The best baby slings in the UK 2023

More practical to put on, the baby sling is also elegant. It represents a real alternative to the classic baby sling, in the UK where 35% of parents carry their baby. In addition to the comfort of the wearer, the length of the fabric, the pocket and the knotting, the chosen model must be adapted to the size and weight of the child. Which model to choose? Read this guide.

Koala Babycare Cuddle Band 1

Best value for money

Koala Babycare Cuddle Band

The best baby sling

Tired of complicated wraps and baby getting impatient while you put it on? Try the Koala Babycare Cuddle Band. It takes only 2 minutes to put on and a few seconds to take off.

35,76 £ on Amazon

The Koala Babycare Cuddle Band combines a ring sling, woven sling and stretch sling. It is the easiest sling to put on. This is because the rings allow you to adjust the fabric band as needed. In addition, the shorter bands compared to those of a classic sling do not drag on the ground. The maximum weight supported is 10 kg.

You can use this wrap in different positions, especially after the birth in cradle position. You can breastfeed while wearing it, and this in complete discretion. In addition, the back panel distributes baby's weight well, so that mom or dad's shoulders and lumbar region are relieved. And unlike traditional rings, the Koala Babycare rings don't require frequent adjustments during prolonged use.

Écharpe de portage multifonctionnelle Lictin 2

Best value for money

Écharpe de portage multifonctionnelle Lictin

The best entry-level baby sling

This Lictin baby sling is made of a soft and comfortable fabric. It will keep your child safe and cozy against your chest.

15,55 £ on Amazon

For the comfort and health of your baby, you have nothing to fear with this Lictin sling. The main reason? This sling is made of safe and sturdy materials that are skin-friendly, breathable and especially soft.

Specifically, it is a hybrid fabric made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Moreover, thanks to a length of more than 5 m, this sling can protect the back, neck and head of a baby weighing up to 16 kg. It will take a few tries to wrap well and not to dirty the fabric while wrapping.

Love Radius the Original JPMB 3

Best value for money

Love Radius the Original JPMB

The best high-end baby sling

Enjoy moments of tenderness and sharing with your baby with this wrap. In addition to providing a reassuring cocoon effect for the little one, it is longer than the average and can therefore be tied before putting baby in it.

41,85 £ on Amazon

The Original Wrap is the easiest way to take your baby out without a stroller. Longer than the average, this wrap offers different knotting and carrying options. This simplifies your life and also avoids annoying your baby since you can tie the wrap before putting your little one in it. However, this model gave some trouble to beginner moms. But finally, the knotting technique was quickly assimilated thanks to the video tutorials available on the brand's website.

The Originale can be used from the birth of your child up to 14 kg. Entirely ergonomic, it was made with the greatest care from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Materials that respect the skin and the well-being of the little ones. In short, this sling is a sure value for bonding with your baby while enjoying great freedom!

Love Radius Basic blue retro 4

A great choice

Love Radius Basic blue retro

The best ally for first-time moms

Recommended especially for beginners, the retro blue Love Radius Basic by Je Porte Mon Bébé is light and comfortable. You can breastfeed in the fetal position while wearing it.

35,19 £ on Amazon

Little sister of the Original JPMBB, the retro blue Love Radius Basic is designed for beginners. This shorter version measures 460 x 50 cm. Like all slings, it is quite warm, but it also depends on how you wear it. In addition, the manufacturer's website offers excellent video tutorials.

Usable from birth to 9 kg, the retro blue Love Radius Basic from Je Porte Mon Bébé can be used at home or on a walk. The sling will allow you to have your hands free, while enjoying the contact with your little angel. However, the shorter size will offer less carrying possibilities.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby sling

Any specific needs?

The best baby sling

The best entry-level baby sling

The best high-end baby sling

The best ally for first-time moms

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Comparison table of the best baby slings

Koala Babycare Cuddle Band 5
Écharpe de portage multifonctionnelle Lictin 6
Love Radius the Original JPMB 7
Love Radius Basic blue retro 8
Koala Babycare Cuddle Band
Écharpe de portage multifonctionnelle Lictin
Love Radius the Original JPMB
Love Radius Basic blue retro
Tired of complicated wraps and baby getting impatient while you put it on? Try the Koala Babycare Cuddle Band. It takes only 2 minutes to put on and a few seconds to take off.
This Lictin baby sling is made of a soft and comfortable fabric. It will keep your child safe and cozy against your chest.
Enjoy moments of tenderness and sharing with your baby with this wrap. In addition to providing a reassuring cocoon effect for the little one, it is longer than the average and can therefore be tied before putting baby in it.
Recommended especially for beginners, the retro blue Love Radius Basic by Je Porte Mon Bébé is light and comfortable. You can breastfeed in the fetal position while wearing it.
The easiest sling on the market
A very edgeable sling
Can be tied in advance to avoid having to manage the wrap and baby at the same time
Great brand product, perfect to start babywearing with a sling
Allows you to carry your baby in different positions
Unisex sling that will fit all sizes
Made of soft fabric that is both strong and comfortable
Very clear video tutorials on the brand's website
Suitable for prolonged use because the rings or slings do not require frequent adjustments
Will fit as early as 3 weeks old
Very clear video tutorials on the brand's website
Very comfortable
Equipped with a back panel to relieve the wearer's back and shoulders
Ideal for long walks
Can be used from birth onwards
Breathable and very comfortable materials
Weight limited to 10 kg
Can support up to 15 kg
Maximum weight 14 kg
Weight limit 14 kg

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Buying guide - baby sling

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How to choose your baby sling

#1 - Age and weight of the baby

A good baby sling should be suitable for the age and especially the weight of your child. You can use it from birth until the age when the child no longer wants to be carried.

Manufacturers always indicate the maximum weight that their baby slings can support. This ranges from 2 to 20 kg.

For newborns under 3 kg, make sure the sling is compatible with his weight.

At the very least, opt for a sling with a pocket for small babies. Finally, check to see if the wrap allows you to carry your baby with the legs in an M or frog position, with the hips bent and the knees a little higher than the lower body.

#2 - Ease of use


design and pattern of a baby sling will undoubtedly attract you. But when it comes time to fold and tie the 4- to 6-meter-long fabric, many end up changing their minds. Especially if you have to put the wrap on while trying to calm baby who is starting to lose patience!

To avoid this kind of disappointment, choose a wrap that you feel comfortable with. Don't hesitate to practice before baby is born.

Try the ones used by your friends and family to get an idea. Indeed, practice allows you to acquire the technique and to improve.

#3 - The adjustment possibilities


baby slings can easily be adjusted.

Models with a lot of adjustability also tend to be better at accommodating children of different sizes

and builds.

And they allow you to better adjust the position so that you can always sit comfortably, even when wearing them for longer periods of time.

apt for parents of both sexes, regardless of their shape or size. This will notably make wearing more comfortable and allow different family members to carry baby.

#4 - The baby's position


majority of baby slings are designed to allow you to carry baby in front. You can either face it inward or outward. However, you can also use the wraps to carry baby on your back.

However, it is noted that parents prefer to carry baby in front, to keep an eye on their offspring at all times. This is especially true for young babies. If you want to have the choice of carrying your baby on your back, the sling must allow it.

Baby sling for winter

Many parents dread winter outings with their baby in a baby sling. We understand them perfectly. Moreover, the brands specialized in childcare have already provided solutions to reassure them. Among the most effective are the coat extender, the baby sling cover to put over the baby carrier and the baby sling coat. Otherwise, you can always adjust the baby sling to your winter clothes.

How to tie your baby wrap?

There are several ways to carry your baby in your baby sling. You can wear your baby on your back, on your hip, in the cradle position. The most common technique that brings a very good comfort is the cross wrap because it is not difficult to learn. The first thing to do is to take the wrap in the middle like a bustier. Then, form a wide cross with the sides at the back.

Now, put the baby in a squatting position in the strapless front which is brought back in belt. Then put the wrap under the knees with the buttocks in the hand. Bring the selvage up to the ears. Start by adjusting the selvage near the neck of the wearer. For the one at the back of the baby's neck, do it in 6 to 8 times on the whole width of the wrap. Continue like that on the other side.

After that, pass on each side of the baby, then under the buttocks. Make a cross with the sides and iron them. Once you have done this, all you have to do is tie an overhand knot in the back, and that's it! You must make sure that the baby does not spread his knees too much, so in a squatting position.

The cradle position is another carrying technique that is suitable for infants. This is because their head is ideally held. Another way is the hip position. This is more suitable for babies of about 4 months, who can support their head. A little complicated, but carrying baby on the back is also possible with a sling.

The different types of baby slings

Woven scarf

This type of baby sling is usually a long strip of fabric of 4.5 to 6 meters. Soft and slightly flexible, it wraps around the chest in a variety of ways to carry baby. Despite the affordability and versatility, the woven wrap will be a challenge at first. Some parents may be discouraged.


  • Provides more support than the stretchy wrap
  • Offers a wide variety of fabrics, patterns and colors
  • Price and versatility


  • Difficult to put on because of the length of the fabric band and the knot not always easy to make
  • Need to find the right size to ensure baby's comfort

Who is it for?

If you already have some practice, the woven wrap will not lack interest. For beginners, there are models with a shorter strip of fabric. This makes it easier to wrap and tie the knot.

Scarf with rings

It is also called a sling ring. The ring scarf is made of a long, wide strip of fabric. On the other hand, there are 2 metal rings to make it easier to secure the scarf by forming a loop. The ring sling can be worn on the shoulder. Although it is not suitable for long distances, it can accommodate large babies.


  • Very practical for breastfeeding
  • Can be worn on the shoulder, so as to place the baby on the hip
  • Easier to put on than woven and stretchy wraps


  • Offers fewer positions than wrap wraps
  • Less practical for long distances as it requires regular adjustment and tightening

Who is it for?

The use of this type of sling is less tiring than the wrap slings. Still, use it for short and medium distances, to take baby to the park for example.

Mei-tai Scarf


known as a pocket sling, the Mei-tai is converting more and more people in Europe. Originally from Asia, this wrap is rarer than the other types. Very simple, it is put on like any T-shirt or tank top over the shoulders. The wrap has an internal pocket to support baby. However, its versatility remains limited.


  • Easy to put on: goes over the shoulders to be put on like a garment
  • Saves time, which reduces the risk of baby losing patience
  • Wearing it is not very restrictive for the back and shoulders

Disadvantages :

  • No lying position, impossible to breastfeed with and impossible to hold baby against the hip
  • You will have to change the settings as baby grows

Who is it for?

If you don't want to waste time or see baby get impatient, choose the Mei-tai wrap. Be aware, however, that the child will not be able to enjoy some of the positions offered by other wraps.

The stretchy scarf


stretchy wrap is very similar to a woven wrap, especially when worn. However, it differs in that it has a rectangular portion in the front to support baby's back and bottom, as well as 2 long strips of fabric on each side. Position the rectangular part, tie the fabric strips around your neck and waist, and you're all set.


  • Easier to put on than woven wraps
  • Suitable for all wearers and all children
  • Can be used for front, back or hip carrying


  • Less practical when the baby becomes heavier

Who is it for?

Parents who are unsure if a particular wrap will fit their baby will be delighted with the stretchy wrap. It adapts to all the morphologies of the wearer and the baby.

The hybrid wrap

Some people consider it to be a full-fledged type. It's hard to say since the hybrid wrap combines different characteristics of 2 or 3 of the above mentioned types. In most cases, it is very effective. But the hybrid wrap also has its drawbacks. That is why the classic slings are still popular.

Baby sling or baby carrier?

Baby sling

Around the world, the use of a baby sling has been commonplace for centuries. It is an ideal companion, whether at home or on the move. Made from a strong and/or flexible fabric, the baby sling guarantees perfect comfort for the baby and for the wearer as well.

In addition, a baby sling strengthens the bond between parent and baby. It also contributes to the baby's development, both physically and emotionally, and promotes early language development. The only downside is that it takes time to learn how to properly put a wrap in place.

Baby carrier

The baby carrier is designed to better carry a baby by relieving pressure on the arms and back. Made from a stronger material than the baby sling, it also has a custom fit. This is why many parents prefer the baby carrier to the baby sling.

The baby sling allows for an emotional connection between mother and child. Moreover, it does not take up much space. However, like any product, the baby carrier also suffers from some disadvantages. This equipment is, indeed, less reassuring than a stroller. Especially, you cannot use it with a baby of less than 4 months.


Choosing between a baby carrier and a baby sling is a matter of preference for each parent. Choose the baby sling if you plan to carry your child in different ways. However, to avoid any risk of poor installation, it is preferable to choose a baby sling.

Why buy a baby sling?

For baby's health

By placing baby in a precise position, babywearing contributes to his good development, especially at the level of the spine. The same applies to digestion, which is easier thanks to the vertical position. Reflux and colic are less frequent. A sling also helps cognitive development, as it encourages the child's curiosity. The principle of babywearing puts baby at the height of the carrier and encourages him to discover the environment in which he lives.

To seal the bond between the child and the carrier

A sling promotes contact between the baby and the wearer. In this way, the wearer can share some of his body heat with the child. He can easily see the face of the person who carries him, hear his voice, or touch him. Moreover, snuggled up against his carrier, the baby will feel safe.

For its practicality

Carrying in a sling is very practical for the wearer. Indeed, he can go everywhere without being disturbed, which is not the case with strollers for example. Moreover, he can use his hands freely at any time.

For the wearer's comfort

A sling will effectively protect the adult's sensitive back. It contributes to a better load distribution. The more weight the child gains, the more muscle mass the wearer will gradually develop. Contrary to other babywearing methods, the sling is more flexible and therefore provides great freedom of movement.

For its great accessibility

If you have a limited budget, a sling is ideal. Considering the high price of strollers, you will save a lot of money by choosing one. Indeed, strollers cost almost twice as much as a sling.

The best brands of baby slings

In our opinion, the best brands of baby slings in 2022 are :

Koala Babycare

When you ask for advice about baby slings, the brand Je Porte Mon Bébé is often mentioned. Famous for its model called Originale, JPMBB has since launched the Love Radius collection. This brand is ideal if you are new to babywearing.Here are the other brands we recommend. We think they offer slightly less value for money for most people, but they may be better for specific price ranges (entry level, high end, ...) and needs.

In our comparison, we present the brand's Cuddle Band model, a hybrid baby sling. But Koala Babycare also produces nursing pads and pregnancy pads. Besides the reasonable prices, we appreciate this brand for the comfort of use it provides.

Neobulle specializes in baby slings with rings. They also offer other types of baby slings as well as baby carriers. Wraps from this brand are sometimes hard to find or quickly run out of stock due to their popularity.

The Lictin brand offers a wide range of childcare products. It manufactures baby mixers, nursing pillows, bibs, baby care kits and of course baby slings. Woven, stretchy or Mei-tai, Lictin baby slings are made for small budgets.

Babylonia offers 8 different baby carriers: Tricot-Slen Organic, Tricot-Slen Cool, Tri-Cotti, BB-Slen, BB-Sling, BB-Tai, BB Sooze and the multi-position baby sling Flexia. The range includes the 4 main types of baby slings as well as many hybrid models. If you are one of the brands we recommend, you can mention your presence in this ranking as long as you link to this page. If you are not in this ranking and you think you should have been, you can send us a test product that we will evaluate objectively.

What is the price for a baby sling

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Choose a sling that is easy to clean.

Babies are not afraid of body fluids! Ideally, the sling you choose should be machine washable and easy to dry.

Choose carefully whether you want your baby to face forward or backward.

Do you want to

turn your baby inward, outward? Facing the outside world? Or do you want the option to do both? Choose carefully before you put baby in the wrap so you don't have to handle him too much later.

To learn how to put on the baby sling, watch video tutorials or ask someone who knows how to do it.


deliberately omitted this point in our guide. Indeed, it's hard to explain how to put a baby wrap without a video to illustrate it. And even with that and following the advice of a third party, it will still take you time to master the gesture. Be aware that each position has a specific wrapping technique: lying down, double crossed, hip position and back position."

Prepare yourself in advance.

Try to

find tutorials on the Internet, especially YouTube. This kind of video will show you how to put on a baby sling. It will show you whether to put the wrap on first or wrap it around the baby already in your arms? What size wrap would work for you and your baby? Also look at how the ends of the wrap should be tied to keep Baby safe.

Practice without your baby.



handling and tying the wrap without the baby. It is important to familiarize yourself with the handling of this item before you do it with Baby. This will give you the confidence to know what to do next, even if you have a very wiggly baby. It also helps create some muscle memory so your body can easily remember what to do later.


your time learning how to handle the wrap. Enjoy the process of creating this cocoon of support and comfort around you. Also, don't rely on the speed of manipulation in the videos, they are often shot in fast motion to make them less monotonous.


Which baby sling to choose?

According to most people, the JPMBB Love Radius Basic retro blue is the best choice for this year. You might also be interested in the Lictin, the Koala Babycare Unisex anthracite and the Babylonia BB Tai black.

How to choose a good baby sling?

Manufacturers target their baby slings to specific age and weight groups. So make sure your baby fits the numbers before you buy. Also check the ease of use, the adjustment possibilities and the positions that the sling allows.

What are the different types of baby slings?

On the market, there are woven scarves, ring scarves, Mei-tai scarves and stretchy scarves. There are also hybrid scarves, which combine the characteristics of 2 or 3 standard scarves.

How to put on a baby sling?

To put on the baby sling, first determine the position (lying down, double crossed outside pocket, hip position or back position) your baby will be in. Then follow the instructions in the video tutorial and ask a more experienced person for help.

How do I clean a baby sling?

Many baby slings are machine washable and dryable. If in doubt, check the manufacturer's instructions.


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Koala Babycare Cuddle Band
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Love Radius the Original JPMB
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