The best cheap pellet bags in the UK 2023

There is nothing worse than ending up with very poor quality wood during a barbecue party with family or friends. It is therefore better to use a reliable fuel such as pellets, which are both ecological and economical. Not to mention that they provide pleasant heat without burning the meat. Here are the best and cheapest bags of pellets available.

Wood pellets 15 kg 1

The best

Wood pellets 15 kg

The best choice for a small amount

Are you looking for a high-performance, economical and ecological heating system? These high energy performance pellets are a great value purchase that won't disappoint.

3,92 £ on Castorama

To the delight of users, these wood pellets have a high heating value. In addition, they have a low water content, a low volume of ash development, and a low storage requirement. As promised, they allow you to save up to 50% on a pellet stove, compared to oil. The bag containing the fuel is solid. Therefore, the pellets are well preserved.

They are also 100% natural pellets. People who have been using this fuel for a long time have reported that it is a high-quality product that does not clog. This means that the maintenance of your stove will be done with very little effort. Whether you use this fuel for barbecuing or for heating in the winter, you won't be disappointed!

Sparks Wood pellets 15 kg 2

Little ash

Sparks Wood pellets 15 kg

A very good choice

Certified DINplus, these pellets are reliable and environmentally friendly. In addition to being made from 100% softwood, they are CO2 neutral. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of them.

3,11 £ on Castorama

These pellets are made from 100% softwood and contain no binders or chemical additives to ensure the health of their user. 100% natural, they are very ecological and environmentally friendly. This makes them suitable for indoor use without harming the occupants of the house. Note that the heat output of this fuel is higher and better for home heating applications.

The residue left by these pellets is also very easy to clean, as these pellets have less residual ash after use. With these 15 kg of wood pellets offered by the company, you can have optimal heat for your home heating and will then have enough to heat you for a long time.

PINI Wood Pellets 3

Highly efficient

PINI Wood Pellets

An excellent choice

PELLETS wood pellets are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are ideal for grilling, smoking and for use in pizza ovens.

21,52 £ on Amazon

These wood pellets from PINI PELLETS are made from oak and beech that are 100% pure without bark. They are very convenient for all types of grills and smokers, smoker tubes, pellet pizza ovens and all types of pellet ovens. These pellets burn slowly and provide not only heat when grilling, but also an intense smoke that gives your food a golden color and also gives your dishes a unique taste. They are very good for pork, poultry and lamb. The bag contains 15 kg of pellets.

In addition, these pellets are made from untreated wood without resin or pesticides and without adding binders. They are 100% natural and have a low residual moisture content that allows for a clean and uniform combustion with very low ash residues. This will facilitate your cleaning tasks. But they should always be kept dry. These pellets are supplied with shovels free of charge. With PINI PELLETS, you can enjoy your barbecue to the fullest.

Sud' Granules 4

Within the standards

Sud' Granules

The best choice for a large amount

With this pallet of 70 bags of 15 kilos or 1.05 tons of pellets certified DIN + and EN PLUS A1 / NF High Performance brand Sud' Granules, you will stay warm for several months while being environmentally friendly!

604 £ on Manomano

The pellets from Sud' Granulés are made from 100% sawdust without any additives. They thus offer a clean combustion and create much less emissions of particles and carbon dioxide. The most sensitive will be able to enjoy an ecological heating at home.

These pellets are also 100% resinous for a superior calorific value. It should be noted that 100% softwood pellets are lighter, which makes storage and handling of the bags easier. Moreover, these fuels comply with EN PLUS A1 and DIN PLUS - NF HAUTE PERFORMANCE certifications. Please note that they must be poured slowly to avoid dust formation. These 70 bags of 15 kg will be delivered to you free of charge after purchase.

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Best bag of pellets cheap

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The best choice for a small amount

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An excellent choice

The best choice for a large amount

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Comparison table of the best cheap pellet bags

The best Little ash Very efficient Within the standards
Wood pellets 15 kg 5
Sparks Wood pellets 15 kg 6
PINI Wood Pellets 7
Sud' Granules 8
Wood pellets 15 kg
Sparks Wood pellets 15 kg
PINI Wood Pellets
Sud' Granules
Are you looking for a high-performance, economical and ecological heating system? These high energy performance pellets are a great value purchase that won't disappoint.
Certified DINplus, these pellets are reliable and environmentally friendly. In addition to being made from 100% softwood, they are CO2 neutral. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of them.
PELLETS wood pellets are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are ideal for grilling, smoking and for use in pizza ovens.
With this pallet of 70 bags of 15 kilos or 1.05 tons of pellets certified DIN + and EN PLUS A1 / NF High Performance brand Sud' Granules, you will stay warm for several months while being environmentally friendly!
15 kg
15 kg
15 Kg
70 bags of 15 kg
Moisture content
< 8%
< 10%
Ash content
< 0.3%
≤ 0.7%.
≤ 0.8 %
0.5 %
DIN plus, PEFC
DIN plus
Not reported
DIN PLUS - EN PLUS A1 - NF High performance
Heat content
4.6 kWh/kg
5.7 kWh/kg
5 kWh / kg

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Buying guide - bag of pellets cheap

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How to choose your bag of pellets cheap

Here are the parameters to be carefully considered when buying cheap pellet bags.

#1 - The amount of ash

The ash content of your pellets refers to the amount of ash during the combustion process in relation to the amount of fuel. The ash content should measure less than 1% of the total weight of the pellets. A low ash content means that you have to clean your stove less often because there is less ash, which is a factor that many pellet stove users place a lot of importance on.

#2 - The BTU

BTU or "British Thermal Unit" is a unit of measurement that rates energy. To this end, the BTUs of your wood pellets measure their heat output. Higher BTU's mean that the pellets generate more heat. The average BTU measurement for pellets ranges from 8,000 to 8,900 BTUs per 0.45 kg of pellets. So how many BTUs do you need to heat your home? That will depend on your insulation, the space you are trying to heat and several other factors. You can make your estimate on specialized sites such as Simplex for example.

#3 - The impurities

Beware of impurities as non-wood fillers such as bark, cardboard, recycled paper or even glue reduce heat production while producing more ash and black smoke. Pellets with such impurities may be cheaper, but they don't burn as well and can even be harmful to the environment.

#4 - The moisture content

The moisture content directly affects the time it takes to light the wood pellets in your stove and the amount of smoke produced. Pellets will easily absorb atmospheric moisture, especially in humid conditions. Look for wood pellets with a moisture content of no more than 8 to 10 percent and store them in a well-dried, ventilated area.

#5 - The external characteristics

High-quality pellets are made from wood and nothing else. Check the pellets for a strange chemical smell. Any odor other than wood indicates impurities in the wood pellets, so avoid them! Also, make sure the pellet snaps when you break it in half and displays some shine. Beware of dull pellets and crumbled pellets.

#6 - The dimensions

The size of the pellets is especially important to ensure proper flow through the auger between the tank and the firebox. Opt for pellets that are 2 to 3 cm long and 8 mm in diameter to have better flow through the auger.

Various standards and certifications of wood pellets

Wood pellets and the most common standards :

  • ENplus,
  • American Pellet Fuels Institute Standards Program,
  • CANplus (Canada),
  • NF (France),
  • Ö-Norm (Austria)
  • DINplus (Germany)

ENplus is the most widely used and most recent certification of wood pellet quality standards in Europe.

These different entities set the quality standards for wood pellets. And in many ways they are similar, the significant difference is that they are suitable for different areas or markets. For example, if a cooperative has obtained CE certification, this means that it can access the European market regardless of other certifications. Apart from these, there are other institutions that are dedicated to the certification of quality standards of wood pellets.

Pellets or logs?


It is the densest form of firewood at 650 kg/cubic meter. Wood pellets are designed to meet various specifications and are highly controlled. You will always know what you are handling because your supplier is able to offer consistent and serious quality test results. The pellets can be moved through automated pneumatic and auger systems. They can be stored easily and for a long time.

The disadvantage of pellets is that, unlike firewood, you have to buy them from a manufacturer at a cost of around 300 euros/ton. Still cheaper than propane, oil or electricity, but not as cheap as logs. However, the automatic loading of pellets requires electricity. This is not ideal when you install your stove in an isolated residential area.

The logs

Even when they are bought already chopped and dried (and thus "worked"), logs are cheaper than pellets and their price has remained stable over time, without major changes. In addition, the fire of logs has a bright and soft flame. This offers a nice show particularly appreciated by users through the glass door of the stove. Moreover, the logs always work even when there is no electricity.

However, the handling of the logs cannot be automated because we cannot build a machine that will stack, move and load firewood into the stove. Everything is manual. With logs, you have to spend hours full time cutting, splitting and loading, unless you opt for already worked logs.


If you don't like handling logs for your heating system, opt for pellets. Logs release a greater amount of unburned particles than pellets. For this reason, log heating products do not meet the most restrictive parameters imposed by the EU government. However, it is important to remember that with the right ignition methods, you can achieve a cleaner combustion with wood logs, and all without the need for electricity.

Why buy cheap bags of pellets?

To take advantage of renewable energy at home

Pellets have a particular advantage over fossil fuels: they are produced from renewable materials such as wood chips or sawdust. So, by choosing this type of fuel, you are doing something good for the environment.

For their longevity

The investment in a new heating system such as the use of pellets is expensive, but it is more profitable in the long term. Indeed, a strong rise in prices and unpredictable risks always threaten the market of fossil fuels. The use of wood is much safer because this material is not volatile and you can always plant a tree to compensate for the overconsumption of wood. Moreover, most pellets are produced solely from the by-products of wood processing.

For their profitability

The economic advantages of wood pellets are striking: compared to fossil oil or natural gas, you can save about half of your fuel costs. Moreover, most of the latest pellet stoves are highly efficient thanks to the evolution of technology and science. Pellet heating boilers, as well as pellet stoves, convert more than 90% of the energy in the fuel into usable heat.

For their practicality

Pellet stoves and boilers are known for their high operating comfort, convenience and cleanliness. The ignition, control, cleaning of the boiler and ash removal are fully automatic. The user only has to empty the ash pan once or twice per heating season. Pellet stoves have high comfort advantages compared to log stoves. Once filled with pellets, the pellet stove automatically provides constant heating for 2-3 days and the ashes can be removed once a week or every two weeks. Technical improvements such as ignition, extinction and monitoring of the heater using a smartphone are currently associated with this type of stove. There are also cheap pellet stoves that offer more than satisfactory performance on the market.

For their ecological side

Since wood absorbs the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere during its growth as it emits during combustion, wood fuels do not contribute to the over-concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Even if we consider the use of fossil fuels for the production and transportation of wood pellets, the result is still a reduction of CO2 emissions of more than 95% compared to the use of fuel oil. A crucial advantage of heating with wood pellets is also their incredibly low ash emissions. The dry fuel and the electronic control of the ventilation ensure optimal and clean combustion. A pellet boiler used as central heating in a large single-family home actually emits less than 1 kg of ash per year in the form of fine particles. This is an extremely small amount when you consider that the total amount of fine dust emissions in a country is about 50,000 tons per year.

The best brands of cheap pellet bags

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap pellet bags in 2022 are :

Alpin Pellet
Bio Pellets
Bois d’Or
Groupe Pradier
Sud' Granulés

Wood has become the history and the passion of Alpin Pellet since 1982 thanks to the factory of TOURNON in Savoie, France. It is one of the pioneers in the UK and Europe on the production of wood pellets since 2003.

Bio Pellets is known for its pellets that are certified ENplus, A1 quality class. This is the highest class awarded by the European network of pellet professionals.

The pellet production company of Bois d'Or was inaugurated in 2012 and was immediately ranked among the most modern in Europe. The plant takes into account the thermo-physical criteria of the pellet and its combustion capacity as well as the stability of the raw material.

The independent family group Pradier is a major player in the manufacture of aggregates, concrete, wood pellets and asphalt in the UK. Compliant with current standards and certifications, it is the main supplier of raw materials in the building and housing sector.

Sud' Granulés is a distributor of wood pellets of DIN + and EN PLUS A1 certified quality in bags of 15 kilos per pallet throughout France. It is actually a trademark of the Group UFV Bois.

What is the price for a bag of pellets cheap

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 15 £
more than 15 £
Price range diagram


Store pellets well

Be aware that pellets can be subject to moisture during transport and storage. So store your pellets where they will remain dry after delivery. The best place to store pellets is indoors, such as in a garage or basement. The area should be free of moisture and should not be susceptible to flooding. It's best to store the bags on pallets or cardboard slips.

Get the air intake right

Add ventilation to your stove so that the pellets burn with a bright, shiny flame. Sluggish flames with dark tips indicate a lack of air for combustion.

The best way to light pellets if the igniter doesn't work

Get a handful of pellets. Put them in a small plastic cup. Pour alcohol (isopropyl 90%) into the cup to coat the pellets. Then wait about a minute, and pour the pellets into the burn pot. Light.

Don't use a household vacuum cleaner to remove the ashes

Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean your stove because the pellet ashes are very fine and may pass through most conventional vacuum filters. The plastic bags in which the pellets are packaged have been carefully designed to protect the pellets from moisture on the outside. If you have multiple bags of the same type of pellets, use the first-in/first-out method.

Don't open the bag until you use the fuel


How long does a 15kg bag of pellets last?

As an indication, a 15 kg bag of pellets used on a pellet stove connected to an electrical outlet on "minimum" setting can adequately heat a well-insulated house of 90m2 for 7 to 9 days. This is when the stove is used in the presence of the occupants of the house and not 24 hours a day. However, it all depends on your needs as well as the size of the area to be heated.

How to store the bags of pellets?

Pellets can be stored indoors or outdoors, but they must be kept away from moisture. A garage or shed works well, as long as it doesn't leak! Also, don't put your pellet bags in direct contact with the ground. Instead, put them on a shelf.

How many bags of pellets on a pallet?

Be aware that pallets can come in different sizes, and pellet bags, meanwhile, come in different sizes. When it comes to bags, you have two options: 10 kg bags of pellets or 15 kg bags of pellets. For the pallets, you have the classic format that can contain 72 bags of 15 kg, the half-pallet format for small areas, and the one that can contain different quantities of pellets as for example 104 bags of 10 kilos.

How long does a bag of pellets last?

It all depends on the setting on which your stove is put as well as your heating needs depending on the size of your house. Know anyway that the fuel consumption of a pellet stove is on average 1 kg of pellets per hour of operation. As an indication, a French household living in an average-sized house consumes about 2 tons of pellets per winter.


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Wood pellets 15 kg 9
Wood pellets 15 kg
Sparks Wood pellets 15 kg 10
Sparks Wood pellets 15 kg
PINI Wood Pellets 11
PINI Wood Pellets
Sud' Granules 12
Sud' Granules


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