The best baby monitors in the UK 2023

Your little one is coming soon? Be careful not to forget the baby monitor in your list of birth purchases! Often put aside, this accessory remains essential to ensure the safety and well-being of your little one day and night. Video or audio baby monitor, features, range, autonomy... We make your choice easy!

Victure - 3,2'' video baby monitor 1

Best value

Victure - 3,2'' video baby monitor

The best baby monitor

Equipped with several features and a very good image quality, this baby monitor offers an intuitive interface thanks to its large 3.2-inch color screen.

55,20 £ on Amazon

This baby monitor has a beautiful screen displaying superb resolution day and night thanks to the infrared vision option. To use it, simply plug in the camera and turn on the tablet, and the two devices sync directly. The sound emitted (5 melodies) by the device is clear and sharp enough to soothe baby. The baby monitor is also equipped with infrared technology for night shots, and a temperature sensor. In Vox mode, the usage time of the device is about 5 to 6 hours against about 2 to 3 hours in normal mode.

In addition, the camera on stand offers a good clarity of image and automatically activates the night mode if the brightness of the room where the device is located is low. It is also possible to control the camera remotely for a better view of the baby's room from different angles.

Babymoov Easy Care - low emission audio baby monitor 2

Best cheap

Babymoov Easy Care - low emission audio baby monitor

The best entry-level baby monitor

This audio baby monitor is a great value for parents who are looking for an easy-to-use and effective device with good sound transmission.

See price

This Babymoov Easy Care audio baby monitor has a long range and low electromagnetic radiation emission. Indeed, it is equipped with the Digital Green Technology system which systematically reduces the waves and extends the range of the device. The sound quality is excellent and is combined with a visual light alert. The Babymoov Easy Care baby monitor also has a VOX function that activates the sound and visual alert only when baby makes a noise. A night light is integrated in the transmitter, to rock your little one in a soft and peaceful atmosphere.

VAVA - IPS video baby monitor 3

Best premium

VAVA - IPS video baby monitor

The best high-end baby monitor

If you're looking for a video baby monitor that doesn't use Wi-Fi, but still offers good battery life (12 to 24 hours), excellent connectivity, and great picture quality, the Vava is a winning option.

120 £ on Amazon

This video baby monitor is easy and quick to install (less than 5 minutes). The camera is already coupled to the receiver, so all that's left is to fix it to the wall. The device does not use Wi-Fi. This is safer for the family since Wi-Fi monitors can be hacked. Very useful if the Internet connection is slow or irregular at home. The night vision allows for clear, crisp images through the device's 5-inch screen. The autopilot mode also allows you to move the camera to keep an eye on your little one while you're free to go about your business.

According to many parents, the connection and range of the Vava is incredible: the device has not lost signal once in a month of use! When it does, it beeps. The parenting device does the same when the battery is running low.

Urban Hello REMI baby monitor 4 in 1 4

Best premium alternative

Urban Hello REMI baby monitor 4 in 1

Complete and upgradeable

REMI is a 4-in-1 baby monitor that is very complete, but above all, perfectly scalable. It is a small character with a futuristic design that will help your child learn good sleeping and waking habits.

71,20 £ on Amazon

This is a French-made connected baby monitor that allows you to both listen to your baby and talk to him at a distance thanks to its walkie-talkie function. Thanks to its evolutionary character, it goes from a simple baby monitor to a morning alarm clock, storyteller and Bluetooth speaker for older children (up to 10 years old). Connection to REMI is via a dedicated app. Once connected, your smartphone will be the parental unit as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Ideal for the transition from co-sleeping to independent cribs, REMI allows you to track your toddler's sleep every week via the app. Versatile, REMI can also be transformed into a nightlight or a lullaby. As your little one grows, the device will serve as an alarm clock. All your child has to do is look at REMI's face (awake or asleep) to learn the rituals of sleeping and waking up according to the schedule or day of your choice.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby monitor

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The best baby monitor

The best entry-level baby monitor

The best high-end baby monitor

Complete and upgradeable

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Comparison table of the best baby monitors

Victure - 3,2'' video baby monitor 5
Babymoov Easy Care - low emission audio baby monitor 6
VAVA - IPS video baby monitor 7
Urban Hello REMI baby monitor 4 in 1 8
Victure - 3,2'' video baby monitor
Babymoov Easy Care - low emission audio baby monitor
VAVA - IPS video baby monitor
Urban Hello REMI baby monitor 4 in 1
Equipped with several features and a very good image quality, this baby monitor offers an intuitive interface thanks to its large 3.2-inch color screen.
This audio baby monitor is a great value for parents who are looking for an easy-to-use and effective device with good sound transmission.
If you're looking for a video baby monitor that doesn't use Wi-Fi, but still offers good battery life (12 to 24 hours), excellent connectivity, and great picture quality, the Vava is a winning option.
REMI is a 4-in-1 baby monitor that is very complete, but above all, perfectly scalable. It is a small character with a futuristic design that will help your child learn good sleeping and waking habits.
Easy to sync

Excellent sound


Quick and easy setup

Complete and upgradeable (baby monitor, alarm clock, storyteller, bluetooth speaker)

With night vision option and rechargeable battery
Built-in VOX



connectivity and excellent battery life from 12 to 24



futuristic design

Beautiful resolution day or night


to lull baby to

Remote controllable camera


Customizable wake-up and sleep


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Buying guide - baby monitor

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How to choose your baby monitor

The childcare market offers a wide range of choices to future parents, and baby monitors are among these extremely varied accessories. Of course, there is no question of rushing headlong into buying any device, especially when it comes to baby equipment. Do you want the best for your little one? Use the following criteria to ensure the reliability of your future baby monitor!

#1 - technology and handling

Before you go hunting for the best baby monitor, the first thing you need to do is determine which technology best suits your needs. Would you like to have a perfect view of your baby or will receiving simple beeps be enough to reassure you? Most parents opt for the first option with a video baby monitor, so they can literally keep an eye on their sleeping baby in the other room. However, this type of technology offers monitors that can be difficult to operate, so others prefer the simplicity of a traditional audio monitor. To be sure of your choice, bet on a device that meets your expectations and is both easy to handle.

#2 - the scope

As a wide range of action offers parents greater mobility, the range of your new baby monitor remains a parameter that should not be minimized. Remember that they come in a set of two separate devices: the transmitter (baby unit) and the receiver (parent unit). These two gadgets can generally communicate over a distance of 300 m. However, there are models with a range of up to 1000 m, or even 3000 m, when equipped with a wifi or Bluetooth connection.

Usually, audio monitors are the most capable of covering such a wide range, especially when equipped with a PRM communication system. In other words, this is the mobile communication network that equips baby monitors with a walkie-talkie option. Devices with a camera, on the other hand, can provide an average range of 300 meters. This criterion is based entirely on the conditions of your home, especially if you live in an apartment or rather a large house with a garden.

#3 - autonomy

Baby monitor designers offer parents two alternatives when it comes to autonomy. Some are battery-powered, while most baby monitors come with a rechargeable battery. The first option offers more freedom when you're on the go with baby and have no access to an electrical outlet. However, parents who have already used them remain skeptical, knowing that once the batteries run out, they must be systematically replaced. Renewing batteries means making a new investment, especially as this will be quite frequent if you use your baby monitor regularly.

On the other hand, rechargeable baby monitors work in the same way as all electronic devices. Once the battery is charged, you can use it in any way, anywhere, until it runs out again. At the risk of panicking if you no longer receive a signal because of a flat battery, it would be ideal to opt for a baby monitor that guarantees a good autonomy. However, you should know that many models can run for up to 15 hours, so you should check this when you buy one.

In addition, there are also electric models that only work when connected to the mains. This is the best choice if you install a secure socket near the cradle. Indeed, some baby monitors need a distance of one meter from baby to capture the sound and voice of your baby.

#4 - functionality and design

In addition to a question of weight and design (colors, shapes, etc.), today's baby monitors are also revisited in terms of functionality. While a classic baby monitor is content to warn you when baby wakes up or when he cries, technology has gradually crept into these devices to revolutionize them. You will find on the market, monitors called "multifunction" whose options go beyond a simple sound or image diffuser. Some of them include, for example, additional features such as :

  • A lullaby
  • A walkie-talkie to talk with baby from one end to the other and to reassure him instantly
  • A thermometer to monitor the temperature in baby's room
  • A nightlight associated with a light projector to reflect images on the ceiling and walls of the baby's room
  • A hygrometer to measure the humidity level in the room
  • A vibrator or lights for parents who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Connectivity on iOS or Android smartphones to dispense with the receiver module
  • Multiple reception channels to ensure good signal quality at all times
  • Additional cameras to view baby from all angles

#5 - the frequency of electromagnetic waves

Like other wireless devices, baby monitors emit electromagnetic waves to function. Given the harmful effects they can have on the brain, it is essential to limit their emission and frequency as much as possible. Certain warnings are always mentioned regarding the distance between baby and the transmitter, which must be at least one meter. However, as the health of your little one comes first, you must check the references and prefer baby monitors with low radiation emissions. This way, you can be sure to expose your little one to a minimum of radiation, by opting for a low frequency 900 MHz model, for example.

Baby monitor: for or against?

The arrival of a baby is undoubtedly the most beautiful event in the life of parents, but it is also accompanied by some upheavals. Sleepless nights, breast or bottle feedings, not to mention the never-ending toilet...

It is undoubtedly difficult for parents to find their bearings after a few months, so the big means are necessary. A few hours of rest, relaxation and housework are never out of place, especially during baby's naps. While some people prefer to keep their baby in a bassinet or baby carriage close to them, others are carried away by the advantages of a baby monitor.

Which of these two options is better? The truth is, every parent will have their own take on the matter, because just a few years ago, people would tell you that these gadgets weren't as essential as they seem today. Of course, those who live in a small apartment where the rooms are not necessarily far apart can eventually do without them.

Nevertheless, let's not forget that these monitors have definitely proved their worth, if only to keep an eye on your baby while you go about your business. Indeed, you will certainly need to do a laundry, read a book on the terrace or even doze on your sofa while your baby seems to be deeply asleep. In order toavoid the little hassles and the comings and goings that might wake him up or disturb you, you might as well get a baby monitor.

Your baby monitor will warn you when he wakes up or if he needs a little cuddle to go back to sleep. Therefore, it is a device that is favorable to the development of parents and babies, while this new experience is still just beginning.

The different types of baby monitors

Childcare is a sector where competition is fierce and where you are sure to come across different types of products. Baby monitors are no exception to the rule, with both innovative and traditional models. It is true that innovative equipment is more prevalent nowadays, but this does not change the value of traditional equipment. To be able to sort out the choices, discover the choices that are offered to you in terms of baby monitors.

The audio baby monitor

It is the one that is usually called "classic" or "traditional", knowing that it was the prototype launched on the market. The set consists of a transmitter that will find its place in the room of the little one, and a receiver that will keep the parents company while the baby sleeps. As its name indicates, the audio baby monitor transmits the sounds that occur in the room where the baby is: cries, screams, sighs, groans, etc.. Many audio baby monitors offer a visual signal such as flashing lights in addition to the sounds to indicate the intensity of the noise perceived by the machine.


  • Easy to use
  • Low emission of electromagnetic radiation
  • An affordable price

Disadvantages :

  • No eye contact with baby

Who is it for?

Simple and effective, the audio baby monitor is for parents who are looking for a device that is easy to use. It also allows stay-at-home parents and working parents to concentrate on their tasks and activities without being distracted by the image of their baby on the screen. All they have to do is keep the receiver close at hand, so they can hear the slightest noise and know whether or not they need to reach their baby.

The multifunctional baby monitor

The multi-function baby monitor does not only broadcast baby's voice. It offers a wide range of features, namely:

  • The thermometer
  • The night light
  • The lullaby
  • The hygrometer
  • The additional cameras
  • etc.

Advantages :

  • All-in-one equipment
  • Design often modern and more accessible nowadays


  • High emission of electromagnetic waves

Who is it for?

Are you looking for simplicity, safety and versatility at the same time? This model fulfills all these expectations and avoids you to make a double expense by buying still other materials like the rocker or the nightlight.

The video baby monitor

Make way for new technology and innovation, thanks to the video baby monitor! As its name suggests, this device includes a transmitter equipped with a camera and a receiver which, in turn, is equipped with an image diffusion screen. In addition to hearing your baby, you also have the chance to take a look at him every 15 minutes. Equipped with a VOX function, the sound is cut off and then put back on automatically as soon as baby makes a noise.

This type of baby monitor necessarily has all the features found in the multifunction baby monitor. Of course, these features vary according to the design, from one brand or series to another. You can therefore find them either completely or partially.

Advantages :

  • A permanent view on baby
  • All-in-one equipment
  • Excellent sound and image quality
  • A VOX function
  • Possibility of seeing baby from all angles with several cameras

Disadvantages :

  • Important emission of electromagnetic radiations
  • Often reduced range
  • A high price

Who is it for?

Are you a real fan of new technology? This type of baby monitor is for you! Sophisticated and intuitive, it gathers in a single object all the accessories that baby needs for his well-being. If you are generally anxious about the state of your little one and you want to keep visual contact at all costs, the video baby monitor is THE ideal device.

The motion sensor baby monitor

If a good field of vision and excellent sound transmission are required to monitor baby while he sleeps, you won't say no to an extra touch! It's a motion sensor that allows parents to be aware of their little one's every move. Stretching or changing places from one side to the other, the motion sensor baby monitor does not miss the slightest mobility of baby!


  • Guaranteed baby safety
  • Excellent level of surveillance (audio, video, movements)
  • Various functionalities (night light, lullaby, thermometer, vibrator and illuminations...)

Disadvantages :

  • Important emission of electromagnetic radiations
  • A high price

Who is it for?

Are you desperately concerned about the safety of your toddler and want to control every detail to the millimeter? Don't miss out on this gadget that transmits sounds, images and baby's movements at the same time so that you don't miss anything about his naps.

Baby monitor or video phone?


The baby monitor allows you to monitor your child from a distance. Thanks to the sounds emitted, you can know if baby is awake, if he is crying, if he is still sleeping... In short, you can go about your business in another room of the house while baby is napping or resting in his crib. The only drawback is that you can't see baby, only hear him.

Baby videophone

The video baby phone also known as video baby monitor. From this second name, we can deduce that it is a device offering the same functionalities as a baby monitor (transmission of sounds coming from the room where baby is lying), the real plus being that you can see baby in time from the screen of your unit. However, the video baby monitor costs more than the classic version.


Parents who are worried about little or nothing should buy a baby monitor. Plus, it allows you to judge the situation from a distance before you decide to go and see. For parents who want to buy cheaper or just need to hear the child's voice, the baby monitor will suffice.

Why buy a baby monitor?

Lots of sleep desired for parents

The freedom for parents to sleep longer, without having to constantly check on the baby, is invaluable, because with deep sleep, they can replenish themselves and better care for their baby.

Checking if the baby is up or down

Some parents believe in not entering the nursery if the baby is lying down in order to give the baby a chance to calm down without their intervention. In such a case, a baby monitor helps parents to check if the baby is standing in the crib or lying down.

Monitoring baby's sleep

Some babies toss and turn, but don't cry. If an audio monitor is watching them, parents won't know the baby is restless. And even if a baby makes a small cry, it can't be distinguished from other sounds. With a video monitor, parents can see that their baby is restless but not crying.


A baby monitor is a great safety tool for your baby because, without being present in the nursery, parents can keep an eye on baby and his or her movements. Many older children fall while trying to stand up, hit their head or get out of bed at night. Parents can either prevent these common injuries with the monitor, or know about them immediately and run to comfort the baby.

Working as a Nanny Cam and Security Camera

A video baby monitor works effectively as a nanny cam for parents who are working to ensure that their baby is receiving the desired level of care. In addition, they can also serve as security cameras as they do the same job when placed on windows and other entry points of the home in addition to the baby.

The best brands of baby monitors

In our opinion, the best brands of baby monitors in 2022 are :

Philips Avent

A renowned French brand, Babymoov operates worldwide in the field of childcare. Its objective? To provide parents with quality products and advice that allow them to blend in and provide their babies with the comfort, happiness and security they need. We give them special mention for the versatility, inventiveness and intuitiveness of their products. These are the other brands we recommend. We think they offer slightly less value for money for most people, but they may be better for specific price ranges (entry-level, high-end, ...) and needs.

Bought by Philips in 2006, the Avent brand is now called Philips Avent and is entirely dedicated to baby care. The brand offers thousands of items to facilitate baby care and growth. We particularly appreciate the quality and diversification of its products, which are geared towards baby, from birth to the first years of life.

Founded in 1928, the American company Motorola is especially known for its exploits in the telecommunications sector. Very quickly, it offers usual gadgets ranging from walkie-talkies to indispensable daily accessories (cell phones, smartphones, televisions, baby phones, etc.). The power and the great resistance of its products in time held our attention especially.

Originally from Japan, the Tomy brand has an excellent reputation worldwide for its wide range of toys and childcare accessories. Thousands of safe, high-quality products carry the brand today and continue to draw crowds. Among other things, we love the way its products make life easier for parents and bring smiles to children of all ages.

Based in Hong Kong, the multinational company Vtech was founded in 1976 and continues to make great strides in the world of toys and electronic accessories for children. Its products are geared towards different age groups, from newborns to children aged 8 and up. If you are one of the brands we recommend, you can mention your presence in this ranking as long as you link to this page. If you are not in this ranking and you think you should have been, you can send us a test product that we will evaluate objectively.

What is the price for a baby monitor

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 120 £
more than 120 £
Price range diagram


Place the monitor at least 1 meter away from baby

Never place a monitor near the crib or on the edges, even if it is a wireless device. These precautions are related to the emission of electromagnetic radiation, which requires a minimum distance of one meter between baby and the transmitter. Also, respecting this distance is primordial to avoid your loulou grabbing the monitor and being victim of an accident.

Check your baby monitor's battery regularly

Don't run

out of battery when you need it most. You may panic because of a power outage or simply because you're not getting a signal because the battery is dead. To prevent this from happening, remember to check the battery life of your baby monitor every couple of days.

Beware of wirelessly connected baby monitors

Wi-fi connected baby monitors are not always recommended as you may lose contact due to poor reception. If you want to use them, make sure you have a stable connection and stay in a covered area.

Choose a simple and intuitive baby monitor


't bother with a complex monitor, as a baby monitor with a simple interface is just as effective. The most important thing is to be able to monitor your baby, to be informed if he cries or if he asks for you. Avoid baby monitors with a too sophisticated design if you are not familiar with technological devices.

Turn off the baby monitor when not in use

As with any

other electromagnetic wave device, it is crucial to turn off your baby monitor when you are not using it. Leaving it on is like using the waves in an empty room and increasing the harmful effects on your little one's brain. It will also automatically save you money in terms of battery life.


Which video baby monitor to choose?

In our opinion, the best baby monitor for most people is Motorola MBP 33S. With its features and intuitive design, parents can have peace of mind about their baby's safety and well-being. Affordable, powerful and offering excellent picture and sound quality, this is the baby monitor that attracts the most buyers.

How to install a baby monitor in the baby's room?

To make sure you don't hear any crackling or interference, start by setting the reception channel, and then choose a location that is not too far from your baby. You can place your baby monitor on your baby's chest of drawers or bedside table, while keeping to the minimum distance of one metre. If your gadget is connected to several cameras, remember to hang them on the walls with clips so that baby cannot grab them when he is more independent.

How to set up a video baby monitor?

There are some issues that can arise, especially if you are using a video baby monitor for the first time. Choosing the reception channel is the first adjustment to make. Once this is done, make sure you orientate your cameras properly and keep them away from light rays which can reduce the quality of the transmitted image. Finally, for the sounds, choose a medium rather than high volume, because the transmitter is sensitive enough to alert you to the slightest noise.

When else should a baby monitor be used?

If you are already used to using a baby monitor when your baby naps, you will have no trouble using it in other circumstances. Many parents use them on walks, at parties with friends and family, when baby is playing in the playpen, etc.

Until what age should a baby monitor be used?

There is no age limit for using a baby monitor, especially since parents don't see any harm in keeping an eye on their children until a certain age. However, as your child becomes more and more independent, you should know that he or she will need more privacy. Separate yourself from your baby monitor to trust your toddler more and give him more freedom as he grows.


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Victure - 3,2'' video baby monitor 9
Victure - 3,2'' video baby monitor
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Babymoov Easy Care - low emission audio baby monitor
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VAVA - IPS video baby monitor
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Urban Hello REMI baby monitor 4 in 1


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