The best baby swings in the UK 2023

Are you tired of your baby refusing to fall asleep anywhere but in your arms? In such a case, pass the baton to a swing. In addition to pampering your child to sleep, it will soothe him or her with its lullabies and give you time to rest or take care of your home. So trust our guide to find a quality swing for your little one.

Ingenuity swing/transat Hugs & Hoots 1

Best value for money

Ingenuity swing/transat Hugs & Hoots

The best swing in 2021

With the ability to transform into a vibrating bouncer, this cute swing offers a variety of entertainment for your little angel. It also offers increased efficiency thanks to various technologies and exemplary safety.

63,92 £ on Amazon

It is a swing/transat that can be used from birth up to 9 kg in weight. In addition to its cool look, it has some great options to pamper and entertain your little one, including 3 nature sounds, 8 melodies and 5 swing speeds with a 30, 45 and 60 minute "timer" function. The brand has left nothing to chance: the Hugs & Hoots has a 5-point harness and non-slip feet to ensure your little one's safety.

The product's performance is guaranteed by the various technologies used by the brand. There is the "WhisperQuiet" technology for a silent swing, the "Hybridrive" which reduces battery consumption, and finally, the "SlimFold" allows an easy folding of the product. This is convenient for transportation or storage.

Kinderkraft transat balancelle Finio 2

Best value for money

Kinderkraft transat balancelle Finio

The best entry-level swing in 2021

Original and sturdy compared to the basic bouncers on the market, this model has everything to please. Its velvet and quilted look and its swing mode will make your baby enjoy a comfort worthy of high-end baby seats.

63,20 £ on Amazon
Balancelle électrique Munchkin 3

Best premium alternative

Balancelle électrique Munchkin

The best high-end swing in 2021

This swinging bouncer will amaze you with its elegant design, touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity and its perfect imitation of the natural swinging of parents. A real cosy nest in which your baby will feel comfortable.

130 £ on Amazon
Babymoov Swoon motion 3 in 1 electric swing 4

Best premium alternative

Babymoov Swoon motion 3 in 1 electric swing

An ultra versatile model

It is a comfortable swing in which your baby will feel soothed and safe. Its motion sensor allows it to automatically pamper your little one to ensure that he or she can enjoy a restful, uninterrupted sleep.

128 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby swing

Any specific needs?

The best swing in 2021

The best entry-level swing in 2021

The best high-end swing in 2021

An ultra versatile model

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Comparison table of the best baby swings

Ingenuity swing/transat Hugs & Hoots 5
Kinderkraft transat balancelle Finio 6
Balancelle électrique Munchkin 7
Babymoov Swoon motion 3 in 1 electric swing 8
Ingenuity swing/transat Hugs & Hoots
Kinderkraft transat balancelle Finio
Balancelle électrique Munchkin
Babymoov Swoon motion 3 in 1 electric swing
With the ability to transform into a vibrating bouncer, this cute swing offers a variety of entertainment for your little angel. It also offers increased efficiency thanks to various technologies and exemplary safety.
Original and sturdy compared to the basic bouncers on the market, this model has everything to please. Its velvet and quilted look and its swing mode will make your baby enjoy a comfort worthy of high-end baby seats.
This swinging bouncer will amaze you with its elegant design, touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity and its perfect imitation of the natural swinging of parents. A real cosy nest in which your baby will feel comfortable.
It is a comfortable swing in which your baby will feel soothed and safe. Its motion sensor allows it to automatically pamper your little one to ensure that he or she can enjoy a restful, uninterrupted sleep.
Uses a variety of technologies allowing it to be nomadic and less energy consuming, provides quiet rocking, removable arch, foldable
Easily switches from rocking to fixed mode, offers 2 positions (reclining and sitting) in bouncer mode, Intertek lab-tested construction material, foldable
With Bluetooth connectivity, touch screen, remote control and sound sensor, mimics natural parent rocking, foldable
Equipped with a motion sensor, newborn reducer, 360° rotating seat, removable
From birth to 9 kg
From birth to 9 kg
From 2.2 kg to 9 kg
From birth to 9 kg
Number of swing speeds

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Buying guide - baby swing

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How to choose your baby swing

Recognize a quality baby swing based on the following parameters.

#1 - Security

Make sure the swing has a safety harness to hold baby and prevent him from falling. The swing should also be stable. For this purpose, prefer a model with CE marking, and having a wide base that ensures a good balance.

#2 - The comfort

To ensure your baby's comfort, choose a swing with a well-padded seat and a headrest. If your baby is only a few days old, a model that comes with an infant reducer cushion is an excellent choice. Also, make sure the equipment has a multi-position backrest that can be adjusted according to the child's desires and needs.

#3 - The balancing system

Swingers offer two modes of rocking: electric and mechanical. The first option is the best, as its operation is guaranteed by batteries. Because of this, in addition to using less energy depending on the model, it is more effective at soothing and rocking baby. Swings with a mechanical rocking system are known to be noisy. However, you should know that there are models with a mechanical swing that offer a quiet swing.

#4 - The playful side

While some swings don't have an arcing feature, some models instead offer all sorts of great entertainment options. To keep your baby entertained and effectively stimulate his or her senses, choose a swing that offers lullabies, nature sounds, and an archway. The latter can have mirrors, cute stuffed animals and other accessories.

#5 - Material and practicality

Swing seats come in different types of materials and fabrics. For convenience, choose a fabric that is easy to wash. Also, make sure the swing you want is foldable or quick and easy to disassemble so it can be easily taken anywhere or easily moved from one room to another in your home.

The benefits of rocking

Rocking a baby to sleep or to stop crying seems obvious. But do we really know the extent and importance of this gesture? In fact, this gesture :

  • Is good for baby's health

Rocking baby ensures a good heartbeat and excellent blood circulation.

  • Allows you to bond with your baby

Cradling a baby is like meeting his or her social and emotional needs. Even the parent who cradles the toddler reinforces his attachment and affection for him.

  • Is warming to the little one

In addition to soothing and comforting baby, rocking allows him to warm up when he is cold.

  • Shapes the adult of tomorrow

Similarly, rocking a child is a tender, loving and comforting gesture. A child who never lacks affection during the first years of his life will later become an affectionate adult.

  • Allows the child to become familiar with the rhythm

When you rock your child while humming a nursery rhyme, his brain will automatically match the pace of the rocking with the rhyme. This will help your child develop a good sense of rhythm later on.

  • Develops the child's visual perception

Rocking allows a child to see his environment from different angles. When he is rocked in a forward-facing position, he can see the whole scene in front of him. Cradled with his stomach against yours, he sees everything behind you. Cradled belly down on your forearm, your child sees the ground.

The different types of baby swings

Depending on the way they work, baby swings come in two different types: electric and mechanical models.

Electric swings

Powered by batteries or operated by a cord, electric swings offer multiple swing speeds, a multi-position seat, a timer and an "auto shut-off" feature. They are sophisticated and can even be height-adjustable to fit your child as he or she grows. This equipment also emits lullabies and various sounds (nature sounds, white noise, heartbeat, etc.) to put babies to sleep. Leading childcare brands have even developed swings that can mimic the natural rocking of parents. Apart from that, the motion sensor that some electric models come with is very interesting.

Mechanical swings

With the mechanical version of the swing, it is the baby who makes it move by moving his feet. Many babies love this, of course, but baby quickly gets irritated once he or she gets tired of moving his or her feet. Also, mechanical swings do not play lullabies. Not to mention that most of these swings make an unpleasant mechanical noise when they swing. Basically, mechanical swings are not as popular as their electric counterparts for various reasons: comfort, convenience, multi-functionality, etc.

Swing or bouncer?


The baby swing is a piece of childcare equipment used to rock babies to help them fall asleep quickly or simply to soothe them. It is very popular for its functionality and comfort. The swing is especially recommended for babies who have difficulty falling asleep for various reasons (colic, feeling insecure, etc.). However, this equipment is also useful for allowing the child to play and then fall asleep gently while the parents enjoy a moment of freedom to rest a little or go about their daily business before putting baby back in his crib. The electric models offer super attractive features such as an archway, lullabies, nature sounds, white noise, etc. to pamper and entertain baby.


The bouncy chair is a piece of equipment that offers several different positions (depending on the model). Baby can lie on his back, sit or recline. Unlike the swing, it is fixed and stable. The bouncer is especially suitable for calm, quiet babies who do not need to be rocked. The equipment is particularly appreciated for its nomadic nature due to its compactness and lightness. It is therefore very useful and practical for parents who are on the move. In addition, some models have a vibrating and musical function to rock your little one as comfortably as a swing.


If the swing is much more expensive than the bouncer, the choice between these two equipments will depend on your child. If your child is constantly asking to be pampered before falling asleep, choose a swing. On the other hand, if your baby is rather calm, a bouncer will do the trick. However, there are some excellent models on the market that are a very good compromise between these two pieces of equipment and are sold at an affordable price. You will be able to use the bouncer at home as well as when traveling.

Why buy a swing for your baby?

To stimulate baby's senses

Thanks to its swing, baby can follow his mother everywhere in the house. Sometimes it is installed in the living room, sometimes in another room of the house so that mom can keep an eye on him. When a baby changes his decor regularly, he never gets bored and enters a phase of discovery of his environment. His senses are stimulated in an optimal way. In addition, since most of the swing sets on the market have an arch, it exposes the child to a sensory stimulus that is both entertaining and intriguing.

To simplify parents' lives

Although mom and dad are happy to spend time with their toddler, they may not always be available for their child. The swing makes parents' daily lives more organized and serene because it gives them the freedom to do other things while keeping an eye on their little one.

To make baby more independent

Once baby is used to his swing, he will no longer tend to ask for his mother's arms. Once he is settled in his swing, baby learns to calm down without his parents.

To soothe baby for you

When your eardrums reach saturation point with your inconsolable baby in your arms, and fatigue begins to take over, stress takes over. In such a case, the swing will be of a precious help to you. Not only will it soothe your child, but when used properly, it will introduce your little one to good sleeping habits. As soon as your child is settled in the swing, somewhere, his brain will automatically make the correspondence swing = sleep.

For its excellent comfort

Since baby is sitting high on the swing, he can play with his family members without them having to get down on the floor. Moreover, usable from birth, this equipment comes with a newborn reducer that offers baby the feeling that he is in a cozy and secure cocoon. The swing will also allow mom and dad to feed their little angel when the time comes to diversify their diet.

The best brands of baby swings

In our opinion, the best brands of baby swings in 2022 are :


Ingenuity is a brand known for the high quality of its products. The brand has always proven its value to parents by offering their little ones the best: ergonomic seating, safe and portable equipment, well-cared for finishes and above all, products for all budgets. Whether it's the Wimberly, the Toutconfort or the Fanciful Forest, all Ingenuity swings have been carefully designed to combine design and functionality.

Founded in 1995, Babymoov is a brand specialising in childcare which is now the leader on the international market. This popularity is due to its twenty years of experience and the quality of its products. Whether it's swings, baby walkers, baby food processors or bouncers, parents have complete confidence in Babymoov!

Munchkin is a brand that redoubles its ingenuity to guarantee the well-being and comfort of toddlers through its products. A promise respected by its slings, its washable diapers and also its swings formulated in the total respect of the morphology of the child.

Established in 2011 in Poland, Kinderkraft offers various equipment for the comfort and safety of children. It is best known for its carefully crafted car seats, strollers and cots. For Kinderkraft, every detail counts to stand out from the crowd. Now, the company wants to restore its reputation by setting up a fast and quality after-sales service that used to be pointed out.

Founded by Pietro Catelli when his son Enrico was born, the Chicco brand is a leader in the field of childcare, particularly through its mother's chairs, strollers, baby bath accessories and, of course, its well thought-out swings.

What is the price for a baby swing

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 70 £
70 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Install the equipment in the right place

To keep your little one safe, be sure to place the swing directly on the floor, on a firm, flat surface. And that's in a clear corner of the room.

Only decide to buy a swing after your baby is born

Some babies love swings while others hate them. Either way, this equipment can only be used for a few months. If your baby likes to be rocked very often, you may eventually need to buy a swing. But this should by no means be on the essential shopping list before your baby is born.

Getting organized when a baby arrives

To avoid overexerting yourself when your baby arrives, consider putting him or her in daycare once a week and use those few hours of freedom to take care of yourself. Also, hire a housekeeper because you won't always have time to do everything with your baby constantly asking for you. Finally, sleep when your child sleeps.

Rock your baby gently

When it comes to a young baby, it's always recommended to take it easy. Set the swing to the lowest speed while your little one gets used to it. And even when he's used to the device, be aware that rocking him at too high a speed could make him nauseous.

Inspect the swing properly


avoid accidents, injuries and scratches, inspect the swing carefully before you buy it. To do this, gently run your hand over every corner of the equipment and see if there are any sharp or pointed parts that could hurt your child.


When should you stop putting baby in the swing?

In general, the swings can be used from the birth of the baby until the child reaches a weight of 9 kg, i.e. between 9 and 10 months. However, progressive models are designed for children weighing up to 18 kg. In all cases, please refer to the age and weight limits indicated in the manufacturer's instructions.

Once my baby is no longer using the swing, how can I help her fall asleep on her own?

To do this, get your child into a good sleep routine. Establish a set bedtime and stick to it so your child gets used to it. When it's time for bed, put your little one in his crib. Make sure the room is quiet and the lights are dimmed. Then leave the room. If baby cries, wait 5 minutes. If he is still crying, go into his room and instead of hugging him, stroke him affectionately without talking to him. Then leave the room again. Do this until your little one can fall asleep on his own. Each day, reduce your interventions as much as possible. Instead of waiting 5 minutes, wait 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, etc.

When to stop rocking baby?

According to early childhood experts, the right time to stop rocking babies is around six months of age. At that age, babies start to sleep through the night. It is therefore essential that he learns to calm down and find peace by himself little by little. This will enable him to become a little more independent. To avoid rushing your child, gradually reduce the time he spends on his swing.

Can I let my baby sleep in the swing during the day?

No. Be aware that the swing will never replace your child's crib. In this sense, once your child sleeps soundly in the swing, it is best to put him in his crib. According to experts in the field, it is not advisable to leave a baby on the swing for more than thirty minutes.


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Ingenuity swing/transat Hugs & Hoots 9
Ingenuity swing/transat Hugs & Hoots
Kinderkraft transat balancelle Finio 10
Kinderkraft transat balancelle Finio
Balancelle électrique Munchkin 11
Balancelle électrique Munchkin
Babymoov Swoon motion 3 in 1 electric swing 12
Babymoov Swoon motion 3 in 1 electric swing


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