The best baby fragrances in the UK 2023

There is no danger in perfuming a baby, as long as you choose a product that is hypoallergenic for the baby's senses and, above all, harmless to the baby's still delicate skin. This choice will not be easy, because many criteria must be taken into account. But to make this task easier for you, we suggest you discover our buying guide as well as our selection of the 4 best baby perfumes of the moment.

Mustela Musti - Fragrant care water 1

Best value for money

Mustela Musti - Fragrant care water

The best baby perfume in 2021

Thanks to its subtle notes of lilac, rose and citrus, Musti care water from Mustela will delicately perfume your little one as he gets out of the bath. Containing no alcohol, this product can be used from birth.

8,72 £ on Amazon

This fragrant skin care water formulated with 97% naturally derived ingredients offers a plethora of benefits and advantages to the baby, but it is especially appreciated for its multiple soothing effects. Indeed, Mustela Musti relieves the delicate skin of infants thanks to chamomile extracts which are known for their anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. As for the honey extracts, they enrich, moisturize and soften the body envelope of the babies, making it less vulnerable to infections.

Although it is subtly flavored, this care water has been developed to respect the still fragile skin of babies and young children. Numerous dermatological tests have proven that Musti maintains the skin's balance by keeping the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis intact.

Biolane - Eau de toilette freshness 2

Best value for money

Biolane - Eau de toilette freshness

The best entry-level baby perfume

Made with 95% natural ingredients, Biolane eau de toilette will perfume baby's skin and keep him fresh all day long. With a physiological pH and without alcohol, this care will preserve the natural balance of the skin of newborns.

2,07 £ on Amazon

To be sprayed on the body or the scalp, Biolane - Eau de toilette fraîcheur is the care that baby needs to feel good about himself during the day. Blending floral and citrus notes, this baby fragrance will meet the needs of the most sensitive skin. Enriched with provitamin B5, this fresh eau de toilette will also soften and smooth the baby's skin while respecting its cutaneous balance.

Biolane recommends using its fragrance just after washing the baby. You can apply it in light frictions on his body or spray it on his linen or clothes. Not only will this cosmetic improve your baby's well-being, but it will also help stimulate his sense of smell, which will help him become familiar with all the other smells in his new environment.

Jacadi - Le Bébé 3

Best premium value

Jacadi - Le Bébé

The best high-end baby perfume

This water of care imagined by Jacadi delicately perfumes the very fragile skin of your baby after the bath. Don't worry, this cosmetic for babies is formulated with 89% natural ingredients and contains no alcohol or parabens.

31,19 £ on Marionnaud
Christine Arbel - My First Good Sentence 4

A great choice

Christine Arbel - My First Good Sentence

The best budget baby perfume

Created by master perfumers in Grasse, Mon Premier Sent-Bon is a fresh floral scent without alcohol or parabens. Its pleasant notes of orange blossom make it a cosmetic suitable for girls and boys.

8,04 £ on Amazon

Mon Premier Sent-Bon by Christine Arbel embodies French know-how in perfumery, but also in baby care products. Offered in a 50 mL spray bottle, this soft and delicate eau de senteur has been developed for infants from 3 months of age. This baby fragrance contains no alcohol or allergens and has been dermatologically tested before being put on the market.

This eau de senteur has been formulated to awaken baby's sense of smell, but also to protect his skin. Some of the ingredients in this care product were chosen for their moisturizing, relaxing and softening properties. By using this eau de senteur daily, you will reinforce the complicity you have with your baby.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby perfume

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The best baby perfume in 2021

The best entry-level baby perfume

The best high-end baby perfume

The best budget baby perfume

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Comparison table of the best baby fragrances

Mustela Musti - Fragrant care water 5
Biolane - Eau de toilette freshness 6
Jacadi - Le Bébé 7
Christine Arbel - My First Good Sentence 8
Mustela Musti - Fragrant care water
Biolane - Eau de toilette freshness
Jacadi - Le Bébé
Christine Arbel - My First Good Sentence
Thanks to its subtle notes of lilac, rose and citrus, Musti care water from Mustela will delicately perfume your little one as he gets out of the bath. Containing no alcohol, this product can be used from birth.
Made with 95% natural ingredients, Biolane eau de toilette will perfume baby's skin and keep him fresh all day long. With a physiological pH and without alcohol, this care will preserve the natural balance of the skin of newborns.
This water of care imagined by Jacadi delicately perfumes the very fragile skin of your baby after the bath. Don't worry, this cosmetic for babies is formulated with 89% natural ingredients and contains no alcohol or parabens.
Created by master perfumers in Grasse, Mon Premier Sent-Bon is a fresh floral scent without alcohol or parabens. Its pleasant notes of orange blossom make it a cosmetic suitable for girls and boys.
Babies 3 months and older
Newly Born Babies
Babies 0-2 years
Babies 3 months and older
Percentage of natural ingredients
About 90%
Olfactory notes
Lilac, rose and citrus
Hesperidia, Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea
Bergamot, freesia, jasmine, musk, sesame, orange blossom
Honeysuckle, Grapefruit, Lilac, Pear, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, Musk, Peach, Vanilla.
Using advice
Apply this skin care water daily to baby's clothes, hair or neck.
Spray this fresh eau de toilette onto a brush before styling baby's hair. It'll help discipline her flyaway hair.
This skin care water can be applied to baby's skin in small dabs, but ideally it should be sprayed on hairbrush, comforter, clothes and sleeping bag.
Spray a small amount on body, clothes and hair.
Bottle size
50 mL
200 mL
100 mL
50 mL

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Buying guide - baby perfume

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How to choose your baby perfume

For decades, perfume was a cosmetic privilege reserved for women. Then, men took it over and turned it into a surprisingly effective weapon of seduction. Today, fragrances are inviting themselves on the changing tables to the delight of parents.

#1 - The contents of the baby perfume

As a parent, always ask yourself what is in the perfume you want to give your baby. Simply put, a good baby perfume should not contain alcohol, parabens or phthalates. It should also have been dermatologically tested. According to the opinions of dermatologists, products to be sprayed on a baby's skin must be composed of natural ingredients that are non-astringent and non-allergenic, such as floral waters.

#2 - The scents

The scents of baby perfumes should be close to the natural smell of an infant. Thus, it is strongly advised to choose perfumes whose scents are fresh and soft, with notes with musky tendency (white musk) and with citrus effect, but without any citrus of course.

#3 - The notes

Certainly, most baby scents are unisex, but whenever possible, choose notes according to your little one's gender. Fruity scents are best for girls. For boys, choose mint or tangerine notes. If you had twins of different genders, go for vanilla, sweet almond or licorice scents.

#4 - The packaging

The perfume bottles are made with frosted glass and sport a rather rounded shape that is a symbol of sweetness. It is true that this product is intended for a baby, but as you are the one who will administer it, favor a container that you like and that makes you want to use.

#5 - The price

The cost of baby perfumes is less expensive than that of adults due to the fact that the price of the raw materials that are used in their manufacture is more reasonable. Even if the perfumes for baby they are produced in great quantity, they are very regulated. The fragrances of better quality are surely proposed with some additional euros, but they remain excellent acquisitions. The price does not matter, offer to the baby the best.

Perfumes for children: choose childlike scents and adapted products!

Unlike perfumes that are meant for adults and teenagers, baby perfume is not chosen based on personality. Infant fragrances are lighter, almost imperceptible, and that's what makes them so special.

Even if they are not yet expressing themselves, babies will more or less be able to express their opinions about the scent you give them. So, it's a good idea to choose a fragrance that smells good to him. For example, a fruity scent might remind her of body milk or the aromas of her favorite desserts.

Be aware that the way we perfume an infant is completely different from the way an adult does it. Indeed, the products are different, both in terms of scent and composition.

Before the child reaches the age of 3, dermatologists recommend using neutral products that do not contain alcohol. This type of product is called eau de senteur. It is only after 3 years old that a child can tolerate perfumes or eau de toilette with a regulated percentage of alcohol.

The different types of baby fragrances

The first baby fragrances date back to the seventies. At that time, infant fragrances were not as regulated as they are today, but they were still a huge success. Today, there are several variations of baby fragrances, the most popular of which are :

Baby perfume

The baby perfume contains only a low level of perfume (less than 10%). This product is composed mainly of natural ingredients which makes it lighter and therefore less dangerous for the baby. It is also for this reason that it evaporates less quickly than the perfumes which are intended for the adults. Baby fragrances are allergen-free, sulfate-free and chemical-free. We will not cease to repeat it: it is always necessary to check the contents of a perfume well before buying it, the health of the baby depends on it.

Baby water

The concentration of essences in the eau de toilette for baby is more important. Sometimes it reaches 12%. Despite this, this category of perfume is always formulated with water, which is less volatile than alcohol. Just like the classic baby perfume, the eau de toilette evaporates slowly. Hypoallergenic, eau de toilette is made with natural ingredients and is guaranteed free of phthalates, parabens and phenoxyethanol, components found in adult products. Ideally, eau de toilette should be used from the age of 3.

Scented water

A eau de senteur is a category of perfume that does not contain alcohol. It is best suited for the sensitive skin of newborns. Instead of alcohol, manufacturers use another solvent, mostly water. The eau de senteur is used above all to educate the baby to the perfume, to the multiple scents. Do not worry, the odors of these waters of care are not intoxicating. They are not likely to be unpleasant for the baby. By three months of age, some babies are still developing their olfactory system. At this age, they are already able to express whether or not they like the scent. You need to be aware of your baby's reactions when you expose him or her to scented water.

Baby perfume or eau de senteur?

Baby perfume

A baby perfume will leave a pleasant scented veil on the baby, but be careful not to abuse it. The use of perfume is a daily gesture that should preferably be reserved for babies of 24 months.

The scent water

The eau de senteur is both neutral and natural. This baby care product does not contain any chemicals or alcohol. Dermatologists authorize the use of eau de senteur from 3 months.


It must be emphasized that baby perfume and eau de senteur are two very distinct products. The perfume intended for infants has a very low concentration of alcohol (even insignificant) than the perfume that is dedicated to adults. Eau de senteur does not contain alcohol, which makes it ideal for a newborn. After a few months, you can start using perfume on your baby, but never spray it directly.

Why buy a good baby perfume?

To familiarize baby with scents
Familiarizing baby with scents is the main reason you should buy a good perfume. At three months, his senses are beginning to develop. Scents are excellent stimulants for his sense of smell.

To improve baby's mood
Is your baby often cranky? Scent water can calm him down and make him playful at times. However, be sure to use a fragrance with fruity notes because of their relaxing and soothing qualities. You'll find that after exposing his nose to a scent he likes, baby will become less agitated.

To stimulate his memory
Scientific studies have shown that familiar scents can trigger happy memories in people's minds from their childhood. That's one reason why a baby should stick with a particular scent. Whenever possible, use only one brand or type of scent on your baby. Using more than one can confuse the senses.

So baby can relax
Fragrance is known for its many relaxing and therapeutic benefits. In fact, the floral and fruity scents that are characteristic of baby products help to soothe the body and mind. We would like to remind you that eau de senteur is best used after the bath in the morning. It is at this time of the day that it is preferable to apply this care to the baby's clothes.

So that baby can have an olfactory signature
If the perfume you use on your baby is in accordance with who he is, it will quickly become the olfactory signature that will accompany him all his life. It is also a way to put a little bit of you in him.

The best brands of baby fragrances

In our opinion, the best brands of baby fragrances in 2022 are :

Christine Arbel

Mustela is a cosmetics brand, committed to parents since 1950. Its range of eaux de senteur and baby perfumes has the highest percentage of natural ingredients on the market.

Christine Arbel Paris is renowned for its range of feminine perfumes with unique and sought-after olfactory notes. However, its range of products for babies and children is not to be outdone. Its eaux de senteur for infants are among the favorites of young parents.

Offering the best to babies and their parents is the mission that Biolane has entrusted to itself for some fifty years now. All of its product line, including its famous eau de senteur respect all of the brand's values and have been tested for baby safety.

Founded in 1987 by Gérard Le Goff, IKKS is a brand specializing in ready-to-wear and care products for the entire family. Its iconic "Baby" eau de senteur is alcohol-free and has been tested to meet the demands of the most concerned parents.

A true jack-of-all-trades, Jacadi excels in ready-to-wear, shoes, childcare accessories and especially in children's care and fragrances. The eaux de senteur offered by this brand are of a rare quality. Your children will appreciate them.


Don't perfume a baby with an adult perfume

Never make the mistake of perfuming your child with an adult perfume, even if it's your favorite bottle. Not only are adult scents not suitable for babies' skin, but their aromas could confuse their olfactory senses.

Spray the perfume on the baby's laundry

As a baby's skin is still very fragile, avoid direct skin contact. Instead, scent his clothes, stuffed animals or his brush. However, the best technique is still to use an iron. Simply pour a few drops of perfume into the water of the iron and iron her clothes.

Stop the perfume in case of seborrheic dermatitis

In his first few months, a baby may be prone to seborrheic dermatitis, which is also known as cradle cap. This infection is quite mild, so there's nothing to worry about, but it does call for an immediate stop to the use of a scented or allergenic substance.

Stay with one perfume

Since baby has not yet finished developing his or her senses fully, parents are strongly advised to stick with the scent with which baby will have become familiar. If you're not sure about using a perfume for baby, use a cream that leaves a pleasant scent on baby's skin.

Scent the baby with a nourishing cream


Is perfume dangerous for infants?

No! Perfume is safe for children. It is simply necessary to use a product which respects the regulations in force. Despite this, it is always recommended to carefully check the contents and ingredients of a eau de senteur, even if it has an organic label.

Can you perfume a baby with an adult perfume?

No! Adult perfumes are not tested as thoroughly as perfumes for children. Babies' skin will never tolerate these perfumes because of their extremely high alcohol content. In fact, you have to wait until a child reaches the age of 3 to offer him or her an eau de toilette.

At what age can you start perfuming a child?

In fact, there is no age to start perfuming a child. But for reasons of hygiene and safety, it is best to wait 3months before doing so. This is the minimum time for him to become familiar with his environment and the smells.

Can you use different perfumes on a baby?

No! As much as possible, avoid exposing a baby to different fragrances. This may impair the development of his sense of smell. Until a certain age, it would be best to use the same scent water to spray on his clothes, brush or linen. Never spray perfume directly on an infant.


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Mustela Musti - Fragrant care water 9
Mustela Musti - Fragrant care water
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Biolane - Eau de toilette freshness
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Jacadi - Le Bébé
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Christine Arbel - My First Good Sentence


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