The best bed frames 160x200 in the UK 2023

Are you a couple or do you simply want a more comfortable bed? You might as well choose a good 160x200 bed base, the most popular size in the UK. Like the mattress, it directly impacts the quality of your sleep and your well-being. Slatted, box spring, electric, sprung, kit..., let yourself be tempted by our selection of the best 160x200 bed bases.

Homifab Collection Tommy

Editor's Choice

Homifab Collection Tommy

The best 160x200 box spring in 2021

With the Homifab Tommy Collection, your bed becomes a vast storage space while remaining very comfortable to spend soft and soothing nights.

360 £ on Amazon

At first glance, the Homifab Collection Tommy is a simple Scandinavian style bed with a very elegant headboard and a modern design. But it's not! Its sleeping surface is a call to comfort, an invitation to peaceful and restful nights. The double bed base ensures a very pleasant sleeping independence for the two people that the bed can accommodate. In addition, its plywood structure and its straight base promise you increased stability and sturdiness.

It has even more to offer. Underneath the 160x200 soft slatted base, you'll find plenty of storage space. That's right! The Homifab Collection Tommy is a box bed in which you can store clothes, personal belongings and other appliances that may invade your home. This bed alone guarantees your comfort and contributes to the storage of your things.

Hansales Premium

Best cheapest

Hansales Premium

The best entry-level 160x200 box spring

Discover the exceptional qualities of the Hansales Premium bed. It supports up to 300 kg of load and offers an incomparable sleeping comfort, all at a very good price.

89,68 £ on Amazon

Hansales Premium is a slatted bed base made of birch wood. The design of the slats is new. They are narrower, thicker, less spaced and more numerous. This provides a rare level of comfort, regardless of the type of mattress you place on the bed base: hybrid mattress, memory foam mattress, orthopedic mattress, pocket spring mattress... Ventilation remains optimal despite the greater number of slats, 41 to be precise.

The kit of slats is assembled with disconcerting ease. The Hansales Premium also has an impressive load capacity. The bed can hold up to 300 kg without any problems. Two people can lounge on it in total comfort.

Ensemble relaxation TALCA

Best high end

TALCA relaxation set

The best high-end 160x200 box spring

Let yourself be rocked by this top-of-the-line electric bed base that offers independent, adjustable and soft sleeping places. It comes with a 14 cm thick mattress.

560 £ on Cdiscount

The TALCA Relaxation Set is a true relaxation space for two in your bedroom. The bed is composed of two electric slatted bases. On each bed, it will be possible to change the inclination of the feet and the head with a simple remote control. Each bed base has a foam mattress offering firm support. Comfort and independence of sleeping are guaranteed.

The mattresses come with removable covers that are treated against dust mites, bacteria and allergens. You don't have to worry about quality. This bedding set is made in the UK in accordance with current health and safety standards. Settle in, the TALCA Relaxation Set will take care of bringing you a serene and invigorating sleep.

Promo Matelas 160 x 200 cm

Excellent choice

Promo Matelas 160 x 200 cm

The best 160x200 box spring with box springs

Enjoy a good night's sleep on this box spring model from Promo Matelas. This 160x200 box spring is comfortable, affordable and of very good quality.

239 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed base 160x200

Any specific needs?

The best 160x200 box spring in 2021

The best entry-level 160x200 box spring

The best high-end 160x200 box spring

The best 160x200 box spring with box springs

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Comparison table of the best bed frames 160x200

Homifab Collection Tommy
Hansales Premium
Ensemble relaxation TALCA
Promo Matelas 160 x 200 cm
Homifab Collection Tommy
Hansales Premium
TALCA relaxation set
Promo Matelas 160 x 200 cm
With the Homifab Tommy Collection, your bed becomes a vast storage space while remaining very comfortable to spend soft and soothing nights.
Discover the exceptional qualities of the Hansales Premium bed. It supports up to 300 kg of load and offers an incomparable sleeping comfort, all at a very good price.
Let yourself be rocked by this top-of-the-line electric bed base that offers independent, adjustable and soft sleeping places. It comes with a 14 cm thick mattress.
Enjoy a good night's sleep on this box spring model from Promo Matelas. This 160x200 box spring is comfortable, affordable and of very good quality.
Solid wood
Beech wood
Base type
Flexible Slatted Bed Frame
Fixed slat bed
Electric soft slatted bed
Spring bed
Slatted base
Number of slats
Independent sleeping surfaces

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Buying guide - bed base 160x200

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How to choose your bed base 160x200

Like the mattress, the 160x200 cm box spring contributes to the comfort of your nights and the quality of your sleep. It is thus necessary to choose it with attention in order to benefit from soft restful nights without spending astronomical sums. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing your 160x200 cm box spring.
choisir sommier 160x200

#1 - According to the morphology of the sleeper

The best 160x200 bed base is the one that corresponds to your morphology. Your height and weight should be taken into account. These variables will define the height and load capacity of the box spring. The low bed bases (less than 20 cm) will be more adapted to the people of small size. A standing height of 30 cm or more will be more suitable for taller individuals. As for the load capacity, keep in mind that the bed will have to support the weight of two people.

#2 - According to the needs

It is not always obvious, but the bed base, in the same way as the mattress, contributes to the fight against back pain which affects a large majority of adults in the UK. The goal being to limit these back pains, it is necessary to choose the bed base 160x200 cm according to your needs. There are models equipped with "active slats" that are specially designed for people suffering from back pain or pathologies. Others are manufactured and treated to eliminate allergens to suit the needs of allergy sufferers.

#3 - According to the type of bed base

The slatted bed base is the most common. It is affordable, easy to assemble and comfortable if equipped with a good mattress. There are also 160x200 box springs that are primarily designed for the same type of mattress. Finally, the box spring is considered the most comfortable. Its contact surface is made up of studs that absorb movements very well. This type of model is usually very expensive.

#4 - Single or double bed base 160x200 ?

Did you know that a person can, while sleeping, make up to nearly 14,000 movements? This means that with two people, these movements will double, or about 30,000 per night. With the dimensions 160 x 200 cm, it is possible to have a double bed base or two independent but adjoining bed bases. The first one seems less expensive and easy to move. In case you and your partner have different morphologies, it is better to turn to a double bed base (2 bases of 80x200 cm) to benefit from a personalized comfort. The single bed is much more comfortable since it offers a better independence for each sleeping surface without having to disturb the sleep of the other sleeper. The double bed base is also recommended for people who get restless while sleeping.

#5 - According to the material

Wood and metal are the main materials used for the manufacture of 160x200 bed base even though aluminum 160x200 bed base models exist on the market. Both show similar longevity, but metal has the advantage in load capacity while wood, especially solid wood, can last longer. Moreover, it should be noted that this type of material becomes more attractive over the years. In short, the choice will be decided mainly according to the aesthetic sought, but also the price.

The type of box spring 160x200 according to the mattress

type sommier type matelas

A comfortable bed where you can spend a soft and restful night is composed of a 160x200 box spring and a compatible mattress. You should not put just any mattress on your box spring. Knowing how to choose two compatible pieces will optimize the comfort level of your bed and improve your daily sleep. Discover below the box spring that suits each type of mattress.

The foam mattress

A 160x200 slatted base fits very well with a single foam mattress. Both pieces are basic. They will nevertheless allow you to enjoy a comfortable sleeping space at a lower cost. Be sure to choose the right firmness and thickness of the mattress. The number of slats must also be adapted to obtain a homogeneous support.

Latex or natural latex mattresses

The latex mattress can be placed on a 160x200 base with fixed or flexible slats. This applies to both natural and synthetic latex models. If you choose a soft slatted base, choose a high firmness mattress so that the sleeping surface is not too soft. Also remember to ventilate the mattress well by avoiding covered slatted bases.

Memory foam mattresses

It is recommended to install a memory foam mattress on a box spring. The soft and perfectly arranged studs coincide with the comfort zones of this type of mattress. A fixed slatted base is also suitable for these high quality mattresses. Special attention should be paid to the breathability of the mattress to avoid unpleasant heat rises on the memory foam model. Avoid the 160x200 box springs.

Spring mattresses

The spring mattress must be mounted on a 160x200 spring box spring to ensure a comfortable sleeping surface. Other types of box springs are not designed to optimally support the structure of these mattresses.

The different types of bed frames 160x200

The bed base comes in several categories. The concept of support for a mattress is the same. Only the structure, materials and uses differ. Discover below the different types of bed bases 160x200 cm, their characteristics, their advantages and their disadvantages.

160x200 slatted bed base

Sommier 160x200 à lattes

This is the most common type of 160x200 bed base in the UK and in the world. It is appreciated for its simplicity and breathability . The slats improve the ventilation of the mattress, having a positive impact on the hygiene and comfort of the sleeping surface. Its maintenance is very simple. Its greatest advantage is its compatibility with all types of mattresses, including foam, latex, spring and viscoelastic foam. The slats can be visible or covered. The latter are particularly appreciated for their firmness.

It includes the kit bed base, a model that has become popular in recent decades. Its appearance is ordinary when assembled. However, it is a bed that can be assembled at home quickly. This kit format is especially suitable for online sales, as the product can be shipped more easily. The box springs 160x200 cm in kit are more affordable in terms of price.

160x200 box spring bed

Sommier 160x200 tapissier

The box spring is similar to the ordinary box springs equipped with slats (flexible or rigid), springs or studs. The only difference is the addition of a soft protection, called a ticking, to the frame. It can be a natural or synthetic fabric or leather cover that brings an undeniable aesthetic touch. The box spring has an elegant and noble look and is suitable for most types of mattresses. Of an affordable price, it will make you benefit from an incredible robustness.

Among the most popular box springs, we can mention the 160x200 spring box spring which is highly appreciated for its great flexibility. The springs absorb the pressure movements on the mattress very well, which gives the impression of floating and provides a pleasant soft sensation. However, it is not suitable for those who are looking for more firmness. Besides, you should only use a spring mattress on a 160x200 spring box spring.

160x200 electric bed base

Sommier 160x200 électrique

Like the medical bed, the electric box spring has a modular structure. You know it especially under the name of relaxation bed base. It is the top of the top in terms of bed bases. It is possible to raise the upper, middle and lower parts of the bed base to adapt it to the desired position. The electric bed base is suitable for the elderly, for those who suffer from back pain, relax their muscles, improve their blood circulation or simply for all those who wish to enjoy an optimal sleeping comfort. But beware! The electric bed base 160x200 is expensive and requires special mattresses.

In general, a remote control accompanies this type of bed base so that you can adjust its position according to your needs and without making any effort. The best part is that each sleeper has the ability to change the setting on his side of the bed.

The manual bed base 160x200 of relaxation

Like the electric bed base, the 160x200 manual bed base is adjustable. Nevertheless, the adjustment of the height of the head and the feet of the bed base is done manually. It is thus necessary to leave the bed to change the position of the bed base.

160x200 box spring

Sommier 160x200 coffre

A real trend of the moment, the 160x200 box spring or box spring with storage combines comfort, aesthetics and convenience. The bed, with slats or box spring, is lined with one or more storage spaces intelligently arranged in the form of lift system or drawers. The furniture will save you a lot of space since it can also be used as a storage place for clothes, pillows, bed linens and other everyday items. With such a model, you are able to free up space in your closets. Like any other furniture, it also has some disadvantages, such as its heavy weight and relatively high acquisition cost. It is nevertheless suitable for small spaces.

Be careful!

The box bed can be too imposing in very small rooms. It is the same for some electric bed bases 160x200.

What about the 160x200 pallet bed base?

The 160x200 pallet bed base is a great success with the rise of the "Do It Yourself" fashion. It is simple and stylish and can be easily made at home with some DIY skills, pallets and a little creativity. Some brands also sell ready-to-use 160x200 pallet box springs.

Bed base 160x200 with fixed or flexible slats ?

Bed base 160x200 with fixed slats

This is the classic 160x200 slatted base found on traditional beds. The slats are placed on fixed supports with a well-defined spacing. This configuration gives you the opportunity to obtain a great firmness of bedding. If your mattress is too soft, a fixed slatted bed base will give you more firmness. This type of 160x200 box spring is affordable. The simple installation of the slats reduces manufacturing costs and promises a durable and sturdy bed base. However, it will be less suitable if you are looking for softness and flexibility in such equipment.

Bed base 160x200 with soft slats

The 160x200 cm soft slatted bed base is a more recent invention. The curved slats are placed on spring systems that give them the ability to flex. This improves the level of flexibility of the sleeping surface. Moreover, the soft slatted base absorbs the body's movements better. On a double bed, therefore, the 160x200 cm soft slatted base offers two independent spaces that further improve sleeping comfort. On the other hand, it is more expensive and the slats, in movement, can be damaged more quickly. The same applies to the springs, which must be changed when damaged.


A 160x200 fixed slatted bed base is ideal if you want to limit your budget while providing firm, durable bedding. On the contrary, if you are looking for more softness and flexibility, invest more by buying a 160x200 box spring with soft slats. This can have a major impact on your comfort level.

Why buy a 160x200 bed base?

pourquoi acheter sommier 160x200

For comfort and stability

A 160x200 slatted base provides a spacious sleeping area for two adults. The dimensions have been designed to provide maximum comfort without taking over a bedroom and without compromising stability. When properly assembled, the 160x200 solid wood or metal box spring supports heavy loads without wobbling.

Better sleeping independence

The 160x200 box spring is wide enough for two people. This immensity improves comfort, but also lets you enjoy greater independence. You can move and wiggle without affecting the comfort of the second person sharing the bed. This sleeping independence is even more important on the 160x200 double slatted bed bases.

Excellent durability

A 160x200 box spring has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours of sleep. Generally speaking, you can sleep for 8 to 10 years on a high-end box spring. This lifespan drops to 5 years for lower-end models. Still, this piece of furniture offers excellent longevity that is worth investing in.

To enjoy better access to your sleeping space

It is quite possible to put a mattress on the floor. Many people do this. However, those who choose to use a box spring are still in the majority. The fact is that the sleeping space is more accessible when it is raised with a 160x200 box spring and footboard. You will have much less trouble getting in and out of bed. Raising the bed improves the breathability and hygiene of the sleeping area.

To optimize the longevity of the 160 x 200 cm mattress

The 160x200 bed base is specially designed to accommodate a mattress. It will increase the level of comfort by absorbing movements while the mattress will adapt to the position of the body. But that's not all! The box spring also serves to take care of the mattress. It ventilates and lifts the mattress in order to avoid direct contact with the floor. By using a 160x200 box spring, you will extend the life of your mattress.

The best brands of bed frames 160x200

In our opinion, the best brands of bed frames 160x200 in 2022 are :

Hevea Selection
Belle Literie

Homifab was born in 2017. A recent player in the furniture and bedding market, the start-up seduces the public with its innovative, affordable and high quality products. Homifab markets its products only on the Internet and offers a very rich catalog composed of 160x20 box springs, mattresses, bedding items and furniture of all kinds.

Founded in 1996, the Hansales brand specializes in the manufacture of birch wood bed bases. Its products are distinguished by an exceptional longevity and a level of comfort worthy of high-end bed bases. Its catalog consists of a very wide selection of wooden bedding items available at very affordable prices.

Launched in 2015, the German brand Emma has very quickly established itself on the market by offering very high quality mattresses, box springs and bedding items. Regularly, Emma products are awarded with prestigious prizes. Today, the brand sells bed bases in Germany, France and all over Europe.

With more than twenty years of experience, Hevea Selection produces high quality bed bases and bedding items. The French brand innovates while complying with current health standards in order to manufacture comfortable, sturdy bed bases adapted to all needs. Hevea Collection also offers custom-made mattresses and box springs.

Belle Literie is a label of excellence. It includes products that meet the specifications developed by the FCBA Technological Institute. The bed bases and mattresses bearing the "Belle Literie" label are exclusively manufactured in the UK and display an optimal quality. This is why products bearing the label are very often present in the rankings of the best 160x200 bed bases.

What is the price for a bed base 160x200

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 600 £
more than 600 £
Price range diagram


Attach legs correctly to a 160x200 slatted base

Occasionally, bed legs may not line up exactly with the bed frame. These minor manufacturing defects are most often found on metal models. The problem also occurs when you change the legs of the bed. The best way to adjust the alignment of the holes is to drill new ones or use adapters such as smooth bushings.

Use a bed cover

The bed cover is a very practical accessory. It simply hides the box spring with a cover that will eventually look more decorative. It is especially suitable for box springs 160x200 marked by time or those whose design does not perfectly suit your tastes. It can also be used to protect brand new box springs.

Add a pretty headboard to your 160x200 box spring

It is always recommended to add a headboard to a 160x200 box spring. You will have the choice to adapt the colors and materials of the two pieces of your bed in order to have an even more beautiful and elegant aesthetic. Nothing prevents you, either, from exploring more original combinations to make your 160x200 box spring and headboard a novel decorative element in your bedroom.

Gain height by choosing a model with an adjustable support

Do you think your 160x200 box spring is too low? You have three options. The first is to change the bed legs and gain height. You can buy a bed with an extendable footboard and adjust the height on the footboard according to your needs. Finally, adjustable box springs are also an interesting solution. The support can be modified to raise or lower the box spring by several inches.

Connect two slatted bases for more practicality

It is perfectly feasible to connect two slatted box springs so that you have a 160x200 box spring with two completely independent beds. All you need to do is use Velcro fasteners to successfully assemble. Even so, you will need to disassemble and reassemble the legs on adjacent sides on some models. This assembly can be simple on some box springs and more complex on others.


How many slats for a 160x200 box spring?

On a 200 cm long bed base, a minimum of 16 slats is required to provide a good level of comfort and support. It is possible to add up to 30 slats in order to enjoy a uniform support all along the sleeping surface. The number of slats is doubled on 160x200 soft slatted bases with two independent places.

What type of 160x200 box spring is best suited for a hybrid mattress?

The hybrid mattress goes well with all 160x200 bases, whether they are slatted, sprung or plots. Indeed, this type of mattress is the result of technologies that provide it with a great capacity of adaptation. The only real condition for optimal comfort on a hybrid mattress is to have the slats or springs spaced close together to promote uniform support.

How to strengthen a 160x200 slatted box spring?

You can add slats and replace those that are more fragile in order to strengthen a slatted base. Replacement slats and fasteners are available at home improvement stores. Slat covers can also help to even out and strengthen the box spring. It can, however, affect the breathability of the bed.

What 160x200 box spring to combine with a pocket spring mattress?

The pocket spring mattress is best placed on a 160x200 box spring with soft slats or covered fixed slats. These two types of box springs are best suited to the structure of innerspring mattresses. The combination of these two pieces of bedding greatly improves support and increases the firmness of the sleeping surface.


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