The best baby carriers in the UK 2023

Did you know that frequent natural carrying of a baby reduces crying by 50%? And a child who cries less is a child who grows better. When it comes to carrying your baby, you have different baby carrier options. To find the right model for you and your child, here's a complete buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Boba Wrap 1

Best value for money

Boba Wrap

The best baby sling

Regardless of the color you choose, the Boba Wrap is 5 m long. It is perfectly suited to all morphologies. Made of bamboo viscose, cotton and elastane, this model can be worn in winter as well as in summer.

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One size fits all, the Boba Wrap allows you to carry your baby from birth until they reach 50 pounds. It is made of stretchy fabric, 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It can be machine washed without any problem. Ideal for creating a feeling of closeness between you and your baby, this model is unmatched in its durability.

The baby's weight is evenly distributed, so you won't get tired during long walks. Moreover, it is suitable for both men and women thanks to its length of 5 m. With such an accessory, you can breastfeed your child at any time and in complete privacy.

Infantino Together

Best value for money

Infantino Together

The best entry-level baby sling

Some parents are reluctant to put their child in a baby carrier before the age of 3 months. This is not the case with the Infantino Together as it fits babies from 3.6 to 11.3 kg. Comfort and safety are at the rendezvous!

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Suitable for children from 3.6 to 11.3 kg, the Infantino Together is made entirely of soft knitted and stretchy fabric. It is a very easy to put on baby carrier with a comfortable and ergonomic seat. It allows you to create a special bond with your baby while keeping your hands free. Available in one size, it is suitable for all body types.

The Infantino Together Chinese Baby Carrier has no clasps or buckles, making it safer. It combines all the advantages of a classic model and a sling. Easy to use and versatile, this baby carrier can be worn on the stomach, back or hip.

Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360

Best value for money

Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360

The best high-end baby sling

The Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360 is one of the most complete diapers available. It will serve you from the birth of your baby until he is 3 years old. It's comfortable for both you and your baby, and it's lightweight and practical.

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Make the most of the closeness between you and your child with the Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360 baby carrier. The comfort level is enhanced by the material used in its manufacture, namely 3D Air Mesh. The wide waist belt is accompanied by padded shoulder straps that greatly reduce the risk of fatigue and pressure on the back and shoulders.

With the Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360, you can adopt one of 4 carrying positions. This physiological baby carrier will provide softness and comfort to both parent and baby. You can also adjust the size and width of the seat according to your morphology.

Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 2

A great choice

Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1

An example of flexibility

This baby carrier is very practical. Besides its ergonomic seat, the accessory is also easy to adjust according to your needs. The carrying modes at your disposal give you the opportunity to adapt it according to the age of your child.

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The Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1, as its name suggests, is a baby carrier model offering up to 4 carrying modes (front and back). It is equipped with an ergonomic seat offering maximum comfort to your little one. The padded shoulder straps and the adjustable belt ensure an even distribution of the child's weight.

The included bib effectively protects the baby carrier as well as the parent's clothes. The Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 is made of cotton and polyester and can be machine cleaned. By choosing this model, you will enjoy 2 great advantages: you will have your hands free while always having your child close to you.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby carrier

Any specific needs?

The best baby sling

The best entry-level baby sling

The best high-end baby sling

An example of flexibility

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Comparison table of the best baby carriers

Boba Wrap 3
Infantino Together
Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360
Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 4
Boba Wrap
Infantino Together
Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360
Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1
Regardless of the color you choose, the Boba Wrap is 5 m long. It is perfectly suited to all morphologies. Made of bamboo viscose, cotton and elastane, this model can be worn in winter as well as in summer.
Some parents are reluctant to put their child in a baby carrier before the age of 3 months. This is not the case with the Infantino Together as it fits babies from 3.6 to 11.3 kg. Comfort and safety are at the rendezvous!
The Ergobaby Cool Air Omni 360 is one of the most complete diapers available. It will serve you from the birth of your baby until he is 3 years old. It's comfortable for both you and your baby, and it's lightweight and practical.
This baby carrier is very practical. Besides its ergonomic seat, the accessory is also easy to adjust according to your needs. The carrying modes at your disposal give you the opportunity to adapt it according to the age of your child.
680 g
430 g
771.11 g
600 g
Carrying sling
Mei Tai Baby Carrier
Classic baby carrier
Classic baby carrier
95% cotton, 5% Spandex
Soft stretch fabric
100% Polyester
Cotton and polyester
Recommended age
Born at 15 kg
3.6 to 11.3 kg
0 to 3 years old
From 3.5 to 14.5 kg
Machine washable

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Buying guide - baby carrier

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How to choose your baby carrier

You have decided to buy a baby sling. Now the first question you ask yourself is "which baby carrier is best?". More specifically, you need to ask yourself "which baby carrier is best for my needs?".

Once you start asking questions, you will notice that you will be inundated with recommendations. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. However, the only person who can answer this question is you. There are many factors to consider when choosing a baby carrier. Here are the most important factors to consider before buying your baby carrier.

#1 - Ease of use

Some baby carriers are particularly easy to use while others take a little getting used to. Either way, you should make sure that the carrier comes with printed instructions. Some slings even come with an instructional DVD. There are also many instructional guides and videos available online.

No matter what type of baby sling you are going to buy, it will soon become second nature with a little practice!

#2 - Age and weight of the baby


age and weight of your baby will largely determine which sling will work best for you. These two elements will already allow you to rule out certain models and narrow down your selection. Most of the classic baby carriers on the market can support a maximum weight of between 15 and 20 kg depending on the brand.

Premature babies and babies with low muscle tone need more support. The safest option in this case is a baby sling. Few conventional models can provide the necessary support. For newborns and babies over 4 months of age with no particular problems, the choice is much wider. Just choose a baby carrier designed to fit your baby's size and age.

#3 - Upholstery

Many carriers have shoulder padding, and some models also include padded leg supports to enhance baby's comfort. Padding is great for comfort, although it adds a little bulk and can increase the temperature.

If you plan to use your carrier for long periods of time, weigh the pros and cons of padding carefully. Most users like the extra comfort provided by the shoulder padding, and it's usually only an issue in very hot climates or when using the carrier for hiking.

#4 - Carrying positions


sling models give you the option of carrying a baby in different positions: baby face in, baby face out, hip carry, back carry, hammock carry


Not all baby carriers can allow all positions. So if there is a certain position you want to wear your baby in, it is important to read the baby carrier's features and watch online tests and video tutorials for you which brand and style of baby carrier will be able to meet your needs.

#5 - Ergonomics


ergonomic baby carrier includes a wide base that supports the baby's legs. Typically, the baby's knees are positioned higher than their bottom (around the height of their belly button). This is the "M" position. The baby should be able to swing their legs freely. If the baby's leg movement is restricted, the seat is too wide and should be adjusted (if possible). Proper support and positioning promotes healthy development of the spine and hip.

How to properly use a sling?

Wraps are a great way to carry your baby. But it is essential to position your baby safely. We will explain the right way to do it.

A sling is usually a structured piece of fabric that allows you to carry your baby against your body, against your tummy or on your back. It's a great way to keep your baby close to you, as he or she can hear your heartbeat, feel your body heat and snuggle up tightly as you move around.

Unfortunately, baby slings come with some risk. Fortunately, they are very rare, but there are simple, easy-to-remember guidelines for carrying your baby safely.

Here are the key things to remember:

  • Keep your baby close and secure and check his or her position frequently.
  • The sling should hold your baby high and tight against your chest, not around your waist or hips. It should fit your body.
  • Your baby should be close enough to kiss, with his head as close to your chin as possible.
  • In a vertical sling, your baby should be held comfortably close to you so that his back is supported in its natural position and his tummy and chest are against you.
  • If a sling is too loose, it could collapse, which could partially close the airway. This can be tested by placing a hand on your baby's back and pressing gently. It should not move away from or toward you.

The different types of baby carriers

There are basically 3 types of baby carriers: the classic baby carrier, the sling and the Mei-Tai baby carrier.

Classic or structured baby carrier

This is probably what most parents have in mind when they think of baby carriers. So-called classic or structured baby carriers have padded shoulder straps and a thick, padded waistband that you have to tie around your waist. Once you do that, the fabric creates a pouch for the baby. The panel (the bottom fabric where the baby sits) should be wide enough to provide the necessary support for the baby's hips and legs.

Typically, all conventional baby carriers have adjustable straps, which allows the user to find the most comfortable and ergonomic fit possible. These adjustable straps also help to distribute the baby's weight evenly. What's really great about this type of baby carrier is that you can use them on the front and back and sometimes even on the hip. On the other hand, classic baby slings are usually more expensive than other types of baby slings.

The sling

This is the most traditional and simple type of baby sling, but not the easiest to put on especially for young moms. The sling is a long piece of fabric that you need to wrap around your body and your baby. By tying the loose ends of the fabric, you create a comfortable and secure place for your baby. There are different ways to tie the wrap around your body, which can be a little difficult at first, but after a few tries, it becomes much easier.

However, if you want a wrap that is much easier to put on, choose one with a ring.

Generally speaking, slings are versatile and you will be able to carry your baby in a variety of positions. In addition, this type of sling is available in a wide variety of fabrics and styles. However, in order to use it successfully, you need practice.

The other disadvantage of a baby sling is that most of the fabrics used can feel hot to parents. However, there are baby slings made of breathable fabric.

The Mei-Taï baby carrier

This is a hybrid baby sling that combines the features of a traditional baby carrier and a baby sling. Most Mei-Tai slings look like a structured sling, but here you have long pieces of fabric that you have to tie properly around your hip, back and neck.

A Mei-Tai baby carrier can be used to carry a baby on the front, back or hip. It has a very wide adjustment and is suitable for both newborns and babies over 4 months. You can find Mei-Tai baby carriers made from attractive fabrics in a variety of beautiful colors. Some models have nice padding on the straps.

However, like a sling, using a Mei-Tai baby carrier takes practice. It's not very complicated, but you still need to learn how to tie it to keep the baby safe and to distribute the baby's weight evenly.

Classic baby carrier or sling?

Classic baby carrier

The classic baby carrier is probably the most common type of baby carrier. It is the model that comes to mind for many people when they think of a baby carrier. The main advantage of a classic baby carrier is that it is easy to use, so it is perfect for new parents. It is quick and easy to place your baby in it and adjust it as needed.

While classic baby carriers can be a great choice for new parents, there are a few things to consider before you jump in. First, they tend to be expensive. They are also bulkier and can be difficult to store in a bag.

Carrying slings

A sling is a great way to keep your baby close to you for long periods of time. Known for their comfort and ability to distribute baby's weight evenly, slings are the most comfortable type of baby carrier to wear, especially with newborns.

On the other hand, it takes some time to learn how to use a sling properly. The versatility of a sling will give you an unparalleled carrying experience with your baby in the first few months.


If you want a baby carrier that is quick and easy to put on, the classic baby carrier will suit you better. However, you should be careful with your budget. This model is relatively expensive. On the other hand, if you want something less expensive, but which requires a certain amount of time to get used to, you should go for the sling.

It is mainly suitable for newborns and babies under 4 months. After that, you can definitely buy a new, classic baby sling.

Why buy a baby carrier?

Using a baby carrier is very practical

When carrying a baby in a classic baby carrier or sling, we can walk around freely. You won't have to worry about negotiating stairs, crowds or narrow aisles with a stroller. A baby sling, the wrap in particular, can block out excess stimuli when nursing a distracted baby and allows for discreet nursing in public places.

A baby sling promotes the physical development of the baby

A conventional baby sling or wrap holds a baby's body in a comfortable and correct position, just as the womb holds a foetus before birth. In addition, vertical carrying also massages your baby's abdomen.

This promotes healthy digestion and prevents physical abnormalities associated with infants (hip dysplasia, frog legs, flattened skulls) who spend a lot of time lying on their backs or stomachs.

Babies in a sling are happier

Studies have shown that the more babies are carried, the less they cry. In Aboriginal cultures where babywearing is the norm, babies often cry for only a few minutes a day, unlike Western babies, who often cry for hours each day. Crying is exhausting for the baby and the parents and can cause long-term damage.

Babies who don't need to spend energy crying are calmly observing and actively exploring their environment.

Using a baby sling makes parenthood easier

Carrying a baby in a sling, classic baby carrier or mei-tai frees your hands to work or help older children while still being able to give your baby the closeness he or she needs. Many baby carriers also allow you to breastfeed while on the go.

Carrying promotes attachment

Carrying your baby in a sling allows you to bond with your baby and learn to respond more quickly to your child's needs. Carrying also helps mothers who suffer from depression to feed their babies with less effort. Premature babies and sick infants grow and heal faster when they are carried, especially when the baby and parents are skin to skin.

This is commonly known as "kangaroo care".

The best brands of baby carriers

In our opinion, the best brands of baby carriers in 2022 are :


Infantino is well known for creating products for moms and their babies. It is a brand known for spending a lot of time testing their products to make them more fun, more attractive and much more practical. The brand's baby carriers are of excellent quality.

Founded by Shenzhen Co., Ltd in 2017, the Lictin brand is dedicated to developing safe, functional and innovative products for babies and parents. The brand offers a wide range of inexpensive, yet practical baby carriers.

Ergobaby is a company that has existed since 2002. It is first and foremost a manufacturer of baby carriers that are distinguished by their ergonomic and comfortable design. Today, Ergobaby has established itself as one of the leaders in the sector.

BabyBjörn is a Swedish family business founded in 1961 by Björn and his sister-in-law Elsa Jakobson. The brand's mission is to develop good, functional and safe products for the little ones. If you're looking for the best in baby carriers, a BabyBjörn model will never disappoint you.

Chicco is part of the Artansa Group. This is the branch that deals with the creation of products for young children. The brand is known for its modern and innovative products. The baby carriers are no exception to the rule.

What is the price for a baby carrier

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Beware of the temperature

Make sure your baby doesn't get too hot while in the carrier. Think of the carrier as an extra layer of clothing and dress your child accordingly.

Support the head and neck


your baby has control of his or her head and neck, it is essential that the carrier support the


Infants should be carried very carefully, especially in a sling, until they have control of their neck. Pay special attention to the carrying age guidelines on the front, hip and back of the carrier you purchase.

Protect your baby's hips


avoid improper hip development and problems such as hip dysplasia, babies should always be carried with their legs in the M-position, which means knees bent up and legs apart. Make sure the carrier you choose allows your baby to sit in this position.

Keep your baby's face clear

Infants who haven't gained full control of their neck and body need the support of an inward-facing front carry position (face toward your chest, that is). But this can limit air entry if you're not careful. Make sure your baby's face is visible and his or her chin is not tucked in, as this compresses the airway.

Think safety first when you're on the move

Never drink hot liquids when you're carrying your baby. And if you need to grab something, bend your knee while supporting baby with one hand, don't bend over too much, this will minimize the risk of falling.


What is the best baby carrier?

The best baby carrier depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

At what age can a baby be carried in a sling?

In principle, a newborn baby can be carried in a baby carrier. However, it is very important to select the right baby carrier. For example, choose a model with a seat reducer.

When should I stop using a baby sling?

Some parents find it particularly pleasant to carry their baby, but only during the first few months. However, there are also parents who want to keep their child close by as long as possible. There are also parents who want to carry their child for a specific purpose, such as hiking. For all of these specific needs, there are different adapted carriers available. So there is no age limit for using a baby carrier.

Are baby carriers bad for babies' hips?

A good ergonomic baby sling is perfectly safe for babies' hips and will actually keep babies' hips in the same position as they would be if hip dysplasia were to be diagnosed.

Can a baby sling be used during pregnancy?

Yes, babywearing is safe during pregnancy, provided of course that you have not received any medical advice against physical activity. Just make sure you choose the most comfortable carrying position and listen to your body. As your belly grows, it will be more comfortable to wear a baby carrier on your back.


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Boba Wrap
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Infantino Together
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