The best arbors in the UK 2023

The arbor offers a practical solution to stay in the shade on the terrace, in a garden or during your escapades in the nature. Easy to install and store, this equipment also attracts by its price. Indeed, gazebos and other marquees are not within everyone's reach! To make the right choice, we invite you to discover our guide to the best arbors for this year.

Coleman Event Shelter 1

Best value for money

Coleman Event Shelter

The best arbor

The Coleman Event Shelter has a polyester fabric and a polyurethane coating. This ensures that this 4.5 x 4.5 m arbor is extremely durable. It can accommodate a table for 10 people.

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The Coleman Event Shelter is an easy-to-install, weighted arbor. It allows up to 10 people to enjoy time with family and friends on a sunny day. This arbor also protects against rain or bright sun during the summer season. Note that the polyester fabric measures 4.5 x 4.5 m. It has a polyurethane coating, which makes it water, UV and wind resistant.

In addition, the Coleman Event Shelter comes with a storage bag for easy transport. The steel poles keep it stable in all circumstances, good to know if you plan to use it at the beach. The ceiling height is 2.28 m in the middle and 1.90 m on the sides.

Lumaland Where Tomorrow 2

Best value for money

Lumaland Where Tomorrow

The best entry-level arbor

Perfect for camping, the beach or the garden, the Lumaland Where Tomorrow is both light and sturdy. Very easy to assemble, this light pop-up or gazebo is available in 3 different colors.

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The Lumaland Where Tomorrow protects from sun, wind and rain. That's normal, because this pop-up is made of 190T polyester with 12.7 mm fiberglass for the connection. Pop-up means it assembles itself: no need to read the instructions or ask anyone for advice! Plus, the outer shell can withstand a 1,000 mm water column.

Measuring 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.9 m and weighing just 6 kg, the Lumaland Where Tomorrow is easy to transport. To install it, simply remove the safety rope, unpack the poles and attach the clamps. You can choose between 3 colors: blue, yellow and black. With this arbor, you will enjoy days at the beach, in the garden, or during a camping in the nature.

Toolport Barnum 6×12 3

Best value for money

Toolport Barnum 6×12

The best high-end arbor

Planning a party with dozens of guests? Opt for the Toolport Barnum 6×12. This 12 x 6 m arbor, with PVC canvas and galvanized steel structure, can accommodate 65 to 70 people!

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This barnum tent convertible into an arbor will be perfect for festivities in the garden. It measures 12 x 6 cm and is 2 m high. This provides enough space for up to 70 people. In addition, the Toolport Barnum 6×12 has a PVC canvas density of 500 g / m², with a single piece of roof very stable. The sides have wind deflectors to allow air to circulate to regulate the temperature.

The structure of the Toolport Barnum 6×12 is made of 38 mm diameter galvanized steel with 42 mm fittings. The supplied guide makes installation easy. However, it will take a few people to do it! The tubes are numbered to facilitate the installation. Finally, stakes and guy ropes ensure the fixation to the ground.

Toolport Sunset Deluxe 4


Toolport Sunset Deluxe

A particularly elegant arbor

This beautiful arbor has a roof made of polycarbonate sheets, waterproof and supporting 80 kg/m². We like its aluminum frame and its 9 x 9 cm square profiles to ensure stability.

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Still at Toolport, here is a garden arbour measuring 3 x 4m. No need to dwell on its beauty, the picture speaks for itself! Not only does it offer shelter from the sun, wind and rain, but it also decorates the garden beautifully. The roof, made of 8mm thick UV 50+ resistant polycarbonate sheets, can withstand a pressure of 80kg/m².

The Toolport Sunset Deluxe is equipped with hooks for attaching decorative elements, including lights for night use. The aluminum frame provides a strong, corrosion-resistant construction. The 9 x 9 cm square profiles are fixed to the ground to ensure stability. Assembly takes an average of 3 hours with 2 people.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best arbour

Any specific needs?

The best arbor

The best entry-level arbor

The best high-end arbor

A particularly elegant arbor

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Comparison table of the best arbors

Coleman Event Shelter 5
Lumaland Where Tomorrow 6
Toolport Barnum 6×12 7
Toolport Sunset Deluxe 8
Coleman Event Shelter
Lumaland Where Tomorrow
Toolport Barnum 6×12
Toolport Sunset Deluxe
The Coleman Event Shelter has a polyester fabric and a polyurethane coating. This ensures that this 4.5 x 4.5 m arbor is extremely durable. It can accommodate a table for 10 people.
Perfect for camping, the beach or the garden, the Lumaland Where Tomorrow is both light and sturdy. Very easy to assemble, this light pop-up or gazebo is available in 3 different colors.
Planning a party with dozens of guests? Opt for the Toolport Barnum 6×12. This 12 x 6 m arbor, with PVC canvas and galvanized steel structure, can accommodate 65 to 70 people!
This beautiful arbor has a roof made of polycarbonate sheets, waterproof and supporting 80 kg/m². We like its aluminum frame and its 9 x 9 cm square profiles to ensure stability.
Sturdy and stable if well weighted
Lightweight and easy to carry
Seats up to 70 people
Very elegant
Can seat 10 people
Almost sets up by itself!
Convertible to a tent or arbor, with excellent air circulation
Robust and corrosion resistant
Waterproof canvas
Indicated for gardening and camping
Excellent stability
Can be used day or night

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How to choose your arbour

An arbour is an expensive piece of equipment. Therefore, the choice should not be made lightly. Here are the criteria to take into account before buying.

#1 - Use and location

Arbors serve as a shelter to have a shady spot in your outdoor with or without greenery, on the terrace or balcony. It also serves as a space for intimate relaxation or reception for guests. It is therefore necessary to determine the exact location where you want to install it and its use. There is the lean-to or wall-mounted arbor that attaches to the deck, the freestanding arbor that is placed in the garden, and the folding arbor that can be set up and taken down.

#2 - The dimensions


dimensions of your exterior are important before installing the arbor of your choice. They diverge according to the place to shelter as a hammock, a plancha, a garden lounge, etc. Note that an arbor has a standard height that does not exceed 2.5 m. Take into account the surface of the arbour which is determined by its length and width. These results thus allow you to have the right measurements to meet your needs.

#3 - Materials used for the structure


must pay particular attention to the structure of the arbor. This one is the pledge of its robustness, its longevity and especially of your safety. There are several materials for the design of the structure of an arbor. Aluminum is lightweight and has excellent corrosion resistance. Epoxy steel has good wear resistance. However, it is heavier and cheaper.

Wrought iron has a heavier weight, which provides good grip on the ground. It is also treated against corrosion and is easy to repaint. There is also woven resin, which is light, strong and UV resistant. It is an excellent material, a decorative asset. Wood comes in different types whose quality depends on their species and treatment.

#4 - The web


the arbor is an outdoor relaxation space, it is essential to pay close attention to the quality of the fabric. It also constitutes a decorative element to give more charm to your garden or terrace. The fabric also has a specific weight in order to estimate their waterproofness. To enlighten you, there are polyethylene curtains (waterproof and solid), polyester (its density between 140 g / m² and + 200 g / m² makes it a very waterproof fabric).

#5 - The desired style


arbor, in addition to being an additional shaded space, must also be decorative. Styles vary according to taste and the structure chosen. For lovers of modern and design decor, direct your choice to aluminum arbors. For a warm and romantic relaxation area, a wrought iron arbor is the best choice. Resin arbors modernize the decoration. Epoxy arbors blend easily with any decorating style with their multitudes of complex shapes.

#6 - Ease of maintenance


maintenance of the arbor can become restrictive if the choice of materials was not taken into account at the time of purchase. Since it comes in different materials, its maintenance diverges. In the case of wood, this living material, which has been treated beforehand, will deteriorate over time. It is therefore important to apply woodstain frequently. This product, similar to paint, is anti-UV and fungicidal.

Wrought iron is easily maintained by cleaning it with water and Marseille soap. To avoid corrosion, it is necessary to apply a rust inhibitor. Aluminum and steel have excellent durability. Simply clean them with water, soap and a non-abrasive sponge. Resin is easily weathered. Simply scrub it with water, soap, a sponge or a soft cloth.

How to properly assemble an arbor?

To assemble an arbor, you need at least 2 people. You also need to keep the instructions handy. And don't forget the right tools: a pickaxe, preferably made of forged steel, a drill with concrete bits, a set of flat wrenches, high-strength fasteners, cement, gravel, a trough, a shovel, an alley and a spirit level.

Once you have all of these items together you can begin the following steps:

  1. First, locate the ground where you will install the arbor.
  2. Make a hole 30 cm deep and to the side to install the posts.
  3. Cover the bottom with gravel.
  4. Make a mixture of water and cement with a dosage of 40-60% or more practical use ready-mixed concrete.
  5. Pour the mixture into the holes.
  6. Then place a PVC tube 10 cm long and 15 cm in diameter which will be used to seal the legs. If you don't have a PVC tube, a wooden frame can also be used.
  7. Install the posts of your pillar. Be sure to check with a spirit level to make sure they are straight.
  8. Now pour the mortar to fill in the soil, making sure to leave 5 cm.
  9. Repeat this operation for each base of the arbor.
  10. Wait 48 hours. This is the estimated time for the concrete to dry completely.
  11. Now assemble the components of the arbor.

For the assembly of a lean-to arbor, use your drill to cut through the wall of the house. This operation allows you to adapt the high resistance fixing brackets. In windy areas, it is recommended to double the pole attachment system.

The different types of arbors

There are 3 types of arbors. They all act as a shelter to have a pleasant shade or to protect from the rain.

The lean-to or wall-mounted arbour

As its name indicates, this type of arbor is attached to a part of the house, notably the terrace. It is considered as an open extension of the house since it is attached to the facades. This temporary shelter is made of a solid structure like wood or wrought iron. The roof is made of dense and waterproof canvas. This currently trendy construction extends the surface of the house for an additional living space. It also regulates the temperature of the adjacent room.

However, the lean-to or wall-mounted arbour also has its drawbacks. Since it is an additional construction, it is more expensive than the others. It also needs to have a ground structure. A concern if you live in an apartment. This wall-mounted arbor requires a large exterior or terrace in order to enjoy its shade. It can also clutter your living space if it is narrow.

The self-supporting arbour


find this construction in the garden. It elegantly arranges your exterior by its multitudes of forms and materials. It can indeed be a wooden, wrought iron, aluminum or steel arbor. This type of arbor is easy to install since it is integrated into the ground of the yard, on the grass or gravel by its feet. It can therefore easily find its place anywhere. The freestanding arbor also creates a self-contained space in your home.

On the other hand, this type of arbor also has its drawbacks. Its self-supporting side does not allow easy access to the house since it moves away from it. Of course, it can stand on its feet but you will have to check the quality of your land. Indeed, it cannot be installed on a tiled floor or a floor that is too hard.

The folding arbour


and easy to carry, it is one of the accessories to take on a picnic, for sales stalls or for an outdoor reception. It doesn't clutter up the outdoors since it can be easily stored in an attic or garage. With this type of temporary shelter, materials should be lightweight for quick and easy installation. Steel and aluminum are generally used in the design of their structure. The shapes differ according to their use.

Although it has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. This type of arbor is not weather resistant due to the quality of the materials used. The density of the fabric and the lightness of its structure do not allow it to withstand windy weather conditions or cold periods. The latter should be used only very rarely at the risk of altering it quickly. Also, aluminum and steel require maintenance even when not in use.

Arbour or pergola?


The pergola, often confused with wall-mounted or freestanding arbors, is a hard, fixed construction. It creates an extension of the house. It consists of a roof and two vertical posts that are fixed to the walls of the house.

The advantages of the pergola are its solidity, strength and durability. Since it is a separate construction from the house, it uses quality and robust materials. It also brings charm and aesthetics to your home or garden with its contemporary design. It is also easy to maintain.


The arbour is one of the trendy outdoor furniture for some time. Many people have adapted them to their garden or terrace in order to enjoy a relaxing space sheltered from the sun. Their main advantages are their ease of installation and their ability to fit into a small space.

Moreover, they are available in different materials for more longevity, robustness and stability just like the pergola. Its design forms also improve the decoration of the garden or the terrace. The arbour is accessible to all budgets.


Although it has many similarities with the pergola, the arbour remains by far the best choice for a pleasant place to relax under the heat. It does not require planning permission as it is a temporary construction. Folding, self-supporting or wall-mounted, they can be installed anywhere outside.


Clean the structure well

For wood, aluminum, steel or resin, simply wipe with a sponge and soapy water. For metals, avoid abrasive sponges that can scratch the structure. Wood must be maintained with a degreasing product, a saturator or a cleaning concentrate. For wrought iron, it is important to apply a rust inhibitor.

Clean the canvas well

To start, be sure to lay the canvas on a tarp or flat surface that is not rocky and could tear it. Next, proceed to sweep the surface to remove excess dust that has built up over time. Once this is done, start brushing the canvas with soapy water. Note that machine washing is not recommended as it will damage the waterproof properties of the fabric.

How to set up the arbour

Since this temporary shelter will surely become your favorite place to relax in hot weather, it is natural to decorate it well with accessories and furniture that will optimize comfort. Think of installing a corner lounge, a garden bed or a hammock. These outdoor furnishings allow you to lounge comfortably under your arbor. For a touch of coolness, a mobile misting device or a portable fan are the musts of accessories. As for decoration, it depends on your taste. The most popular are garlands, table lamps or night lights. These lights bring a warm touch in the evening. Plants are also decorative elements especially in the absence of greenery. Arrange climbing plants that will adorn the poles with its green foliage or a shrub.

Air dry

Air drying is recommended for the fabric of arbors. This process is crucial since poor drying can lead to mildew and stains. Once completely dry, it can be put back in place or stored.

Learn how to remove stubborn stains from canvas

Once swept and brushed, the canvas can reveal stubborn stains. Soapy water and a sponge cannot remove them. Here are 4 tips to try: use elbow grease and a brush; mix water and white vinegar; apply the mixture of half a lemon juice with water. Finally, mixing baking soda and water has also proven to be an effective stain remover.


What is the best arbor?

The best arbor depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Does the installation of an arbor require a building permit?

If your arbour measures more than 20 m², it is essential to make a declaration of works. If not, there is no need for a building permit.

What is the perfect location for a garden arbour?

Arbors can be placed in any corner of the garden or even in the center to make it the centerpiece of your exterior. However, it is recommended to install it away from trees.

What size of arbor should I choose?

Arbors come in different sizes. A standard 3m by 3m arbour can accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Which awning fabric is more resistant: polyester or polyethylene?

Polyethylene fabric is a permeable fabric. It does not store water during heavy rainfall. It also has the advantage of being rot-proof, which means that it is resistant to wear and tear, water, etc. Polyester is waterproof, which makes it suitable for external use. It is also easy to maintain. In any case, these fabrics are suitable for the roof of arbours.


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