The best baby bedspreads in the UK 2023

A decorative element bringing a playful and warm touch to your toddler's room, the crib canopy is exquisitely original. What is a canopy and how to choose one? Where to find one and at what price? Find out all you need to know by reading our buying guide on the best baby canopies of the moment.

Ciel de lit baldaquin Laneetal 1

Editor's Choice

Ciel de lit baldaquin Laneetal

Best crib canopy

This baby canopy produced by Laneetal will tastefully decorate your little girl's room. Being semi-opaque, it will moderate the light and protect your baby from the cold.

24,79 £ on Amazon
SunniY Dream Star Blue 2

Best value

SunniY Dream Star Blue

Best mosquito net crib canopy cheap

An air of the Arabian Nights will float in your child's room thanks to the SunniY Étoile De Rêve Blue Crib Canopy. In addition to its decorative aspect, this piece of bedding will protect your baby against insect bites.

14,32 £ on Amazon

This crib sky attracts above all by its design! Indeed, on the blue background are scattered bright stars that remind both fairy tales and a space decor. You would have understood it, the SunniY Étoile De Rêve Bleu is suitable for both girls and boys. It's also compatible with all types of cribs: from cribs to single beds to canopy beds.

A decorative element in its own right, this baby canopy is also a functional bed net, effective against insect bites. Also, it is suitable from birth to the age of leaving the nest. Equipped with a hoop as a support, this crib canopy will be fixed to the ceiling with a hook. Drilling is not mandatory, however, you can opt for patches or adhesives.

Callyna Crib Canopy 3

Best premium

Callyna Crib Canopy

Best unisex high end crib canopy

In addition to protecting your child from insects while he sleeps, this crib canopy will nicely adorn the crib or cot with its silky finish and tassels.

47,36 £ on Amazon

Here is a baby canopy adapted from the birth of your child! Made for cribs, cots and cots with bars, the Callyna will be fixed on the frame of the bed thanks to a support to be screwed on the frame and which is already included in the set. Completely enveloping the night space of your little one, it will close thanks to an integrated ribbon to let no insect pass.

A decorative element par excellence, this baby canopy comes with extremely soft tassels that go well with the fine, mesh-like sheer. White in color, it will suit both little girls' and boys' rooms. You will appreciate the finish of this accessory, which is entirely hand sewn according to the rigorous standards in force in the European Union. All the materials used, from the screen to its support, have been designed in the EU.

Ciel de lit pour enfant Shyneer 4

Best breathable

Ciel de lit pour enfant Shyneer

Best breathable silk crib canopy

Thanks to the silk chiffon used in its design, the Shyneer crib canopy is healthy, soft and breathable. It will find its place in the room of girls but also boys.

30,39 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby bed canopy

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Best crib canopy

Best mosquito net crib canopy cheap

Best unisex high end crib canopy

Best breathable silk crib canopy

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Comparison table of the best baby bedspreads

Ciel de lit baldaquin Laneetal 5
SunniY Dream Star Blue 6
Callyna Crib Canopy 7
Ciel de lit pour enfant Shyneer 8
Ciel de lit baldaquin Laneetal
SunniY Dream Star Blue
Callyna Crib Canopy
Ciel de lit pour enfant Shyneer
This baby canopy produced by Laneetal will tastefully decorate your little girl's room. Being semi-opaque, it will moderate the light and protect your baby from the cold.
An air of the Arabian Nights will float in your child's room thanks to the SunniY Étoile De Rêve Blue Crib Canopy. In addition to its decorative aspect, this piece of bedding will protect your baby against insect bites.
In addition to protecting your child from insects while he sleeps, this crib canopy will nicely adorn the crib or cot with its silky finish and tassels.
Thanks to the silk chiffon used in its design, the Shyneer crib canopy is healthy, soft and breathable. It will find its place in the room of girls but also boys.
Soft polyester
Dense mesh fabric
On the bed
Washable at 30°C or by hand
Hand washable
Wash at 40 °C

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Buying guide - baby bed canopy

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How to choose your baby bed canopy

Choosing a crib canopy is above all choosing a fabric that will enhance the design of your child's room. What are the criteria to take into account?

#1 - The fixing of the baby canopy

Crib skies can be installed on the wall (or on the ceiling) or on the bed itself (headboard or bed frame).

  • The wall-mounted canopy comes with a hoop or bar to screw onto the wall or ceiling. Although its installation requires some adjustments, this type of crib canopy has the merit of adapting to all cribs, regardless of the model.
  • The crib canopy is more suitable for children who still sleep in a crib or a bed with bars. In addition to its decorative functions, this type of crib canopy is sometimes used as a mosquito net and/or protects the child from a source of bright light.

#2 - The material of the baby canopy

When it comes to fabrics, you're spoiled for choice! If your child's room has a lot of light exposure, you can opt for an opaque fabric. On the other hand, a material that lets the light filter through is recommended for a room with little exposure. It is also possible to opt for a fabric made of voile or even a fabric with an openwork design like a mosquito net.

Since the canopy will not be in direct contact with your child, you can choose natural or synthetic fabrics. In both cases, there is no risk for your child's health, no risk of attacking his skin or even less of causing a skin allergy.

#3 - The aesthetics of the baby canopy

If it is still necessary to remind, remember that a baby canopy is above all a decorative element. In this sense, it must harmonize with the theme and colors already present in your child's room. Contrary to preconceived ideas, the baby canopy is not only for little girls: many models are made for little boys.

Don't hesitate to choose crib skies with a theme: princess atmosphere, space decor, exotic theme, police, medical... You know your child better than anyone else, opt for a crib sky that corresponds to his passion or that is in the effigy of his favorite characters.

#4 - The color of the baby canopy

Certainly, crib skies come in a wide range of colors. However, since it is an accessory to match the bed, opt for soft and soothing tones that are conducive to sleep. Pastel shades will thus be in the spotlight, as will white, which invites calm and promotes relaxation.

#5 - The maintenance of the baby canopy

Because the crib canopy washes as often as other bed linens and household linens, opt for a model that is easy to maintain. Ideally, choose one that can go through the washing machine and that you can dry in the dryer so you don't have to worry about it. If possible, invest in a crib canopy that has been treated with anti-mite or anti-allergenic treatments.

Crib canopy: what exactly is it?

Designed in the same spirit as the fabrics that adorn four-poster beds, a baby canopy brings together one or more pieces of heavy sheer or curtains that one chooses to hang over cribs or cots. Not content to be mere decorative fabrics, baby canopies also serve practical purposes.

In some cases, when they are opaque or semi-opaque, they protect the child from exposure to bright light. In other cases, they can serve as a mosquito net and protect your baby from insect bites. Of course, baby skies can also be purely decorative fabrics.

Depending on the model you choose, these aesthetically pleasing yet functional fabrics attach to the bed itself with a bar that screws onto the bed frame or headboard, against the wall or on the ceiling.

Baby bed canopy: how to maintain it and how often

The care of a crib canopy is no different from that of other bed linens. The classic "wash - dry - iron" ritual remains the norm, except for certain crease-resistant fabrics that do not need to be ironed. Washing is generally done in a washing machine, except for mosquito netting-type baby bedspreads, which must be washed by hand and dried in the open air, away from the sun.

As for the frequency of maintenance, a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is necessary. Always keep in mind that pollutants and allergens can settle on them; this could affect your child.

The different types of baby bedspreads

To differentiate between baby canopies, you need to look at the way they are attached. We distinguish between those that are fixed directly to the bed and those that require a wall support.

The crib canopy to be fixed to the bed

The most common form of this accessory is the crib canopy that is attached to the bed. Many children's beds are already equipped with them, such as cabin or teepee beds, or certain models of canopy beds for children. Generally, this type of crib canopy is supplied with a rod to be fixed on the frame or the headboard; the screws are already supplied at the time of purchase.

Because the height of the crib canopy to be fixed to the bed is relatively low, it is preferable to choose a simple curtain or mosquito net fabric to guarantee a good air circulation in the child's bed. It is the ideal accessory for cribs and beds with bars.

The crib canopy to be fixed to the wall

The wall-mounted canopy is more complicated to install, but it has the merit of being compatible with all cribs; whether they are with bars or not. You have two choices: either you install it on the wall behind your baby's headboard or you attach it to the ceiling. In both cases, you will need a support such as a bar or hoop to hang the fabric.

Given the generally high height of the wall-mounted canopy, you can allow yourself opaque or semi-opaque fabrics. In fact, this is even recommended during the winter to protect your child from the freezing cold. In summer, we will cut the heavy curtains against thin curtains that ensure better ventilation.

Crib canopy: for or against?

This question is on the minds of parents who want to be reassured about the use of a baby canopy. Is it safe for the child? Will he/she love it? Let's talk about it!

Crib canopy: its advantages

Those who are in favor of using a crib canopy do not lack arguments to convince. First of all, it is a decorative element in its own right which, in addition to being affordable in terms of price, is available in a wide range of colors and themes. Moreover, it is a reassuring element that brings a feeling of security to the child.

It should not be forgotten that the baby canopy works for the well-being and safety of your child. Indeed, it protects from cold and exposure to bright light when it is opaque; it keeps insects away and fights effectively against mosquito bites when the crib canopy is mosquito net type.

Crib canopy: its disadvantages

If some parents are reluctant to turn to a crib canopy, it's because they fear for the installation. Indeed, it will be necessary to screw a support on the frame of the bed or to go as far as drilling a hole in the wall or the ceiling. Even if the accessories needed for the fixing are always provided by the seller, we have to admit that it is not a small task to do.

On the other hand, there is the concern of children's health. Baby canopies, like sheets or other bed linens, can trap dust, dust mites or allergens. Even if the crib canopy does not stick to the child's skin, these micro-particles can get to him/her.


Baby skies are far from being simple gadgets, they protect the child against insects, cold, bright lights, etc. Sure, they can be difficult to install, they can get dirty like all the other bed linens, but the installation is only done once and the maintenance is no different than other linens. Why deny your child this pleasure?

Crib canopy: 5 good reasons to buy one!

With the plethora of decorative items available for children's rooms, one wonders about the value of having a crib canopy. Here are 5 good reasons to buy this accessory.

The canopy allows you to decorate your child's room

The first purpose of a crib canopy is purely decorative. That's why you can find them in different colors and themes. Whether your child dreams of sleeping in a princess room, in space, in the forest or with his favorite heroes, you will find baby canopies with the desired theme. It helps when your child is reluctant to go to bed when it's time to go to sleep!

The baby canopy makes his night space warmer

The baby canopy gives off a cozy and warm side. Indeed, the fabrics that cascade around the bed bring a je-ne-sais-quoi of comforting and reassuring. It's exactly as if the child was sleeping in a tent or a teepee bed! In any case, your little one will feel safer in his bed, which becomes a little cocoon.

The baby canopy protects your child

Crib canopies are not just beautiful fabrics that enhance the decor, they also protect your baby. The mosquito net models, for example, are very effective in keeping insects away. On the other hand, heavy curtained crib canopies protect your child from the freezing cold of winter nights, as they provide extra insulation.

Crib canopy protects your child from too much light

As you know, ideally, the bedroom should be quiet and dark while your baby sleeps. If he/she takes a nap when the room is too exposed to daylight, an opaque crib canopy will moderate the light to make your child's sleep as peaceful as possible.

The baby canopy is a cheap decorative element

Even if the well-being of your little one is priceless, we must admit that a cheap accessory deserves your attention. While a canopy bed for children, a cabin bed or a teepee bed costs a few hundred euros, a baby canopy can be bought for only a few dozen euros. And then, when your baby will pass the age to sleep under a ribbon of fabrics, just remove it and you will have a classic crib.

The best brands of baby bedspreads

In our opinion, the best brands of baby bedspreads in 2022 are :


Shyneer is one of the best known brands in childcare items, from toys to useful equipment for babies in their daily lives. It's no surprise that the brand designs baby canopies that are as decorative as they are functional.

Laneetal designs furniture and home decor items. In addition to selling cribs, it also markets accessories, such as baby canopies. The quality is there, it's a reliable and trustworthy brand.

If you're looking for baby skies made in the UK, turn to Callyna, this French brand that works exclusively in the baby world. They are a jack-of-all-trades, selling both camping equipment and nursery accessories. If you're looking for cheap baby bedspreads, this is the place to go.

It's a young Korean brand that designs children's clothes and household linens. Wishing to build its reputation in Europe, ACMEDE bets on an excellent quality/price ratio, and this is manifested through the brand's baby bedspreads.

What is the price for a baby bed canopy

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


How to fix a crib canopy?

Baby skies can be fixed in two ways: on the bed itself or on the wall (or possibly the ceiling). It all depends on the model you choose and the shape of your baby's bed. If you're looking for a versatile accessory that's compatible with all cribs, whether they have bars or not, opt for a wall-mounted canopy.

How to make a crib canopy yourself?

If you're a DIY enthusiast, you can create a canopy yourself by cutting fabrics to fit the dimensions of your child's crib. You mount a bar on the wall or on your child's headboard, hang the cut fabrics from it and let it cascade around the bed. If needed, you can tuck them under the mattress.

How to hang a crib canopy from the ceiling?

To hang a crib canopy from the ceiling, you first cut holes to attach a hoop or bar to support the fabric. Then, you hang the fabric or the different canvases from it, respecting a certain symmetry. It is indeed necessary that the support is fixed right in the middle of the bed for a better coverage and a better aesthetic rendering.

How to hang a crib canopy without drilling?

The best way to hang a baby canopy without drilling the wall or the ceiling is simply to invest in a model to be fixed on the frame or the headboard. This is still the most practical choice, but this type of accessory is only compatible with cribs or cots with bars.

How to clean a screened crib canopy?

Generally, screen-type baby canopies have been treated to keep bugs away. In order not to remove these products, they should be hand washed in warm or cold water, then air dried in a place out of the sun. They should not be ironed, so they can be used as soon as they are dry.


How to hang a bedspread?

To hang a crib canopy, simply hang it from its holder and let it cascade around the bed. The fabrics themselves are not difficult to hang, it's in the attachment that you may need help. Among the tips for successful installation, we recommend choosing a wall mount that is compatible with all children's beds.

How to make a crib canopy fit?

To make a canopy fit, you need to follow its attachment procedures. In fact, this is among the main criteria to consider before buying one. In general, you either have to attach the crib canopy support to the bed, or you have to drill into the wall or ceiling. Rest assured, the necessary hardware is always included in the package at the time of purchase.

How to make a crib canopy?

First of all, you should know that the crib, like the rollaway bed, requires one type ofbaby canopyin particular: one that attaches directly to the bed. To do this, you'll need a bar to screw onto the headboard or frame of the bed to hang the canvas. In general, the installation of this baby canopy remains quick and easy.

How to install a crib canopy?

The installation of the baby canopy depends on the model you have chosen; everything will be indicated in the instructions. You will have to drill the wall or ceiling, or simply screw a bracket onto the bed frame. In any case, you'll find easy-to-install crib canopies in this comparison.


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Ciel de lit baldaquin Laneetal 9
Ciel de lit baldaquin Laneetal
SunniY Dream Star Blue 10
SunniY Dream Star Blue
Callyna Crib Canopy 11
Callyna Crib Canopy
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Ciel de lit pour enfant Shyneer


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