The best bar stools in the UK 2023

The bar stool is not only a simple high chair, it is also an element in its own right that will have a major influence on your decor. Do you like it elegant and with a personality that stands out? Industrial style, Scandinavian look, retro design... it's got aestheticism in spades! Here's our guide to the best bar stools for this year, so you can choose what you like.

Cclife 004marron

Best value for money

Cclife 004brown

The best bar stool in 2021

Available in 7 colors, the Cclife 004 brown is sold by two and is easily assembled. The seat is very comfortable that you will stay there for hours without seeing the time pass.

63,92 £ on Amazon

Despite the absence of armrests and backrest, these 2 bar stools breathe quality. Their PU seat, with a 2 cm thick padding, is covered with high quality synthetic leather for easy cleaning. The chrome-plated frame has a footrest for added comfort. Both can rotate 360° and each can support a maximum load of 150 kg. We like the soft and elegant curves of these bar seats. In order to better adapt them to your desires and to the style you wish to emphasize, they are available in several colors. With a black plastic handle, simply adjust the height of the seat to your height. The wide base offers a nice balance and avoids scratching the floor.

Woltu BH130srs-2

Best value for money

Woltu BH130srs-2

The best entry-level bar stool

The Woltu BH130srs-2 can be installed anywhere you like, preferably in an industrial setting. These bar stools have a durable steel frame and an incredibly sturdy seat.

41,59 £ on Amazon

The industrial and vintage style is well emphasized by the Woltu BH130srs-2. Each extremely sturdy seat has been made from MDF and is 25mm thick. In addition to being waterproof, they are resistant to tearing and warping. These furniture remain stable thanks to the 4 solid metal feet. You will have no trouble getting on your bar stool since each one has a footrest with different levels. This set of 2 bar stools can be easily installed on any type of floor and in any room of your choice (bar counter, office, kitchen, cafeteria, living room...). There is nothing to fear about possible scratches because of its anti-skid pads.

Woltu BH143dgn-4

Best value for money

Woltu BH143dgn-4

The best high-end bar stool

This set of 4 bar stools will create a friendly atmosphere in your home. Their upholstered seat is embellished by a velvet covering reflecting perfectly their elegance.

196 £ on Amazon

Ideal for making a style statement, these 4 modern-inspired bar stools couldn't be better suited to a home environment. The breathable velvet used in the seat design appeals to softness and comfort. The frame, like the legs, is made of metal for maximum stability and longevity. Unlike the other models presented here, these bar stools are equipped with a curved and ergonomic backrest, hence their ability to better support the back. No fatigue will be felt even if you stay on it for hours.

Songmics LJB01GYZ

A great choice

Songmics LJB01GYZ

A well-padded seat

You will love the 2 Songmics LJB01GYZ bar stools. These pieces stand out for their high quality materials, their super easy assembly and their simplicity of use.

55,99 £ on Amazon

A single chrome-plated steel tube acts as the base for each bar stool comprising the Songmics LJB01GYZ set, giving an illusion of weightlessness to the seating. The design, although a bit minimalist, will lend its fascinating character to any contemporary interior. The lack of a backrest makes it easy for diners to talk to each other without having to swivel. Each bar stool is quite light and can be moved without difficulty. The footrest comes in handy for unparalleled relaxation. Its wide base of 38.5 cm in diameter is conducive to great stability. You will be surprised by how easy it is to adjust the seat height from 64 to 84 cm using the integrated lever.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bar stool

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The best bar stool in 2021

The best entry-level bar stool

The best high-end bar stool

A well-padded seat

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Comparison table of the best bar stools

Cclife 004marron
Woltu BH130srs-2
Woltu BH143dgn-4
Songmics LJB01GYZ
Cclife 004brown
Woltu BH130srs-2
Woltu BH143dgn-4
Songmics LJB01GYZ
Available in 7 colors, the Cclife 004 brown is sold by two and is easily assembled. The seat is very comfortable that you will stay there for hours without seeing the time pass.
The Woltu BH130srs-2 can be installed anywhere you like, preferably in an industrial setting. These bar stools have a durable steel frame and an incredibly sturdy seat.
This set of 4 bar stools will create a friendly atmosphere in your home. Their upholstered seat is embellished by a velvet covering reflecting perfectly their elegance.
You will love the 2 Songmics LJB01GYZ bar stools. These pieces stand out for their high quality materials, their super easy assembly and their simplicity of use.
Demi-PU, leatherette, chrome steel
Metal, MDF
Metal, velvet
Chrome, PU, foam, metal feet
Adjustable height
Yes (58-78 cm)
No (fixed height 71 cm)
No (64 cm)
Yes (64 to 84 cm)
Maximum load capacity
150 kg
100 kg
100 kg
120 kg
Seat size
34 x 38 cm
30 x 30 cm
43 x 35.5 cm
35 cm diameter

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Buying guide - bar stool

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How to choose your bar stool

Finding a nice bar stool that will match your kitchen or living room design is not as easy as it sounds. To better sharpen your choice, consider these 5 buying criteria:
choisir tabouret de bar

#1 - The height

Not all bar stools available on the market today are the same height. It would be best to define in advance the height that suits your center island or kitchen bar. Some models are fixed while others offer an adjustable height. Make sure that the adjustment mechanism is easy to use.

Here's how to find your way around:

  • 45 cm : the seat is suitable for a standard size dining table
  • 65 cm : you will be able to sit on a work surface with an average height of 90 cm.
  • 75 cm : the bar stool is ideal to accompany a table or a bar counter of 100 cm high.

#2 - The usage

Determine how you plan to use your bar stools. Assuming you plan to use them frequently, look for models with a padded seat for better comfort. The same goes for the backrest since it allows you to adopt a good posture. The bar stool must also be sturdy and easy to maintain.

Those who are just looking for a decorative element, bet on the design rather than the practical aspect. There are folding models, the most appropriate for small spaces. They are easily stored under the bar, limiting the space.

#3 - The materials

Generally, a bar stool is composed of a minimum of 2 distinct materials: one for the structure and the other for the seat. Wooden or plastic seats provide very good durability, but are not subject to comfort. Fabric seats are very soft and comfortable but not always easy to clean. Leatherette seats promise easy maintenance. However, they tend to sag quickly. In any case, consider the mood you want to set.

#4 - The style

Choose a bar stool that will conform to the existing mood of the room where it will be placed. For example, a Scandinavian looking model will go perfectly in a sober and elegant decor. On the other hand, the wooden stool, with its fine design, is warm and can only embellish your interior. The retro and nostalgic effect requires the acquisition of a vintage bar stool.

#5 - The load capacity

Mounted on a base, the bar stool usually accommodates a maximum of 200 kg while those on legs offer a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. Don't hesitate to evaluate the corpulence of the future users in order to define the adequate type of model.

#6 - The comfort options

A bar stool must have a base and a seat. However, some provide you with other +/- interesting options that improve the level of comfort felt. These include footrests, armrests, backrests, folding nature, seat padding, and 360° rotation.

How to clean your bar stool?

Acquiring one or more bar stools is in line with the current trend. Placed in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even outside, it brings its little touch of modernity to the general style of your decor. Of course, its manufacturing materials are of good quality, but with regular maintenance, you will enjoy it for many years.

Regular cleaning

It is imperative to clean your bar stool to maintain its original appearance. Each element requires a special treatment.

  • The imitation leather: it is simply cleaned with a damp sponge. The final step is to wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Plastic: there is no need to use solvents or alcohol, as plastic does not tolerate products that contain them. A few strokes with a damp cloth or sponge is all that is needed.
  • Steel and aluminum: these materials require the use of mild or natural products such as baking soda, glass cleaners or lemon.
  • Leather: cleaning should be done with Marseille soap and a sponge. Baby body lotion will also work well.

Avoid chemical products

The maintenance of a bar stool is relatively simple. However, you must take precautions to avoid accelerating its deterioration. Forget about chemicals and rely instead on products available in your kitchen such as soap and water. Rinse the furniture thoroughly after cleaning.

The different types of bar stools

Despite the large number of models, styles and colors that exist, bar stools come exclusively in 2 types: the one-legged pedestal model and the 4-legged bar seat.

The bar stool on base

Le tabouret de bar sur socle

This bar stool has only one central leg usually made of metal. With its fluid lines, this is what makes it distinctive from other types of stools. Often round or square, the foot of the bar stool, with a minimum diameter of 40 cm, has an anti-slip strip that can offer additional safety to its user. The height of some models can be adjusted via a lever or a hydraulic pump located under the seat. The seat has several shapes: with or without backrest, padded or not. It adapts very well to very active people.

The bar stool on legs

Le tabouret de bar sur pieds

Much more practical and stable than the stool on a pedestal, this type of model can be recognized by its appearance and its 4 characteristic feet, in parallel, and vertical. You can find them in all styles although the possibility of a 360° rotation or height adjustment is not always included. The only drawback? It takes up more floor space. In short, this is the model best suited for those who prefer durability.

Bar stool or chair ?

Bar stool

The bar stool is not only used in bars as before. These models of narrow and raised chairs are also present in all homes, in harmony with the interior design and arranged near the work surface, in front of a high table or in front of the living room bar. It differs from the bar chair by the absence of a backrest and is usually equipped with a footrest. Its structure, often in metal, is accompanied by a rounded or square seat designed with plastic, rattan, synthetic leather ... It relies primarily on the practicality and aesthetics.

Bar chair

The bar chair has a seat placed on one or four legs thanks to which you can sit in front of the counter, the dining table ... It is higher than the classic chairs and wider compared to the bar stool. If you are looking for comfort, this model is equipped with a backrest with a thicker or thinner padding.


Nothing beats a bar stool if you're looking for a seat that's easy to store and transport or if you're very active. It is discreet and can be easily slid under the table. For daily use, especially if you want comfort, we recommend a bar chair. A compromise between the two exists, however, giving you the opportunity to acquire a bar stool with a back support, ideal for both young and old.

Why buy a bar stool?

pourquoi acheter tabouret de bar

You don't just buy a bar stool because it's functional. You also want it to be aesthetically pleasing, stylish and to match your decor. Best of all, it adds character to your home and allows you to create a personalized atmosphere.

For all decorations

Don't settle for just one decor. The multitude of choices currently available gives you the opportunity to vary the visual pleasures: formats, styles, colors, materials... You will surely find something to your taste. Moreover, the furniture is not limited to its role as a seat, it can also be used as a bedside table, a side table or a place for your flower pots.

Customizable? Yes!

The bar stool can be customized as much as you like, but always in harmony with your interior decor. If you love the vintage look, why not find distressed or salvaged models? For a futuristic theme, choose bar stools with sophisticated legs. Of course, you can add your own personal touch and make modifications, for example to the seat.

Comfort? There's comfort!

The bar stool is equipped with a footrest on which you can relax and relieve your legs. Those who often have back pain prefer models with a backrest to increase comfort. Backless seats are space-saving. Simply slide them under the table when you are not using them.

Ideal when you're short on space

Is your table or worktop lacking in pizzazz, but you live in a small apartment? Buying a set of chairs is not an option. In your situation, the bar stool is the most appropriate solution. It takes up little space and can even be used as a decorative element in other rooms.

Easy height adjustment

In most cases, the bar stool is equipped with a mechanism to adjust the height of the seat. Your guests and family members simply adjust the seat to their height via the hydraulic mechanism.

The best brands of bar stools

In our opinion, the best brands of bar stools in 2022 are :


Songmics is a multidisciplinary brand that manufactures furniture of all kinds for both indoor and outdoor use. It is not uncommon to find its bar stool models at a price that is truly accessible to all budgets.

Known in the world of bodybuilding, pet shop and gaming, TecTake is no less an expert in the world of decoration. In order to seduce the maximum number of customers, it does not hesitate to combine the useful with the pleasant with bar stools sold at a competitive price.

This brand particularly offers products of intermediate range. The diversified offer allows you to discover a large number of bar stools that are both durable, chic and offer exceptional value for money.

Whether you are looking for furniture for your living room or for your kitchen, Woltu is the brand for you. You will definitely appreciate the design of its bar stools as well as the price at which they are offered.

Office furniture, home furniture or outdoor furniture, you will find everything at SoBuy. The German firm, despite the high quality of its products, markets its bar stools at a price defying all competition.

What is the price for a bar stool

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 175 £
more than 175 £
Price range diagram


Keep a good distance between the bar stool and the table

Influencing the comfort of each user, it is important to allow at least 10 cm between your legs and the tabletop when you are sitting. When setting it up, leave a space of 30-35 cm between the tabletop and the seat.

Protect your floor effectively

Every time you move your bar stool, it makes unpleasant squeaking sounds? Don't risk scratching your floor and make use of a felt pad. Place it at the base of the stool or at the level of its 4 legs. This same tip is especially suitable if the furniture tends to move too much when you sit on it.

Grease it regularly

Determine the exact cause of the squeaking of your bar stool. If it's coming from the base of the leg, immediately grease the joint using silicone spray, petroleum jelly, cooking oil spray, candle wax, or even a lubricating spray. Let it dry by turning it over. Do the same for the hydraulic system, provided you have a model with adjustable height.

Ease maintenance

To make the maintenance of your barstool not time-consuming, we recommend choosing models with leatherette or velvet seats.

The bar stool assembly

If you didn't receive a pre-assembled barstool, here's how to proceed. Start by placing the seat upside down on a clean floor. Line up the holes with the holes in the or footrest and then screw it in. Normally, the footrest fits into the base. Sometimes it's just a simple attachment to a thread on the bottom of the leg. Then put the rubber ring under the base and place the jack as indicated in the user manual.


Which model is suitable for outdoor use?

There are models of bar stool designed specifically for outdoor use. They are distinguished by the quality of their materials, which are more resistant to the weather and endowed with a special anti-rust treatment. As an example, you have bar stools made of stainless steel or solid wood such as acacia.

What tools do I use to repair a bar stool?

To give your bar stool a second wind, you will need a pair of scissors, a cutter as well as a screwdriver. Also useful when customizing, add a glue gun, a full stapler, tape, and a plasticized upholstery cloth for easy cleaning. Foam or batting will be essential provided you prefer to have a thicker seat.

Can I cover the seat of the bar stool?

Yes! Over time, the mechanism of your stool may wear out despite frequent maintenance. The seat, too, will lose its luster and may even have holes in it, making it less presentable. If you don't have the heart to throw out your stool, it's entirely possible to replace the seat upholstery with fabric, synthetic leather, or plastic-coated canvas.

Could I install my bar stool in my bedroom?

Certainly, yes! Regardless of the size of the seat, the bar stool can substitute an end table or play the role of a side table. It is possible to use it as a decorative piece of furniture and place it in a strategic location. Choose bar stools of a reasonable height to have easier access.


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Cclife 004marron
Cclife 004brown
Woltu BH130srs-2
Woltu BH130srs-2
Woltu BH143dgn-4
Woltu BH143dgn-4
Songmics LJB01GYZ
Songmics LJB01GYZ


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