The best children's hut beds in the UK 2023

Fun and functional furniture, children's hut beds will put long negotiations to go to bed on the back burner. The cozy and fun side of this original bed will be enough to convince your child to go to bed. Without waiting, discover our comparative guide of the best children's hut beds.

SIA 2 cabin bed grey and white 1

The best children's cabin bed

SIA 2 cabin bed grey and white

Best value for money

The fun is in the rendezvous with this bed cabin child. In addition to its sturdiness, it also has a very impressive playful aspect.

400 £ on But

Discover all the strength of solid pine through this children's cabin bed that will tastefully equip your little one's room. Its design is sure to please him: in addition to the two-tone design of the structure, it takes the form of a small house with a partial roof and a small sliding wall with a window.

For those times when another child will be spending the night, you can purchase the drawer bed compatible with this model. This accessory can also be used as storage when needed. As for your child's comfort, it is guaranteed by a fixed slat base, compatible with any type of mattress. And note that this is a spacious bed with the dimensions of a classic single bed.

Weber Industries cabin bed and drawer Castel 2

The best entry-level children's cabin bed

Weber Industries cabin bed and drawer Castel

Best value for money

Although it is a cheap cabin bed, it will fulfill all your expectations: a sturdy structure, a charming design and drawers for toys and stuffed animals!

276 £ on But

When varnished solid basswood is combined with white painted particleboard on a children's bed, the result is surprising: a sturdy structure that can support up to 80 kg, a pleasant design with a more real-life effect. If your child has been reluctant to go to bed until now, this will no longer be the case with such a playful bed.

To bring out the cottage aspect of this children's bed, place it against two walls, this will highlight the side wall which has a small window. You'll probably notice that this model, even if it doesn't come with a box spring and mattress, has a large storage drawer for some linens and toys.

1001jouets Bed hut "charlotte 3

The best high-end children's cabin bed

1001jouets Bed hut "charlotte

Best high end

Like a real house, this top-of-the-line children's cabin bed will make you happy. Because it is placed slightly high, it comes with a small ladder.

522 £ on But

A mix of solid pine and MDF wood makes up this luxury cabin bed that will bring a very warm atmosphere to your child's room. Slightly raised, this bed comes with a small ladder to access the little house. Roof, window, wall, all the elements are gathered for a more real than life effect.

Spacious and comfortable, this children's cabin bed offers a sleeping surface of 90 x 200 cm, which means that it will accompany the evolution of your child. All you have to do is choose a base and mattress compatible with these dimensions to allow your child to enjoy this particularly playful bed.

TERRE DE NUIT Li170 bed cabin child in light wood 4

TERRE DE NUIT Li170 light wood children's cabin bed

TERRE DE NUIT Li170 bed cabin child in light wood

Most original

Fall for this cabin bed made in the UK and spoil your little one with this bed whose design is shared between a house and a boat.

284 £ on But

Because design matters as much as sturdiness and comfort for a children's bed, it is clear that this model has everything to meet your criteria. Designed with MDF wood, it combines strength, lightness and durability. In terms of comfort, your child will get the firm support of a 17-slat base and a large 90 x 200 cm sleeping surface.

But the particularity of this original children's bed is its design. The arrangement of the panels that make up the structure is very original and gives a unique look to the whole. The roof is made of an ecru fireproof fabric composed of cotton and polyester. The only drawback is the absence of a protective barrier, but it is a cabin bed placed at ground level: the risks of falling are almost non-existent.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed cabin child

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Best value for money

Best value for money

Best high end

Most original

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Comparison table of the best children's hut beds

Quality/price ratio Low cost choice Luxury choice Original choice
SIA 2 cabin bed grey and white 5
Weber Industries cabin bed and drawer Castel 6
1001jouets Bed hut "charlotte 7
TERRE DE NUIT Li170 bed cabin child in light wood 8
SIA 2 cabin bed grey and white
Weber Industries cabin bed and drawer Castel
1001jouets Bed hut "charlotte
TERRE DE NUIT Li170 bed cabin child in light wood
The fun is in the rendezvous with this bed cabin child. In addition to its sturdiness, it also has a very impressive playful aspect.
Although it is a cheap cabin bed, it will fulfill all your expectations: a sturdy structure, a charming design and drawers for toys and stuffed animals!
Like a real house, this top-of-the-line children's cabin bed will make you happy. Because it is placed slightly high, it comes with a small ladder.
Fall for this cabin bed made in the UK and spoil your little one with this bed whose design is shared between a house and a boat.
Solid pine
Basswood and particleboard
Solid pine and MDF wood
Wood MDF
Bedding surface
90 x 190 cm
90 x 190 cm
90 x 200
90 x 200 cm
Partial sliding wall
Edges and partial wall
Above all
High bed cabin
Cabin bed with storage
Cabin bed in height
Cabin bed Montessori house
Additional options
Partial bed frame
Ladder, openwork roof
Fireproof fabric bed frame

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Buying guide - bed cabin child

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How to choose your bed cabin child

Intended to offer a comfortable sleeping space to your child while bringing a playful side in his bedroom, the cabin bed is chosen according to the following criteria.

#1 - Bed size

First of all, you should refer to the size of the bed taking into account the surface of the bedroom, the needs of your child and his development.

  • Up to 5 years : 70 x 140 cm
  • Up to 8 years: 80 x 160 cm
  • Up to adolescence: 90 x 190 cm (standard dimensions for one person)

You will undoubtedly notice that the children's bed has a higher height than the classic children's bed. Check the model's suitability for your little ones' bedroom before you decide.

#2 - Comfort

The comfort of a children's bed depends on the quality of the box spring and the mattress. For a growing child, it is recommended to opt for fixed slat bases with a foam mattress (cold or memory foam). Indeed, this combination guarantees a firm and supported support; a necessary condition for the development of its bone and muscular system.

#3 - Safety

Originally, the cabin bed for children was part of the concretizations of the Montessori pedagogy. In this concept, the bed base must be placed at a few cm from the ground to allow the child to access it by walking (on all fours or with both legs if he/she already walks). If the hut bed follows the Montessori model, no safety measures are necessary as the risk of falling is considerably reduced.

However, some cribs are slightly higher or have storage space under the bed frame. In this case, the bed must be equipped with ledges composed of round or rectangular bars; or horizontal barriers.

#4 - Height

When we talk about the height of a crib, we refer to two elements: the legs of the bed and the structure that forms the hut above the bed. As said above, the height varies depending on the design of the bed: it is minimal for a Montessori model, medium for a bed with a storage drawer, and slightly high for a raised model.

For the height of the structure that makes up the hut, it also depends on the model, but generally, it is never below 60 cm. This is because you need enough space for the child to sit safely under the roof of the little hut.

#5 - Additional options

Additional options are always good to take. On a children's cabin bed, this can be storage space under the box spring, a small fireplace that enhances the design of the furniture, additional decorative elements, a mattress that is already provided with the set, etc.

Protections on a crib

If your child fidgets a lot while sleeping and you don't feel secure with a cot without protection, choose models with bars. The height of the bars must be 10 cm higher than the mattress for optimal safety. Another requirement: a space between the protective bars to allow you to keep an eye on your loulou at all times.


To help you choose, here are the different types of protection on a toddler bed:

  • Round bars: They are spaced 3 to 5 cm apart and are recommended for children who move around a lot during sleep. Indeed, who says round says no corner where he will be able to bump into!
  • Rectangular bars: Wider and more secure, rectangular bars are more stable and firmer. Consider using your child's old crib towers for the first few uses.
  • Horizontal gates: They are recommended for toddlers and offer a great opportunity for customization due to the width of the gates where it is easy to hang decorative items.

The different types of children's hut beds

The design of the children's hut beds allows us to categorize them into 3 types: the Montessori model placed on the floor, the higher version and the variant with storage drawers under the bed base.

Montessori hut bed

Anchored in the Montessori pedagogy which seeks to empower bedtime and waking up, the cabin bed is placed at ground level to allow its little occupant to come and go as he pleases. In addition to learning independence, this type of bed hut has a major advantage: safety. Indeed, the risks of falling are minimal given the very low height of the bed.

The classic hut bed can be used from the moment your child is old enough to leave the crib. However, maintenance and hygiene are not to be minimized with this type of crib. Indeed, the mattress placed near the ground is exposed to pollutants and allergens. Frequent and regular replacement of bed linens is required, as well as careful cleaning of the small space under the box spring.

High hut bed

When the child develops enough motor skills to climb on and off the bed safely, the hut bed is placed high. Depending on your preference, you can choose one with small steps or not. It all depends on the size of your child: if he can sit on the bed without difficulty from the ground, it means that he can climb on it without any problem. If this is not the case, he needs a small ladder.

For a high bed, if your child is under 12 years old, it is advisable to choose a model with protections. Round or rectangular bars are most commonly used, but you can also opt for horizontal boards that form the edges. Some models come with removable guards; this is a very practical option for when your child grows up.

Hut bed with storage

Some parents put the practicality of a crib on par with comfort and safety. If that's your case, you'll love the functionality of cribs with storage drawers under the box spring. These accessories will easily accommodate toys, books and other things that are too much, but that your child will not want to part with.

Depending on the model, these types of cribs can have one or two drawers. Additional storage pockets can accompany the structure and attach to the edges of the bed. If your child's room is quite small, having these storage spaces will come in handy.

Children's cabin bed or single bed?

What is the best choice for a child's bed? Between a single bed and a cabin bed, which one is more likely to please your offspring?

The children's cabin bed

The children's hut bed, beyond the classic roles of a sleeping space, gives a good-natured atmosphere in the room. The look of a small house is made to please and it will inevitably facilitate the acquisition of the bedtime ritual. And there is something for everyone, because they come in many designs as original as they are cozy.

Depending on the model you choose, a children's bed can be placed flush with the floor to suit the mobility of the little ones. As your child grows, you can choose models with a slightly higher height or opt for a storage crib to avoid buying toy bins.

The single bed

If the cabin bed for children is an evolutionary concept, the single bed remains a long-term solution. If it is not equipped with protective bars, it is suitable for children from 6 years old until the age when he/she leaves the nest. Of course, for this, you should choose a model that is sturdy enough to last for many years.

As for the design, the single bed is more sober in that it seeks a mix of versatility and timelessness. The only hitch: if you opt for a single bed after the crib, you may need to install protective bars. Choose removable models so you don't have to worry about your child not needing them anymore.


Designed to gently accompany the moment of leaving the crib, the crib seeks to coax your child with a fun and warm design. Moreover, it comes in different models for different ages. Of course, the single bed has a more definitive and economical look, but its sober and neutral appearance will take away the fantasy that will facilitate your child's bedtime.

What is the price for a bed cabin child

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

300 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 650 £
more than 650 £
Price range diagram


To dress a children's cabin bed

The decoration of the bed canopy will embellish your children's cabin bed. Add light effects, hanging lamps or a canvas with themes. This will reinforce the playful aspect of the bed and will make your child want to go to bed without throwing a tantrum.

To maintain a Montessori children's cabin bed

The Montessori crib is placed close to the ground. In this sense, it is more exposed to dust and allergens. Thus, it is advisable to regularly clean the tiny surface between the box spring and the floor while taking care to regularly replace the mattress cover.

To choose wood for a children's cabin bed

Oak, birch, lime or pine, these types of wood are the most used for the construction of children's cabin bed. Nevertheless, you can also tab for the lightness of particleboard that results from recycling leftover carpentry wood. Not only do you contribute to an eco-responsible cycle, but you also make the choice of design, as it is a material that gives a beautiful rendering.

To secure a children's cabin bed

Already, with a Montessori type children's bed hut, your child's safety is not compromised insofar as the bed base is placed close to the ground. However, if the bed is high or has storage drawers that increase its height, it is best to use protective barriers.

To personalize a children's cabin bed

To personalize a children's hut bed, you can start by painting the bed structure with your loulou's favorite color. You can also decorate it with lighted objects, decorative canvases, hanging pictures, etc.


What is the best children's bed? What is a children's bed? What age for a children's bed? What size for a children's bed?

The best children's cabin bed depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

As the name suggests, a children's hut bed is a bed that closely resembles the appearance of a small hut, a little cottage like the one usually placed in a tree. This playful and cozy side makes this type of bed the ideal bed for the transition from the crib.

The crib bed is designed to fit children as soon as they leave the crib. Indeed, some models are placed close to the ground to suit children of 2 years.

The length of the cot varies between 140 to 190 cm, depending on the model. As for the width, it is between 70 and 90 cm.

The hut bed is designed to facilitate the departure from the crib and to accelerate the learning of bedtime autonomy through a playful and warm design.


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SIA 2 cabin bed grey and white 9
SIA 2 cabin bed grey and white
Weber Industries cabin bed and drawer Castel 10
Weber Industries cabin bed and drawer Castel
1001jouets Bed hut "charlotte 11
1001jouets Bed hut "charlotte
TERRE DE NUIT Li170 bed cabin child in light wood 12
TERRE DE NUIT Li170 bed cabin child in light wood


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