The best baby beds in the UK 2023

After his birth, given that baby will spend most of his time sleeping, it is better to provide him with a bed adapted to his morphology and his growth. But which model to choose? Classic cribs, umbrella beds, cribs with bars, co-sleeping beds, etc. It's hard to know which one to choose. To do this, make your life easier by basing your search on our selection of the best baby cribs of the moment.

Aeromoov - Lit pliant instant blanc sable 1

Best value for money

Aeromoov - Lit pliant instant blanc sable

The best crib in 2021

Many parents appreciate this cot for its ease of installation and storage in just 2 seconds. Besides that, the possibility of raising its mattress for babies under 2 months brings more practicality.

134 £ on Amazon

This model is one of the best mobile beds on the market. Weighingin at 4 kg and measuring 72 x 71 x 12 cm when folded and placed in its carrying case, this bed will accompany you on all your travels. You will also be able to store it easily in a corner of your house when it is not in use and put it without problem in the trunk of your car when you go on a trip with baby.

It can be used as aplaypen or as an extra bed for your little one. Its three mesh sides allow you to keep an eye on your baby while he plays or sleeps. Its easy assembly and disassembly make it a practical travel ally for parents. And the PU foam mattress that comes with it is waterproof and thermally insulated to keep baby comfortable, especially in cold weather. Here is a bed that will not fail to seduce you.

Hauck Dream'N Play Plus 2

Best value for money

Hauck Dream'N Play Plus

The best entry-level crib in 2021

The Hauck Dream'N Play Plus looks great, with a thick navy blue fabric. Compared to the big brand umbrella beds, this one has nothing to be ashamed of. But add a mattress for more comfort.

23,19 £ on Amazon

The Hauck Dream'N Play Plus is an umbrella bed that can be used as an extra bed or travel bed. Easy to fold and transport, it can go everywhere with you. A mattress and a carrying bag are included. However, as with most umbrella beds, you will need to bring an extra mattress. An additional mattress and a fitted sheet are also available as options.

You can choose between beige, blue and yellow, navy or navy turquoise. All models are compatible with universal accessories such as the changing table. In addition, a zippered window allows you to keep in touch with baby. This crib can support up to 15 kg. Despite its weight of more than 9 kg, the Hauck Dream'N Play Plus will be practical for a few days trip.

Tweeto - 7 in 1 Baby Bed 3

Best value for money

Tweeto - 7 in 1 Baby Bed

The best high-end crib in 2021

The tweeto growing bed is a beautiful multi-functional bed that can be used from the time your baby is born until at least 4 years old depending on how fast your child grows. Convertible in 10 variations, it is also perfect if you have twins.

335 £ on Amazon

This evolving baby bed can change as your baby grows. Convertible in 10 variations, it offers: a mini cot, a maxi cot, a cot on solid legs (70 x 70 cm), a simple crib, a cradle (mobile bed on wheels) with a changing table, a large cot (70 x 120 cm), an open cot, a child's sofa, a playpen, a changing table and a table with 2 chairs. At night, one part of the bed can be used as a co-sleeping bed while during the day, its two parts can be assembled to serve as a crib. Used as a chair, the bed frame is strong enough to support an adult (up to 120 kg).

Completely safe for your baby's health, the Tweeto features European standard colors and upholstery. Assembly is easy: the individual parts are cleverly packaged for your convenience. There are also Allen screws and matching Allen keys provided by the brand. In addition to its pretty Scandinavian design, this bed comes with rubberized casters to make it easy to move from room to room, and comes with a 100% cotton cover.

Babybjörn light 4

A great choice

Babybjörn light

The BabyBjörn Light is a very functional, comfortable and easy to fold umbrella bed. In addition to sleeping in it, the child can play safely in it and you can go about your business.

198 £ on Amazon

The BabyBjörn Light is suitable from birth to 3 years. This cot weighs only 6 kg and is easy to transport. Made of soft, breathable mesh fabric, it folds and unfolds easily. Even children could do it! And when it's not in use, you can fold it up and put it in the included storage bag.

Available in dark blue, silver and black, the BabyBjörn Light has a soft, comfortable mattress and a mattress protector made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton. The materials used are hypoallergenic for children, all certified OEKO-TEX special baby. Finally, you can machine wash the fabric at 40°C and the mattress cover at 60°C.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby bed

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The best crib in 2021

The best entry-level crib in 2021

The best high-end crib in 2021

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Comparison table of the best baby beds

Aeromoov - Lit pliant instant blanc sable 5
Hauck Dream'N Play Plus 6
Tweeto - 7 in 1 Baby Bed 7
Babybjörn light 8
Aeromoov - Lit pliant instant blanc sable
Hauck Dream'N Play Plus
Tweeto - 7 in 1 Baby Bed
Babybjörn light
Many parents appreciate this cot for its ease of installation and storage in just 2 seconds. Besides that, the possibility of raising its mattress for babies under 2 months brings more practicality.
The Hauck Dream'N Play Plus looks great, with a thick navy blue fabric. Compared to the big brand umbrella beds, this one has nothing to be ashamed of. But add a mattress for more comfort.
The tweeto growing bed is a beautiful multi-functional bed that can be used from the time your baby is born until at least 4 years old depending on how fast your child grows. Convertible in 10 variations, it is also perfect if you have twins.
The BabyBjörn Light is a very functional, comfortable and easy to fold umbrella bed. In addition to sleeping in it, the child can play safely in it and you can go about your business.
Age/Maximum supported weight
22 kg
15 kg
126 x 74 x 77 cm
From birth to 3 years old
92 x 130 x 63 cm
125 x 65 x 76 cm
Solid beech wood
113 x 80 x 60 cm
26 kg
4.7 kg
7.6 kg
6.12 kg

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Buying guide - baby bed

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How to choose your baby bed

Here are a few essential criteria to consider when choosing a bed for your little one in order to provide maximum comfort and safety for a peaceful and restful sleep.

#1 - Style and type

Depending on your tastes and needs, choose the style of crib that appeals to you the most. On the market, you'll find a whole range of them: rocking, with wheels, with or without an arch, etc. The choice is yours! A rocking model is an excellent choice if you don't want to invest in a baby swing for example. A model with wheels is also very practical, as it can be easily moved from one room to another so you can keep an eye on baby while going about your daily routine. There are also cribs equipped with an ark to keep baby entertained.

#2 - Standards

Be aware that the European standard UNE-EN 716:1996 (part 1 and 2) governs the safety standards for furniture, cribs and folding cradles for children's domestic use. It is a safety guarantee that the inside of the bed cannot be less than 60 cm and that the crib has wheels with brakes, and that the material of manufacture of the bed is safe for the baby.

#3 - Practicality

If you travel a lot with your baby or live in a small apartment, a folding baby bed (cots) will be your best ally. So opt for a model that is ergonomic and equipped with wheels for more practicality. Even better if the bed comes with a carrying cover.

#4 - Material

The manufacturing materials of which commercial baby beds are made are numerous: wood, metal, plastic, plywood, etc. Wood is the most popular because of its sturdiness and exemplary durability. If you are more attracted by the aesthetics, bet on a plastic or plywood baby bed. However, these models are far from being robust. Finally, metal is also solid, but heavy. So far from being practical for travel.

#5 - Versatility


a successful investment, it's best to opt for an evolving cot that grows with your baby. This kind of bed is certainly expensive, but proves to be very economical, as you won't have to buy another bed as your toddler grows. What's more, some of them can even be converted into a teenage bed, and the parts that are no longer needed for your child can be used as a table, chair or desk later on. If your budget allows it, this type of bed is the best choice.

Good bedtime and wake-up routines

Starting in your child's third month, establish a bedtime and wake-up routine:

  • buying your toddler an alarm clock

There are different models of alarm clocks specially designed for toddlers in the nursery store. Simple and fun, the device can later teach your child how to tell the time.

  • teaching your child to know when it's time to sleep

As soon as it's time to go to sleep, put your child to bed, dim the lights in his room and turn off any device that might disturb him.

  • Teaching your child to fall asleep on his own

When it's time for bed, don't give your child a bottle or breastfeed him to help him fall asleep. You can put him to sleep in his crib even if he is still awake.

The different types of baby beds

The crib

It is generally a four-sided fixed crib with slats, usable from the birth of baby until 6 months. At present, different styles of cribs are available to parents to suit the decoration of the room where the baby will be placed. The advantage of this type of crib is that it is affordable, simple to build and sturdy. However, the standard crib is not scalable and is not easy to move.

The bassinet

Usable from the birth of baby until 6 months, the bassinet is a small reassuring "cocoon" of small size designed for the infant to feel like in the womb. This type of bed is generally made of wicker and is easy to carry thanks to its lightness.

The crib with umbrella

Best ally of parents who travel a lot for work or for any other reason, the umbrella bed is a nomadic bed that folds into a bag for easy transportation. Very practical to travel, it is light and easy to assemble and disassemble for the great happiness of parents.

The co-sleeper bed

Usable from the birth of your child, this type of bed is a very good solution to spare your small square meters. Easily moved from one room to another thanks to its wheels, it allows you to better monitor your baby while he sleeps while you go about your daily business at home. The crib attaches to the parent's bed and has a removable bar to facilitate safe co-sleeping.

The crib with bars

This is a fixed crib usually made of wood and the mattress is not included with the purchase. Accessories such as a mosquito net or fitted sheet must also be purchased separately. In a crib, baby will sleep comfortably, as this type of bed does not make noise and is far enough from the ground to guarantee good thermal insulation and therefore, a good sleep to the child. The classic models are suitable for children from 2 to 3 years old while the evolving models are intended for 6 to 8 years old.

The travel crib

This bed grows with your baby. In fact, throughout the growth of the latter, the evolving bed can be converted into one or more different types of furniture to adapt to the size and needs of the little one. The 5-in-1 models include a standard crib, a toddler bed, a daybed, a small sofa, and a single or double bed. Although expensive to purchase, the crib is a great long-term investment for parents. However, you have to assemble and disassemble it each time it is needed. This is quite tedious for some parents. Other than that, with handling and over time, the crib can wear out and might not be trendy in the future.

It is a travel crib that can be taken anywhere and can help out for just a few hours. However, the travel crib is not suitable for regular use, as it wears out quickly. Moreover, it cannot replace a real crib, because a regular use of this type of bed does not suit the baby's morphology.

Baby bed or bassinet?

Baby bed

Cribs come in many styles, sizes and designs: with rocker, with wheels, hanging, co-sleeping, umbrella, etc. There are a variety of cribs for all ages. Cribs are both sturdy and practical. Cribs can accommodate a baby from birth to 3 years old. For a very young baby, a reducer should be installed in the crib so that the child feels safe and secure since the crib is big enough for him. The evolving models can even be used for the child until adolescence.

Designed in full compliance with strict standards, cribs are secure and stable enough to follow baby throughout his growth and guarantee his safety. There are also portable versions that are easy to transport and take up little space when folded. Wooden cribs and non-upgradable cribs, however, are cumbersome once the baby is no longer using them, because after 6/9 months, the crib takes over. Travel cribs are only suitable for use as an extra bed and not as a permanent sleeping surface.


The bassinet has the appearance of a wicker or fabric basket that looks like a small cocoon. It is specially formulated for infants from 0 to 4/6 months or a little less for a big baby. With its small size, it offers almost the same sensation as baby felt when he was in his mother's womb. Equipped with handles, the bassinet is very easy to carry. However, it is cumbersome because, unlike a baby travel crib, it is not foldable. Moreover, the bassinet is less stable than a baby bed. That's why it should always be placed against a wall if you want to put it on the floor. If you want to place it high up, it must be placed on a stable support.

The bassinet can also be placed in the parent's bed to allow you to sleep next to your baby, but the sensation is far from being the same as with a co-sleeping baby bed. Finally, the bassinet is expensive (between 90 and 200 €) even though it will only be used for a few months.


In conclusion, it is better to invest in a baby bed than in a bassinet although the latter is really adorable. The baby bed lends itself to all the fantasies and meets all the needs of parents and baby while the bassinet is quite limited and yet expensive. And while the bassinet is easy to transport, it can't be used in a car, as it doesn't have any safety straps for baby. The cot is more versatile.

Why buy a baby bed?

To offer a cosy nest to your baby

Baby can sleep in peace, in a cozy environment, comfortable and adapted to his small size. During the first few months, it is important that the baby feels as safe as in the womb. It is therefore essential to offer him a cozy nest so that he can sleep better. The mattress, the bedding, the pillow and the different accessories must be chosen meticulously.

To be able to travel with baby

There is nothing better than a good cot to travel with your child. Compact and light, it usually comes with a carrying bag and can be taken everywhere. Easy to assemble and disassemble in no time at all, depending on the model, the umbrella bed can be used both as a cot and as a playpen in which the little one can have fun.

For practicality

Most modern cribs on the market are equipped with wheels that allow them to be moved from one room to another in the house. Very practical to keep an eye on your child while having the freedom to go about your daily activities. There are also height-adjustable models with which parents don't have to bend over to put their little one in and out of bed when he is still an infant.

For safety

Once the little one can sit, stand or crawl, the height of the bed can be adjusted accordingly to prevent climbing.

For its multi-functionality

The crib can also be used as a playpen: a safe play area where baby can play in complete safety. There are also evolving cribs that can be converted from a crib to a teenager's bed depending on the child's growth. And the parts of the bed that are no longer used by the child once he or she reaches a certain age can be used as a desk.

The best brands of baby beds

In our opinion, the best brands of baby beds in 2022 are :


With many years of experience, Aeromoov ensures that its products always combine aesthetics and functionality. As a result, many parents now trust the brand for the smart, practical, useful and high quality standard childcare products it markets including cribs.

Waldin is part of one of the leading brands in early childhood accessories. It is especially appreciated for the playful style, aesthetics and reliability of its products (especially the cribs it markets) which place the well-being and safety of the little one at the heart of its priorities.

Founded in 1961 by Björn Jakobson, the Swedish brand is one of the must-have brands in the world of childcare. It specializes in baby carriers, high chairs and cribs for toddlers. Babybjörn represents a real guarantee of safety for any parent concerned about their baby's comfort.

Ingenuity is a brand known for the high quality of its products. The brand has always proven its value to parents by offering their little one the best: an ergonomic sleeping surface, a safe and nomadic equipment, well cared finishes and above all, products for all budgets.

The Tweeto brand owes its popularity to its multifunctional evolving baby cribs. Although its products are quite expensive, the fact that they cumulate a whole set of features is rather interesting and thus constitutes an excellent quality/price ratio. Designed according to standards to ensure the safety of toddlers and comfortable, Tweeto's products have won the trust of many parents.

What is the price for a baby bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Check the sturdiness of the crib after assembly

After assembling your baby's crib, try shaking it to see if all of the crib's parts and fasteners are securely held in place. Every month, conduct a thorough inspection of the crib's screws and bolts. To protect your baby's skin from all kinds of irritation, use only mild, unscented detergent to wash sheets or other fabrics that come in direct contact with her skin. When it's cold, a soft fleece blanket is an excellent choice to warm your little one.

Bedding that respects baby's fragile skin

When your child starts to cry, don't rush to reassure him in his room. Instead, wait a minute. If he still doesn't calm down, reassure him without hugging him.

Teach the child to calm down on his own

Don't place your little one's crib near a window and keep him away from anything he can pull on or grab.

The right location for the crib

Turn your baby's crib mattress over every three months to avoid sagging and ensure it's perfectly firm for your child's comfort and optimal support for his growing spine.

Change the mattress face every 3 months


How do I introduce my baby to a good sleep pattern?

To get your child used to a good sleep rhythm, buy an alarm clock for your child. There are models that are both fun and educational to introduce your child to the concept of time. For a very young baby, there are models that initiate the child to wake up and go to sleep via a system of light that intensifies or decreases. Thanks to the alarm clock, he will learn to fall asleep and wake up by himself.

Where should my baby's crib be placed?

The best place for your child's bed is in the middle of his room, or with his head against a wall. Don't put it near a window, as your baby may be subject to drafts. Similarly, the furniture should be placed away from a cupboard or shelf to avoid objects accidentally falling on the child.

What density mattress is ideal for my baby's sleeping surface?

As an indication, for a foam mattress, the density recommended by pediatric specialists is between 20 and 30kg/m3 and 55 kg/m3 on average for a latex mattress. As for the thickness of the mattress, a 12 to 15 cm model will be more than comfortable for your little one. In any case, make sure that your baby's mattress is firm (but not hard!) to guarantee excellent support for the child's growing spine.

How long will my baby's crib serve him?

It is recommended that you put your baby to sleep in a crib from birth until he or she is six months old. It is indeed at this age that your little one starts to straighten up and as a result, he can quickly feel cramped in his cradle. Once the crib is no longer needed, a classic or evolving bed can take over.


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Aeromoov - Lit pliant instant blanc sable 9
Aeromoov - Lit pliant instant blanc sable
Hauck Dream'N Play Plus 10
Hauck Dream'N Play Plus
Tweeto - 7 in 1 Baby Bed 11
Tweeto - 7 in 1 Baby Bed
Babybjörn light 12
Babybjörn light


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