanine bed is made from 19 and 35 mm thick boards, as well as melamine boards. The dimensions of the bed are 190 x 190 cm, the mattress not being included.

Memomad 4

Solid wood and a luxurious finish


Solid wood and a luxurious finish

The Memomad double bed of 180 x 200 cm has space-saving storage spaces. But its first asset is its solid wood construction and luxurious finish.

631 £ on Amazon

The bed rises 41 cm from the floor, leaving drawers, open and closed lockers and shelves underneath. You can store bedding, clothes, books and other items you want to keep close at hand. An open compartment can also be used as a bed for a small dog. The bed is made of solid caramel-colored wood and fits a 180 x 200 cm king size mattress. The drawers have leather handles. The slatted base included in the kit can support a weight of up to 400 kg. The mattress is not included.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed with storage drawer

Any specific needs?

Best bed with storage drawer

Best bed with entry-level storage drawer

Best bed with high-end storage drawer

Solid wood and a luxurious finish

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Comparison table of the best beds with storage drawer

TOP OF THE TOP NOT EXPENSIVE Top of the range Solid wood and a luxurious finish
Leomark 6
ROS Furniture 7
Memomad 8
ROS Furniture
This crib is a real investment for you, as it will see your child grow up: it comes with a safety bar that can be removed as soon as your child feels old enough to live without it.
Very nice crib raised to house a large drawer underneath and resting on a sturdy and stable base. This quick-to-assemble bed is suitable for children between 1 and 6 years old and includes storage for toys.
This all-in-one bed is ideal for small bedrooms. First of all, the Mezzanine bed contains the essentials of what a bedroom should have. Secondly, its compact design offers plenty of storage space, but also plenty of free space.
The Memomad double bed of 180 x 200 cm has space-saving storage spaces. But its first asset is its solid wood construction and luxurious finish.
European manufacture - CE standard
Stable and durable base
It is possible to choose the location of the staircase between right and left
Made of solid wood and a luxurious finish
Easy assembly
Very good finish
Very solid
Easy to assemble with illustrated instructions
Removable safety bar
Bed very easy to assemble (in about 17 minutes)
Metal hinges and slides with silent closing thanks to the integrated shock absorber
Equipped with leather handles
Safe and perfectly sound materials
Bed with affordable storage
Aesthetic bed
A very aesthetic design
Highly polished finish
Easy to understand assembly instructions
Notice difficult to understand
A good value for money

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Buying guide - bed with storage drawer

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How to choose your bed with storage drawer

To help you choose the right bed with drawers for your needs. Here are the criteria to consider:

#1 - The design

The aesthetics of the bed with drawers counts a lot in the choice of a model. There are different models on the market today. And the brands do not cease proposing beds always more original and more modern. A classic drawer bed will fit into any decor. If you have a Scandinavian, design or vintage inspired home, you will surely find the right style for your needs.

#2 - The quality of the materials

Beds with storage drawers are made of wood, particle board, MDF or metal. While metal beds are known for their sturdiness, wood beds are more aesthetically pleasing. MDF or melamine beds on the other hand are interesting in terms of price. For an adult bed, betting on stronger materials like wood or steel is recommended for the structure.

#3 - The mattress


choice of the drawer bed will also be justified by the quality of the mattress. The latter must meet your expectations in terms of comfort and thickness. If the foam mattress is a real success, the spring models are also interesting. Some mattresses incorporate technologies to ensure maximum comfort. Memory foam mattresses and heated mattresses are among the new options available. For your information, it is possible to buy the mattress separately.

#4 - The capacity of the storage drawer


drawer bed has one or more drawers dedicated to storage. Combining space saving and storage, it is a 2-in-1 piece of furniture adapted for small areas. It is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the drawer before making your choice. The drawer is usually located under the bed and works with the same system as a furniture drawer. For example, a 140 x 190 cm double bed has a 160 L storage space that can be used as a wardrobe, toy chest or shoe rack. A bed can have several drawers, offering well-defined storage spaces.

#5 - The features

A real

little revolution, the bed with drawers embeds very practical features that facilitate storage. For example, the evolving bed option is interesting for children's beds. The drawer acts as a cupboard to store toys and clothes. Some beds with bars can be transformed into cribs, armchairs or tables while providing storage. The trundle beds even have an extra bed underneath.

The bed with drawers, ideal for a child's room

The bed with drawer is a good idea to furnish a child's room. Indeed, the drawer can be separated into several sections to accommodate all the child's things. For example, you can use one large section for clothes and another for shoes. Toys that are difficult to store can take up a lot of space in the nursery. Why not dedicate the entire drawer to toys? This way, children can easily pick them up and put them away themselves.

Design-wise, models now come in modern looks that appeal to little ones. Some are even customizable. You can also use stickers and decorative accessories to enhance the presentation. There are now stickers with cartoon images that can transform the look of the bed.

Beds with storage drawers can also incorporate additional accessories. For example, for cribs with a changing table, a diaper garbage can, etc., the models can include additional accessories. In short, you can find the bed that really meets your needs.

Sliding drawer bed or pull-out bed?

Like the sliding drawer bed, the pull-out bed provides both sleeping and storage space. It is interesting to choose a bed with drawers if you have enough floor space. The wall bed is suitable for small interiors, but with a good ceiling height.

In fact, the pull-out bed includes a storage drawer installed under the box spring, only, instead of pulling the drawers on one side of the bed, the whole box spring is raised to access the storage drawers. The retractable bed has an innovative system that makes it easy to open. However, its use is not very practical and not suitable for children.

Compared to the pull-out bed, the drawer bed is more practical because its use is optimized. Perfect for a child's room, this type of bed was designed to meet the needs of little ones. Moreover, the drawer can be used as an extra bed.

Why buy a bed with a storage drawer?

Elegant and timeless designs

A bed with storage drawers never goes out of style thanks to the many timeless designs that instantly demand attention in any bedroom style. There is never the worry of not liking a design, as beds with matching storage drawers always add a touch of class and sophistication with a look that never goes out of style.

Top Quality

Look for only a bed that features the best grades of wood that have been selected for their distinctive notes, character and durability. An important benefit of choosing a bed made from these premium materials is that you will also get heavy-duty storage drawers made from the same materials. This means that your under bed storage drawers won't look out of place, as the solid wood is designed to match your bed perfectly.

A clutter-free bedroom

A bed of any style is there for your comfort and to accentuate the prominent addition to your room. However, even the most majestic bed may not be able to save the mood of the room if the lack of overall storage space has left your entire peaceful refuge in a cluttered mess. And that's where a bed with storage drawers can help.

Free up storage areas

Storage drawers under your bed allow you to free up storage space in your room. This is very useful if you are looking to change the decor of your bedroom or if the furniture such as wardrobes don't seem to fit your new bed and are slightly outdated. Freeing up storage space and limiting it to drawers under your wooden bed is a great practical benefit.

Get a better night's sleep

Overall, the goal of any bed is to sleep comfortably and have a healthy sleep pattern. With poor materials and cheap alternatives causing problems such as wear and tear, creaks and squeaks, and frame damage, it's hard to clear your mind and eliminate the stresses on an unreliable bed. In fact, your environment affects the quality of your sleep. A tidy, clutter-free bedroom is one way to sleep better at night, which is why storage drawers under your bed are an ideal solution.


Opt for delivery with installation

If you order your drawer bed online, check the delivery with assembly option. This will save you time while ensuring quality workmanship. You'll need to allow for the cost of assembly.

Buy beds with guarantee

Choose beds with a warranty or products with "Satisfied or your money back" to have the advantage of changing your mind. For some mattresses, you can try out several days before deciding.

Choose the evolving beds

If you're buying a crib, if possible, prefer cribs that are expandable and can be converted into a bench, armoire, or table.

Prefer separate drawers

You can store all types of products in the separate drawers. This will save you space, while optimizing your organization.

Clean under the bed regularly

The space under the bed can be difficult to reach because of the drawer. However, don't forget to clean it to avoid dust accumulation.


What is the best bed with a storage drawer?

The best bed with storage drawer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What size drawer bed should I choose?

The drawer beds are available in different sizes. Baby bed, children's bed, single or double adult bed. It is recommended to choose the size of the bed taking into account the needs of the users. For an adult bed, two sizes are preferred: 140 x 190 cm and 160 x 200 cm.

What is the difference between a trundle bed and a drawer bed?

The trundle bed has two separate sleeping areas: one on the bed and one in the drawer. The drawer bed refers to bed models with an integrated drawer, whether it is used as a bed or for storage.

Is the drawer bed suitable for a parquet floor?

The drawer bed is suitable for any type of floor. If you are worried about damaging the floor, make sure there is enough space between the bed drawer and the floor. This way, the drawer will not damage your floor. This also applies to tiled and carpeted floors.

How to measure the space dedicated to the drawer opening?

It is imperative that there is enough space to open the entire drawer. Otherwise, it will not be optimized. To ensure this, measurements should be taken around the bed before purchasing. There should be at least 50 cm of space around the bed. For drawers that can accommodate a bed, more space is needed.


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