The best baby bathtubs in the UK 2023

Bath time is a magical time that parents share with their babies. Loulou enjoys the petting and splashing of water in his bathtub where he can stretch, relax and spend time with mom and dad. That's why you need a really good baby bathtub. The accessory should allow the child to enjoy this special moment to the fullest. So which baby bathtub should you choose?

Tigex Folding Baby Bathtub 1

Editor's Choice

Tigex Folding Baby Bathtub

The best baby bathtub

Tigex, a well-known name in childcare, offers this baby bathtub that is as comfortable as it is practical with its soft lining, folding feet and flat folding.

35,99 £ on Berceau magique

The oval shape of this Tigex baby bathtub already announces that it can be used from birth until your baby blows his first candle. Made of polypropylene, it combines sturdiness and durability, while being soft to the touch. Filling it up and emptying it could not be easier, as there is a plug at the bottom of the bathtub for this very purpose.

Another advantage of this baby bathtub is its foldable design. At bath time, you can choose whether or not to deploy the 4 folding feet that support the structure, depending on where you place it and the height that suits you for bathing your child. The bathtub legs can be folded flat for easy transport. Thanks to its compact size, this bathtub fits in the trunk of your car.

dBb Remond 306213 2

Best Cheap

dBb Remond 306213

The best entry-level baby bathtub

This dBb Remond baby bathtub will accompany the first 6 months of your child. It is equipped with a bouncer and a foam headrest to facilitate its use.

19,12 £ on Amazon

This baby bathtub was designed to accompany the first 6 months of your child. Everything has been designed to make bath time as easy and pleasant as possible for both parents and child. Indeed, this baby bathtub has an anatomical cut-out; it even includes a bouncer for the first 2 or 3 months when baby is still very fragile. The accessory also has a foam headrest for your baby's comfort.

As for the technical characteristics of this baby bathtub, you should know that it is designed with a mixture of rubber and plastic guaranteed without bisphenol A, therefore without risk for health. Although this bathtub does not have feet, it does have non-slip handles and an easy-to-handle drain plug. The whole thing weighs only 1.17 kg, so this unisex baby bathtub is quite light.

Chicco Bubble Nest 3

Best High End

Chicco Bubble Nest

The best high-end baby bathtub

The Bubble Nest by Chicco is a versatile bathtub that you can use in your shower or bathtub. With this little wonder, no more backaches. It is perfectly safe.

75,45 £ on Amazon

The Chicco Bubble Nest bathtub is versatile, convertible, space saving and most importantly has a very practical design to help parents with weak backs. Thanks to its removable foot, you can always have your baby at a comfortable height during the shower. This comfortable bathtub fits perfectly in small bathrooms that only have a shower. With the help of the removable seat and the four suction cups, it can also be used in your bathtub. Bubble Nest is Chicco's innovative bathing solution that will make bath time easier and more comfortable for both parents and baby.

This bathtub will be perfect for babies from 0 to 12 months, thanks to its 2 configurations: lying and sitting. But it should be noted that baby may not be very comfortable during the first month. You only need to turn the seat to switch from one configuration to the other when the product is on its feet.

Babymoov Aquanest 4

Advanced Choice

Babymoov Aquanest

The Babymoov evolutionary bathtub

This XXL baby bathtub is designed to be progressive and universal. It accompanies the child until he is 18 months old, or even older, and is compatible with all bouncers and bath seats.

28,20 £ on Amazon

This Babymoov baby bathtub is an economical choice for parents who wish to invest in an accessory that will be used until baby becomes a child. It has two sides: the first allows your baby to lie down during the bath (during the first 3 to 4 months). With the second side, baby sits and can splash around in the water as he pleases. Moreover, this universal bathtub is compatible with all bouncers and bath seats.

The Babymoov Aquanest baby bathtub also has a large volume and is therefore suitable for children up to 18 months and much more. The sturdy plastic structure is guaranteed to be BPA, PVC and phthalate free, so there is no risk to your child's health. This baby bathtub is compatible with the Aquanest hot water bottle. If you buy this accessory, your child's bath water will be maintained at 37° for 10 minutes.

Skip Hop Moby Whale Evolutionary Bathtub 5

Design Choice

Skip Hop Moby Whale Evolutionary Bathtub

The baby bathtub with a playful design

To make bath time a fun and touching moment, adopt this baby bathtub that takes the shape of a whale. In addition, it is an evolving accessory.

43,60 £ on Berceau magique

The whale design is the charm of this baby bath. Of course, the child will not be able to see it until he or she is a certain age, but it is already a pleasure for the parents' eyes. Otherwise, it is a very functional and practical baby bathtub. For newborns (up to 3 months), the lying position on the integrated bouncer is recommended. Between 4 and 10 months, he/she will be able to sit up by modulating the bouncer. From about 12 months, you can use the bathtub only configuration.

During these 3 phases, this baby bathtub will guarantee your child's safety thanks to a non-slip interior. For the convenience of parents, the bottom of this accessory is equipped with a drain plug. The bathtub is also equipped with a swivel hook so you can hang it wherever you want. This will not be complicated, as the baby bathtub weighs only 1.36 kg.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby bathtub

Any specific needs?

The best baby bathtub

The best entry-level baby bathtub

The best high-end baby bathtub

The Babymoov evolutionary bathtub

The baby bathtub with a playful design

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Comparison table of the best baby bathtubs

Tigex Folding Baby Bathtub 6
dBb Remond 306213 7
Chicco Bubble Nest 8
Babymoov Aquanest 9
Skip Hop Moby Whale Evolutionary Bathtub 10
Tigex Folding Baby Bathtub
dBb Remond 306213
Chicco Bubble Nest
Babymoov Aquanest
Skip Hop Moby Whale Evolutionary Bathtub
Tigex, a well-known name in childcare, offers this baby bathtub that is as comfortable as it is practical with its soft lining, folding feet and flat folding.
This dBb Remond baby bathtub will accompany the first 6 months of your child. It is equipped with a bouncer and a foam headrest to facilitate its use.
The Bubble Nest by Chicco is a versatile bathtub that you can use in your shower or bathtub. With this little wonder, no more backaches. It is perfectly safe.
This XXL baby bathtub is designed to be progressive and universal. It accompanies the child until he is 18 months old, or even older, and is compatible with all bouncers and bath seats.
To make bath time a fun and touching moment, adopt this baby bathtub that takes the shape of a whale. In addition, it is an evolving accessory.
9.5 x 48 x 81.2 cm
64 x 38 x 22.5 cm
55 x 70 x 107 cm
82 x 51.5 x 34 cm
69.9 x 48.3 x 29.5 cm
Rubber and plastic
0-12 months
0 to 6 months
0 to 12 months
0 to 18 months
From 0 months

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Buying guide - baby bathtub

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How to choose your baby bathtub

There are many types, shapes and designs of baby bathtubs. But, how do you choose which one is right for you? The criteria below will serve as a guide to best meet your needs.

#1 - The size

Your baby's age and size will serve as a guide to baby tub sizes and features. Newborn tubs are the most versatile. Plus, you can use these models for longer. Some models come with a removable baby bath sling or mesh sling.

The advantage of buying a baby bathtub with a sling is that you can provide a much softer surface for your baby than the hard plastic material. This is ideal for the first few weeks of life. After that time, simply remove the sling and bathe your baby in the baby tub.

If you choose a baby bath with a sling, be sure to adjust it so that your baby is partially immersed in the water and place a warm towel on his chest. Otherwise, he or she may get cold. Newborn bathtubs are usually small and also include a reclining area for infants who don't sit up on their own.

#2 - Security

The non-slip surface and support of a baby bathtub can give you more ease and peace of mind. Remember, infants or toddlers should never be left unattended in the bath, as even an inch of water can be a drowning hazard.

Newborns cannot support their heads or any other body part, so keep your hands on your newborn at all times. Also avoid inflatable baby bathtubs although they are the most space saving, they can tip over, putting your baby at risk of drowning.

#3 - The support

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a baby bathtub is the support for baby, especially if they are young. You'll need to consider the age of the baby and whether he or she has good neck support and can sit up without help. This will help you determine what support is needed.

For example, if you are washing a newborn, you will definitely need a tub that supports the neck. Overall infant support is important for younger babies, as they have not yet developed the ability to support themselves. Look for tubs with neck support, back support, or even a molded design to fit their bodies comfortably.

#4 - The material

Infant tubs are available in many types of materials, but it's up to you to decide which material you want. Some materials are easier to clean than others, and that's something to consider. You may also want to think about baby's age and whether you want a tub that is soft to the touch.

Plush baby bathtubs are synonymous with softness for baby. Some are designed to fit over the sink while others can be used in a regular bathtub. If you're looking for a tub designed for newborns, this is a great option.

#5 - Portability

It's obvious that you want your baby tub to be ultra portable. The last thing you need is a big piece that you have to move around in the bathtub or kitchen sink, so go for something sturdy, but lightweight at the same time.

If you're a frequent traveler, you're better off choosing a model that's easy to put in the car.

How to clean your baby bathtub?

Hygiene is very important for the well-being of the baby. It is therefore essential to regularly maintain the baby bathtub. As the baby's skin is fragile, it is strongly advised to use natural and healthy products such as white vinegar, lemon, baking soda or clay.

To clean with lemon and white vinegar, first squeeze the lemon. You need a spray bottle to pour the squeezed lemon juice. Next, you need to spray the lemon juice on the baby bathtub and then add a little table salt all over the surface of the equipment.

Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then clean your baby's bathtub with a non-abrasive sponge soaked in white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly to make sure the dirt is removed.

You can also use baking soda if your baby bathtub is ceramic. You don't need to use baking soda for a plastic baby bathtub. In fact, baking soda will make the bathtub whiter and shinier. It is also a good product for disinfecting and removing limescale from the tub.

To clean, the bathtub must be wet first. Then, it should be sprinkled with baking soda. Let the product work for 30 minutes and then use a non-abrasive sponge to clean it. Don't forget to rinse the bathtub thoroughly with clean water.

You can also use clay to clean your baby's tub. Clay is to be used with an enamel, resin, ceramic or acrylic baby bathtub. To clean, soak a non-abrasive sponge with clay and then rinse thoroughly.

Free-standing baby bathtub or folding baby bathtub?

Baby bathtub on stand

A free-standing baby bathtub makes bathing fun and saves you from back pain by eliminating the need to squat. It's a bathtub with a sturdy stand. In addition, it has a small space to place your baby's bath soap when bathing. Easy to handle without the need for special instructions, the free-standing baby bathtub is solid. This allows you to hold baby firmly.

Apart from these advantages, the free-standing baby bathtub has some disadvantages. You may find it difficult to bathe your child, as this type of bathtub is no longer suitable for a child older than 6 months. On the other hand, once filled, it can seem too heavy for its support if the latter is not of good quality.

Foldable baby bathtub

This type of baby bath is the easiest to store. As the name suggests, you can fold it flat or hang it up to drain if you are not using it. Generally, the sides are made of soft rubber for easy folding, but they are also soft and comfortable for the baby in the water. The real strength of a folding baby bathtub is the ease of cleaning due to its flat, contour-free surface.

However, the folding baby bathtub offers very little support for young babies. You will constantly be forced to use a cushion or a support seat. Also, it can be a hazard when the baby is learning to stand, as it is prone to slipping.


These 2 bathtubs provide convenience when bathing your baby. However, to make bath time quick and efficient, opt for a free-standing baby bath.

Why buy a baby bathtub?

Essential Safety Accessory

The safety of your baby is important, however, the large bathtubs of adults do not ensure this. There are many risks, because the baby can bump or slip and even drown in it. It is better to opt for an accessory that will guarantee the safety of your baby. The baby bathtub is therefore the ideal solution.

Very practical

Some baby bathtub models are not only for bathing, but also for other options like transportable models. There is a wide choice of practicality for all models, as there are many different features of baby bathtubs. For example, inflatable models can easily fit into your shower while being less bulky.

A source of learning

While bathing your child, you can talk about the experience, encourage language development and stimulate your child's senses. You can also talk about what he might see, feel, smell and hear to help your toddler learn and grow. Listen to the sound of running water together, discuss the colors of their toys, count the bubbles in their tub. There are many opportunities to explore.

Adapt to your baby's size

Babies are one-tenth the size of an adult. So their stuff needs to fit as well as their care package, because like us, they care about their comforts too. So why not satisfy them? Comfort will not only be for him, but also for you at the same time.
Affordable price

The price of a baby bathtub can vary depending on its size and color. But in general, it is very affordable. On the market, there is a wide choice of baby bathtubs at low prices that can meet your expectations.


Do not move the bathtub with your baby.

Never try to move a baby bathtub with the baby in it. If you ever drop the tub, you could hurt your child terribly.

Never take your eyes off the baby bathtub.

Pediatricians recommend that you never take your eyes off the baby while bathing, never walk away or be distracted. For her safety.

Be careful.

Never leave a baby alone in a tub. Drowning can happen in seconds.

Brief the babysitter.

Make sure

all caregivers other than yourself know how to use the baby bath safely.

Add a bath insert if necessary.


parents buy extra bath inserts for their babies, and this is a very good idea. They serve as a non-slip protection and thus are an important accessory for a safe bath.


At what age should baby's bath be started?

According to experts, you can start free bathing as soon as your baby has better muscle tone, from 2 or 3 months. Lay your baby on his or her back if he or she is not yet able to lift his or her head. After heating the bathroom, fill the bathtub to about 5 cm with water at 37°C. Note that you can use a conventional bathtub, a folding bathtub or an inflatable bathtub.

Can you wash your baby without a bathtub?

A baby bathtub is not mandatory. However, it offers more comfort and safety than the adult model, as the child risks being hurt if he or she slips and falls in. If you choose to bathe your child in the sink, take care to uncover him or her gradually. Clean every part of his body with a washcloth moistened with warm water.

Which model of baby bathtub is best suited for a shower?

You can choose between the traditional baby bath, the folding baby bath and the inflatable baby bath. The advantage of the latter is that you can deflate it and store it easily without it taking up space. The folding model, on the other hand, is very practical although its price is high.

If you already have a large bathtub, is a baby bathtub still essential?

Yes and no! Ideally, you can buy a bath bouncer that will keep your child's back in the best possible condition. Think about everything you need for the bath before placing baby in the bath. Don't risk leaving your baby unattended for even a short time. If your baby is not comfortable in the bath, invest in a bathtub that is suitable for him.


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Tigex Folding Baby Bathtub
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dBb Remond 306213
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Chicco Bubble Nest
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Babymoov Aquanest
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