The best anti-wrinkle devices for face in the UK 2023

Doing treatments for your face can be expensive if you want to consult specialists. Fortunately, thanks to the evolution of technology, there are nowadays machines where you can find all the qualities of the care in institute at home and this, at a small price. We invite you to follow this guide to better choose the best anti-wrinkle devices for face.

Silk'n FaceTite Velvet 1

Editor's Choice

Silk'n FaceTite Velvet

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

Rejuvenated skin without surgery is possible with Silk'n FaceTite Velvet. This anti-aging device reduces wrinkles, firms the skin of the face and regenerates collagen and elastin fibers.

183 £ on Amazon

This device uses at-home firming care or HT™ technology to rejuvenate the skin. What makes it more effective is that it combines three energy sources in one device, bipolar RF (radio frequency) energy, LED light energy and IR (infrared) thermal energy. It has also undergone extensive testing which confirms that the device is safe to use without any adverse effects. In addition, it is a device that is suitable for all skin types and even the darkest skin colors. It treats forehead wrinkles, goose pates and wrinkles under the eyes (except for the eyelids). But also, it can be used on the whole face and neck.

In addition, Silk'n FaceTite Velvet is tanning-friendly and requires no recovery time. This means that you can go back to your daily activities after the treatment. All these features show us that the Silk'n FaceTite Velvet wrinkle remover is therefore the ideal solution to help you fight wrinkles.


The best cheapest


The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

The ANLAN anti-wrinkle device is a very powerful device that is highly appreciated by everyone, because it allows active treatment of the skin and promotes not only wrinkle treatments but also other skin care treatments.

36,78 £ on Amazon

ANLAN is a 5-in-1 device, as it offers 5 skin care modes, Clean, Cool, EMS lifting, Moisturising and Col Synthesis. This very powerful device allows to treat the skin in an active way. Also, it offers hot and cold nursing care, these allow to clean the impurities of the skin, tighten the pores of the blow the skin is more brilliant. You have then with him a beauty care red light and a beauty care blue light. And each care brings in its way a deep care by reducing spots, wrinkles and bacteria.

In addition, ANLAN also promotes the removal of dirt from the skin. This means that with this device, you can enjoy clinic-like care at home. And finally, the cleaning of the skin is really important for this anti-wrinkle device. That's why it treats the skin with ion+ in export and ion- in import. With this multifunctional device, you can be sure to have a skin that exudes health.

Newa Vissage Collagen 3

The best high end

Newa Vissage Collagen

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

This Newa Vissage Collagen Anti-Aging Kit is a dual action, dual radio frequency tool that will regenerate and firm your skin. It is the ideal device that will fulfill your wish to stay young longer.

240 £ on Amazon

The Newa Collagen Face Kit promotes the production of collagen in your face, allowing cell renewal and thus reducing wrinkles and increasing skin firmness. Equipped with the 3DEEP Skin Science technology, it acts on the three layers of the epidermis and diffuses a targeted heat of up to 55°C. Also, this device has an immediate visible flash effect and the most profound effects are visible after one month.

Moreover, it is a very easy to use device. It is also equipped with electrodes which are devices that diffuse thermal energy into the deep layers of the epidermis (heating effect). This immediately tightens the collagen and elastin fibers that become slack with age. And in the longer term, the treatment is a real activator of collagen synthesis. Finally, it also has a Newa lift conductive gel made for delicate skin. Newa Vissage Collagène is the perfect device for your face care.

Ms.W Appareil Anti Rides Visage 4

The best of excellent choice

Ms.W Appareil Anti Rides Visage

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

Ms.W is an anti-aging device with an aesthetically pleasing design. It is effective in tightening the skin of the face, which sometimes tends to become heavier and lose tone.

55,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-wrinkle device for face

Any specific needs?

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

The best anti-wrinkle face device in 2021

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Comparison table of the best anti-wrinkle devices for face

Editor's Choice Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent selection
Silk'n FaceTite Velvet 5
Newa Vissage Collagen 7
Ms.W Appareil Anti Rides Visage 8
Silk'n FaceTite Velvet
Newa Vissage Collagen
Ms.W Appareil Anti Rides Visage
Rejuvenated skin without surgery is possible with Silk'n FaceTite Velvet. This anti-aging device reduces wrinkles, firms the skin of the face and regenerates collagen and elastin fibers.
The ANLAN anti-wrinkle device is a very powerful device that is highly appreciated by everyone, because it allows active treatment of the skin and promotes not only wrinkle treatments but also other skin care treatments.
This Newa Vissage Collagen Anti-Aging Kit is a dual action, dual radio frequency tool that will regenerate and firm your skin. It is the ideal device that will fulfill your wish to stay young longer.
Ms.W is an anti-aging device with an aesthetically pleasing design. It is effective in tightening the skin of the face, which sometimes tends to become heavier and lose tone.
103 g
140 g
0.18 Kg
67 g
three sources of energy
Superb 5-in-1 device
Equipped with 3DEEP Skin Science Technology
dot face and neck lift function
can be used all over the face and neck.
cleans skin impurities, tightens pores from the neck down
featuring Newa lift conductive gel for delicate skin
has 3 modes
Firms skin
provides deep skin care by reducing spots, wrinkles and bacteria
cellular renewal, wrinkle reduction and greater skin firmness
prevents skin aging on the neck and face
subject to extensive testing, no adverse effects
treats skin with ion+ and ion-.
very easy to use
has a USB port

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Buying guide - anti-wrinkle device for face

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How to choose your anti-wrinkle device for face

Investing in an anti-wrinkle device is the best solution rather than going for a facial that could be expensive. But when it comes to making the choice, you should definitely consider the few criteria below. For this, remember to check carefully:

#1 - The ergonomics

This is a very important criterion, because the use of the device must be simplified by an ergonomic and practical design. And why? Because you will have to use it alone from your home and very often to get satisfactory results. Also, you must be able to hold the device easily and pass it over your face without joint pain. It must therefore be light and compact, and adapted to the shape of your face.

#2 - The versatility

It is about making the skin firmer, whether on the face or on the body. For this, there are also anti-wrinkle devices that can be used on the body with different tips or probes. Also, you should know that light therapy can reduce stretch marks, that's why you should opt for 2-in-1 devices that also fit the body.

#3 - The technology used

When it comes to anti-wrinkle devices, there are a lot of technologies that are equally innovative, but not necessarily effective. Here are 6 of the existing technologies that can help you get quality results.

  • Ultrasound: sonic vibrations that stimulate the skin's tone.
  • Thermal energy: this technology plays on hot and cold, with heat increasing the oxygenation of the skin and therefore the production of collagen. The skin is then more supple, less wrinkled and firmer.
  • The ionizing function: this involves sending negative ions into the skin to increase collagen production and reduce wrinkles.
  • Oxygenation: this technique sends oxygen under the skin, thus regenerating the cells and producing more collagen, thus rejuvenating the skin by making it smoother and more toned.
  • Electro-stimulation: this involves electrodes that send mini electro-shocks (not painful) into the skin and this allows for a sort of facial gym that reduces wrinkles and makes the skin tighter and firmer.
  • Light therapy: this technology uses LEDs of different colors that send light waves to the skin to make it react. The red light is the one that treats wrinkles, it activates the blood microcirculation of the face, it drains toxins, smoothes the skin and stimulates collagen production. The blue light treats acne and the green light acts on dullness for a more radiant skin and a fresh and even complexion. Some devices offer all 3 lights.

#4 - The price

If you are considering buying an anti-wrinkle facial device, you need to define your budget. Indeed, the most expensive device is not going to guarantee you that it is going to be very effective. However, there are several lines of very effective, yet affordable anti-wrinkle devices on the market. Opt for these kinds of devices to avoid wasting your money.

#5 - The performance

Performance is also not to be neglected, because unlike the anti-acne devices that work in 24 hours for the first visible results, an anti-wrinkle treatment will give results after several weeks. Therefore, there will be no quick results. Most anti-wrinkle devices give results after several weeks. It is therefore necessary to be patient and very diligent.

Precautionary measures before using anti-wrinkle devices

The use of an anti-wrinkle device cannot be improvised. You must first make sure that you are eligible for this type of treatment. Also, it is advisable to wear protective glasses when using light therapy, whether it is LED or pulsed. And for more safety, test these lights on the skin of the arm well before application on the face. If you have serious skin problems, it is better to consult a dermatologist rather than going directly to anti-aging treatments.


For more efficiency, the application of the device is done by making circular movements. You can also use cleansing gels on some devices. In this case, simply apply the gel to the head of the device and that's it.


Anti-wrinkle devices are not recommended for pregnant women. Women who are pregnant should not use these devices under any circumstances, as they may damage their skin. In addition, the Deess IPL DS1 is also not recommended for black skin.

The different types of anti-wrinkle devices for face

In the market, there are many kinds of anti-wrinkle devices for face, but here we will see 3 which are ultrasound anti-wrinkle devices, electro-stimulation anti-wrinkle devices and LED photostimulation anti-wrinkle devices.

Ultrasound facial wrinkle devices

Its devices are the most widespread on the market. They are equipped with ultrasounds that emit waves whose energy is transformed into heat. They infiltrate the epidermis in order to stimulate the microcirculation of the blood and thus increase the oxygenation of the skin. These devices with ultrasound technology are particularly suitable for devitalized and tired skin. They are especially recommended for people coming out of pregnancy, menopause or illness.

Electrostimulation facial wrinkle devices

Equipped with electro-stimulation technology, these devices are very effective in eliminating facial wrinkles. The electro-stimulation which is a method to launch an electric current of very low intensity at the level of the muscles. Thus, the micro-contractions caused will help to tone the skin in order to firm up the face. They also promote blood microcirculation by improving oxygenation and eliminating toxins. These devices are especially for people with hollowed and tired skin. But they are not for people with sensitive skin.

LED photostimulation facial wrinkle devices

These devices with LED photostimulation technology are more common. They work according to LEDs that emit electromagnetic waves. These LEDs operate 3 different colors red, blue and yellow. These devices have the power to effectively eliminate acne, regenerate collagen and promote microcirculation. They are therefore made for people who have acne problems.

An anti-wrinkle facial device or an anti-wrinkle cream

An anti-wrinkle device for face

The first advantage of anti-wrinkle devices for face is that they are very effective. They stimulate the action of subsequent skin care. Also, they help to rejuvenate the skin through the various technologies used. However, the disadvantage is on the price, certainly there are affordable devices but they treat only one key area of the face. The most efficient devices are more expensive.

An anti-wrinkle cream

The advantage of anti-wrinkle creams is that they are effective for all ages. Secondly, they serve as a care product to prevent and fight against skin aging. Finally, they are affordable and the most widespread on the market. Its disadvantage is that it only eliminates short-lived wrinkles. In addition, some products have side effects that can be harmful to your health.


If you want to treat wrinkles on your face, choose anti-wrinkle devices, as they are the safest and most effective. On the other hand, if you don't have any wrinkles yet but you want to do some cures as a protection, choose anti-wrinkle creams because they are made to prevent skin aging.

Why buy an anti-wrinkle device for face?

To have a toned and firm skin

The first cause of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is muscular relaxation. To keep your skin plump and smooth for a long time, you need to work your face and neck, which have 43 and 26 muscles respectively. Anti-wrinkle devices stimulate them. The skin is visibly smoother, the face is reshaped, and this without the need for injections.

For its innovative technologies

Some of these devices feature the Anti-Shock System™, which ensures that the treatment is painless and makes it a totally safe device. And others ingeniously combine microcurrents and T-Sonic™ pulses. While the former tighten facial features, stimulating skin tissue and collagen production, the latter promote blood microcirculation while allowing muscle tension points to relax. The best of innovation at the service of your skin, while remaining at home.

Because it is suitable for all skin types

Anti-wrinkle devices are safe and clinically proven to be effective. Some of them measure your skin's resistance to electricity and adapt the intensity of the microcurrent for an ultra-gentle and comfortable treatment, regardless of your skin type. It's just as effective at giving your skin a glow before a night out as it is at preventing and reducing the signs of aging.

For its design

These devices that not only perform well, but are also irresistible. With their small size, you can take them anywhere you want. They are also less bulky if you plan to take them on a trip, because they are very effective, no matter where you are. In addition, some models have an innovative design.

Because it saves time

In just a few minutes, these devices take care of your facial beauty. 2 to 3 minutes, 3 times a week are enough to pamper your facial skin, and the targeted areas you wish to work on: the oval, the cheekbones, the eye contour or the neck.

The best brands of anti-wrinkle devices for face

In our opinion, the best brands of anti-wrinkle devices for face in 2022 are :


Born in 2006, this brand offers professional aesthetic devices to everyone. This involves the creation, manufacture and sale of these devices, i.e. a follow-up from A to Z. Beauty and aesthetics are thus accessible from home, in complete privacy, and without the need to make an appointment in an institute. Silk'n products are specially designed to make life easier and more comfortable.

is one of the leading brands in the world of beauty care. It advocates the concept of naturalness through a wide range of devices designed to maintain the face and body. Beard straighteners, eye massagers and many other devices will be able to find their place in the bathroom of individuals around the world. Their anti-wrinkle device is among the best on the market.

Newa is a revolution in terms of anti-wrinkle treatment. It is the only home-use device that has been proven to boost collagen production. The sector of prevention and treatment of the signs of aging is more than active and pulled towards the high-end thanks to luxury brands. Newa is not intended to replace existing products but to complement and revolutionize the anti-aging offering.

is a renowned international brand. It specializes in manufacturing various devices for the face and body. And their anti-wrinkle device is also spread all over the world.

is a brand that specializes in manufacturing various devices that are useful in everyday life. Electrical devices but also devices for skin care. Besides, their anti-wrinkle device for face is more and more known in the market.

What is the price for an anti-wrinkle device for face

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Protect yourself from the sun

It's a well-known fact that sun exposure can damage your skin, leading to premature aging and wrinkles. According to one study, regular use of sunscreen has the ability to slow the signs of skin aging. For extra protection, wear a wide-brimmed hat, light-colored clothing that reflects the sun and sunglasses with UV protection. This will prevent you from getting premature wrinkles.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is essential to good health. Your body needs water for almost every function. In addition to vital functions such as removing toxins from your body, aiding digestion and regulating body temperature, water can also help keep your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside out.

Eat vitamin-rich foods

You've probably heard the saying, "You are what you eat." When it comes to aging your skin, this is especially true. According to the study, women whose diets include a lot of red meat and unhealthy snacks tend to have more facial wrinkles than women who include more fruit in their diet. Foods rich in anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties can also improve skin elasticity and protect it from skin damage and premature aging. We can name some of them like green tea olive oil, salmon, avocados, pomegranates ,vegetables, especially carrots, pumpkin, leafy greens, peppers and broccoli.

Sleep on your back

Your sleeping position can have an effect on wrinkle formation. One study found that people who sleep on their sides or stomachs are subject to mechanical compression forces, which can accelerate wrinkle formation and distort facial skin. One way to avoid this is to try to sleep on your back rather than on your side or stomach.

Don't smoke

Smoking damages collagen and elastin, the fibers that give your skin its elasticity and strength. In addition, the nicotine in cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict. This reduces blood flow to your skin. As a result, your skin does not receive as much oxygen. It will also limit the important nutrients, such as vitamin A, that can reach your skin.


How do I maintain my anti-wrinkle device?

The maintenance of the anti-wrinkle devices is simple, easy and is done after each treatment. You just have to clean it with a humid hygienic cloth. And for some devices, you must disinfect the device after each use with a hydro-alcoholic solution. Wait for the device to dry before storing it. To improve the longevity of your device's battery, charge it for several hours before first use.

How many times a week should I use it?

The machine's user manual usually provides its frequency of use. If not, don't take any chances, especially with models that use microdermabrasion. Two to three times a week may be sufficient to remove dead skin cells. The use depends on the type of device you have. Some devices can be used daily while others not so much.

Is this type of device dangerous?

The dangers of using anti-wrinkle devices are minimal. However, it is important to read the instruction manual of each of these devices in order to properly use your anti-wrinkle tool without any danger or risk whatsoever. But also, some devices come with gels, you should also check the consistency of these gels to avoid the risk of allergy on your skin.

How does an anti-wrinkle device work on the skin?

The mode of action of the device differs depending on the device set up by its manufacturer. For example, for devices working by light therapy, the effect obtained depends on the color of the light emitted. If it is red, its contact with the skin eliminates toxins and also boosts the cells that produce collagen and elastin. If it is a heat model, it works by synthesizing collagen. This protein firms up the skin tissue.


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Silk'n FaceTite Velvet 9
Silk'n FaceTite Velvet
Newa Vissage Collagen 11
Newa Vissage Collagen
Ms.W Appareil Anti Rides Visage 12
Ms.W Appareil Anti Rides Visage


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