The best baby humidifiers in the UK 2023

Is the air too dry? Consider buying a baby humidifier to clean the air in your baby's room. Very high or very low humidity levels can affect the health of your little ones. Indoors, the humidity level can go from 5 to 100% depending on the season. But which model to choose? To make your search easier, we offer you the best models in our buying guide.

InnoBeta Fountain Ultrasonic air humidifier 1

Best value for money

InnoBeta Fountain Ultrasonic air humidifier

Best baby humidifier

It is an air purifier for baby with the function "Silent". It is an ultrasonic model programmable with a remote control. It has a capacity of 3 L.

47,99 £ on Amazon

This humidifier has a very large capacity of 3 liters to humidify a room of 40 m2 all night or all day. It offers a visible and soothing mist. It can properly manage the humidity of an entire house. There are also three levels of mist depending on your needs. There is also a remote control to control the timer inside.

It has an automatic shut-off function. When there is no more water, the humidifier will automatically turn off. The humidity level it delivers is also set with an auto mode. However, there is a control panel so you can customize it if needed. It is very quiet.

ELEHOT Baby Humidifier 2

Best value for money

ELEHOT Baby Humidifier

Best entry-level humidifier

It is an ultrasonic air humidifier. It is very quiet for more comfort in the baby's room. It is equipped with a night light and a touch screen LED.

28,79 £ on Amazon

It is a tabletop humidifier with a cylindrical shape. It is equipped with a 2.5 liter tank that can provide a battery life of about 12 hours for continuous misting. There is also a standby mode. This model of humidifier is specially designed for pregnant women and babies.

With the soft night light, you can improve the quality of your child's sleep. In addition, it works very quietly. You don't hear the noise of the fan or the sound of water droplets. It is at the same time an essential oil diffuser. When there is no more water in the tank, the device turns off automatically. Apart from that, it is very easy to disinfect and clean.

Levoit Air Humidifier 3

Best value for money

Levoit Air Humidifier

Best premium baby humidifier

BPA-free, it is a high-end product capable of treating a room of 40 m². With a nice touch screen, it has a 6-liter tank and is voice-activated.

63,99 £ on Amazon

With an effective range of 40m², this baby humidifier purifies the air naturally (by evaporation) to have a correct humidity level. Ideal in the room of a baby, it is easy to use, because one fills the tank of 6 L by the top. It works with either tap water or filtered water.

For a total well-being, you can add a few drops of essential oils in the tank provided for this purpose. Don't get up at night anymore since this device connects to your smartphone. You will be able to adjust the various features. Moreover, it has a function that automatically adjusts the mist level. Finally, sleep peacefully because it does not exceed 30 dB.

TaoTronics Air Humidifier 4

Alternative quality

TaoTronics Air Humidifier

Quality alternative

This baby humidifier has a 3.5L tank and is very quiet with a 10 hour run time. It proposes an output of mist going from 0 to 300mL/h.

34,39 £ on Amazon

The Homasy 3.5L Baby Humidifier offers a cool mist function by releasing a fine mist continuously for 10 hours. It offers seven different ambient lights to soothe the baby. Indeed, it creates a soft atmosphere in the room. There is a button to adjust the volume of misting to enjoy a greater autonomy, but the maximum flow is 330mL/h.

The ceramic filter can filter out any impurities and bacteria in the water. The device is powerful enough to ensure perfect humidification of the room where the baby is. It is also very quiet and easy to use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby humidifier

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Best baby humidifier

Best entry-level humidifier

Best premium baby humidifier

Quality alternative

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Comparison table of the best baby humidifiers

InnoBeta Fountain Ultrasonic air humidifier 5
ELEHOT Baby Humidifier 6
Levoit Air Humidifier 7
TaoTronics Air Humidifier 8
InnoBeta Fountain Ultrasonic air humidifier
ELEHOT Baby Humidifier
Levoit Air Humidifier
TaoTronics Air Humidifier
It is an air purifier for baby with the function "Silent". It is an ultrasonic model programmable with a remote control. It has a capacity of 3 L.
It is an ultrasonic air humidifier. It is very quiet for more comfort in the baby's room. It is equipped with a night light and a touch screen LED.
BPA-free, it is a high-end product capable of treating a room of 40 m². With a nice touch screen, it has a 6-liter tank and is voice-activated.
This baby humidifier has a 3.5L tank and is very quiet with a 10 hour run time. It proposes an output of mist going from 0 to 300mL/h.
40 m2
Medium size
70 m2
Comfort level
27 W
110 W
30 W

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Buying guide - baby humidifier

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How to choose your baby humidifier

Even if some brands offer a particular brand or model, it is still important to impose some criteria to make the right choice. The health of the baby is very fragile and it is for this reason that one should not rush during the research.

#1 - Autonomy

The choice of the most suitable baby humidifier depends mainly on its duration of use. It is about your needs and the way you are going to use it. If you intend to use it only in the evening, opt for devices with a small tank. An ultrasonic device with a capacity between 2 and 3 liters will suffice because they offer an autonomy of 10 to 25 hours. On the other hand, for an all-day use, there are humidifiers with 5 liters of tank for an autonomy of 40 hours.

#2 - Integration of the hygrometer


a home with a baby, the optimum humidity or hygrometry level is 40-60%. A persistent cough, allergies, frequent breathing problems, these are all symptoms of too dry air in the house. Babies are the most sensitive because they are very fragile.

There are models of humidifiers that have a function inside designed to calculate the humidity level in the room. Thus, you can adjust the humidity level in the baby's room. This will save you the trouble of buying a humidistat. There are even models that offer an automatic adjustment of the humidity level in the house with a variation that can go from 30 to 90%. It is also possible to make a manual adjustment according to your needs.

#3 - Humidifying area and flow rate


capacity of the tank has an influence on the steam projected. Thus, it is important to choose your baby humidifier according to your child's room. Generally speaking, the unit is placed in the center of the room so that the steam can reach every corner of the house. Baby humidifier models can reach 20 to 50 min 2 s. A 4-liter ultrasonic unit is suitable for a room of about 30 min 2 s.

The humidification capacity varies between 200 ml/h and 400 ml/h depending on the models on the market. The humidification area varies according to this spray rate. If the device operates at its maximum flow rate, the autonomy will be reduced (for example, by 8 hours), at medium flow rate, it will be able to operate much longer (for example, by 10 hours).

It is also possible to switch to intermittent spray mode or continuous spray mode depending on your needs for more autonomy.

#4 - The proposed options

There are

baby humidifier models that offer additional options. They are more interesting to offer a warmer atmosphere and improve the quality of baby's sleep. There are even units that can be connected to the smartphone for those who want high tech. Others have remote controls for remote control from another room.

Other features may also be offered depending on the model you purchase such as:

  • An antibacterial system
  • A timer function
  • A digital display
  • An ionization or air purification function

Some baby humidifiers have a special compartment for essential oil diffusion. For this, you must first consult your pediatrician to know the needs of your child and the appropriate dosage according to his age.

#5 - The technology used and the design

On the

market, there are baby humidifiers that offer several technologies. Some devices emit cold steam, by ultrasound. This is the most suitable system for a child.

For the design, it is necessary to optimize the less cumbersome devices. The best would be to have a smaller device, but which presents all the functionalities which one needs. It should fit easily in the suitcase so that you can take it on vacation.


Humidifier-diffusers can be found on the market. However, it is necessary to ask the opinion of a pediatrician before putting the drops of essential oils.

How do I clean and maintain my baby humidifier?

No matter what humidifier you have at home, you need to go through cleaning frequently for safety. Descaling is the main action to take to avoid various health problems due to pollution. Indeed, the limestone which is too present in the water scales the device. It is necessary to proceed to a regular cleaning.

To do this, start by unplugging your appliance. You can do the cleaning by making a solution with white vinegar and clear water. After soaking all parts with the mixture, it should be left for a few hours. This will make it easier to remove the stains. All yellowish parts or parts with brown deposits should be brushed with a small brush. These are most noticeable on the heating tank or the tank base. It is also possible to find green stains, it is necessary to remove everything because they are algae that form with the stagnation of water and dust. Don't forget the filters and pads of the humidifier, as well as the lamps. We finish by gently wringing out the device with a clean cloth.

It is best to repeat this little ritual of cleaning the baby humidifier every three days or five days at the most. This will ensure good air quality for your baby.

The different types of baby humidifiers

On the market, there are three main types of baby humidifiers. There is the classic humidifier or saturator, the high-tech electric humidifier and the ultrasonic humidifier.

The saturator humidifier

This is the most classic humidifier. It is a small ceramic container that you fill with water, which you place or attach to the radiators. Financially, it is a more affordable system. It is also very simple to use. With this type of humidifier, the water evaporates very slowly according to the heat that the heater diffuses.

This is the most common model that parents prefer for their baby's room. It is very easy to use

. It is suitable for all types of rooms to humidify the air. However, this remains its main function. It is not very convenient if you don't have a heater.

The electric baby humidifier


electric baby humidifier is the most sophisticated model on the market. They are mostly used in homes that have an electric radiator heating system, inverted air conditioner or floor heating system. Indeed, these heating systems dry the air and can cause persistent health problems. This is why it is essential to use electric humidifiers in parallel.

They have the particularity of diffusing a mist in the air to have an optimal humidity rate

in the room where the baby is. On the market, we can distinguish the electric humidifier with hot or cold vapor. The risk of burning can occur with the non-programmable use of a hot steam humidifier.

Ultrasonic baby humidifier


an ultrasonic baby humidifier, offers more assurance and safety of use

. Thus, it is more comfortable for the baby. It has a removable tank that can be filled with water as you go. It works by diffusing a fine and cold mist in the air to increase the humidity level in the child's room. You can also diffuse essential oil. Most models have a built-in hygrometer to calculate and set the optimal humidity level.

The advantages of a baby humidifier are numerous. It works discreetly by creating a very fine mist in the room. However, the main disadvantage is the rather expensive cost of these devices compared to other models.

Humidifier or diffuser?

Air humidifier

The humidifier is a special device that is designed to stabilize the humidity level in the room. In very dry climates, it is essential to check the humidity level in the air to avoid health problems for babies. This is especially necessary during the autumn and winter months when the heating is used to the maximum. There are humidifiers for babies that diffuse mist, evaporation, turbine or ultrasound devices.

The main advantages are that it fights dry air and helps the baby to fall asleep faster. It relieves allergies, asthma and colds. It also fights snoring by improving air quality.

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks with this type of device. Cleaning some models can be quite tedious. There are also those that are not adapted to essential oils and that emit more noise.


The diffuser is a device that is used especially for essential oils. It plays more particularly a role for aromatherapy. Thus, its main function is to distribute essential oil in the room to enjoy its benefits and to increase the immune system.

It can improve the atmosphere perfectly in the child's room by diffusing a fresh mist. Thus, it can purify the air to ensure the perfect health of the child. This is especially necessary if the baby suffers from allergies and cannot tolerate too much pollution. The diffuser gives a stimulating and relaxing effect depending on the essential oil used. Most often, it is equipped with a special lighting system to remove fatigue from the mind.

However, the diffuser is a bit expensive and some models are noisier. Sometimes, the lighting device cannot be adjusted and this disrupts sleep. Distilled water should be used in the diffuser and not tap water to preserve health.


In short, it all depends on your needs, the characteristics of your child's room and the results you expect. For daily use, opt for baby humidifiers, but for occasional use, choose a diffuser instead. Only, ask first the opinion of the pediatrician for the dosage of the essential oil to put in the device. This will prevent you from harming your child's health.

Humidity level

If your baby humidifier cannot calculate the humidity level in the room, buy a special device for this purpose. Indeed, a too high level of humidity will also be harmful for the health of the baby.

The best brands of baby humidifiers

In our opinion, the best brands of baby humidifiers in 2022 are :


Phillips is a very old brand that has maintained its reputation because of the quality of its products. They manufacture several types of electronic devices to simplify daily life. The brand is reliable in all aspects.

It is an American company that specializes in manufacturing air purifier, air humidifier, salt lamp, air humidifier and aroma diffusers. For a long time, it has been offering products of exceptional quality. The brand is interesting on the quality/price ratio offered.

It is known for manufacturing device with futuristic design. It is also in the market for several years already. Their products sell at interesting prices.

Homasy is a brand known worldwide for the quality of its products. It offers very good quality humidifiers, but also other electronic devices. You should turn to this brand if you want a good product at an affordable price.

It is a German brand that manufactures products on a wide range of choices. It is particularly famous because its products are very robust. It always ranks among the best brands.

What is the price for a baby humidifier

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


The season to use a baby humidifier

The baby humidifier is more essential in summer and winter. In the summer, cold air absorbs moisture and in the summer, there is more pollution in the air and we must act by using a good humidifier. However, the use of this device is not limited. It can be used in spring or fall depending on the humidity level in the baby's room knowing that a normal level is 40% to 60% with a percentage of 50% to 55% in a baby's room.

Choose the right place to install a baby humidifier


ideal place to place the humidifier is in the middle of the room. This way, the humidification will be able to reach the entire room. It will release a humid mist, which is why it should be placed in a free and clear area. It must be placed at least thirty centimeters away from the walls. It should also be placed on a stable and flat surface. Do not place it next to any electronic or textile device to avoid problems.

Be smart about which device to put in a room


can place the humidifier in any room of the house, but you should give preference to places where you will spend more time. This is especially true for the bedroom and living room. Depending on your preferences, favor more discreet devices in the baby's room so as not to interfere with their sleep.

Take care of your baby humidifier


you do anything for cleaning or maintenance, check the device's instructions. This is essential so as not to affect its quality. It is done regularly according to the prescription written there. The same goes for the products to be used and the frequency of water change.

Use your baby humidifier wisely

In a

baby's room, the optimal temperature goes from 18 °C to 21 °C. If it goes up to 28°C, it is already problematic. You have to be careful to set the temperature right because an infant can't handle a very cold or hot climate. Even if you use a humidifier, be careful about the air circulation in the room. From noon to 3 p.m., windows should be closed during the hot summer months. During this heat, you can run your humidifier cool.


What is the best baby humidifier?

The best baby humidifier depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Why use a humidifier in the baby's room?

The installation of a humidifier for baby in his room allows to avoid the various problems caused by the bad quality of the air and the pollution. This gesture limits nasal infections, allergies, bronchitis, conjunctivitis... It also protects him against fatigue, poor sleep quality, dry skin...

How to use a baby humidifier?

To use it, you must air the room or the house. Then, it is necessary to install the humidifier in the center of the room by clearing its surroundings. You put healthy water in it and change it regularly. You start by following the procedures indicated on the notice. Finally, you must also maintain your device regularly.

How to adjust a humidifier?

It depends on the models you have. In fact, for the latest technology baby humidifiers, all the settings are displayed on the screen. You have to enter the options and set the humidity level you want. Finally, you also have to press the dial to confirm. In our list of recommended products, we suggest humidifiers that are easy to start and even connected.

What are the signs of too dry air in the room?

As soon as the air becomes dry, it has a direct impact on the health of the baby. The dust level increases in the house and there is a strong presence of static electricity. There will also be small cracks in the wooden floors and furniture. Musical instruments will be out of tune and there will be a sharp catch in the throat.


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