The best bed bridges in the UK 2023

A bed bridge is much more than a simple headboard. It's a piece of furniture in its own right with storage space and designed to optimize bedroom decor. If you're looking to get one, our guide to the best bed bridges will be of great help.

Pont de lit Belem 148 cm 1

Best value for money

Pont de lit Belem 148 cm

The best bed deck in 2021

If you're looking for something understated, practical and stylish, turn to this Belem bed bridge. Measuring 148 cm wide, it will add a touch of style to most rooms.

111 £ on Conforama

Simply beautiful, this Belem bed deck benefits from a structure made of medium density fiberboard. Lacquered and finished in satin white, this model fits all 140 cm wide beds. In terms of storage, this Belem 148 cm bed bridge has 2 doors on each side of the headboard with 2 small niches inside. And at the top, at each end, you have two more storage niches. In total, you will have 8 niches to store or arrange your things.

Pont de lit Best 144 cm 2

Best value for money

Pont de lit Best 144 cm

The best entry-level bed deck

This Best 144 cm bed deck will seduce many. It comes in a neutral color that makes it very sober. This neutrality will allow it to adapt to all interior decorations.

79,99 £ on But

The Best 144 cm bed deck promises optimal space saving. Indeed, it integrates 2 mobile storage units arranged on each side of the deck. It should be noted that these side storage units are mounted on wheels. This will be very practical, as the storage spaces will fit into the headboard. Each side storage has three niches where you can store books or any other object of your choice. Note that this bed bridge is suitable for 140 cm wide beds, perfect for narrow rooms. The body is made of particleboard, and the finish in imitation gray oak, which gives it a modern and elegant look.

Pont de lit Nidira 240 cm 3

Best premium value for money

Pont de lit Nidira 240 cm

The best high-end bed deck

If you are rather demanding, we advise you to opt for this 240 cm wide Nidira bed bridge. With its industrial style, it will enhance a minimalist bedroom.

159 £ on But
Tempo Pop Bed Deck 96 cm 4

Crib deck for kids

Tempo Pop Bed Deck 96 cm

The best kids' bed deck

There are also bed bridges for children. The Tempo Pop is one of the most famous examples. It is an excellent choice to decorate a child's room.

36,12 £ on Conforama

This bed bridge is only 96 cm wide. It is intended for a single bed of 90 cm. One part of this model stands on wheels, while the other part remains fixed. Moreover, on this fixed part, you have two shelves perfect to arrange books or an alarm clock. At the other end, you have 3 other large niches that have reversible faces. You can choose between a white or yellow face, depending on your mood. It is important to note that this bed deck is made of particle board.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed bridge

Any specific needs?

The best bed deck in 2021

The best entry-level bed deck

The best high-end bed deck

The best kids' bed deck

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Comparison table of the best bed bridges

Pont de lit Belem 148 cm 5
Pont de lit Best 144 cm 6
Pont de lit Nidira 240 cm 7
Tempo Pop Bed Deck 96 cm 8
Pont de lit Belem 148 cm
Pont de lit Best 144 cm
Pont de lit Nidira 240 cm
Tempo Pop Bed Deck 96 cm
If you're looking for something understated, practical and stylish, turn to this Belem bed bridge. Measuring 148 cm wide, it will add a touch of style to most rooms.
This Best 144 cm bed deck will seduce many. It comes in a neutral color that makes it very sober. This neutrality will allow it to adapt to all interior decorations.
If you are rather demanding, we advise you to opt for this 240 cm wide Nidira bed bridge. With its industrial style, it will enhance a minimalist bedroom.
There are also bed bridges for children. The Tempo Pop is one of the most famous examples. It is an excellent choice to decorate a child's room.
Overall dimensions (W x H x D)
148 x 90 x 20 cm
144.90 x 79.8 x 23.6 cm
240 x 61.9 x 23.4 cm
96 x 89.6 x 20.1 cm
Compatible bed width
140 cm
140 cm
140 and 160 cm
90 cm
Material of construction
Solid pine + fiberboard shelves
Number of storage units
White satin
Oak imitation
Oak look

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Buying guide - bed bridge

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How to choose your bed bridge

For the best bed deck that will best suit your bedroom, there are certain criteria you need to consider. Here they are!

#1 - The design

The vast majority of bed decks that you will find on the market are made of natural wood. You will find oak, beech or solid pine. The other models are mainly made of particleboard. The natural wood may suggest a rough finish.

However, there are wooden models that have a very modern look thanks to bold finishes and color combinations. Natural wood also allows for a Scandinavian or Louis XIV style finish. As for particleboard (wood composite) decks, they are the most versatile models on the market today. They can to all types of existing bedroom decorations, but are not very durable.

#2 - The dimensions

Before making your purchase, you need to consider the dimensions of the room that will host the bed bridge. You need to consider everything from the distance between the walls to the distance from floor to ceiling. Although there are different heights of bed bridges, your room should have at least 6 feet of ceiling height for optimal comfort.

Height is not the main concern when installing a bed bridge in a bedroom. The main criterion is the length. Indeed, you must take into account the free surface in your room. You have to remember that there is other furniture in the room. And the bed bridge you are going to buy will have to fit your current layout.

#3 - Storage space

The bed bridge is much more than just a wardrobe bed. This full-fledged bedroom furniture usually has plenty of storage above and on either side of the headboard. Your choice will therefore have to be made according to the objects, accessories and clothes you wish to place or store in your bed bridge.

Generally speaking, bed bridges offer closets or cabinets for storing clothes. These closets can have swinging doors or sliding doors. They also offer drawers of different sizes to store different beauty accessories or everyday items like socks, fine lingerie, ties, etc. Finally, a bed bridge will provide you with plenty of shelves where you can store picture frames, books and even a bedside lamp on the shelf closest to the bed.

#4 - Ease of installation

Some bed bridges come with their own bed. Other models don't and you'll need to buy one separately or use the bed you already have in it. In most cases, installation will be a simple job of attaching a frame, then mounting the headboard to the frame. This is not a difficult job and even if you are not a DIY enthusiast, you can install the headboard yourself without any help. An installation manual usually comes with the headboard. Just take some time off, follow the steps and get to work.

Some models of bed bridges are much more difficult to install. Also, there may not be an installation manual. This means you'll need to hire a professional, such as a carpenter, to install your bed deck assembly. You may also have to make some modifications. So, before you buy, make sure you know about the installation process.

Is there a bed bridge for a king size bed?

Bed bridges are available in a plethora of sizes. The most appropriate size of bed deck for your king size bed will be determined by the size of your room and the amount of furniture in the room.

In a large room with lots of space, you can have a bed deck with shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling. But in a relatively compact room, it is recommended to stick to the dimensions of the bed for length and less than a meter in height. Anything bigger than that would stick out like a sore thumb.

The shelves should be deep enough that you won't accidentally spill things when you lean on the bed deck. Again, this will largely depend on the space available. But some manufacturers make shelves that are nearly a foot deep.

Wooden bed bridge or wrought iron bed bridge?

Wooden bed bridge

Wood is the most common material for a headboard. Oak and pine are some of the most popular types of wood used for headboards, as they tend to match the majority of other furniture in the bedroom. On the other hand, wood is much more susceptible to dust. It should also be noted that wood can sometimes feel a little cold to the touch, but not as cold as metal.

Wrought iron bed bridge

There are also metal bed bridges. The most common metals being brushed aluminum, brass, stainless steel and wrought iron. Wrought iron bed bridges can be designed to complement literally any style of decor and are often among the most affordable. Contemporary models are often minimalist in design. However, if the room's decor calls for a more vintage appeal, wrought iron is the perfect choice. Plus, it is much stronger and more durable than wood.


It is best to choose a bed bridge that is made of the same material as your bed. This will harmonize the decoration of your bedroom. However, if you prefer a vintage finish, wrought iron will add a real touch of finesse. On the other hand, if you prefer to have something trendy and contemporary, wood finish will be the most appropriate choice.

Why buy a bed bridge?

Make your bedroom look stylish without too much effort

Headboards are mainly designed for support and protection apart from their ornamental attribute. So, headboards naturally brighten up your rooms, and if they have storage space, it's a win-win. That's what you get with bed bridges. With so many designs available and the ability to decorate the storage sections, you can achieve a more chic look.

Save money

The storage space offered by bed decks differs depending on their design. Some have so much space that they can even hold bedspreads, clothes, or other small items, while others offer very little shelf space. Either way, you'll always have more space to store your things, so you don't have to spend money on an extra wardrobe.

Save space

Since you don't have to buy extra furniture to store your things, you get more space in your room. A room full of furniture will become saturated and boring. You won't need an extra closet because the space you need is offered by the storage space of the bed deck.

Protect fragile objects

Bed bridges offer more security for fragile objects. There is no fear of mishandling or falling objects. In addition, items that are susceptible to mold are safer on the bed bridge. At the same time you put your fragile items out of reach of your children.


Choose a bed bridge with a stand-alone installation type

Freestanding bed bridges typically have a footed base and come with the hardware you need to easily install them. With a little elbow grease, you can easily mount them to the wall or attach them to the bed frame.

A wall-mounted bed bridge offers more versatility


bed bridge models that you attach to the wall are the most versatile. They can be installed with just about any bed as long as you have a flat wall that you can drill through.

Wood is still the most versatile material for a bed bridge


most commonly used bed deck material is hardwood. It can last for years, be stained or painted in just about any color. It will fit right in, no matter what decorating theme you have in your room. And there's no shortage of styles. But hardwood decks tend to be expensive

If you have a limited budget, opt for wood composite


you want the unmistakable look of hardwood, but your budget is rather limited, choose wood composite. This material is less expensive and mimics the look of wood perfectly. However, it is not as durable as natural hardwood.

Take advantage of the storage space on your bed deck

This may sound silly. But often, those who buy a bed bridge don't make good use of it and keep scattering their stuff all over the room. Don't make this mistake and use the storage offered by your bed bridge. It will help you have a more presentable bedroom.


What is the best bed bridge?

The best bed bridge depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Can a bed bridge be used in any home?

A bed bridge can only be installed in a room with high ceilings. Most bed bridges are at least 1.90 m high. There are also a few models that run the length of the bed and take up little space.

Are there any bed bridges sold directly with a bed?

Yes, you can get a bed bridge with the bed that goes with it. Generally speaking, a bed bridge includes the headboard with storage and the bed.

Are there bed bridges with an upholstered fabric finish?

Yes, upholstered headboards add a bit of padding for a softer appeal and can be designed in a variety of fabrics. The most common fabrics for upholstered headboards are leather, vinyl and velvet.

Are there standard sizes for bed bridges?

No. Unlike traditional headboards, there is no standard size for a bed bridge. The dimensions of a bed bridge vary from one model to another; hence the importance of measuring the available space in the room and the size of the existing bed.


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Pont de lit Belem 148 cm 9
Pont de lit Belem 148 cm
Pont de lit Best 144 cm 10
Pont de lit Best 144 cm
Pont de lit Nidira 240 cm 11
Pont de lit Nidira 240 cm
Tempo Pop Bed Deck 96 cm 12
Tempo Pop Bed Deck 96 cm


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