The best baby jumpers in the UK 2023

A jumping seat is both a toy and an essential source of exercise for your baby. It allows your child to stand and stretch his developing legs while exploring his environment. It is therefore a useful item for both child development and enjoyment. Because of this, find the best jumping seats of the moment through our guide.

Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle CHM91 1

Best value for money

Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle CHM91

The best baby jumper seat

This model is the best jumping seat you can find on the market. Both educational and fun, it's the winning option that will allow your little one to use their still developing leg muscles.

71,99 £ on Cdiscount

This jumping seat is one of the most popular on the market today. As it can rotate 360°, your baby, as early as 9 months, will be able to better discover everything around him. Adjustable on 3 different heights, the seat can be adapted to the size of the little one as it grows. Its compactness also makes it easy to carry and store. For the greatest happiness of your toddler, this seat will be able to reinforce both the motor skills of baby and his senses. This is thanks to the colorful toys that are attached to it.

Besides, the seat is very easy to maintain since its cushion is machine washable and dryer safe. The CHM91 is not only entertaining, it is also safe. Its steel frame is sturdy and self-contained to avoid the risk of falls or entrapment. Plus, its shape won't cause your child's back to ache. Basically, no baby can resist this jumping seat!

Munchkin door hanger 2

Best value for money

Munchkin door hanger

The best entry-level baby jumper seat

This is a very classic, yet comfortable door bounce. It keeps baby in the right posture and safe to play with. However, we regret that the strap is not long enough to fit all doors.

29,42 £ on Cdiscount

For less than 50 euros, you can afford the Munchkin door jumper. The seat is well padded, as is the top of the seat. A comfortable cushion keeps the back straight while taking the strain off it. You can wash the carrycot in case of a leak on the baby's diaper. The Munchkin is equipped with adjustable straps and a back strap for a secure fit and swing.

Intended for children who can hold their heads unaided until they reach 12 kg, the device also has 2 teething rings to encourage baby to bounce. For such a price, this is a great deal. It's just a shame that the Munchkin can't fit all doorframes.

Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle K7198 3

Best value for money

Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle K7198

The best high-end baby jumper seat

The Jumperoo Jungle Seat K7198 cannot be suspended. However, it facilitates the learning of walking for the child. High quality, it combines safety, comfort, flexibility and sturdiness in one product.

108 £ on Amazon

With Jumperoo Jungle, keep your baby entertained with captivating toys, various animal sounds (parrot, monkey, elephant, etc.) and lively melodies in two modes (non-stop or motion detection). Adjustable on three heights, it will be able to adjust to the size of your baby as it grows (up to 12 kg). The seat rotates 360° to allow baby to go around the toys around him while bouncing.

The seat is well padded, secure (well hidden springs) and guarantees a comfortable seat for baby, and to top it off, the volume is adjustable on 2 levels. To the delight of parents, the seat cushion can be washed without any problem, and the Jumperoo is easy to store thanks to its foldable legs. All in all, the Jumperoo is a sturdy, ergonomic, safe, and educational product that we recommend without reservation!

Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony 4

A great choice

Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony

A very fun jumper

This jumping seat is unique. Nothing better to stimulate baby's limb coordination and awaken his senses with music, pretty colors and adapted toys.

82,39 £ on Amazon

This bouncy seat has lots of activities to keep baby entertained. Once in the seat, your child won't get bored. He can jump and spin around in the seat while playing with the toys around him. The Neighborhood Symphony features exciting light shows, numbers in different languages (French, English, Spanish), bouncing beads, a tambourine mirror and a piano with fun sounds.

The brand also didn't skimp on the comfort of its product with extra padding and a higher backrest for exemplary comfort and support. Aside from that, the Symphony is adjustable to four heights to suit baby as he grows. Finally, it's ultra-convenient with an easy-to-clean built-in storage bin, a machine-washable seat cushion, and a compact design that allows for easy, clutter-free storage of the seat.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby jumping seat

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The best baby jumper seat

The best entry-level baby jumper seat

The best high-end baby jumper seat

A very fun jumper

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Comparison table of the best baby jumpers

Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle CHM91 5
Munchkin door hanger 6
Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle K7198 7
Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony 8
Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle CHM91
Munchkin door hanger
Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle K7198
Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony
This model is the best jumping seat you can find on the market. Both educational and fun, it's the winning option that will allow your little one to use their still developing leg muscles.
This is a very classic, yet comfortable door bounce. It keeps baby in the right posture and safe to play with. However, we regret that the strap is not long enough to fit all doors.
The Jumperoo Jungle Seat K7198 cannot be suspended. However, it facilitates the learning of walking for the child. High quality, it combines safety, comfort, flexibility and sturdiness in one product.
This jumping seat is unique. Nothing better to stimulate baby's limb coordination and awaken his senses with music, pretty colors and adapted toys.
Safe : avoids the risk of falls
Fool-proof safety
360° rotating seat, solid with its steel structure
Not bulky at all and machine washable
Very compact : easy to store and carry
Adjustable padded seat for comfort
Sound volume adjustable on two levels
Comfortable, 4 height adjustable, well padded seat with 360° rotation
Easy care : machine washable and dryable
Height-adjustable, machine-washable bouncer
Easy to store thanks to its foldable feet, easy to assemble, machine washable
Equipped with several brightly colored toys for baby's development
Warm and pretty colors (will easily hold baby's attention)
Comfortable and helps maintain correct posture
Perfectly scalable : adjustable on 3 heights
Four height adjustment options
Perfect for entertaining baby
Equipped with two teething rings
Perfectly safe
Easy care (Easy to clean built-in storage bin and machine washable seat cushion)

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Buying guide - baby jumping seat

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How to choose your baby jumping seat

Designed to develop baby's motor skills and to get him used to standing, the bouncy seat is also a fun piece of equipment. If you want to have one in your home, here are the main criteria to look for.

#1 - Baby's weight and size

While parents are often in a hurry to use a bouncy seat because manufacturers say it's suitable from birth, pediatricians recommend waiting until your baby can hold his or her head properly and starts to want to sit up.

Then, for safe and optimal use, you should always choose a bouncy seat based on your child's weight and height. The minimum requirements are always listed in the equipment description.

#2 - The settings

Baby jumping seats can be adjusted in height to keep up with your child's growth. The most elaborate models are made to accompany him from his first months to his 11 months by adjusting its height according to the size of the baby. Nevertheless, respect the maximum weight required to avoid damaging the structure and causing accidents.

#3 - The comfort

The comfort of a baby jumping seat is made up of the elastic straps that make up the mechanism and the seat itself. While the elastic straps absorb and cushion your child's movements and little hops, the seat ensures soft, plush support. Ideally, it should be padded and covered with a healthy and hygienic fabric, such as cotton.

#4 - Security

Because a baby jumping seat is precisely designed for your child to move and wriggle as much as he or she wants, it is important that the equipment is well secured. In this sense, it is imperative to opt for a model equipped with a 3-point safety harness, ideally 5 points. This avoids any risk of tipping over while your child is playing in it.

#5 - Transport and storage

During your child's first few months, it is not recommended that he spends too many hours on a baby jumping seat. And around 6 to 7 months, he'll want to crawl and move around to explore his environment without being limited to one place. All of this is to say that the baby bouncer should be easily stored in a corner of the house when not in use. It should also fit in the trunk of the car for travel.

That's why many parents invest in a foldable, ergonomically sized car seat. Of course, the concern of space is not an issue if your child already has his or her own playroom.

#6 - Accessories

The existence of a few extra accessories and options will make a baby jumping seat more playful and educational. Stimulate your loulou's vision and hearing by opting for a model with sound and light, not to mention colorful decorative patterns that will catch his eye.

How to use a baby jumper seat?

To use the jumper safely, but more importantly for your child's well being, you will need to follow a few rules. You must make sure that the jumper is on a flat surface. If you don't take a few precautions into account, it could be very dangerous when your baby is on the jumper.

First, you must install your baby jumper properly. For a suspended model, you must make sure that it is perfectly fixed on the support of your choice. Fixed models can be used anywhere. It is imperative that you remove any objects that may be under the jumper to reduce the risk of injury to your child.

When your child is playing, it is strongly recommended that he or she be placed in a safe area that does not pose a risk of injury. For example, avoid placing the jumper near stairs, a pool, etc. Once you have found the right play location, it is imperative that you supervise your child while they are playing on their jumper.

Despite the existence of angles and quality support on this toy, your baby could make a false move. In this case, you need to be close by to catch him quickly and prevent him from getting hurt. If you want to move the accessory, do so while your child is not playing.

If your accessory is not attached to its main support, it will no longer guarantee your child's protection. This is because the straps are not enough to hold his weight. It is therefore important to pay attention to your child's weight and height to prevent the jumper from becoming unsuitable.

Baby jumping seat or multi-activity baby jumper?

Baby jumping seat

A baby jumping seat is characterized by a seat connected by elastic straps to a door frame or a free-standing frame. Also called an exerciser, it has a simple operating principle: baby stands on the seat so that his or her toes barely touch the floor. The baby jumping seat is an excellent source for developing baby's motor skills. This exerciser also gives your arms and legs a break while letting your child have fun.

But, the baby jumping seat does have its drawbacks. It can stunt your child's growth. If you put a baby under 3 months old on a trainer, it can interfere with the development of the bones in the legs. Also, if the trainer is attached to an unsuitable door frame, its parts will not work as they should and your baby may fall forward or off the trainer.

Multi-activity baby jumper

This tool is very similar to the baby bouncer, but it has an activity tray as well. These are toys that are triggered by the baby's hand movements and are very practical in helping the baby through the stages of development. Its main advantage is that it allows the child to be entertained while jumping up and down. Moreover, all the toys that make them up help to develop a baby's fine motor skills.

However, you have to keep in mind that the multi-activity baby jumper also has its drawbacks. This tool can give him a feeling of loneliness, he can get tired of it after a few months. Furthermore, it can have a negative effect on the development of his hips if you exceed the maximum limit per day (20 min for a series of 3 times per day).


If you want to improve your baby's hand-eye coordination, a multi-activity baby jumper will meet your expectations. If, on the other hand, you want to help your child become independent and develop self-confidence, the baby jumper seat designed for this purpose will be more suitable.

Why buy a baby jumping seat?

Exercise for the child

The baby jumping seat allows the child to stand up without the help of parents. It allows him to perform some simple exercises that will contribute to his development. Thanks to this accessory, the baby can already stretch his legs and work his leg muscles a little, which brings more tone to his body.

Fun for the child

This is the ideal childcare device to help your child explore his environment little by little and more easily. This object gives him pleasure. It can play in an upright position. Being able to stand up by himself, your little one has a lot of freedom and feels more fulfilled. That's what makes your baby laugh so much when you put him in a training seat.

Help for parents

With work, school and other children to attend to, parents don't always have enough time for other activities. By using a baby jumping seat, you can, for example, take the time to prepare dinner. You can keep him close by doing some crafts or gardening.

Gives confidence

This seat is equipped with a safety belt to keep your child secure. By doing so, your child can move around without you worrying about them tripping or falling. In addition, this device offers another significant advantage. It will greatly increase your little one's independence, which will boost their self-confidence.

Plenty of choices

There are hundreds of different designs and models on the market for parents to choose from according to their taste and preference. A trendy and practical tool, the baby bouncer plays an essential role in the development of the child. It is important to choose according to the criteria that best suit your needs.

The best brands of baby jumpers

In our opinion, the best brands of baby jumpers in 2022 are :

Fischer- Price
Baby Einstein
Disney Baby
Bright Stars

Founded in 1991, this American company is known for designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing products for infants and children. The company is known and appreciated for its excellent policies and customer service for shipments, returns and exchanges. Not to mention that the products offered by this brand are of very good quality and safe for toddlers.

Fischer price is a brand of the Mattel company. This company is the owner of one of the strongest portfolios of entertainment franchises for children and families in the world. Their product range includes dolls, vehicles, action figures, construction sets, plush toys, etc. Their baby bouncers are particularly appreciated for their reliability.

This American brand has been owned by the Walt Disney Company since 1996. The brand develops and sells products that expose babies to various forms of human expression - language, poetry, music, art, and science - through stimulating and fun ways. The brand has inherited the reputation of its parent company for the quality of the products it designs. Baby Einstein is also an ideal brand for child safety.

Disney Baby is a brand of the Walt Disney company, especially known for its theme park and its various entertainment films. Thanks to a constantly renewed and innovative product offer, today Disney still offers a whole range of products dedicated to early childhood. And currently, the brand holds the first place in the sector of babies and toddlers.

Parents usually do not hesitate to spend money on Bright Stars products. They are known for their high quality and practicality. Bright Starts toys and baby products are easy to fold, store and carry to make everyday life as simple as possible for parents.

What is the price for a baby jumping seat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Check that the seat is suitable for your baby's size

All baby bouncers are different. Some are made for smaller babies, others for larger babies. If your baby's thighs are too pinched, or the seat puts too much pressure on him, he probably won't have fun on his jumper. That's why it's important to choose a jumper with a seat that fits your little one.

Keep your baby safe in the jump seat

Make sure the safety straps are securely fastened. Install it in a safe place, on a flat floor without sharp objects, away from stairs, furniture, the pool, but also from rope toys to avoid the risk of strangulation. Your child should no longer play with it once it exceeds the recommended weight limit. And most importantly, always keep an eye on your baby when he or she is playing in the jumper.

Do not use the jumper for too long

Certainly, the jumper has many benefits regarding your baby's education and muscle stimulation. However, prolonged daily use may interfere with the natural development of your baby's locomotion. It may take time for your baby to find his or her own balance. It is therefore recommended that the jumper not be used for more than 20 minutes a day.

Get your baby in the gym without the jumper

Even without the jumper, it is possible for your baby to do gymnastics. To do this, lay him on his back and gently move his limbs. For example, take his arms, cross them in front and open them again. As for his legs, bring them close to his tummy, then stretch them out and so on.

Keep toys clean on the jumper

Baby will have a tendency to put certain toys in his mouth, especially when he's teething. It is therefore very important to always clean the toys on the jumper, and even disinfect them if necessary. However, avoid using certain products that may be toxic.


At what age can you put your baby in a bouncy seat?

It is possible to put your child in a baby bouncer seat from 3 months until six or seven months. Indeed, it is from six months that most babies acquire complete control. They start to explore their environment. As a result, falls can occur if you place your baby over seven months in this type of toy.

Are jump seats really practical for babies?

Generally speaking, baby bouncers keep children entertained while exercising their limbs. However, the fabric models are less practical. This is because the fabric seat in which the child is sitting puts the hips in a bad position. This position puts pressure on the joint and can cause damage such as hip dysplasia, which is a kind of deformity.

Why is a bouncy seat good for your baby?

Any baby jumping seat should hold your little one's legs in a natural, relaxed position. Thus, this toy helps to strengthen, stretch and develop the baby's legs to prepare him for crawling and walking. It also gives him a sense of balance without the risk of falling. In addition, the movement and exercise can be stimulating for your baby's mind.

How long can a child be left in a baby jump seat?

Experts generally recommend limiting jumping sessions to 15 to 20 minutes and no more than two sessions per day. If you rely too much on a baby jumping seat, it may accidentally delay your baby's motor development and a deformity may occur.


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Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle CHM91 9
Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle CHM91
Munchkin door hanger 10
Munchkin door hanger
Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle K7198 11
Fischer Price Jumperoo Jungle K7198
Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony 12
Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony


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