The best beds 160x200 in the UK 2023

If the 160x200 bed has ousted the old standard for a double bed, it is because it meets a new expectation of the French: to move without waking the other. The success is acquired for this queen size bed which promises a greater ease in bed. You can't find your way among the different models proposed by the sellers? Discover our comparison of the best 160x200 beds!

Floki - Grey velvet chest bed 160x200 with 2 drawers 1

Best value for money

Floki - Grey velvet chest bed 160x200 with 2 drawers

The best 160x200 bed in 2021

This 160×200 box bed has a storage space divided into 3 compartments under the box spring: a box accessible by lifting the mattress and two drawers on the foot of the bed.

719 £ on But

Popular with users, this 160×200 chest bed combines comfort, design and functionality. Indeed, it is a bed with velvet upholstery that will bring a cozy charm to your bedroom while blending into any decor. In addition, the bed comes with a comfortable mattress with two cushions and a headboard to ensure optimal comfort.

When it comes to storage, the manufacturer offers you a large compartment accessible by lifting the box spring. You also gain 2 drawers with front opening on the footboard to allow you to optimize the storage. It is for this functional and very practical side that this bed acquired the well-deserved status of best 160×200 box bed of the year.

DFM Comet white bed 160x200 2

Best value for money

DFM Comet white bed 160x200

The best entry-level 160x200 bed

Discover the cozy comfort of the memory foam mattress with which this inexpensive 160x200 bed is equipped; and appreciate the LED lighting that adorns its headboard.

583 £ on But

The particle board structure of this 160x200 bed has a polyurethane coating for a very aesthetic look and a pleasantly soft feel. This softness extends to the memory foam mattress that equips this bed. With a thickness of 19 cm and a density of 30 kg/m3, the sleep promises to be soothing!

Let us note all the same that the particularities of this bed 160x200 not expensive hold in two words: lighting and design. Indeed, its headboard is adorned with a LED light strip that offers a choice of 16 colors. Such an accessory makes waking up at night a lot easier, but also contributes to enhance the design of this bed with its very original shape.

EBAC Electric bed and mattress STORM Relax Action 3

Best premium bed

EBAC Electric bed and mattress STORM Relax Action

The best high-end 160x200 bed

Relax with this top-of-the-line electric bed that allows for multi-positional sleeping. Its latex mattresses will guarantee a good ventilation for an optimal comfort.

1 587 £ on But

When luxury meets comfort, you get a high-end electric bed that invites you to relax. This bed offers independent sleeping and each occupant can adopt the position they want. This is due to the dual low-voltage motors that come with this bed and allow it to be configured as needed.

Indeed, this bed integrates a double independent headboard with back translation, a panel supporting the neck and shoulders, as well as two lower panels for the thighs and legs. The modular aspect of the base is combined with the flexibility of the two latex mattresses offering 3 different support zones. Two wireless control boxes will help you set up your bed, and in case of power failure, it will be returned to horizontal position thanks to a battery backup.

BULTEX – Nano Pureness Confort Morphologique 4

Best morphological bed

BULTEX – Nano Pureness Confort Morphologique

The best morphological bed

For the most demanding, we propose this 160x200 morphological bed where lightness, ventilation and ultimate comfort are at the rendezvous. An ingenious furniture created by Bultex!

1 950 £ on But
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed 160x200

Any specific needs?

The best 160x200 bed in 2021

The best entry-level 160x200 bed

The best high-end 160x200 bed

The best morphological bed

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Comparison table of the best beds 160x200

Floki - Grey velvet chest bed 160x200 with 2 drawers 5
DFM Comet white bed 160x200 6
EBAC Electric bed and mattress STORM Relax Action 7
BULTEX – Nano Pureness Confort Morphologique 8
Floki - Grey velvet chest bed 160x200 with 2 drawers
DFM Comet white bed 160x200
EBAC Electric bed and mattress STORM Relax Action
BULTEX – Nano Pureness Confort Morphologique
This 160×200 box bed has a storage space divided into 3 compartments under the box spring: a box accessible by lifting the mattress and two drawers on the foot of the bed.
Discover the cozy comfort of the memory foam mattress with which this inexpensive 160x200 bed is equipped; and appreciate the LED lighting that adorns its headboard.
Relax with this top-of-the-line electric bed that allows for multi-positional sleeping. Its latex mattresses will guarantee a good ventilation for an optimal comfort.
For the most demanding, we propose this 160x200 morphological bed where lightness, ventilation and ultimate comfort are at the rendezvous. An ingenious furniture created by Bultex!
Solid wood
Multi-ply particleboard
Solid pine with faux leather upholstery
Memory foam mattress 24 cm thick
Memory foam 19 cm thick and 30 kg/m3 density
Latex 18 cm thick and 75 kg/m3 density
In latex of 25 cm thickness with nanometric alveolar core
Metal bed with flexible slats in poplar
Poplar slats
Electric with back translation
Bi-slats morphological
1 chest, 2 drawers
LED lighting
Wireless control box
Beds 160x200 with storage
160x200 design bed
Electric 160x200 bed
Bed 160x200 morphological

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Buying guide - bed 160x200

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How to choose your bed 160x200

Choosing a 160x200 bed means choosing to have more space in bed in order to sleep better and feel pampered in your bed. But before enjoying all these advantages, you have to choose THE right one.

#1 - The material

When it comes to home furnishings, it's always a matter of choosing the right material. Manufacturers always have a particular attraction to wood, which lends its prestige and natural luminosity to many 160x200 beds. In an effort to recycle, a lighter version of wood has been developed where it is hot-pressed and mixed with resin to obtain particleboard, the new favorite material for modern 160x200 beds.

On the other side, we have the indestructible metal that seduces by its resistance to time, shock and wear. Being able to be painted in white, gray, black, silver or gold, it is the ally of elegant and refined bedrooms.

#2 - The mattress

Working in concert with the bed base, the mattress is the comfort element with which you are directly in contact. In this sense, it should not only be cozy, it should also be healthy and hygienic. That's why we look for a mattress with a breathable, anti-mite and anti-allergenic core and cover.

The mattress to be cold foam or memory foam; an equipment that guarantees a good balance between firmness, flexibility and harmony with the posture during sleep. Otherwise, you can choose a latex mattress which is recommended when you sweat a lot. And there are, of course, spring mattresses, those everyday allies that are both soft and firm.

#3 - The box spring

The box spring is to the bed what the skeletons are to the body: it represents the skeleton of this furniture. It is by choosing a good box spring that you can ensure that you sleep well, that your back does not suffer and that you feel comfortable in your bed.

  • A fixed slatted bed base is the standard bed base. It goes with any type of mattress, it offers uniform support and that's why it is recommended for children in the growth phase.
  • A spring base calls for a spring mattress. It offers greater flexibility without compromising on firmness.
  • An electric box spring is the top-of-the-line choice. It ideally calls for a latex mattress, but high-density foam will work just as well. It offers you the possibility to adopt several positions, to raise the shoulders or the legs thanks to panels.

#4 - The accessories

If we can afford a few small accessories that will make our 160x200 bed even more interesting, we jump at it without hesitation. Among the options, you can have storage spaces, such as drawers, chests, bedside tables, etc. There are some that integrate LED lamps to light you with a soft and subdued light at night.

#5 - The design

Finally, we never choose a furniture without thinking about the aesthetic aspect. Because the bed is always the heart of the bedroom, it must be in harmony with the other furniture in the room. If the classic styles remain safe values, nothing prevents you from venturing towards the new trends of interior decoration where we dare the original forms and colors.

Which bed linen set for a 160x200 bed?

Accessories to complement your 160x200 bed, bed sets are certainly chosen according to their designs, but you still need to choose the right dimensions so that they are completely in harmony with the bed.


The first item to be provided remains the fitted sheet, whose function is to completely envelop the mattress. It must display dimensions of 160 x 200 cm; the caps that are fixed on the edges aside. For the pillowcases, everything depends on your habits: 60 x 60 cm, 65 x 65 cm, 45 x 70 cm or 50 x 70 cm.

For other bed linens, here's a little guide to help you:

  • Flat sheet: 240 x 300 cm
  • Down comforter or comforter cover: 220 x 240 cm
  • Blanket: 240 x 260 cm
  • Bed cover: 260 x 275 cm

The different types of beds 160x200

We will distinguish 3 types of beds 160x200: the models that rely solely on their design, those that seek to be practical with storage space and those with an electric bed base.

160x200 design bed

The 160x200 design beds focus their potential on the combination of comfort and aesthetics. The frame of this type of bed is equipped with captivating touches, such as the elegance of leather upholstery, the exotic charm of raw wood, the modern look of colored particleboard or the baroque and vintage look of gold metal. As you can see, it is up to you to choose according to your taste.

As for comfort, the 160x200 beds aim to seduce with the right balance between firmness and softness. To do this, they rely on quality box springs combined with high density and high thickness mattresses. In short, if you want luxury and comfort worthy of the grand hotels in your bedroom, the 160x200 design bed remains the best choice.

160x200 bed with storage

When you like to combine the useful with the pleasant even in the bedroom, you turn without hesitation to the 160x200 beds with storage. These beds find all their legitimacy in front of the lack of space that affects many households in the UK. Moreover, it is this practical and functional side that this type of 160x200 bed puts forward.

In addition to the models that come with matching bedside tables, there are those that include drawers that open either from the front or from the side. This is very practical for organizing storage: books and supplies in one drawer, slippers and socks in another, etc. However, there are those that incorporate storage boxes hidden under the box spring. These 160x200 beds will house linens or winter clothes without flinching.

160x200 electric bed

The particularity of electric 160x200 beds lies in the fact that it seeks to maximize comfort and it is not just for sleeping. Indeed, this type of 160x200 bed integrates an articulated bed base composed of 5 panels located at the level of the head, shoulders, back, legs and thighs; that of the back being the only one to be immobile.

If you are used to reading in bed or watching TV, you can lift the upper panels. If you have joint or blood circulation problems and like to sleep with your legs slightly raised, you raise the relevant panel. Of course to move independently of each other, these panels are powered by one or two electric motors. You will even have remote controls or boxes to control the bed.

Bed 160x200 or Bed 180x200

Choosing between a 160x200 bed and a 180x200 bed is like choosing between a queen size bed and a king size bed. Behind these royal-sounding names, there is above all a difference in dimensions.

The bed 160x200

Having dethroned the 140x200 bed, the 160x200 bed, also known as the queen size bed, has become the new benchmark for double bed dimensions. With a personal space of 80 x 200 cm, the occupants acquire a certain independence of sleeping while keeping the possibility of approaching at any time. In any case, there is no longer any risk of waking up the other person when you get up in the middle of the night or in the early morning.

The 160x200 bed comes in countless designs to meet the needs of each household. It can have a minimalist concept, be aesthetically pleasing or be equipped with some storage accessories. It is even possible to find a 160x200 bed with a double electric base where each occupant can take the position he wants without disturbing the other.

The bed 180x200

In the jargon of bedding, it is called king size and is one of the most spacious beds of the moment. To give you an idea of the comfort and ease it offers, keep in mind that a single bed has sleeping dimensions of 90 x 200 cm and that's exactly the same surface area each occupant of a king size bed gains.

Ideal for the big sleepers, it seduces by the great freedom of movement that it offers at the time of the bed. Some young parents even rush to the 180x200 beds for co-sleeping during their babies' first months. Like the queen size bed, this king size variant comes in a variety of designs that are both decorative and functional.


Today, the legislation imposes a minimum surface of 9m² for the parental rooms. If the 160x200 bed has become the new reference in terms of double bed, it is because it fits perfectly in most bedrooms while leaving enough space to move freely in the room. Plus, you don't have to compromise on your comfort in bed, because 80 x 200 cm is more than enough to satisfy the big sleepers.

Why buy a good 160x200 bed?

To equip the bedroom properly

What could be better than adopting the reference in double bed in your bedroom? Moreover, the bed is the soul of the room, it is the heart of this cosy room where you will spend more than a third of your life. You might as well equip it well!

To have more space for two

If the 160x200 bed has dethroned the 140x200 bed, it is because it offers more comfort for its occupants. Indeed, we gain 10 good centimeters per person; a width in more which will allow you to move and to get up without disturbing your partner in his sleep. Moreover, this desire not to wake up the other person is one of the reasons that explain the growing success of the 160x200 bed.

To gain sleeping independence

When the bed is spacious, you gain sleeping independence. Each occupant has his or her own side of the bed, and even if they are big sleepers, they won't get in each other's way. Beware, this independence in bed does not rule out closeness, but as we often say, snuggling up in each other's arms should not be an obligation, but a choice. With a good 160x200 bed, you have that choice!

For its design

The 160x200 bed has the ability to create a sense of grandeur with its majestic structure. It gives the bedroom more space and will set the tone for the style of decoration in the room. That's why you should choose a model that you like upstream, and that is in agreement with your other furniture downstream. Harmony is a must!

To sleep better

A well-equipped bedroom, a spacious bed that allows you to adopt the position you want without disturbing your partner: all the ingredients are there for you to sleep well. In our comparison, we even make it a point of honor to propose only beds 160x200 comfortable as desired so that you can quickly fall into the arms of Morpheus, and why not into those of your partner!

The best brands of beds 160x200

In our opinion, the best brands of beds 160x200 in 2022 are :


European leader in foam and latex mattresses, Bultex is known as the brand that always shows great imagination to increase the comfort of sleepers. The 160x200 beds of the brand seem almost futuristic, so much the technology they integrate arouses admiration.

With a reputation that is no longer to build, EBAC is counted among the best brands of 160x200 bed, specializing in electric models. If you're looking for unparalleled comfort, EBAC is the one to turn to!

Although the brand is not well known by the public in the bedding world, it is starting to break through thanks to these 160x200 beds that are starting to sell well. A brand to watch closely!

Merinos is a French company, present on the bedding market for more than 80 years. It makes it a point of honor to offer comfortable 160x200 beds adapted to all budgets.

Epéda puts its selling point by the right balance between cutting-edge technologies and traditional craftsmanship. This is how the brand manages to master the "art of sleep".

What is the price for a bed 160x200

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

600 £ to 800 £
800 £ to 1200 £
more than 1200 £
Price range diagram


To estimate the actual dimensions of a 160x200 bed

When buying a bed, be aware that the dimensions listed in the model name refer to the sleeping surface, box spring and mattress. The actual dimensions of a 160x200 bed will be revised upward based on its design, as the frame always shows a few inches more than the box spring.

To save space with a 160x200 bed

If you're concerned that the 160x200 bed is too spacious for your bedroom, save space by placing it directly against a wall along its length. You can also choose a model with storage spaces. This way, you can remove a dresser from the room and put your personal belongings in the chests or drawers that the 160x200 bed has.

To maintain a 160x200 wood bed

Maintaining a wooden 160x200 bed couldn't be easier: you dust the surface, make sure the room is well ventilated and you're done! If you manage to keep its surface dry and clean, you'll have no worries.

To maintain a 160x200 metal bed

Metal has the advantage of being easy to maintain. Like the wooden version, the 160x200 metal bed can be cleaned with a dry cloth, slightly damp if you see that the dust is stubborn, but remember to dry the structure well after maintenance. Rust requires moisture to grow: if there is none, then there will be no signs of oxidation either.

To maintain a 160x200 upholstered bed

The maintenance of a 160x200 upholstered bed depends on its covering. For the fabric, pat the headboard and frame daily to get out dust and dirt. Whenever possible, choose a removable model that you can put in the machine. For leather and faux leather, a few swipes of moisturizer or makeup remover will leave them looking like new.


Which comforter for a 160x200 bed?

The comforter or comforter cover for a 160x200 bed should be 240 x 220 cm. This is much larger than the size of the mattress, but there should be some room for each person in the bed to fold the comforter over themselves. And even if someone has fun pulling it too far to their side, the other will still be exposed to the cold!

What mattress to choose for a 160x200 bed?

The choice of a good mattress is among the essential criteria to observe when buying a 160x200 bed. Very common on the market, foam mattresses seduce for their prices, but you should ideally choose them with high density or memory foam. Latex mattresses embody luxury in bedding, and spring mattresses are the allies of softness and comfort given their flexibility.

What is a queen size bed?

The queen size bed is the name given to 160x200 beds. It is the new standard size for a double bed; a status acquired thanks to the larger sleeping space it provides. 160x200 beds come in a variety of types; from designer beds to models with storage to electric 160x200 beds.

Why a double box spring?

A double box spring will allow you to make the sleeping independence that is one of the reasons for buying a 160x200 bed even more effective. One note: even if you opt for separate box springs, the bed remains plain, as you can buy a single mattress, or a double mattress combined with a mattress topper to unify the surface.

Which box spring for two 80x200 mattresses?

If you have chosen sleeping independence by opting for two 80x200 mattresses, you can choose separate box springs or electric box springs. We offer some in our comparison! The advantage of choosing electric box springs lies in the possibility for each of the occupants to bypass the lying position and to elevate a part of the body.


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Floki - Grey velvet chest bed 160x200 with 2 drawers 9
Floki - Grey velvet chest bed 160x200 with 2 drawers
DFM Comet white bed 160x200 10
DFM Comet white bed 160x200
EBAC Electric bed and mattress STORM Relax Action 11
EBAC Electric bed and mattress STORM Relax Action
BULTEX – Nano Pureness Confort Morphologique 12
BULTEX – Nano Pureness Confort Morphologique


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