The best approved quad bikes in the UK 2023

The quadricycle is a motorized vehicle with four wheels used for hiking or in rural areas. However, because of its maneuverability, it is increasingly popular in the city. With this type of vehicle, you can ride quietly while enjoying a stability that is lacking in two-wheelers. Get to know the best quads of the moment through this guide.

CF Moto CForce 450 S L7 1

Best value for money

CF Moto CForce 450 S L7

The best quad in 2021

This original looking CFORCE 450 S L7 quad is without a doubt one of the best deals around. Both powerful and utilitarian, it is perfectly adapted to smooth or rough roads.

4 639 £ on Motokaiser

With its high-end look and clean lines, this CF moto quad is the ideal quad for all roads. Its 191 D 30 hp single-cylinder 4-valve 4-stroke engine reacts well once started, and recovery is no less. It's a comfortable vehicle for beginners. It is a particularly robust and compact model, with a chassis that is quite different from its predecessors.

But the CFORCE 450 S EPS L7 is also suitable for leisure activities because of its maximum speed of 90 km/h. The front and rear double-wishbone suspensions work well on all types of ground. Moreover, the braking is ensured by a 220 mm front and rear disc system. The starting is ensured by an electric starting system.

Kymco Maxxer 300 T3 B 2

Best value for money

Kymco Maxxer 300 T3 B

The best entry-level quad

The sporty design of this quad leaves no one indifferent! Lightweight, inexpensive, but very powerful, it is ideal for teenagers and sportsmen looking for a machine that is easy to handle on the trails.

1 599 £ on Motokaiser

It's certainly not the most sensible choice in terms of design for older riders, but its somewhat aggressive look makes it very appealing. This T3B-approved Maxxer 300 model is equipped with a 271cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke injection engine that develops a good 20 hp. With a maximum torque of 21.5 Nm at 5000 rpm, it remains very comfortable on difficult roads or on tracks.

But this compact quad has more than one trick up its sleeve. In addition to the power of the engine, there are hydraulic shock absorbers, a front and rear disc brake system and a 13 L fuel tank. The automatic transmission with reverse gear is also one of its real assets. It is the ideal quad for beginners and young people because of its behavior on the road.

Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 EPS RED L7 3

Best value for money

Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 EPS RED L7

The best premium quad

Polaris, the giant of the field, unveils a model with extraordinary performance. Live your passion for adventures in the wilderness with this stable and powerful machine.

13 272 £ on Motokaiser

This Polarise quad is built on its robustness and driving power. It has an aggressive and sporty look, ideal for touring, but also very popular on smooth roads. The 952 cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke electronically injected engine develops phenomenal torque for a comfortable and fast ride.

This Sportsman XP 1000 Eps Red L7 approved quad has a large frame, which makes it very stable and maneuverable. This is reinforced by the low-profile, wide tires and the curved triangular suspension. The braking is guaranteed by a hydraulic technology with double lever control on the handlebars and the pedal.

Yamaha Kodiak YFM 450 FWB MY20 CEO 4

A great choice

Yamaha Kodiak YFM 450 FWB MY20 CEO

The best off-road quad

The Yamaha Kodiak 450 has all the power you need to ride on all types of roads. Its electronic fuel injection system guarantees easy starting. It is a reliable and economical quad.

7 759 £ on Motokaiser

Both a utility and a city bike, this Kodiak 450 from Yamaha is not the most aesthetically pleasing of its range, but it has a powerful 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine of 421 cm3. Its reinforced chassis with double-wishbone front and rear suspension makes it very stable. As a real adventurer, it is unstoppable on difficult roads and is very fast on tracks.

It is also a robust quad and very practical on construction sites, because it can tow up to 600 kg and has a maximum load of 120 kg. The hot or cold start is provided by an electric starting system. The hydraulically controlled double disc braking system guarantees a precise stop, regardless of the weather conditions.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best approved quad bike

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The best quad in 2021

The best entry-level quad

The best premium quad

The best off-road quad

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Comparison table of the best approved quad bikes

CF Moto CForce 450 S L7 5
Kymco Maxxer 300 T3 B 6
Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 EPS RED L7 7
Yamaha Kodiak YFM 450 FWB MY20 CEO 8
CF Moto CForce 450 S L7
Kymco Maxxer 300 T3 B
Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 EPS RED L7
Yamaha Kodiak YFM 450 FWB MY20 CEO
This original looking CFORCE 450 S L7 quad is without a doubt one of the best deals around. Both powerful and utilitarian, it is perfectly adapted to smooth or rough roads.
The sporty design of this quad leaves no one indifferent! Lightweight, inexpensive, but very powerful, it is ideal for teenagers and sportsmen looking for a machine that is easy to handle on the trails.
Polaris, the giant of the field, unveils a model with extraordinary performance. Live your passion for adventures in the wilderness with this stable and powerful machine.
The Yamaha Kodiak 450 has all the power you need to ride on all types of roads. Its electronic fuel injection system guarantees easy starting. It is a reliable and economical quad.
Single cylinder 4Stroke, 4 valves
Single cylinder 271 cc, 4T, liquid cooled
ProStar, 4-stroke SOHC twin-cylinder
Single Cylinder, Liquid cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC
Cylinder size
400 cc
271 cc
952 cc
421 cc
Shaft and cardan / 4 wheel drive / disengageable
PVT automatic P/R/N/L/H; shaft
Ultramatic, V-belt with engine brake on front and rear wheels
Braking system
Front: Dual hydraulic discs / Rear : Single hydraulic discs
Disc brakes
Hydraulic 4-wheel disc and single lever with rear hydraulic foot brake
Front: Hydraulically operated dual disc / Rear : Oil bath sealed multi disc
L7 approved, power steering, Electric starter + Launcher, CDI electronics
Adjustable front shocks 5 notches, LED lights, Electric start
Drink and cell phone holder, Digital gauge, Bluetooth connectivity, Electronic fuel injection
Steering Type Ackermann, On-Command disengageable front axle, Electric start, TCI ignition

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Buying guide - approved quad bike

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How to choose your approved quad bike

Like all vehicles, the quad is subject to constant evolution. It is therefore normal that you may have some difficulty in choosing the model that will satisfy you. However, there are a few criteria that can help you choose.

#1 - The use

Each quad model meets specific needs. So, you should choose your model according to the use that will be dedicated to it. If you plan to drive it on the road, the road model is the best option. However, it should be noted that the road quad is less versatile than the other models. On the other hand, if you plan to go hiking, you can opt for a recreational quad. Finally, if you want to participate in competitions, the sport quad is an obvious choice.

There are also quads for children that are smaller than those for adults and benefit from safety reinforcement.

#2 - The displacement

The choice of displacement is made by taking into account your level, the use you intend for your quad and your desires. If you are a beginner, a 300 cc quad is largely sufficient. Indeed, choosing a large displacement is not recommended, because it requires the ability to handle complicated crossings and is more suitable for experienced riders. For touring, 300 and 450 cc quads can offer you enough power to cross impassable terrain. As for the models that go beyond 400 cc, they are best dedicated to professional use.

#3 - The transmission

The type of transmission divides quads into two categories: models with a gearbox and models with automatic transmission. The gearbox uses a motor with a clutch on the left side of the handlebars and a shifter on the left foot. This type of quad offers five speeds.

The automatic transmission quad is more manageable than the first category. Most often, it has a reverse function. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive than the gearbox model.

#4 - The type of engine

The combustion engine is the traditional equipment of the quad. It works with the help of combustion phenomenon. The biggest disadvantage of this type of engine is that it emits gases that are harmful to the environment and it is not very discreet. The evolution of technology has led to the emergence of electric quads, but without eliminating internal combustion engine models. An electric quad runs on a battery charged with electricity. If you want to ride silently, this model is for you. Moreover, it preserves the environment and as a bonus it does not risk heating up. On the other hand, the electric quad is not very powerful and it is the children's models that are the most numerous to benefit from this technology.

#5 - The homologation

You cannot ride your quad on public roads if it is not homologated. The homologation does not refer to the model of the vehicle, but to its characteristics. Thus, utility, road or sport quads can all obtain a homologation. In order to drive an approved quad, you must have a B, A2, A1 or AM license. However, if you want a quad for private use only, a non-approved quad will do. In this case, you will not need a registration or a vehicle registration document. However, you still have to register your quad so that it can have an identification number.

What to do after buying a quad?

That's it! You are the proud owner of a new quad. Since you don't know anything about it, you'll need some advice before you take your machine out on the road. There are the administrative steps of course, but also the good practices to adopt.

  • Hold a registration certificate: The dealer must provide you with a provisional registration certificate valid for 1 month when you buy your quad. After this period, you should replace it with an official certificate. To do this, you can request the expertise of a ministerial agent assigned by the Ministry of the Interior who will make a request to the prefecture. You can also go directly to the prefecture with a cerfa form n°13749*03 that you have obtained from the seller with an ID, a proof of residence and the purchase invoice. The easiest option is to apply by mail. Your certificate should arrive 1 month after the application is submitted.
  • Subscribe to an insurance: You must insure your quad to be able to ride on the public road. It is not necessary to wait for the registration certificate to be issued. You can start the process with your provisional certificate. However, the insurer requires that you send a copy of the formal document as soon as possible.
  • Buy the right equipment: Just like for two-wheelers, you will need a helmet and other accessories to ride safely. In fact, wearing a helmet is mandatory if you want to avoid penalties. You also need to wear gloves, specific boots, different elbow and knee protections, etc.

For your information

You will only need an AM or BSR license to drive a 50cc quad. Larger sizes require a B license. Don't forget to insure your quad before riding on the road.

The different types of approved quad bikes

Originally, the quad was designed for agricultural work. Then it evolved to become a recreational vehicle. Currently, there are different categories of quads for different uses.

The sport quad

The sport quad is the oldest model. It was first marketed in the 1980s. The sport quad is easy to recognize thanks to its small size, but it is intended for adults. It is equipped with two-wheel drive and a mechanical gearbox with chain transmission. The sport quad is more powerful than the utility model in that it has a higher top speed. Because of its aggressiveness, its use is reserved for sporty riders with a lot of experience.

The utility quad

The utility quad is the most widespread and most appreciated model. However, it does not owe its popularity to its utility side, but to the performance it offers. Indeed, it benefits from a large size and a displacement of 125 to 1000cc. It is equipped with a luggage rack and solid protections. There are two models in this category. There are those with two drive wheels and those with four. Extremely maneuverable, the utility quad is the favorite vehicle of farmers. It can also make hikers happy since with its four-wheel drive, no terrain can overcome this machine.

The leisure quad

Appeared in 2000, this category is between the sport quad and the utility quad. The recreational quad is about the same size as the utility quad, but with a more modern design like the sport quad. It has an automatic gear and can have two or four wheel drive. The leisure quad is mainly intended for touring, but it can also be approved for road use. It is the ideal model to learn how to drive a machine with an automatic gearbox.

Quad or two wheels ?


The quad offers a great driving comfort because the seat is more stable and it is equipped with 4 wide wheels that grip the ground well, in any season, whether it is snowing or raining. It is the ideal vehicle for beginners because of its safety. It can also be used anywhere, whether on smooth or rough roads. Especially since all-terrain models can handle any terrain. There is also less chance of an accident, for example when you take a turn.

However, the quad is not very suitable for city use because of its size. Moreover, it is quite noisy and can bother the most sensitive ears. Finally, it is a polluting machine, even if there are currently electric models.


A two-wheeler is a vehicle made for the city. It is able to weave through traffic to get to your appointment or work on time. It is also easy to find free parking for motorcycles or scooters. Its main assets are its maneuverability and its ergonomics. Moreover, you have a lot of choice with the multitude of models that exist on the market. You can opt for a scooter if you have no experience in two-wheeled vehicles.

A motorcycle requires a minimum of driving experience and you will need the proper license to drive it. It is also an extremely dangerous vehicle in the rainy season because of the slippery roads. But its main handicap is that the seat can quickly become uncomfortable on long trips.


When or motorcycle? The choice depends on your experience and your needs. If you often ride in the city, a motorcycle or scooter is recommended. On the other hand, if you ride in the countryside or in suburban and extra-urban areas, a quad bike will be your best ally.


Choose the right terrain to learn to ride a quad

If you are a beginner, choose terrains that do not offer any particular difficulty to learn the basic controls of your machine. Only once you have mastered acceleration, braking and cornering can you practice on more or less impassable terrain.

Homologate your quad so you can ride it on public roads

If your quad is not approved, you can only drive it on private land. To remedy this, you can ask a professional to bring it up to standard if it doesn't meet the homologation specifications. You can then obtain a certificate of conformity that you can present in case of control.

Avoid braking in turns

To master your quad is also to know how to brake. The type of braking on a quad differs from one vehicle to another. However, there is a general rule that prohibits braking in turns. You must then brake before taking a turn to prevent the quad from destabilizing.

Clean the air filter after each ride

It is important to clean the air box of your quad after each use. It is important to clean the air box of your quad after each use, because this filter ensures that the air is conducted to the engine. If it is not cleaned properly, the airflow will be impeded or impurities may reach the engine and damage it.

Control the power of the water jet when washing your quad

A high-pressure water jet can damage the mechanism and the aesthetic components of your quad. Also, when flushing, you should hold the jet at least 50 centimeters away from your vehicle. In addition, the exhaust outlet must be blocked with a cloth to prevent water infiltration.


What is the best quad bike?

The best quad bike depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

What is the minimum age required to drive a quad bike?

In order to drive an unlicensed quad bike on private land, you must be over 16 years old. However, if you are under 16 years old you can still drive this type of vehicle in a safe and supervised environment. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose a model that does not exceed 500 cc. Indeed, a 300 cc quad offers great ease of riding. It will also provide you with enough power to cross any kind of impassable terrain or to do some work.

How much power for a first quad bike?

Like any vehicle authorized to circulate, the quad must have insurance. You should know that there are several types of contracts depending on your budget and needs. You can for example choose the third party insurance which is the most basic and less expensive, or the intermediate insurance which combines the third party contract and many options of guarantee. The safest being the quad all risk insurance which guarantees you a better protection against any incident.

What type of insurance should you get for a quad bike?

There are many elements to check to know if a quad is approved or not. There is the manufacturer's description, the vehicle registration document or its conformity with the homologation requirements which are L7e, T3B and Maga homologation.

How do you know if a quad bike is approved?


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