The best beds 180×200 in the UK 2023

Did you know that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping? According to a study, an 80-year-old human being will have slept for nearly 27 years. If you're going to choose the right mattress to guarantee a soothing sleep, you might as well find a good bed to support it! For this, the 180 x 200 bed is a more spacious and comfortable alternative to the standard double bed. In wood or metal, follow the guide to find yours.

Dolce Black Edition 1

Best value for money

Dolce Black Edition

The best 180x200 bed 2020

Featuring a stylish design, the 180×200 Dolce Black Edition Adult Bed will bring a charming look to your bedroom. It has 2 bedside tables, a storage box at the foot of the bed, and LED sensor lighting.

720 £ on Conforama

The 180×200 Dolce Black Edition king size bed, made of particleboard and treated fiberboard, has the same sturdiness as a wooden bed. In addition to its refined two-tone design enhanced by integrated sensitive LEDs, this model is also a very practical piece of furniture with two bedside tables with stainless steel handles and a storage space at the foot of the bed.

Although the Dolce Black Edition offers a large sleeping surface of 180 x 200 cm, its actual dimensions, including accessories, reach 285.3 x 237 x 87.7 cm. The only complaint is the lack of a drawer, which means that you have to lift the mattress to put things in the storage box.

Hypnia - Lit scandinave gris 2

Best value for money

Hypnia - Lit scandinave gris

The best entry-level 180x200 bed

Equipped with a headboard upholstered in fabric, this beautiful gray Scandinavian bed seduces by its pure design. Its base is equipped with 24 slats to easily support the weight of 2 heavy people.

See the price

As one of the reference brands in terms of inexpensive beds, Hypnia offers this Scandinavian style king size bed. For a bright and chic look, the frame is wrapped in a light grey fabric upholstery. Robust thanks to the solid wood used for the structure and the feet, this 180×200 bed mobilizes poplar wood for its 24 slats and rubber wood for its feet.

Easily finding its place in your bedroom, its actual dimensions exceed the sleeping surface by only 5 cm. Because it is an entry-level model, this Scandinavian bed Hypnia has no accessories. Note that it comes in a do-it-yourself kit: plan on one or two pairs of arms to help you.

Paris Prix Adrian 3

Best value for money

Paris Prix Adrian

The best high-end 180x200 bed

Made of faux leather and stainless steel, the Paris Prix Adrian features an upholstered, padded and beautifully stitched headboard. With a very modern design, it will blend in with an elegant and bright decor.

1 440 £ on Conforama

The marriage of stainless steel and polyurethane foam upholstery gave birth to this 180×200 king size bed, which combines robustness and elegance. Indeed, the upholstery and padding of the headboard and frame of the Paris Prix Adrian give a design and resolutely modern look to this furniture.

Suitable for a 180 x 200 cm mattress, this bed has actual dimensions of 202 cm in width, 224 cm in length and 79 cm in height. If the sturdiness and the quality of the finishing leave admiration, we regret that this bed does not integrate any accessory of arrangement. Nevertheless, the base and the slats are delivered with the structure and allow to support firmly the mattress for an optimal comfort.

Lit futon + 2 chevets 4


Lit futon + 2 chevets

The most practical 180x200 bed

Designed with melamine, i.e. particle board, this futon bed imitates a white oak finish and convinces with its practicality. Bedside tables, shelf, drawer and storage box are offered.

785 £ on Conforama

If you want to gain more sleeping space while optimizing your bedroom space, this futon bed is for you. For starters, it features a pull-out drawer under the main frame, a storage space that can hold up to 41kg. There is also a chest behind the upholstered headboard, while two bedside tables with a glass light shelf are placed on either side of the bed.

In all, this futon bed has dimensions of 289 x 230 x 92 cm. Although it is imposing, its practicality largely compensates for this disadvantage. The main negative point of this model? The bed base and slats are not included in the package.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed 180x200

Any specific needs?

The best 180x200 bed 2020

The best entry-level 180x200 bed

The best high-end 180x200 bed

The most practical 180x200 bed

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Comparison table of the best beds 180×200

Dolce Black Edition 5
Hypnia - Lit scandinave gris 6
Paris Prix Adrian 7
Lit futon + 2 chevets 8
Dolce Black Edition
Hypnia - Lit scandinave gris
Paris Prix Adrian
Lit futon + 2 chevets
Featuring a stylish design, the 180×200 Dolce Black Edition Adult Bed will bring a charming look to your bedroom. It has 2 bedside tables, a storage box at the foot of the bed, and LED sensor lighting.
Equipped with a headboard upholstered in fabric, this beautiful gray Scandinavian bed seduces by its pure design. Its base is equipped with 24 slats to easily support the weight of 2 heavy people.
Made of faux leather and stainless steel, the Paris Prix Adrian features an upholstered, padded and beautifully stitched headboard. With a very modern design, it will blend in with an elegant and bright decor.
Designed with melamine, i.e. particle board, this futon bed imitates a white oak finish and convinces with its practicality. Bedside tables, shelf, drawer and storage box are offered.
Delivered with 2 bedside tables, storage box
Comes with a slatted bed base
Comes with a slatted bed base
Delivered with 2 bedside tables, storage box, shelf, sliding drawer
Robust and design thanks to the melamine
Sturdy wooden design
Sturdy stainless steel design
Robust and design thanks to the melamine finish
Sensitive LED lighting on the headboard
Actual dimensions significantly larger than the sleeping surface
Stunningly stylish with upholstery
Glass shelf with sensitive LED light borders

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Buying guide - bed 180x200

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How to choose your bed 180x200

Guaranteeing a deep sleep and a well-deserved rest, the right 180×200 bed is chosen according to a few criteria, including material, design, dimensions and the accessories that accompany it.

#1 - The material

What material for your 180×200 bed? Like any interior furniture, a bed is subject to the tests of time and use; thus, you should find the right material.

  • Solid wood: is very popular and brings a fresh and natural touch to your bedroom, especially if you choose treated solid pine.
  • Metal: is more resistant to time and seduces with its vintage and classic look. Giving off a baroque look, it is more adapted to a more refined atmosphere.
  • Melamine: is undoubtedly the preferred choice of modern furniture manufacturers. Its main arguments: lightness and the possibility of declining the bed under various colors.

#2 - The design

180×200 beds come in a plethora of equally interesting designs. Imposing with a masterful air, the canopy bed will find its place in a bedroom with a good ceiling height. On the other hand, you have the 180×200 upholstered beds that arm themselves with elegance and come in different colors to match your bedroom decor. At the same time, the models with bed frame and/or headboard will tastefully dress up your interior.

#3 - The dimensions

When buying a bed, you have to make the difference between the sleeping surface and the actual dimensions. Indeed, the 180×200 cm refer to the sleeping surface, thus to the dimensions of the mattress, but your bed can be more imposing according to the design you have chosen.

Bed base and slats

If your 180x200 bed does not come with a box spring and slats, consider buying models that match the dimensions of the sleeping surface of your bed.

#4 - Accessories


practicality, some 180×200 king size beds come with extra storage space and accessories. With this in mind, you'll find beds with a single drawer or multiple compartments; models that incorporate bedside tables placed on both sides of the bed; and variations with casters for easy movement when rearranging space or moving.

What size sheet and comforter should I use for a 180x200 bed?

Since the king size bed has a sleeping surface of 180 x 200 cm, it goes without saying that you will need a memory foam, latex or spring mattress of the same dimensions. What about the bedding: the cover, sheet, comforter and bedspread?

The fitted sheet is intended to be one with the mattress and the 180×200 bed, and should have the same dimensions as the latter. On the other hand, the flat sheet like the comforter, whose main purpose is to cover the sleepers while leaving a small margin for the fallout, must have larger dimensions. The same goes for the bedspread, a necessary linen to enhance the decor of your bedroom.

To give you an idea of the minimum dimensions of the sets, here is a small guide to the sizes for a king size bed 180×200 :

  • House sheet: 180 x 200 cm
  • Flat sheet: 280 x 300 cm
  • Comforter (or comforter cover): 240 x 280 cm
  • Bedspread: 240 x 300 cm

The different types of beds 180×200

The 180×200 beds come in three types depending on the material they are made of: wood, metal and melamine.

The 180×200 wooden bed

The 180×200 wooden bed is very popular thanks to the natural look of the material and its ecological aspect. Wood is remarkably durable, easy to maintain and very robust. Oak and rosewood beds are highly sought after for maintaining their appearance for decades, but they are relatively expensive.

Beechwood beds offer a more affordable alternative, while treated pine models are the least expensive. Note, however, that mold is the main enemy of wooden beds. Also, it is advisable to keep the furniture dry to avoid this inconvenience.

The 180×200 wrought iron bed

When it

comes to sturdiness and durability, nothing beats the 180×200 metal bed. Forged with sturdy iron and decorated with products from ironworks, it gives off a medieval look. Even if you move frequently, your iron bed won't change its appearance and won't get damaged.

However, the 180×200 wrought iron bed has two major disadvantages which lie in its weight and appearance. Indeed, the handling of the bed can be difficult in case of moving furniture or moving. On the other hand, iron is a material sensitive to rust, but the use of anti-oxidation products will be enough to prevent this.

The 180×200 melamine bed

Melamine is undoubtedly the new favorite material of interior furniture manufacturers. It is a material resulting from a hot pressing of a mixture of wood particles and resin. In this sense, the melamine bed enjoys the aesthetic advantages of wood, but benefits from a greater lightness.

In terms of design, melamine offers the possibility of declining your 180×200 bed in different shapes and colors as this material is very receptive to paint. Nevertheless, melamine can be subject to scratches in case of impact or rubbing. Although the 180×200 melamine bed is less expensive than the solid wood models, it sometimes lacks robustness and resistance.

Sensitive LED lighting

Some models of 180x200 bed are equipped with an ingenious system of sensitive LED lighting located on the headboard or on the integrated shelf. Simply move your hand or a part of your body over it and the lights will come on.

King size or queen size bed?

Beyond the royal names that are associated with these two types of double beds, it is mainly a question of comfort and sleeping surface. To decide, you need to take into account the space in your bedroom and the size of the people who will be sleeping there.

The queen size bed

With dimensions of 160 x 200 cm, the queen size bed has become the benchmark in double bedding. It is relatively ergonomic and can be placed in a master bedroom, whether you live in a house or an apartment. However, as with the purchase of any furniture, it is advisable to measure the available space beforehand.

The queen size bed has been designed to accommodate two medium to large adults. It has a generous enough space to offer them an appropriate sleeping surface without feeling cramped.

Known to offer excellent value for money, a queen size bed costs between 250 and 300 euros for entry level models and up to 500 euros if you opt for a top of the range bed.

The king size bed

Those who like to think big will opt for the king size bed, which has a minimum size of 180 x 200 cm. It goes without saying that this bed is best suited to a larger bedroom where the occupants can move around freely without bumping into the corners of the furniture.

Because of its large size, the king size bed offers more sleeping space, more comfort and more freedom of movement without disturbing the other person. For young parents, it is the ideal bed for co-sleeping during baby's first months. However, this practice requires the use of appropriate safety devices.

Considered to be the top of the range bedding, the king size bed is more robust and durable. However, this quality comes at a price: expect to pay around 370 euros for cheap king size beds. If you are looking for a branded model, made from the finest materials, you will pay at least 2,000 euros.


To decide between a king size and a queen size bed, you need to consider the size of your bedroom. If the queen size bed is now considered the "standard" in terms of size, it is because it offers sufficient sleeping space without taking up too much room.

The king size bed is more spacious; it provides more ease and comfort to suit larger people. This "king size" bed can even be a solution for couples with small children. However, it takes up more room in the bedroom and costs more than the queen-size version.


Estimate the real dimensions of the 180×200 bed you are interested in

The 180×200 dimensions provided on the description of the bed correspond only to the sleeping surface offered. Depending on the design and the accessories that come with the bed, these dimensions may be revised upwards. Remember to check the actual dimensions of the lot.

Revive the wooden bed frame


wooden bed can tarnish over time and lose its luster. To shine it up, use a mixture of cold water, liquid soap and half a teaspoon of white vinegar. Don't forget to dry the surface with a microfiber cloth at the end of the operation.

Gently clean the wooden bed


your size 180×200 bed is designed with wood that has a wax finish, clean it with white vinegar-soaked cloth, then apply polish to it to make it shine. If you have chosen a model with varnished wood, mix the same amount of olive oil, alcohol and turpentine, then use this solution for cleaning. Dry the frame with a soft cloth to restore the shine to your bed.

Maintain your 180×200 upholstered bed


upholstery of a 180×200 bed is made with either faux leather or fabric. For faux leather upholstery, use a cotton disc to apply makeup remover or face moisturizer, then wipe with a cloth dipped in soapy water beforehand. Beds with fabric upholstery are more difficult to clean. Dust them regularly or tap them to remove accumulated dust. For stains, use a mixture of talcum powder, baking soda and terre de Sommières in equal amounts. Leave for 1 hour, then scrub with a very soft brush.

Learn how to prevent rust from forming on a metal bed


is an infallible remedy against corrosion: a solution based on white vinegar and baking soda to apply to the metal surface. After 10 min, rinse with a damp sponge and let dry.


What is the best 180x200 bed?

The best 180x200 bed depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What is a king size bed 180x200?

This is a double bed, which is larger than the standard 160 x 200 cm models. It offers more sleeping space, but you should check whether your bedroom is large enough to accommodate it.

What are the dimensions of a king size bed?

A king size bed is at least 180 x 200 cm. However, you can find larger models with a width of 180 cm and even super king size beds with a width of 200 cm. The length remains the same, however.

Which mattress is suitable for a 180x200 bed?

As long as the size of your mattress matches the sleeping surface of the king size bed, you can choose the mattress you want; whether it is a model with memory foam, latex or springs.

How to gain more space with a 180x200 bed?

Since the 180x200 bed is already quite large, the best way to optimize the space in your bedroom is to choose a model with built-in storage accessories.


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Dolce Black Edition
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Hypnia - Lit scandinave gris
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