The best baby high chairs in the UK 2023

From 6 months onwards, your little one starts his food diversification, but you won't be able to put him in a classic chair because he won't stay still. The solution? The baby high chair: safer, more practical and offering a cocooning effect. Traditional, evolving or convertible model, which one suits your child best? More details in this guide!

Sweety Fox Evolutive

Editor's Choice

Sweety Fox Evolutive

The best baby high chair in 2021

With the Sweety Fox Evolutive highchair, your baby can eat in comfort. This high chair is of superior quality and comes at a very attractive price.

119 £ on Amazon

You will no longer have trouble feeding your baby with the Sweety Fox Evolution. The height of this evolving chair is adjustable on seven levels. With a few simple movements, you can adjust it to the size of your baby and the size of the dining table. In addition to the height, you can also adjust the backrest in five levels and the footrest in three levels.

Baby's safety comes first! That's why this high chair features a reliable five-point safety harness that's easy to open and close. The clip-on tray is BPA-free so baby can eat safely. Importantly, you'll be able to fold it in a jiffy and store it in a corner of the kitchen or dining room.

Hauck Alpha +

Best cheapest

Hauck Alpha +

The best entry-level baby high chair

You will be seduced by the incredible sturdiness and ergonomics of the Hauck Alpha +: a cheap baby high chair that can be used from the first months until adulthood.

51,99 £ on Amazon

The Hauck Alpha + has been designed with very strong beech wood. This allows it to support up to 90 kg of load, which is more than the average weight of an adult. Baby will be able to sit comfortably in it when you give him his daily meals. You could adjust the seat's inclination, its height and the tray's height according to the child's size to maximize comfort.

In addition, your baby will be able to sit safely on this high chair especially since it is a model that fully complies with the European standard EN 14988-1+2. A five-point harness with crotch lock will keep him in place even if he wriggles a lot. By removing the tray, you can also use it as an extra seat for an adult at the dining table. Even more practical, this baby high chair is compatible with the Alpha Bouncer bouncer from the same brand.

Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me

Best high end

Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me

The best high-end baby high chair

More than a high chair, the Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me can be used as a bouncer and a swing to ensure your little one's comfort in all circumstances.

176 £ on Amazon

The Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me is a compact high chair of high quality. The finish of the materials already reflects its quality. The design is not to be outdone. The comfortable seat of the highchair can slide on the frame. With a few movements, the Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me can be transformed into a bouncer or a swing. The removable double tray can be adjusted to 2 positions while the height can be adjusted to 9 levels. Adapt the configuration according to your needs and situations.

The Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me can accommodate babies from birth to 36 months. The soft, padded seat has a five-point belt that is easy to install yet very reliable and effective. Thanks to the set of transport wheels, you can move this multifunctional high chair without any difficulty even when baby is sitting on it.

Joovy Nook

Excellent choice

Joovy Nook

The best compact baby high chair

Are you short of space in your home? Choose the Joovy Nook. It will welcome your little one in the greatest comfort until it reaches 23 kg.

115 £ on Amazon

The Joovy Nook baby high chair is easy to use. A retractable steel frame supports the comfortable seat. The folding of the base is easily done with one hand. Of course, the seat is also foldable. You can adjust it in 4 positions according to the size of the baby. The highchair has a maximum load capacity of 23 kg and can be used for babies up to 3 years. Once folded, this model remains compact and will easily find a small place in your kitchen, dining room, living room... Moreover, you have the choice to take it with you on your outdoor outings: picnic, camping, etc.

Baby gets very dirty while eating. That's why the seat cover is made of synthetic leather which is very easy to clean. The removable tray is just as easy to clean. To ensure good stability of the chair, anti-slip and anti-scratch heels are placed on the base of the chair.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby high chair

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The best baby high chair in 2021

The best entry-level baby high chair

The best high-end baby high chair

The best compact baby high chair

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Comparison table of the best baby high chairs

Sweety Fox Evolutive
Hauck Alpha +
Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me
Joovy Nook
Sweety Fox Evolutive
Hauck Alpha +
Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me
Joovy Nook
With the Sweety Fox Evolutive highchair, your baby can eat in comfort. This high chair is of superior quality and comes at a very attractive price.
You will be seduced by the incredible sturdiness and ergonomics of the Hauck Alpha +: a cheap baby high chair that can be used from the first months until adulthood.
More than a high chair, the Peg Perego Tatamia Follow Me can be used as a bouncer and a swing to ensure your little one's comfort in all circumstances.
Are you short of space in your home? Choose the Joovy Nook. It will welcome your little one in the greatest comfort until it reaches 23 kg.
Recommended age
6 months to 3 years
From 6 months to 90 kg
0-36 months
From 6 months to 23 kg
103 x 52 x 71 cm
48 x 56 x 77 cm
59 x 78 x 107 cm
80.01 x 58.42 x 104.14 cm
Height adjustable
Plastic, polyurethane
Beech wood
Leatherette cover, sturdy plastic.
Synthetic leather tray and seat

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Buying guide - baby high chair

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How to choose your baby high chair

The choice of a baby high chair should not be made in haste, as many parameters must be taken into consideration to ensure the comfort and safety of the little one during meals.

#1 - Safety and comfort

As with all baby equipment, it is imperative that the high chair has safety features built in. Some of the most common ones are the belt, harness, straps, anti-skid feet, wheel brakes, etc. Generally speaking, highchairs should incorporate at least 3 of these features. The softness of the material, the adjustability of the backrest and footrest, and the thickness of the padding allow baby to sit comfortably in the highchair. It is also a play area for baby. And as such, the design and width of the tray are of great importance.

#2 - Modularity

The maneuverability of the high chair must be high. Indeed, this criterion concerns the adjustment of the product in order to make it more ergonomic. Therefore, you need to make sure that the backrest can be reclined in different positions, as well as the seat and footrest adjustable in height or the backrest adjustable in depth. To make it easier to store and not be cluttered when not in use, the high chair should preferably be light and foldable. In addition to the ease of storage, these qualities should make it possible to transport it during vacations or family trips.

#3 - Scalability

Most high chairs are intended for children aged 6 minus. Most highchairs are designed for children aged 6 and under, as baby must be able to sit up. However, the most progressive models can be used only a few weeks after birth and accompany baby throughout his growth. The Chicco Polly Progres5 can be used from birth in the reclining position, like a bouncer, and then be used as a high chair from 6 months. The famous Stokke Tripp Trapp can be used until adolescence or even adulthood. This wooden model has no real weight limit!

The design

The current trend is for plain colors or discreet patterns. Gone are the teddy bears and childish characters, ease of cleaning and matching with other furniture is more important than anything else! There are wooden or plastic folding high chairs with padded seats and metal legs. Vintage high chairs are very decorative, but not necessarily the most functional.

Teach your baby good eating habits

  • Don't give your child baby baby food for too long

Once your child starts eating solid foods, stop feeding baby food gradually. By her first birthday, your child should be off baby food. This will make it easier for your child to transition to a normal diet and make the transition to solids less daunting.

  • Don't give up using a baby high chair too soon

If sitting in your child's high chair is a sign that it's time for a meal, you may be upsetting that habit. If you're trying to get your child to eat with you at the table, you may have a hard time keeping them still. So it's best to keep the high chair until your child is at least 3 years old.

  • Establish feeding schedules

The mistake most parents make is to offer their children endless snacks: in the car, in the park, at home, etc. The ideal is to space out meals and eat at more regular times with less snacking. But don't forget to give them a light snack.

  • Help baby focus on eating

To do this, avoid distracting them while they are eating. Turn off the TV at mealtime and don't let your child play with a blanket or toy. This can be distracting. Remember, a meal that is enjoyed is a thousand times more delicious and healthy. That goes for you as well as your child.

  • Eat at the same time as your baby

It's a great way to bond with your child and to teach him or her good table manners, as you'll be setting an example. It will also allow your little one to be more independent. He will learn to hold his spoon and feed himself. It will be easier for him to accept certain foods when he sees that you have the same thing on your plate.

The different types of baby high chairs

Discover the different types of high chairs on the market today with their advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional high chairs

This category ranges from basic to high-end models. Designed primarily for home use, the traditional high chair cannot fold up to take on a trip. Traditional models make good second high chairs to leave with grandparents. They may also be of interest to budget and vintage furniture lovers.

However, the durability of traditional high chairs leaves something to be desired. Plus, they can't convert to a child's chair and some of the locks are easy for a child to undo.

Convertible high chairs


you plan to use the baby high chair exclusively at home, a modular or convertible model might be a very good choice. The removable tray can be removed when baby no longer wants it. Convertible high chairs usually consist of a base and a seat unit with a tray. If needed, the seat unit can be lifted directly from the chair frame, with or without the tray, and attached to an adult chair.

As your child grows, the booster tray can be removed and the seat base moved closer so that the child can dine at the table. It's too bad that their scalability is limited! Plus, most models have a base that doesn't fold.

Evolving high chairs


evolving high chair represents the best of the best. No wonder most manufacturers focus their offerings on this exact type. An evolving high chair can accompany from birth to 3 years, 5 years, or adolescence in some cases. Initially configured as a bouncer, it transforms into a high chair from 6 months to end up as a real chair.

This type of chair is gaining popularity due to its aesthetics and adaptability. However, to get it, you have to pay the price! This is quite a big investment since few children use it beyond the age of 3.

Baby high chair or chair booster?

Baby high chair

The high chair is a piece of furniture that can be padded to offer comfort to baby while he eats. This furniture comes in several types: traditional, evolving and convertible. The convertible and evolving models can be adjusted in height and width as the child grows. The tray is removable and can be used as a chair for the child later on when he or she is older. In terms of safety, today's highchairs have been ingeniously designed to protect the child from falls via a protective harness system that complies with current standards.

However, wooden models cannot be modified and are cumbersome. A convertible or evolving baby high chair would take up much less space. They are certainly more expensive, but these versions are well worth the money and are a good investment!

Chair riser

The chair booster is a plastic accessory that attaches to an existing chair with straps. The harness of the booster seat holds the child in place while the child is sitting in it. The advantage of the chair booster is that it is portable because it is lightweight and foldable. So you can take it with you on a picnic or when you go out to eat with your little one.

However, the chair booster does not have only advantages. Some models do not allow children under 10 months of age to sit comfortably in them. A small child may slip between the harnesses. If you tighten the straps too much, the child will be uncomfortable. Apart from that, in terms of safety, a booster seat is less stable and therefore less secure than a high chair, especially when baby gets restless.


The choice of a high chair or booster seat is entirely up to you, but if you often have to eat somewhere public with your baby, a booster seat is lighter and more portable than a high chair. Just make sure it's propped up against a wall for stability. However, if safety is important to you, a high chair that meets the standards for childcare products is the best option for you.

Why buy a baby high chair?

So that baby feels at ease

Very comfortable, the high chair allows baby to gradually integrate the family circle with meals at the table alongside dad, mum and siblings. It's a change from the cradle or the pushchair. And it allows him to take his meals in a better posture, which also promotes good digestion.

To eat and play without risk

It's well known to parents: from the age of 1, baby becomes a real machine for destroying everything he touches! With a high chair, he will stay in place to eat or play under the supervision of his parents. This proximity alone gives baby security and confidence.

A wise investment

Among the highchairs available on the market, some are said to be "evolving", due to their ability to adapt as the child grows. Some models can be used from birth to 3 years old. Others can even be used up to adulthood!

For the practical side

All parents find it pleasant to hold their baby in their arms. But it's not always practical, especially when you have to feed him at the same time! The highchair allows you to keep your hands free to feed your baby while avoiding getting dirty.

The best brands of baby high chairs

In our opinion, the best brands of baby high chairs in 2022 are :

Peg Perego
Safety 1st

With over 60 years of experience, the Chicco brand is a reference in the manufacture and marketing of childcare products. The brand is especially appreciated for its easy-to-use products that meet the daily needs of parents and children during each stage of their growth.

Peg Perego has been in the childcare business for over 50 years and is the second Italian brand in this ranking. Its strollers and car seats are world famous, as are its high chairs. You will hardly find better than the Prima Pappa series.

Kinderkraft is a brand that often comes up when comparing childcare items, proof of quality if some still had doubts. Its innovations and safety concerns are sure to reassure parents. The best brand for those who want to buy smart.

Founded in 1932, the Norwegian brand Stokke is a manufacturer of furniture and accessories for children. Its most famous achievement is undoubtedly the Tripp Trapp high chair developed by the Norwegian furniture designer Peter Opsvik. This piece of furniture, the most sold in Norway, has revolutionized the world market of baby high chairs.

This brand belongs to the Dorel Group, which owns other big names in childcare such as Bébé Confort, Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, Hoppop and Baby Art. The name was specifically chosen to make our little angels feel safe. The articles signed Safety 1st are a must have.

What is the price for a baby high chair

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

28 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Secure the high chair.

Before putting your baby in the highchair, make sure it doesn't move. If it has wheels, lock them before using it. If you have a low-profile high chair or booster seat, make sure it is securely attached to the chair.

The high chair is not a chair.

Many falls occur when baby stands on the high


The highchair is not suitable for any position other than sitting. Protect your child, don't let him or her stand or crouch in it.

Always keep an eye on your baby.


if he seems safe, never leave your baby unattended while he is sitting in a high


He could fall out, even if you strap him in perfectly. There's no such thing as zero risk. And because he's learning to eat, there's also a risk of choking. Be vigilant.

The highchair is not a playground.


't let the child sit in or near the chair outside of mealtime. Children can knock over the chair and get hurt if they push or climb on it. Store the high chair out of the child's reach when not in use.

Clean the highchair regularly.

Food spills and baby's saliva provide the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Remember to clean and disinfect the highchair regularly to prevent your toddler from getting sick.


What is the best baby high chair?

The best baby high chair depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

A high chair for babies from what age?

A high chair can be used for a baby once he or she is able to sit up. This applies in particular to babies aged 7 months and over whose backs are already more or less strong.

Can a baby high chair support the weight of a standing child?

No. Be aware that the straps on a high chair were not designed to support a rising child. In the worst case scenario, the child could detach the chair's safety devices and have a bad fall.

Are there any specific precautions to take when handling a folding chair?

Yes, folding chairs are more dangerous than conventional models. Therefore, make sure that the chair's fastenings are securely fastened during assembly. This is to prevent them from coming loose just as you are putting your toddler in. When unfolding the chair, make sure that your child does not get a finger caught in the joints of the locking device.


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