The best bed bases 180x200

If your 180x200 mattress is not as comfortable as it used to be, it's probably time to get a new one. Always chosen after the mattress and sheets, the box spring plays an essential role in ventilating the mattress, whether it's a memory foam or a spring mattress, and improving sleeping comfort. To help you find the right model for your mattress, we've put together this list of the best 180x200 box springs available.

Box spring Hypnia 1

Box spring Hypnia

319 £ on Hypnia

This box spring signed Hypnia will allow your bedding to always stay cool. It is notably made with the famous fabric "Bio Air" of Hypnia. It was designed to support ideally the Hypnia memory foam mattresses. This bed base is 29 cm high and 14 cm thick. Here, you benefit from a filling in polyurethane foam and a structure composed of 11 slats.

Scandinavian bed base Hypnia 2

Scandinavian bed base Hypnia

287 £ on Hypnia

With this Hypnia Scandinavian box spring, you'll definitely sleep better, but you'll do it in style. The Scandinavian style of this bed base is materialized by clean lines with rounded edges. This model has 22 slats made of poplar wood. This configuration gives you even support and will allow for excellent ventilation of the entire bedding.

The incredible Tediber Bed Frame 3

The incredible Tediber Bed Frame

400 £ on Tediber

Tediber's incredible box spring is a hotel quality model, and its price tends to prove it, but it remains accessible to the general public. Indeed, you really get what you pay for. It is very comfortable, ensures an ideal support of your mattress and benefits from an excellent ventilation. It has a sober and elegant design making it very versatile.

The incredible Tediber box spring 4

The incredible Tediber box spring

520 £ on Tediber

In addition to offering you the best comfort, Tediber's incredible box spring also saves you space. Your mattress will be ideally supported thanks to the presence of semi-rigid slats placed on a steel frame. But the main asset of this model is of course the presence of a 1 m² box.

Dreamzie bed base 5

Dreamzie bed base

135 £ on Amazon

This metal box spring, which also serves as a bed frame, is distinguished by its great strength and ease of assembly. It is a model equipped with legs and offers you a large storage capacity under the bed. Your mattress rises 36 cm above the floor. This box spring is all in black and has a fairly sleek design.

Cadentro bed base 6

Cadentro bed base

143 £ on Amazon

This Cadentro bed base is a slatted model with feet. This model is distinguished by the possibility of adjusting the firmness of the box spring at the lumbar level. The feet are 9 to ensure optimal support of your mattress. The 56 slats reinforce this support. The manual is well explained which makes assembly easy.

Hansales slatted bed base 7

Hansales slatted bed base

103 £ on Amazon

This is a Premium solid wood box spring with 40 slats. This configuration allows the box spring to support very heavy mattresses, including hybrid and pocket spring mattresses. The distance between the slats is 28.5 mm, offering optimal safety and ventilation. If you plan to use it with an orthopedic mattress, you'll benefit 100%.

Box spring Someo NIAGARA 8

Box spring Someo NIAGARA

218 £ on Lematelas

This box spring Someo NIAGARA is composed of 12 fixed and solid slats. The structure is made of solid spruce wood. It can be placed on the floor or mounted on 6 optional feet. The configuration with feet will allow your mattress to rise 13 cm from the ground. This is a universal box spring that will fit any type of mattress.

Box spring Someo RIO GRANDE 9

Box spring Someo RIO GRANDE

262 £ on Lematelas

Possessing an excellent quality/price ratio, this RIO GRANDE bed base signed Someo is a slatted box spring model. These are flexible and robust thanks to the multi-ply manufacturing process. Equipped with a dust cover, it has a solid structure made of solid pine wood. Easy to install, it can be placed embedded in a frame or mounted using its feet not included.

EvergreenWeb orthopedic bed base 10

EvergreenWeb orthopedic bed base

151 £ on Amazon

EvergreenWeb proposes its conception of the ultimate bed base. It is a model with solid wood slats and high resistance steel frame. It is an orthopedic bed base composed of 13 beech wood slats, each one benefiting from an anti-slip treatment and a layer of varnish ensuring an optimal protection against external aggressions.


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